Hoping, Waiting, Praying…

Arlene from Israel

Motzei Shabbat (After Shabbat)

When last I wrote, I expressed the fervent hope that by the time I posted again the kidnapped students would have been brought back alive. Days have gone by since then, but, most regretfully, we do not yet have them home. I can do no more here than report on what is transpiring, to the degree that we are privy to information.

The mood of the nation is somber, watchful. But what shows clear is a spirit of unity – Israel is with the boys and their families, in prayer, in thought, and in written word. The Operation that is being conducted to find the boys and bring them back is called Operation Brothers Keeper, which tells us something as well.

We see prayers for them in different locales at different times, including…

A prayer service at the Kotel last Sunday, attended by some 25,000 people.

Credit: Olivier Fittousi

Special services at the Mekor Chaim Yeshiva, where two of the boys study:

Credit: Reuters

A prayer rally in Talmon, hometown of Gilad Sha’ar, which was attended by both Chief Rabbis.

And in many synagogues last Shabbat and this.


Lest you think it is only members of the religious community who are praying…

Finance Minister Yair Lapid, on visiting the family of abducted Gild Sha’ar, confessed that:

“I haven’t prayed for six years. Since the bar mitzvah of my son I haven’t been in a synagogue. When the story of your sons broke, I looked through the entire house searching for my grandfather’s siddur [prayerbook]. I sat and prayed.”

And it has been revealed that Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar has begun to observe Shabbat and attend Torah lessons.



It is not my practice to quote outgoing president Shimon Peres, but he was on to something when he observed:

“Three families like this can lift up a nation to heights previously unknown, and I’m not exaggerating. It’s been several days that Israel is different, unified, joined, praying, fighting.”

This has, without question, been the case because of how the families of the kidnapped boys are conducting themselves: with extraordinary faith and courage.

Here you see all three sets of parents, with Racheli Frankel, mother of Naftali Frenkel, declaring:

“We feel deeply embraced by the entire Jewish nation, which accompanies us throughout the day, which gives us so much support. We ask that the prayers continue… That’s it, all we want is to hug our children. Eyal, Gil-ad, Naftali, we love you, we miss you, be strong, be strong!”

Credit: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90



Naftali Frenkel’s uncle, Yishai, had words that brought a bit of comfort yesterday, in a radio interview:

“Of course I can’t tell you anything, but I can say that the indications we’re receiving – on the basis of intelligence and not just religious faith – is that the boys are alive.

“In defense of the security system, it’s important to say that almost from the start of the incident, there have been representatives in each of the families’ homes 24/7. The immediate family of course know more than what’s going on in the media.”



IDF operations against Hamas are two-fold in purpose at this point.

First, of course, are the efforts to find the boys and bring them safely home. I’ve written already about the arrests and interrogations, the searches, the gathering of intelligence, all of which continue and intensify.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel “knows more than we knew a few days ago,” but cautioned that patience is necessary.


At the same time, actions are being taken to seriously weaken Hamas, in order to reduce its capacity to take over in Palestinian Authority areas in Judea and Samaria. What is currently happening is the one of the largest counter-terrorism operations since Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 during the second intifada. Over 300 Hamas “activists” have been taken into custody. More than 50 prisoners released in the trade for Gilad Shalit have been picked up and will be returned to prison because of their involvement in terrorism.

At the same time, Hamas institutions are being closed and money and weapons are being seized.

Ten IDF brigades are involved in this major effort, but the approach is still restrained in order to avoid inflaming the Arab population of the area or causing numerous Arab casualties. Already, however, there are reports of growing resistance, and army clashes with Palestinian Arabs in Jenin, Bethlehem and Bir Zeit. As the operation continues, the likelihood of armed clashes increases.

Yaakov Lappin, writing in the JPost, refers to speculation as to whether the kidnapping was instituted by the local Hamas in Hevron, or as the result of orders from Hamas’s military wing in Gaza, Izz ad-Din al-Kassam Brigades. Security sources have noted, as well, a recent speech by Hamas politburo head Khaled Mashaal, in Doha, that may have been a coded green light for kidnapping Israelis.



In the process of this operation, there is the hope, as well, that Hamas can be delegitimized in the eyes of the world, which was, as the JPost’s Herb Keinon points out, beginning to accept this terrorist entity as a legitimate political player. The US and the EU had already agreed to support a unity government that had Hamas backing. Then, down the road would have come PA elections, with Hamas moving into place as a major player, and the world finding a way to legitimize this. The goal here is to expose the nature of Hamas in a manner that will make this scenario considerably less likely.

Avi Dichter, former head of the Shin Bet, has observed that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped shortly after a Fatah-Hamas unity government was formed in 2006, which parallels the current kidnappings shortly after another unity government has been formed. He does not see this as a coincidence.



Enough! They MUST Be Stopped!

By: Lloyd Marcus

It has become a daily frightening occurrence, hearing politicians, commentators, pundits and stunned Americans say, “That’s outrageous!” “He can’t do that!” “No way!” “It’s against federal law!” “They have no legal authority to force us to do that!” These comments are in response to the daily unprecedented out-of-control tyranny handed down by Obama and his operatives. We are talking arrogance with a capital “A” coming out of the Obama Administration.

For example. The GOP was moving too slow in caving to Obama’s amnesty scheme, so Obama said, screw it, I’ll bypass everyone and make it happen. Obama sent a clarion call interpreted around the world to mean if you can get your kids to the U.S., the kids can stay. http://on.wsj.com/1iCADeR In essence, Obama has made illegal aliens winners of his Open Borders Lottery; free food, health care, legal assistance and education – winning more free goodies than are available to American kids. http://bit.ly/1ilYCEa Like a game show announcer, I expect an Administration official to enthusiastically say to illegals, “But wait, there’s more….A NEW CARRRR!!!

Around one thousand illegals arrive daily. Over 47 thousand have arrived thus far, an estimated 90 thousand to arrive by September 30th. http://bit.ly/1ilYCEa

Everyone and anyone (gang members, drug dealers and other criminals) are illegally moving to America greeted with open arms by the Obama Administration. Americans who are paying attention are well aware of the impending devastatingly negative impact Obama’s “y’all come” policy will have on our structure as a nation, economy and national security.

Like every other extremely arrogant action by Obama from blatantly lying about Obamacare to releasing the Taliban five, while everyone expresses disbelief, outrage and concern, nothing happens. The same is the case concerning the disaster happening at our border. Despite bipartisan outrage, the tsunami of illegals continues.

Then, there is the absurd lie from the IRS that Lerner’s emails related to the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups were lost due to a computer crash. http://bit.ly/1qnxpTV Does this Administration believe they can say and do anything they please and get away with it? The answer is yes. As I stated, the remarkable arrogance of this Administration is becoming legendary.

However, what I find most extraordinarily arrogant and insidious is this Administration’s relentlessly focused efforts to mandate political correctness and implement their socialist/progressive agenda via government overreach. The feds have stepped in to try to force the Washington Redskins to change their name; talk about focusing on the minor while ignoring the major. http://politi.co/1ilTLmq

Think about that folks. Iraq is falling apart. A gazillion illegals are invading our country. Terrorism is back on the rise. Food prizes are through the roof. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. Ninety million Americans are unemployed. Obamacare is a job killing and health care disaster. And what does the Obama Administration focus on; taking extraordinary measures to force the Redskins to change their name. Unbelievable.

My fellow Americans, when is enough enough from this horrifyingly deceitful, conniving, anti-American and evil bunch in DC who are holding our great nation hostage? The mainstream media will never place the best interest of America above Obama. The first black president is their best hope for ramming their dreamed socialist/progressive agenda down the throats of the American people. I get that.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP, Democrats and the MSM are in solidarity with the concept of an ever-increasing big government America.

Obama and his operatives are so emboldened to lie and do whatever they please because there has been no major push back or effective effort to politically stop them.

Therefore, the last hope for America as founded is us; you, me, the Tea Party. We MUST vote out GOP traitors and Obama operatives and replace them with conservatives. Period!

And another thing — along with supporting conservatives such as Chris McDaniel in his June 24th runoff in Mississippi, we MUST continue rallying around, supporting and encouraging our hand full of fighters in DC, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mike Lee, Congressman Trey Gowdy and others.

Mary and I are driving from Florida to Biloxi Mississippi to meet up with our Conservative Campaign Committee team. We will help push Chris McDaniel over the top. http://bit.ly/U0cPvJ

Folks, together, we can do this.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


Unaccompanied Children

By: Dick Manasseri

My grandfather was an unaccompanied adult.
He left his wife and children behind to seek a better life for his family in America.

How can parents in Central America abuse their children by sending them to America unaccompanied?

What kind of government would facilitate the mission of sending the children of their land across thousands of miles to another country unaccompanied? What kind of country would plan and orchestrate the “running” of 65,000 unaccompanied children into their country in order to further its amnesty agenda and transform the country?

But, these children have been unaccompanied by their parents in everyday life back home. Their parents have allowed the state to replace them as the primary figures in their lives. In government schools, the teachers have indoctrinated the children to believe that the state is more important than their parents and family. In church, the Jesuit priests and their Pope have indoctrinated them to believe that “social justice” requires them to participate in the mission to seek the end of income inequality. The children are indoctrinated to be accompanied only by the state for the greater good and for their collective salvation. (Sound familiar?)

Will these children now live unaccompanied in FEMA camps across America? Will we now have a series of new reservations where the state will look after the children to harvest another generation of dependent people like our own Native Americans?

What kind of government will run guns back and forth across the border in order to crush a Constitutional Amendment it has pledged to protect and defend? What kind of countries will collaborate the “running” of unaccompanied children across international borders in order to crush any political opposition to their march toward global control of the masses?

International Communism is on the march, folks!

Are we now living under martial law that has just not been declared, folks?

Now I am the grandfather; am I doing all I can to create a better life for my family?