Korean, Vietnam War Vet Inside VA System Held Against His Will

By: Michael Volpe
The Daily Caller

A war veteran is being held against his will in assisted living with the endorsement of the Memphis VA Medical Center.

Norman Hughes Jr., 81, is a Korean and Vietnam War veteran who’s currently paying $7,000 per month to live in the Kirby Pines Retirement Home in Memphis even though he told The Daily Caller he wants to live with a caretaker named Debbie McCoy — at her home paying $2,700 per month — where she has run a VA-certified living assistance facility for fifteen years with no complaints until this case.

“I need somebody to help me get out of here,” said Hughes from his room.

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Takin’ a Stand for Conservatism: Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, Alaska

By: Lloyd Marcus

In the history of a particular high school back in the 1960s, no pregnant student was allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. A leftist group threatened the school with a lawsuit which led to the school rescinding its policy. A pregnant student walked across stage to receive her diploma. The following year, 23 students pranced across stage pregnant at graduation. The moral, you get what you tolerate.

The GOP continues to shove tired old RINO primary candidates down our throats; bullying our Tea Party candidates with their deep pockets and dirty tricks. A most recent example is the GOP using the deplorable Democrat tactic of race-baiting to steal Chris McDaniel’s victory over RINO Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

The GOP has joined the Democrats and MSM, attempting to brand the Tea Party extreme and nut cases. How outrageous, insulting and despicable is that when the truth is we are simply demanding that politicians/lawmakers follow the Constitution. We are saying no to socialism, no to out-of-control unprecedented government overreaches and no to Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. And yet, we are the bad guys. We are the crazies who need to be defeated. God help us.

Despite the GOP’s in-your-face screw you attitude towards the Tea Party, consultants advise that we be reasonable; hold our noses and vote for Republican candidates whom we know will vote with the Democrats, further undermining conservative principles and values which we hold dear.

In Tennessee, Lamar Alexander ran for reelection claiming to be against amnesty. Upon beating Tea Party candidate Joe Carr in the primary, Alexander is back to embracing amnesty; yet another example of GOP establishment arrogance, deceit and disrespect for the desires of We The People. http://bit.ly/1A93ami

Patriots, I say enough is enough. You get what you tolerate. Rightfully so, we whine and complain about having to vote for Republicans who have a Democrat-lite mindset. Well, I say it is time that we take a stand for Conservatism no matter what.

This is why I am extremely proud to announce that my PAC, Conservative Campaign Committee, has endorsed Tea Party conservative Joe Miller for U.S. Senate in Alaska. http://bit.ly/1uHeqTM

In essence, this race is another case of the GOP establishment vs We The People.

Here is how Miller stacks up against his opponents on a few key issues.

Amnesty for illegals

MILLER: Opposes ALL amnesty for illegal aliens

Sullivan: Is backed by big pro-amnesty money

Treadwell: Supports amnesty for some illegal aliens


MILLER: Supports full repeal, free market solutions

Sullivan: Replace Obamacare with Republican Plan

Treadwell: Replace Obamacare with bi-partisan healthcare reform

Right to Life

MILLER: Unequivocally pro-life, the only U.S. Senate candidate endorsed by Alaska Right to Life

Sullivan: Believes abortion should be legal in some circumstances, blocked pro-life initiative from ballot as Attorney General.

Treadwell: Has a record of supporting pro-abortion politicians, blocked pro-life initiative from ballot as Lt. Governor.

Joe Miller was the Tea Party favorite who defeated RINO incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Alaskan Republican primary back in 2010.

Having a Tea Party guy as the Republican candidate did not sit well with the GOP establishment. Alaska’s lieutenant governor Mead Treadwell and attorney general Dan Sullivan along with GOP leaders in DC all ganged up on Joe Miller seeking to overturn his victory.

Despite losing the primary, RINO Murkowski ran in the general election as a write-in candidate and defeated Miller; 8,000 votes were questionable.

Talk about GOP dirty tricks, they even used money Miller had raised to fund Murkowski’s write-in campaign against him. Do you see what we are up against folks? It is no coincidence that Treadwell and Sullivan are Miller’s opponents in the Senate race; We the People vs the Establishment. http://bit.ly/V7c8Rn

I met Joe and his family in 2010 while campaigning for him in Alaska. I could tell by the way his wife Kathleen looked at him that Joe truly is a good man. Joe Miller is a We the People kind of guy eager for an opportunity to make positive changes. These are the candidates we must stand behind with our support and encouragement.

The Alaska primary is August 19th, folks. Please join us in rallying around our guy, Joe Miller.

Hang in there Joe, patriots across America have your back. http://bit.ly/1uHeqTM

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


It’s Racist to Not Die for Obama

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

obama-changeI knew this day was coming and have even written about it in past years’ columns. It was a fait accompli when Barack Hussein Obama entered what was once our White House and only a matter of time until he implemented this Orwellian portion of his program.

We are already being called racists if we object to having our country invaded by foreign entities; many of whom are diseased, many gang-banger murderers including the infamous MS-13 Latin gang and Islamist terrorists. So, soon the inevitable devolution into the following will be a reality: If you object to your own death at the hands of the illegals’ diseases, you are a racist…and probably white.

This is the insanity to which we-the-people are being subjected at the hands of a group of leftist globalist elites now running the planet. Think not? Well, consider what has been happening in the United States of America. Obama and his syndicate advisors have now created a wide open border between Mexico and the USA. People from virtually all countries–including Islamist terrorists–around the world are entering America with no one stopping them.

The US Border Patrol has been told to “stand down” and let them through. Some of the already identified diseases being brought into our country by illegal immigrant aliens–at Obama’s command–include but, are not limited to Scabies, new strains of highly-contagious tuberculosis, chicken pox, Swine flu, SARS, Dengue fever and–yes–Ebola. Doctors at the US Southern Border telling people about the problems and are being warned by the US government to ‘shut-up…or else.’ And the American people are being told by the ObamaMedia PC Police “If you object to the ‘undocumented people’ entering the USA you are a racist!”

Children who have entered the country illegally are being transported by the US government to points largely unknown by the States they are entering and State governors are being refused information by the ObamaGov as to where they have been taken, how many of them there are, whether or not they have communicable diseases etc. All of this is being done under the guise of “privacy for the children” by the Obama syndicate…the crime syndicate that is now operating above-and-apart from any and all laws; a syndicate that plans to spread disease and pestilence to as many Americans as are possible.


NWO Democrat Reserve Corps coming in by train, photo via Leading Edge Radio video

And who is watching the real children’s watchers? Where are these children ending up? We already know the Obama syndicate’s partner-in-crime the Sinaloa Cartel (remember Fast & Furious?) are involved not only in the drug trade but, in human trafficking—including the provision of child sex slaves to those willing to pay the price. If that’s inaccurate, why the secrecy? Look to the most obvious and realistic answer.

In the 1970s Obama’s friend and mentor Bill Ayers’ group the Weather Underground advised that its plan was to have the Russians, Chinese and others occupy various regions of the USA and to eliminate at least 25,000,000 people who would refuse to be re-educated into their new masters’ ways of thinking. Larry Grathwohl was an FBI undercover informant in the group and shared information via a video (below) and I was privileged to interview him shortly before his death.

Today, the Russians and the Chinese–via the ObamaGov–have been entering our country in increasing numbers. Many of these are soldiers brought in by Obama for faux “joint training exercises” who have never left the country and others are still coming across our Southern border by the millions. And the 25,000,000 pegged for “elimination?“

The number targeted for termination is probably much higher today. Besides, the ObamaGov and NWO will have to get rid of many more millions of us so that they can give our homes and possessions to the “new transformer illegals”…aka Obama voters and supporters. This is the stark reality of the situation, folks: It’s Racist to Not Die for Obama. Choose him or choose God. And remember…only one of the two gives us free will to make the choice. Guess which…

The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings:
they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.
– Isaiah 59:8

Illegal Alien Minors Spreading TB, Dengue, Swine Flu:
at judicialwatch.org

Diseases carried by illegals ‘coming to your town:
at wnd.com

Border Doctor: Previously-Deported Illegal Alien with Tuberculosis Ignored by Feds:
at breitbart.com — includes vdeo report

Whole world is attempting to exploit open borders:
at infowars.com — includes this video:

U.S. Border Patrol, Texas
U.S. Citizen?”
“Yeah, but does it matter?”
“Not anymore, unfortunately.”
Larry Grathwohl on Ayers’ plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions:

at youtube.com
Larry Grathwohl: An Extraordinary Life from the Weather Underground to the FBI and beyond:
in Gulag Bound


Susan Knowles: Parent & Child Rights vs. Govt. Usurpation, on Sovereignty Unbound

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

UPDATE- Player for streaming the recorded program:

New Radio Podcasts with PRNRadioNetwork on BlogTalkRadio


Tonight, we are interviewing Susan Knowles, of her blog Stand for Truth, and of Human Events and Gulag Bound. He has a particular interest in the rights of parents and children.


Some Guarded Praise for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

It’s rare when MSNBC gets favorable reviews from Accuracy in Media, but Rachel Maddow’s report, “Consider the Source,” is worth watching. She was very effective in exposing how Russia Today (RT) television tried to obscure the truth about Russian terrorists bringing down the Malaysian Airlines plane. She also laid out the facts implicating the Russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine in the mass murder of nearly 300 people.

This is becoming increasingly important because former Republican Rep. Ron Paul is appearing on Newsmax TV, a new conservative channel, and casting doubt on the Russian role.

On the Steve Malzberg Show on NewsmaxTV, Ron Paul was said to be appearing to amplify “accusations made on his new online platform, Voices of Liberty, that the U.S. government is hiding evidence implicating Kiev in the downing of Malaysian Airlines 17.” Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

In an August 3rd column, the former Texas Congressman says the U.S is guilty of waging “war” against Russia while Putin is only guilty of unspecified “involvement” in Ukraine.

These claims not only damage Ron Paul’s credibility but undermine a possible presidential run by his son, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, in 2016.

In fact, citing Ron Paul’s pro-Russian views, MSNBC’s Nick Ramsey has followed up with a column, “Will Ron Paul be a problem for Rand Paul in 2016?,” noting that “some political observers see a strong connection between the political views of the Pauls.” He asked, “But how much will voters link them to one another? And how will that affect the younger Paul’s chances in 2016?”

These are legitimate questions. But what is of particular importance is that the elder Paul has ignored “a pile of mounting evidence linking Moscow to MH17,” the Malaysian plane that was shot down on July 17th. Michael Weiss, editor in chief of The Interpreter, is quoted by MSNBC as saying that Ron Paul is taking “Russian disinformation as true while casting doubt on ‘the mainstream media.’”

Of course, the mainstream media get things wrong, and it’s possible that the coverage of the crash of the Malaysian plane has been inaccurate or misleading. To her credit, Maddow examined that controversy in detail.

After making fun of state-run media channels such as RT and Iranian Press TV, she pointed out that the American media have publicized evidence released by the government of Ukraine that includes videos of Russian anti-aircraft missiles in Eastern Ukraine, recordings of intercepted conversations implicating the Russian terrorists in the shoot-down of the Malaysian plane, and other information. Maddow noted that these reports were still in dispute and she was careful not to take anything for granted.

But even if you don’t want to believe that evidence, she noted, consider what we do know and what U.S. officials were saying about the capabilities of the terrorists before the tragedy occurred.

She pointed out that on June 30, about two-and-a-half weeks before the downing of the Malaysian plane, U.S. commander of NATO Forces in Europe, Air Force General Phillip Breedlove, gave a press briefing at the Pentagon and said, “NATO had observed that surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft missile systems, not just the shoulder-fired ones, but the big vehicle-borne surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down airplanes…had been observed in eastern Ukraine and just across the border in western Russia.”

Maddow played excerpts from that briefing and commented, “He said it was NATO`s observation that Russian forces had started training the separatists in Ukraine on how to use those complex anti-aircraft weapon systems that can shoot down planes that are 30,000 feet in the sky.”

Here are relevant parts of the transcript from the Breedlove event:

Q: …If I might follow up on the Russian posture, when he was at NATO last week, Secretary Kerry said that the Ukrainian helicopter had been shot down with a Russian weapon and there’d been a number of aircraft lost in Ukraine. What is the latest information on Russian supplies of arms to the separatists? And do they include anti-air weapons?

Breedlove: To your last specific question, yes, they do include that. What we see in training on the east side of the border is big equipment, tanks, APCs [armored personnel carriers], anti-aircraft capability, and now we see those capabilities being used on the west side of the border.

Q: So the [Ukranian] aircraft that were shot down recently you think were likely shot down with Russian-supplied weapons to the separatists?

Breedlove: I think we need to allow the facts to be sorted out before I report it. And so I would say now it’s ait’s a good it’s a very good likelihood, but we haven’t tied the string directly together yet.

Q: The level of training you’re seeing on the eastern side, does that involve MANPADS? Or is that vehicle-borne?

Breedlove: We have not seen training of MANPADS, but we have seen vehicle-borne capability being trained.

The “vehicle-born capability” is the Russian Buk surface-to-air missile system.

So before the Malaysian plane went down, the Russian terrorists brought down a Ukrainian military transport plane while it was flying at over 20,000 feet.

Maddow’s logical conclusion: “Either the Russians or Russian-backed separatists or some combination thereof in that border region…proved that they had advanced anti-aircraft capability and they successfully used that capability to take down a Ukrainian plane flying higher than they’re supposed to be able to shoot down.” That was followed by the downing of the Malaysian passenger jet.

Maddow went on, “You don`t have to believe any froggy voiced Ukrainian government alleged intercepts or 1 1/2-second-long snippets of tape that could have been shot anywhere, or unsourced self-serving claims by advisers to ministers in order to see that, because what we know is all available in open-source information and it is checkable and it`s not anonymous sources, it`s all out there in the open.”

Breedlove, in other words, had warned of what was going to take place. The evidence is overwhelming and points to the Russian terrorists as the villains.

The logical conclusion, she noted on her July 18th show, is that “The Russians have been training the separatists on how to do it.” After they shot down one plane at over 20,000 feet, it happened again.  It “thus became implausible to deny responsibility for that shoot-down by saying it couldn`t have been them,” she added.

This is the kind of matter-of-fact analysis that will improve MSNBC’s ratings and even get some conservative viewers.

As Maddow noted, Russian propaganda channels were anxious to get out alternative versions of what happened, such as that the Ukrainian Army brought down the Malaysian plane while trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin on his presidential jet.

The latter claim is one of the Russian disinformation themes we exposed in our piece, Russian Disinformation for a Conservative Audience.

We don’t usually say nice things about MSNBC, but the Maddow approach to the disinformation practices of foreign propaganda channels should be followed by other commentators.

It turns out that Maddow is not your typical leftist on the matter of Russian aggression. She is not willing to overlook or excuse it and seems to be troubled by the inability of the CIA to predict threats to America and our allies from the Russian regime.

Among other intelligence failures, she noted on her March 4, 2014 show, “When Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, the CIA and therefore the U.S.  government, had no idea it was coming. And now in 2014, the CIA, once again, has done the exact same thing, or rather not done the exact same thing. They`re surprised again. Crimea—huh?”

She’s right: there is a blind spot on Russia. Now, let’s find out why the CIA has been so ineffective.

President George W. Bush certainly deserves blame for failing to anticipate and counter the Russian invasion of Georgia. But President Obama is the President now. It’s time for MSNBC to hold him responsible, and not just spend time ridiculing the absurd pro-Russian views of a former Texas congressman whose son may or may not run for president in two years.

Maddow should get to the bottom of what is really a scandal—Russia’s Vladimir Putin seems to be able to outsmart the U.S on a regular basis. Why?


Malicious Compliance – Relief Aid From The US That Is A Horrific Joke

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Nelson Abdullah

Displaced Yazidi people rush towards an aid helicopter (RUDAW)

Iraq is turning into a massive killing field. Mount Sinjar runs red with the blood of the Yazidi, who are being systematically exterminated. The entire place smells of death and suffering. And Obama hits the golf course, because only Christians and non-Muslim Iraqis die young in Iraq. So who cares? Fore!

Looking for a wild time? I’ve got just the right place for you… Mt. Sinjar is the forced last refuge of the Yazidi of Iraq. 10’s of thousands have been herded there because they were given the choice of conversion to the proper sect of Islam, pay the Jizya tax of die by — take your choice — beheading, crucifixion, flogging or being buried alive. Unfortunately, cake was not a choice this time. Just death. Dogs are eating the dead as they fall. The Yazidis succumb to the heat, thirst or to spare their children, they throw them from the mountain so the Jihadists (ISIS) will not get them.

Horror: Yazidis on Mount Sinjar with the bodies of children killed by ISIS

Up to 70% of them are now dead. When relief helicopters from the Iraqis deliver food and water, hundreds swarm for the little in sustenance left. When any of them are rescued, it is usually a dozen or so at a time, because there is no room and the helicopters can’t land on the rocky terrain. Few are rescued. The mountain is surrounded by ISIS.

Remember WKRP in Cincinnati and the skit on turkeys? There is a famous quote:

Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Well, giddy up for the US’ version of a horrific joke… Yes, American helicopters are delivering food, water and supplies — from 15,000 feet up and with no parachutes. So when the stuff hits the ground, it busts open. Hard to drink water that is soaked into the sand:

Two American aid flights have also made it to the mountain, where they have dropped off more than 36,000 meals and 7,000 gallons of drinking water to help the refugees, and last night two RAF C-130 transport planes were also on the way.

However, Iraqi officials said that much of the US aid had been “useless” because it was dropped from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploded on impact.

I swear I thought turkeys could fly… At first blush, you would think that the Americans are a bunch of morons. I’m not so sure it wasn’t on purpose. The US media propaganda is flying hot and heavy, claiming we have rescued thousands there and that only 500 have died. Unmitigated bull crap. They crow about aid delivered, but don’t include the small detail that it is destroyed on impact. How very convenient.

It’s not just those dying on the mountain… they are dropping like flies across the country. Genocide is being conducted very successfully by the Caliphate against Christians and other minorities. Ethnic cleansing is being carried out and no one is stopping it. No one.

The stories are blood curdling:

The refugees who made it out described desperate scenes as they awaited help from the outside world.

“There were about 200 of us, and about 20 of that number have died,” said Saydo Haji, 28. “We can live for two days, not more.”

Emad Edo, 27, who was rescued in an airlift on Friday at the mountain’s highest point explains how he had to leave his niece, who barely had enough strength to keep her eyes open, to her fate.

“She was about to die, so we left her there and she died,” he said.

Others shared similar stories. “Even the caves smell very bad,” Mr Edo added. According to several of the airlifted refugees, the Geliaji cave alone has become home to 50 dead bodies.

Saydo Kuti Naner, 35, who was one of 13 Yazidis who snuck through Islamic State lines on Thursday morning, said he travelled through Kurdish-controlled Syria to get to Kurdistan.

He left behind his mother and father, too old to make the rough trip, as well as 200 sheep. “We got lucky,” he said. “A girl was running [with us] and she got shot.” He added that this gave enough cover for the rest of them to get away.

Mikey Hassan said he, his two brothers and their families fled up into Mount Sinjar and then managed to escape to the Kurdish city of Dohuk after two days, by shooting their way past the jihadists. Mr Hassan said he and his family went for 17 hours with no food before getting their hands on some bread.

What if you had to run? Leave everything behind. Could you choose to leave your parents? Those who are sick or weak? That is their choice or die. And they could still very well die. It’s not just the Yazidis, who are Kurdish… Tens of thousands of Christians have also been forced to flee in the face of the advancing ISIS fighters, many cramming the roads east and north to Erbil and Dohuk. On Thursday alone, up to 100,000 Iraqi Christians fled their homes in the Plain of Ninevah around Mosul.

Obama’s airstrikes were far too little, too late and he knew they would be. He is supporting the Caliphate while claiming he is fighting it. He is the vilest of liars. Obama knew the Christians would be slaughtered and I believe he is fine with that:

Refugees said the American air strikes on IS positions outside Erbil were too little, too late. They said they felt abandoned by everyone – the central government in Baghdad, the Americans and British, who invaded in 2003, and now the Kurds, who had promised to protect them.

“When the Americans withdrew from Iraq they didn’t protect the Christians,” said Jenan Yousef, an Assyrian Catholic who fled Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian town, in the early hours of Thursday. “The Christians became the scapegoats. Everyone has been killing us.”

Obama will play slap and tickle with his feigned aid to the Iraqis just long enough to help the elections here in the United States. This is all for political show. The US’ aid to Iraq is nothing more than malicious compliance and it is a horrific joke. Watch the other hand, because within its grasp is a holocaust.


We say goodbye to Robin Williams…

I grew up with Robin Williams on TV. He made me laugh and lifted my spirits – he made me forget about the bad in life for a little while. I will miss him. We did not agree on politics and I wish that he had had a relationship with God… perhaps he would have turned a different way. He loved the troops and he cared for the homeless. What a colossal loss for all of us. May his family find peace and may Robin as well.

Robin Williams, dead at the age of 63…

Good Morning Vietnam now turns to Good Night America…