Urgent Message From National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

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Zach Taylor, the President of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), needs people to call Congress today. Links on the bottom left sidebar of this website will get you to your Representative’s contact numbers.

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers  has reviewed the “slimmed-down” border bill the House is planning to vote on tomorrow. Most concerning is that this bill has protections for illegal immigrants but puts America’s Children in danger.

NAFBP is in direct contact with Border Patrol and their information is current and accurate.


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Here is the message from NAFBP:

Advisory To Congress

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is writing to Congress and the American people to advise them of the importance of their vote to take place Thursday, July 31, 2014, on a house bill that seeks to solve the current illegal immigration surge along America’s southern border. The following facts must be considered before any member of congress votes on this proposal.


Primarily, MS13 and Los Zetas Drug Trafficking Organization have been in Central America for over three years recruiting and training youth as young as eight years of age for the purpose of bringing these young criminals into the United States to work in their embedded drug trafficking organizations within the United States. While in this Central American training program these young people are tested in the rigors of gang and criminal activity to give the trainers an idea of where and how their individual aptitudes can best be utilized inside the United States by existing drug trafficking organizations. Those being sent into the United States as assassins have already proven their aptitude and ability to perform this function.

The purpose of bringing these trained assassins into the United States is to kill on command people identified as legitimate targets for violent death by their drug trafficking organization handlers. Prior to the current surge Los Zetas was having about a fifty percent success rate in getting these trained criminal operatives into the United States. With this surge they estimate their delivery rate inside the United States as high as ninety-three percent.

The authors of The House Border Crisis Working Group states they are seeking to ensure the safety of the illegal alien children. Nowhere in the proposal do I see provisions designed to protect American children. On the contrary, passage of this bill will deliberately put American children in harms way. Moreover, what the proposal does is reward illegal behavior on the part of the illegal alien and the lawless President of the United States. Every Congressman should vote against this bill and take whatever measures necessary to stand firm against the political maneuvering afoot in Washington, D.C. today that will do great harm to the Republic.


Zack Taylor
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
[email protected]

Listen to the important and stunning message from Zach Taylor in the video below. Did you know of the Russian involvement? Did you know that Border Patrol is more afraid of our government than the transnational criminals? When attacked, they can’t shoot and their bullets are being accounted for – they have to run away!

Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact: [email protected].


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