Obama Defends Islam, Slams Israel and the U.S. in Speech on ISIS to the United Nations

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The Muslim-in-Chief speaketh… staying true to his Muslim roots. After all, it’s not about defending Christians, Jews and those that are persecuted… it’s not about defending America either, because it is full of infidels. It’s all about Islam and the rising Caliphate. All lies, smoke and mirrors.

From Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Here is complete video of President Barack Obama this morning speaking at the United Nations, making the case for the use of force against ISIS. However, Obama spent far more time in his speech giving a lengthy defense of the Islamic Religion, arguing repeatedly that it is a peaceful religion despite all the major terrorist groups in the world being Islamic!

Obama also slammed Israel, saying things have to change in Gaza and the West Bank. He threw the United States under the bus, actually mentioning Ferguson, Missouri as an example of America’s problems, seemingly equating that with the barbaric atrocities being committed in the Muslim World!

A total embarrassment from a President who acts and sounds more like the “Imam-in-Chief” than the “Commander-in-Chief” of the United States.

Obama speaks directly to Muslim youth during UN speech

One thought on “Obama Defends Islam, Slams Israel and the U.S. in Speech on ISIS to the United Nations

  1. Do the math. Trending to more Muslims than Jews. His loyalty is to whomever gives his party the most votes, net. Nothing he does is about principle with Obama as his principal concern is votes not what is right or wrong.

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