Silent Intifada

Arlene from Israel

A piece of particular importance that I wrote has just gone up on Front Page Magazine.  Rather than just provide the link to it, I provide here the entire article.  The link follows.  Please, share this very widely – if not this post, then the Front Page URL.


The perpetrators in the main are male Arabs, mostly young, with Jerusalem residency cards.  They have the right to live in Jerusalem, and receive the perks of citizens, but – tellingly – for political reasons have declined to become full citizens.

With increasing frequency in recent weeks, they are out on the streets of eastern Jerusalem and at key eastern Jerusalem locations, actively participating in violent and destructive behaviors.  Sometimes they wrap scarves around their faces so they cannot be identified.

Some Arab “unrest” occurs from time to time in the city.  Perhaps a demonstration protesting a perceived grievance suddenly turns into a riot.  Molotov cocktails might be thrown, or rocks large enough to kill.  Municipal infrastructure might incur some damage.

None of this is acceptable, but for the most part, these have been intermittent and localized occurrences.  What is happening now is something else: a form of behavior that is more persistently violent and more pervasive.

It comes as a shock to learn, for example, that at least 30% of the cars of the Jerusalem Light Rail are out of commission because of vandalism that takes place at the Light Rail station located in Shu’afat, an Arab neighborhood.  This is not a matter of delinquent kids with time on their hands. This is focused behavior intended to undermine the authority of the municipality.

This past week, on the second night of Rosh Hashana, Chanan Kupietzky, 25, and two others were walking towards the Kotel (the Western Wall) when they were accosted by some four Arabs, who began by calling, “Dirty Jews!”  At a signal from yet another Arab, they approached Kupietzky and his companions and launched a physical attack.  Other Arabs in the area began throwing rocks at the three, and at other Jews who were nearby, wounding one man in the chest.

“It was like an ambush,” Kupietzy said.  One Arab came at him with a two-by-four that had nails protruding from it, which was used to strike him repeatedly; ultimately his hand was so badly fractured that he required surgery.

One of the locations that has been most problematic is Har Hazeitim – the Mount of Olives.  This is the site of Judaism’s most ancient cemetery, with 150,000 graves. This past week, on one night alone, 40 graves were vandalized.

Nearby is Ma’aleh Hazeitim, a Jewish neighborhood that has been the site of stonings.  Arabs – likely from the nearby Arab neighborhood of Ras al-Amud – target cars on the road that have Jewish drivers.

This past week, however, a new low was reached when Arab stone-throwers made a nursery school the target of an attack.  As rocks pelted the outside of the nursery building, the teacher quickly brought the children into an air-raid shelter for safety and summoned the police.

These stories and many more like them have been insufficiently publicized.

Multiple observers have noticed that the attacks seem organized rather than random, and that there is never one person acting alone.  There are groups operating, under instruction.

According to one very reliable individual with direct connections to the Israeli government, what we are seeing is a limited intifada.  The Palestinian Authority has decided that a wide scale intifada in Judea and Samaria would not be a good idea now: they have opted for one focused exclusively on Jerusalem instead.

It makes perfect sense. In the struggle between Israel and the PA, Jerusalem is the heart of the matter.

In July 1980, the Knesset passed a bill in Basic Law that reads: “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.” There is no such place as “East Jerusalem;” there is one, undivided city.  Nonetheless, the Palestinian Authority continues to promote the fiction of “East Jerusalem” as a separate place that is destined to become its capital.  In the end, the sovereignty of Jerusalem – as the sovereignty of any place – is directly connected to control on the ground.  The PA goal is to make eastern Jerusalem so difficult for Jews to live in that they will withdraw. 

Were this to happen, it would be an unmitigated disaster, particularly as the very core of Jewish tradition in the city – including the Temple Mount – is in its more ancient eastern part. It would mean relinquishing that core, with all the implications that would follow.

The over­rid­ing question now is what is being done to guarantee that this does not happen.

There are many fine police officers at work in Jerusalem, and, in fact, their numbers have been augmented recently. But there remains a persistent unease that what may be happening when the police act is more in the way of containment than enforcement of the law to the fullest extent possible.  Sometimes violent groups are scattered and chased away rather than arrested.  At other times arrests are made but prosecutions do not follow.

While these instances have been observed, what is not clear is whether they are just that – separate instances, or whether they are the result of orders from above, from Minister of Internal Security, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, or police officials.

It is not difficult to understand the inclination to fall back on containment, no matter how ill-advised it is in the long run: The world watches Israel as it watches no other nation. One false arrest, one injury or death of an Arab during attempts to make arrests, will result in headlines and international protests.  It feels safer to go easy.

But it is exceedingly important for Jews to make their presence known in all parts of Israel’s capital; and they must be able to do so free of harassment or physical risk.  Protecting its citizens is a primary responsibility of the government.  

In this instance, when the government of Israel acts to protect its citizens, it is also protecting its rights as a sovereign nation and its future in the land.



Identity Politics: Fool Us Twice, Shame on Us

By: Lloyd Marcus

The root cause of the major issues that are devastating America is Obama; an out growth of who he is as a human being, his lack of character and what he believes.

Listing all of America’s woes that are directly caused by Obama would take up far too much of this article; the flood of infected and unskilled illegals, the spread of ISIS http://bit.ly/1n3DO0m, the devastating fatal consequences of Obamacare, Ebola in the U.S.http://bit.ly/1v6RRaG, over 90 million unemployed, the disappearance of the 40 hours a week job, our failing economy and more.

Yes, I am going to be a bit tacky and say, I tried to tell y’all back in 2008, my black family, white friends and associates, but none of you would listen. I kept thinking, am I the one who is crazy? Will anyone even consider looking beyond his race and taking a good look at Obama, the man?

Instead, you verbally beat me up and called me an Uncle Tom for not going brain-dead with you and making an immoral racist decision to pull the level for Obama solely because he is black.

Well now look at cha. We have an insidious liar who hates America as founded and a blame-everyone-but-himself narcissist running our country. As our nation crumbles, everyone is running around asking like the Marvin Gaye song, “what’s goin’ on?”

Folks, Obama is what you get when you sell your soul to identity politics, placing surface appearances above character, substance and not properly vetting candidates.

And doggone it, it looks like many Americans are about to be manipulated into making the same stupid mistake again when Hillary Clinton throws her bonnet into the ring, running as the first female presidential candidate. The MSM will ignore all her scandals and disastrous policy failures. http://bit.ly/1nNIyya Hillary’s gender will be the major qualifier for her to become leader of the free world. Sadly, millions of Americans will go brain-dead and vote for her, suckered again by identity politics.

The same way O.J.’s defense team worked black Americans into a frenzy against white America, causing millions of blacks to rally around Simpson while ignoring the fact that he practically beheaded the mother of his children, Democrats and the MSM will play America’s women against America’s men.

Come election day, the Democrats and MSM will have low-info voters believing that any man not voting Hillary Clinton for president is obviously a Neanderthal, a wife beater, an abortion clinic bomber or a Christian throwback chauvinist who desires to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen (without a dishwasher).

Rest assured there will be dudes guilt-ridden for being born with testicles who will become metro-sexual brain-dead zombies and vote for Hillary to prove they are not who the MSM and Dems say they are; the same way a lot of whites voted for Obama to prove they were not racist. Think my gender guilt prediction is over the top? The Left has successfully brain-washed many white kids into feeling guilty for being white.

My fervent prayer is that the number of us “thinking” Americans who will honestly access who Hillary is as a person, her character and the direction she plans to take our country will outnumber the knuckleheads and low-info voters.

Could anyone have imagined the crazy political times in which we now live in America? To look beyond surface appearances such as gender and skin color and select our leaders based on who they are inside and their vision for our nation is now considered extreme, racist, sexist and hateful. And yet, this is where the Left’s political correctness has taken us in America today.

Despite six years of Democratic Party and MSM slander, lies and spin, at the heart of the Tea Party is decent patriotic Americans who seek to elect honest character driven candidates who will place the best interest of our country and the American people above personal gain and secret agendas.

I have been screaming this for years, folks. Character does matter!

My favorite teller at my bank is a middle-aged Hispanic immigrant. She and her husband came to America over 20 years ago and love this country. The other day, she expressed her sadness and frustration with the direction our country is going, low-info voters and political corruption.

The bank teller said her son was doing very well in a local school for special needs kids. For political agenda reasons, the state closed down the affordable school. Her options for educating her special needs son are priced through the roof.

I told her that the most disturbing and eye opening reality I have learned since getting involved; traveling the country working to elect conservatives (Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee) is that far too many politicians have agendas other than the best interest of We the People.

Call me corny. Call me naïve for expecting otherwise.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that during my travels, campaigning across America, I have been blessed to have crossed paths with real deal honorable conservative candidates; Joe Carr, Chris McDaniel, Ken Cuccinelli and Joe Miller to name a few. These are the good guys folks.

Patriots, we must do everything in our power to educate low-info voters so they will not be played again by political correctness; conned by Democrats and the MSM into voting identity politics over character and substance.

I have faith that America is strong enough to recover after enduring eight years of a far left radical empty black suit in the Oval Office. I am less confident in our ability to restore our great nation back to the vision of our Founding Fathers after several years of a Leftist empty dress at the helm.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


Obama Sends Personal Message Of Appreciation To The Mosque Of The Oklahoma Beheader

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

From: Bare Naked Islam

Incredibly, in the wake of a Jihadist beheading of a white, Christian grandmother in Moore, Oklahoma a few days ago, instead of coming forward with a statement condemning the barbaric act to Americans, Obama has sent a proxy messenger to the mosque of the murderer in Moore with a message of appreciation and support. Tell me how this can be viewed in any sane way other than condoning murder in the name of Allah? It is literally murderous sympathy for the devil and obeisance to blatant evil.

When I heard this last night, I cannot express the anger that consumed me. So much so, I could not write on this. Read it for yourself and tell me if it doesn’t incite a roar of fury deep within your soul:

David Myers, the Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, spoke at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City for their festival celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. He delivered a message from Obama thanking the mosque for their service in the wake of a tornado that hit the area last year.

The full message read: “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice.”

Apparently, all the negative attention the mosque has received since the attack warranted a personal visit from an Obama administration official to make sure that Muslims preaching an ideology of violence feel welcome in America.

Lest we forget what we’ve found out about the activities of this mosque in the aftermath of the Oklahoma beheading, here’s a quick reminder:

The mosque was the same one attended by the “20th hijacker” on 9/11.

The mosque has ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a known Hamas front group.

A man who attended the mosque confirmed that its teachings were consistent with radical Islam, including waging jihad against non-believers.

The mosque had been under the direction of Imam Suhaib Webb, who has ties to former Al Qaeda leader al-Awlaki and now leads the mosque that had been attended by the Boston bombers.

Read more: Conservative Tribune

Screw the pundits who reviled all of us who told you that Obama is a Muslim. If it isn’t obvious now to you, you’ll never get it. How can we be this blind? This stupid? This wasn’t bad timing or an innocent mistake or an attempt to comfort Muslims because they are being threatened by the evil, bad, white infidels. This is an attaboy moment. Shame on the Oklahoma media for even printing this Jihadist propaganda:

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Muslims marked the end of the yearly pilgrimage to mecca with communal prayer and celebration called Eid Ul-Adha on Saturday.

Jah keen Israel

Leaders of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City say it’s been a tough month for Muslims here in Oklahoma after being associated with the beheading at Vaughan foods in Moore.

But the Muslim community received the highest form of praise from the White House for their hard work in helping rebuild the Moore community after a destructive tornado tore through the city in 2013.

Today, an official from Washington D.C. flew in to Oklahoma to present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation.

He read a message from President Barrack Obama, extending warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday.

“Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,” President Barack Obama said.

The Imam, the leader of the prayer service, stated during his sermon that the Muslim faith has been called a “cancer that needs to be cut off from the American society.”

Now, with the recent praise, Oklahoma Muslims have been reassured that they are apart of the American society.  (read more)

An obvious act of terrorism on American soil in the heartland didn’t even merit a mention from the President of the United States. Instead he went to a fundraiser and golfing, while a 54 year-old woman who survived the Moore tornado outbreak, had her head sawed off. Then another woman was stabbed before the wayward Alton Nolen, a Muslim convert four years ago, was shot and sadly, not dispatched to hell where he belongs. Instead, it was labeled workplace violence as a woman’s body bled out and Obama lapped at the spilled infidel blood. Another Jihadist threatened a woman in the same city just a week or so before. Then an Arab man gained access to a school through an unlocked door, asking students and staff how many cops were on the premises and how far it was to a police station. They let him go — nothing to hold him on. Nothing to see here folks — nothing to worry over… Go back to sleep and leave the driving to Islam.

However, Obama comes running because Muslims feel threatened. They are claiming it’s been a tough month since the attack. Sensing a pattern yet? It was probably tough for the dead woman too, but she couldn’t tell us — she lost her head and her life.

I don’t blame people for being pissed at the Islamic community over this. There were no real apology for this atrocity. In fact, the mosque and Imams defended it. Tell you asshats what… you want a piece of us? Bring it — we’ll give a piece, while taking three. No one was sent to that Christian woman’s family to comfort them. You let the innocent die horridly and then comfort the murdering jackass and his buds? You couldn’t send a clearer message of your allegiances if you threw it up in neon lights over Vegas.

It is unfrickin’ believable that the nation sits here and takes this crap silently and shrugs. If it does not affect you now, trust me… it will. When the Religion of Pieces comes for you, what will you do then? Change the channel? Pray? Plead for your life or your family’s? Hope the President says and does something? Don’t hold your breath. He’s made it clear what side he is on and it faces bloody Mecca. We should all pray for the families and those struck down in Moore. Pray for all of America as she wakes up to the fact that she is at war with radical Islam. Meanwhile, our President, the Progressives and the media will condone murder in the name of another God.


Provoke, Provocative: ISIS’ Beheadings Biz: Why Don’t Media Use the Words?

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound


We know that ISIS devotes world class talent in public relations to its overall efforts. PR is very important to them. The media made a point, at first, of demonstrating this by exhibiting their “annual report” style manifesto, or perhaps a better phrase would be propaganda portfolio.

(ISIS then proceeded to change their name to ISIL, to include “the Levant,” very much signaling Israel as central to their territories and the UN, USA, and UK speedily lapped it up right down to David Cameron, like Pavlov’s dogs hungry and thirsty at the bell.)

And since then, they have alternated American, British, American, British beheadings and promise to keep up the pace like a metronome. They have also made a point of the hard core persecution of Christians, with their brutal rapes, torturing, mass murdering, pillaging, within an overall blanket of extortion with insults, in high Mohammedan fashion. (Saddam Hussein, where have you gone?)

The classic beheading images and videos are done with the intentional expertise of Bernays-Goebbels and Madison Avenue, to embed imagery in people’s psyches and stir our souls. And of course they realize their limits to military power, versus America and the West, but they go on, even to calling for beheading in America (a call to action fulfilled so far in Oklahoma) and for various atrocities done specifically to the families of American military personnel.

Clearly, they are selling an impression, but they, being public relations experts, do not presume they are intimidating America the superpower, albeit the parasitically ravaged and administratively sabotaged superpower we are. Clearly they are acting as professional provocateurs.

And why is the same hive-minded media which lockstep ignores Barack Obama’s set of deep-background problems and readily apparent document forgeries, and which ridicules the true reporters of such factual analysis where they can not ignore, not using the obvious words for the ISIS atrocities?

If one does Web searches on “Putin” and “provocative” or “provoke,” one finds numerous instances of various charges and attributions, from one side or another. But, try the same search on “ISIS” or “ISIL” and those small case p-words. What do you find, by comparison? Do you recall anyone in broadcast media speaking of ISIS “provocation?”

Rather, by avoiding that telegraphed behavior and instead carrying with an air of reluctant breathlessness, ISIS’ own media messages, our press is joining them by default, in selling their provocation.


A picture has become clear, of what intervention in the Muslim lands has brought the West and what it has done to the people of those nations, but oh-oh, to begin to answer that question is liable to make the intellectually honest pursuer of truth vulnerable to a label of, wait for it…

…”conspiracy theorist,” as if it were a yellow insignia to be worn on our sleeves.

Why, it’s almost as if we were suffering a controlled media, as we are connected within the grand Matrix of cable, broadband, and while the withholding siphons of our redistribution taxes (plus the media ad revenues built into our commodity prices) is steadily tapped.

We need to get a good head on our shoulders and become circumspect about what we see before our very eyes.



Moore, Oklahoma Beheading: When Political Correctness Trumps Common Sense

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

Was the decapitation last month of Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma, workplace violence or an act of terrorism? It was both, but if a category is necessary, it was clearly an act of terrorism, inspired by ISIS—the radical Islamist organization that is terrorizing much of the Middle East, and which, just days before, encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists to engage in decapitations.

Yet on CBS’ “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Scott Pelley had the first major television interview with FBI Director James Comey, and failed to ask him that very question that has been the topic of so much discussion. While Pelley talked around the subject, Comey, perhaps inadvertently, provided a revealing answer.

Pelley set up his question with this narration: “The FBI is investigating whether the murder [in Moore, Oklahoma] was an imitation of ISIL’s beheadings.”

Then he asked, “Some people call individuals who are radicalized, ‘lone wolves.’ Is that the biggest threat we face?”

Comey replied: “If people use that term, it’s not one I like because it conveys a sense of dignity I don’t think they deserve. These homegrown violent extremists are troubled souls who are seeking meaning in some misguided way and so they come across the propaganda and they become radicalized on their own. Sort of independent study and they’re also able to equip themselves with training, again through the Internet and then engage in jihad after emerging from their basement.”

While Comey was, in effect, acknowledging this heinous act by Alton Nolen, also known as Jah’Keem Yisrael, as an act of jihad, reports and interviews with members of his family suggest it is more likely that Nolen was radicalized in prison than through the Internet. Nolen was released early after serving just two years of a six-year sentence for crimes that included assaulting a police officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute,

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made waves on September 29th when he accused the FBI of dismissing the suspected attacks by Alton Nolen as just “workplace violence.” This decision, he argued, is motivated by “political correctness.” “How stupid does the FBI really think we are, and who exactly are they afraid of offending?” he asked. “Trust me, Muslims are offended by this creep’s actions.”

Scarborough was reacting to a Washington Post report that the FBI had concluded Nolen had no links to terrorism. The Post reported, “Yet these [federal] officials also said that the FBI had found no link to terrorism. They also said there was no indication that Nolen was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria carried out by the Islamic State. Instead, the officials said, they are treating this as an incident of workplace violence.”

Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) has written the Department of Justice, and the “resigning” Attorney General Eric Holder, in particular, urging them to investigate Nolen’s actions as terrorism. “It has been reported that over the past two years Nolen was becoming radicalized,” he writes. “…it is more important than ever for you to make clear to the department’s agents and attorneys that this is, in fact, terrorism and to determine whether this or other plots are part of an effort by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or al Qaeda to radicalize Americans and direct attacks in the U.S. Whether the Nolen investigation ultimately shows that he communicated directly with terrorists abroad or was independently inspired by the recent ISIS beheading videos, there is no question that this attack represents a direct threat from radicalized Islamist extremists to the American people.”

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry claimed soon after the Oklahoma attacks that she read the situation as “workplace violence,” and downplayed Nolen’s religion as being no more important than the fact that he had eaten breakfast that morning.

The media are asking questions about how to approach this case, but Harris-Perry’s approach reflects the liberal, leftist bent of the Obama administration, and the ultimate conclusion of the mainstream media. Harris-Perry, in turn, connected the association of Islam with the beheading—which Nolen has now freely admitted he perpetrated—as right-wing agitation, not a simple observation of facts.

Alton Nolen’s Facebook page had pictures of Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, beheadings by the Islamic State, and celebrations of the Twin Towers falling.

A police affidavit shows that Nolen traveled home “for the sole reason to retrieve a large-bladed knife” and returned with it in his shoe. And according to a KWTV-9 news anchor, “Murder suspect Alton Nolen was shouting Islamic phrases” during his attacks, as reported by an eyewitness. (That second part didn’t make it into the affidavit, which reads, without that data, simply as a description of intense workplace-inspired violence.) Nolen has requested a Muslim attorney to represent him.

But the FBI’s conclusion that this constitutes workplace violence, plain and simple, strains credulity.

So did the federal government’s treatment of Nidal Hisan. Hasan’s attack on Fort Hood was declared “workplace violence” rather than a terrorist attack. CNN reported last year that Hasan’s correspondence between the now-deceased Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar al-Awlaki was excluded from the trial by the judge.

It is therefore logical for leaders such as Rep. Wolf, as well as interested citizens, to question whether Nolen has contacts within the radical Islamist community—or whether he was simply inspired by their propaganda.

Nolen posted a picture of himself on Facebook in front of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, and apparently posed with his fingers in a way that is associated today with the Islamic State.

Breitbart News draws an association between Nolen and Suhaib Webb, a radical Imam who was previously the Imam at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City mosque and now is the Imam at the “the sister organization of the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.” Webb apparently was a “known confidant of Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki,” according to FBI documentation, reports Breitbart.

But those who attend the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City tried to distance themselves from Nolen and wouldn’t let their names be used, although they were free to comment on his behavior to BBC News. In “Alton Nolen: A jihadist beheading in Oklahoma?” the BBC’s Joanna Jolly casts him as a crazy copycat, at most.

“One fact is clear. Nolen did visit the main mosque in Oklahoma City,” Jolly reports. “A picture on his Facebook page shows him standing inside the front entrance flanked by two men and holding up his index finger in a gesture that has become associated with Islamic State militants.”

The worshippers were “quick to distance themselves from the photographs,” writes Jolly. They say things like “I remember him being here and I remember him asking for the photo to be taken” and “I know the men standing on either side of him. But they didn’t know Nolen. They thought it was strange he asked for a photo.”

Jolly also quotes Oklahoma University Middle East scholar Joshua Landis as profiling Nolen as a “psychotic copycat.”

The Washington Post, in discussing the “debate” over what to call the beheading in Oklahoma, has also concluded that the Oklahoma attacks don’t necessarily fit the definition of terrorism—or that, at least, terrorism is a relative term. “The debate regarding how we define such situations recurs from time to time,” casually comments Post reporter Mark Berman. “The FBI, it should be noted, defines terrorism as something that seems meant to intimidate a civilian population or affect the actions of a government,” he writes. “Of course, the FBI also says that ‘there is no single, universally accepted definition of terrorism,’” he continues.

“Another way some experts define terrorism is anything that targets innocent civilians,” writes Berman. He quotes terrorism analyst J.M. Berger as saying, “One of the problems with an inconsistent definition of terrorism is basically, if a Muslim does it, it’s terrorism and if a white guy does it, it’s not… If the guy in Santa Barbara said Jews instead of women and said ‘Allahu Akbar’ in his video, it would be called terrorism.”

Steve Emerson, who heads the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said on Fox News recently that the Department of Justice “has been handcuffed in terms of investigating religious extremists in mosques, as a result of guidelines put out by the attorney general earlier this year,” and that it “put out guidelines that restricted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from using religious factors in identifying threats, national security threats to the United States in the homeland.”

The Washington Examiner reports that a new policy from the Department of Justice, expected within weeks, will ban counter-terror investigators from “undercover operations in mosques or other religious institutions unless there is reason to believe criminal activity is going on there.”

Let’s get this straight: Alton Nolen’s confrontation started with an argument over his support for stoning women if they somehow violated Islamic law. He then went home, picked up a knife, returned, and beheaded one fellow employee and stabbed another before he was stopped by gunshots fired by Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the chief operating officer of the company. In other words, a good guy with a gun. This, they want us to believe, was simply an act of “workplace violence.” Does it at least rise to the level of a “hate crime?”

And, if that black Muslim man beheads a non-Muslim white woman while shouting Islamic phrases, and is known to admire a terrorist like Osama bin Laden, is federal law enforcement just supposed to assume his motivations were mainly due to the fact that he was having a bad day at work, and investigate him accordingly? Let’s call it what it is. This is political correctness run amok.


Forum: Should Islam In America Be Subject To Some Kind Of Regulation Or Control

The Watcher’s Council

Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: Should Islam In America Be Subject To Some Kind Of Regulation Or Control?

The Independent Sentinel: Mosques need to be under surveillance. Radical Islamic communities need to be under surveillance and banned if they are training commandos as reports indicate they are.

Instead of trying to ban the name, “Washington Redskins”, they need to ban Shariah law. They should also ban Shariah finance.

We should stop immigration to this country from terrorist nations until we have a better handle on radical Islam. Radical Islam presents an existential threat to the United States.

The Razor: Absolutely not. We do not – and should not  – regulate hate speech. Nazis are free to spout off their dreck, white supremacists theirs. Islamists should be allowed to do the same.

What we need to do is stop making excuses for Islam. I’m tired of being told what Islam isn’t by non-Muslims and shown what Islam is by Muslims like Hamas and ISIS. What other religion has caused as much havoc over the past 50 years? If a Christian sect started wrapping women in bags, banning non-believers from their holy sites, and made conversion out of their faith punishable by death there would be an outcry from the secular as well as religious communities the likes of which have never been seen. Yet Islam gets a free pass.

In the US the Westboro Baptist Church is held up as the epitome of Christian hate because of its protests against homosexuality, yet the WBC does not preach violence against non-believers. If WBC were an Islamic sect it would be considered moderate to liberal by outsiders because of its religious tolerance and treatment of women and minorities. It’s also ironic that WBC holds the same abhorrence of homosexuality that Islam does, but does not call for the murder of homosexuals as many Islamic clerics do.

Why is Islam treated differently than other religions? The reason is that the vast majority of Americans aren’t familiar with the religion. They have only a superficial knowledge of it gleaned from various media sources, and so fill in the blanks with their own experience of the Judeo-Christian religions. They assume that Islam is just like Christianity or Judaism. It even recognizes Jesus and Moses as prophets. This blend of naiveté and ignorance provides plenty of space for Muslims to portray Islam as progressive while it’s social order is based on 7th century Arabian tribes, and peaceful at the same time it works for the overthrow of any non-Islamic political or religious regime and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate.

The solution is not to regulate Islam: it’s to convince Americans and Europeans to confront reality and ask what Muslims are going to do to make their religion fit the modern world.

Simply Jews: I think any extremist outfit should be under control – if not under lock and key. Saying this, I still do nurture some hope that adherents of Islam are not extreme and violent en masse, and that only a relatively small cells of domination-thirsty individuals could be (as the should be) controlled. This, by the way, goes for any potentially subversive, violent and disruptive religious or ideological organization.

The real problem with nowadays Islamic population is that its members are very unwilling to separate themselves from and to isolate and expel the extremist elements. This creates an additional and almost insurmountable issue for FBI and other security organizations (all over the world, by the way) in their fight against the extremism.

It is educational to see that most of FBI successes in this direction, at least the published ones, are in the area of so called “entrapment”, where a dupe, who may have never thought up by himself a violent act, is carefully led by his “handler” into a situation that eventually resolves itself in a widely trumpeted success in anti-terrorist activity.

I hope that by making more investment in quality humint – planting successfully trained agents on the ground in places like mosques, where much of potential extremists are grown and nurtured, by detecting and isolating the real culprits in the brain-washing, indoctrination and recruiting of suggestible youngsters – FBI will eventually able to get an upper hand.

JoshuaPundit: Well, it depends.  Do we want it to control us, as the Qu’ran mandates? There’s no getting away from the fact that this is what Islam commands its followers to strive for, and what Mohammed ordered them to do. It remains an imperative to this day, and while many Muslims reject it, there are almost certainly more whom do not, especially overseas.

In order to answer the question at hand, we would need to decide what ‘radical Islam’ is as opposed to what we consider ‘acceptable’ or ‘moderate’ Islam, something I think is farcical for non-Muslims to try and figure out. The only guidelines, really, are the legal and cultural norms we have for our own society and the degree to which Islam can conform to them, rather than the other way around.

Fortunately, as I’ve written in the past, we have those guidelines already in our Constitution and in applicable  legal precedents. As a matter of fact, every time religious practices in the past have clashed with those guidelines and precedents, our courts have ruled against the religion.

Islam, however, is not subjected to any of this.

We aren’t applying those guidelines and precedents to Islam, quite simply, because there is huge money in it for a number of government officials and politicians, even extending to the White House. One merely needs to look at who funded a large part of the presidential libraries of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who funds the Carter Peace Foundation that provides former President Jimmy Carter with a handsome stipend, the connections between the Bush Family, the Carlyle Fund the Saudis and several of the Emirates, and how President Clinton became a multimillionaire after he left office. And they are by no means the only ones. A look at which politicians and former functionaries (not to mention their family members) are the beneficiaries of lucrative business opportunities, six figure honorariums, legal retainers, speaking fees and ‘consulting fees’ from the likes of the Saudis and the UAE is absolutely astounding.

We need merely to take away the golden carrot and apply our laws and our Constitution, perhaps with a few perfectly legal and constitutional tweaks.

The Noisy Room: Yes. Here is why…

One of the founding principles of this country, one that was so important that it was enshrined in the First Amendment — an Amendment without which the Constitution could not be ratified — was the principle of religious freedom. More particularly, the freedom to practice a religion of one’s own choosing, not one imposed by the State. It goes without saying that this includes a religion imposed by a non-State actor, such as a big, evil corporation. Islam turns this precept on its ear. Islam is a State as well as a religion. Islam has a legal and political arm. The acceptance of Islam into a society of diverse religions is similar to the acceptance of an invasive species of fish into the Great Lakes. The system by which Islam is propagated is one of simple, physical conquest – raw force. Providing a safe haven for a religion which is a State and a legal system, is immediately hostile to the concept of the free practice of religion, because a primary precept in Islam is that no other religion shall be tolerated. Consequently, Islam as it is practiced almost everywhere in the world, negates the First Amendment. The irony is that if one buys the idea that freedom of religion means accepting Islam, one buys the idea that it is okay for one religion to displace others and that somehow freedom of religion means allowing one of them to take over the world.

The analogy of invasive species is imperfect, but provides a model for projecting the outcome of allowing into your midst a hostile philosophy which feeds on your freedoms to destroy them.

So, therefore it would seem prudent to keep a watchful eye — profiling if you prefer — on areas where Islam has inserted itself, displacing other religions. It is part and parcel of Islamic doctrine that force, misrepresentation, lying and intimidation — practices against which we have a whole system of laws — are simply routine tools of the trade to propagate their beliefs. Consequently, Islam, regardless of its size, regardless of its age, regardless of its “stature” in the world… must be regarded with the same skepticism normally reserved for cults. It is a broken philosophy, one which runs completely against modern concepts of liberty and survival norms that are part of a thriving and moral society.

It must be strictly enforced that the nation’s laws as they descend from the Constitution and the principles of its founding are held to be senior to any system of “religious law” practiced under the flag of religion. For example, a religious law that prescribes how one shall beat his wife is, in this country, automatically null and void. There are many other examples of religious law under Islam, too many to list here, which simply would never be accepted, practiced outside a religious framework. Essentially, assimilation into the culture of liberty that underpins this country is important to the adoption of new communities and where a community is seen to isolate itself from our culture, creating an island of not-really-America, hostile to the rest of America, that community must be constrained even ejected.

We seem to have people in positions of authority and power, who desperately seek to import Islam and its practitioners before our society catches on to the fraud and subterfuge to accomplish a coup from within, feeding on our freedoms to destroy them. Incidentally, the behavior of “feeding on your freedoms to destroy them,” is something you’ll recognize from a non-religious framework: the sociopathic individual who uses the social norms and laws of society as weapons against his victims.

In summary, profiling and background checks (especially for those being elected and appointed to positions of power) should be implemented thoroughly and extensively, despite how distasteful that measure is to a free people.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Trick question.

There are actually built in operational methodologies to regulate undesired and reinforce desired behavior. The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As best understood, certain elements cannot accept the legitimacy of the American secular system, which “is against the orders and ordainments of Allah.”

Perhaps the best piece out there on certain mindsets that need unbridled power to change America and make it more like any number of illiterate barbaric rat’s nests in the 3rd world is by Shamim “Skippy” Siddiq. (available here in PDF)

Cryptically titled Methodology of Dawah Ilallah in American Perspective (more idiomatically rendered as “The Need to Convert Americans to Islam”), this 168-page study, published in Brooklyn, remains largely unavailable to general readers . In it, in prose that makes up in intensity and vividness for what it lacks in sophistication and polish, Siddiqi lays out both a detailed rationale and a concrete plan for Islamists to take over the United States and establish “Islamic rule” (iqamat ad-din).

As America is burdened with secular sinfulness, “The orientation of the Qur’an pushes us in the exact opposite direction.”The United States has “no thought, no values, and no ideals”; if Mohammedists “stand up, with the ideology that we possess, it will be very easy for us to preside over this USA.”

Why America? In Siddiqi’s judgment, the need to assume control here is even more pressing than the need to sustain the revolution of the mullahs in Iran or to destroy Israel, for doing so will have a much greater positive impact on the future of Islam. America is central not for the reasons one might expect—its large population, its wealth, or the cultural influence it wields around the world—but on three other grounds.

The first has to do with Washington’s role as the premier enemy of Islamism (or, possibly, of Islam itself). In Siddiqi’s colorful language, whenever and wherever Muslims have moved toward establishing an Islamic state, the “treacherous hands of the secular West are always there . . . to bring about [their] defeat.” Nor are Muslim rulers of any help, for they are “all in the pockets of the Western powers.” If, therefore, Islam is ever going to attain its rightful place of dominance in the world, the “ideology of Islam [must] prevail over the mental horizon of the American people.” The entire future of the Muslim world, Siddiqi concludes, “depends on how soon the Muslims of America are able to build up their own indigenous movement.”

Secondly, America is central because establishing Islamism here would signal its final triumph over its only rival, that bundle of Christianity and liberalism which constitutes contemporary Western civilization. (One cannot help noting the irony that Siddiqi’s tract appeared in the same year, 1989, as Francis Fukuyama’s famous article speculating that, with the collapse of Communism and the apparent triumph of liberal democracy, we had begun to approach the “end of history.”)

And thirdly, and still more grandly, the infusion of the United States with Islamism would make for so powerful a combination of material success and spiritual truth that the establishment of “God’s Kingdom” on earth would no longer be “a distant dream.”

For Islamists, converting Americans is the central purpose of Muslim existence in the United States, the only possible justification for Muslims to live in an infidel land. In the view of Shamim Siddiqi, there is no choice in the matter—American Muslims are “ordained by Allah” to help replace evil with good, and otherwise “have no right even to breathe.” “Wherever you came from, you came . . . for one reason—for one reason only—to establish Allah’s din [faith].”

Siddiqi sees Islamists in power in Washington before 2020. Implementation of the shari’a in the United States “appears to be approaching fast,” and in contemplating what that means his language grows ecstatic:

“I have a vision in America, Muslims owning property all over, Muslim businesses, factories, halal meat, supermarkets, all these buildings owned by Muslims. Can you see the vision, can you see the Newark International Airport and a John Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia having Muslim fleets of planes, Muslim pilots. Can you see our trucks rolling down the highways, Muslim names. Can you imagine walking down the streets of Teaneck, [New Jersey]: three Muslim high schools, five Muslim junior-high schools, fifteen public schools. Can you see the vision, can you see young women walking down the street of Newark, New Jersey, with long flowing hijab and long dresses. Can you see the vision of an area of no crime, controlled by the Muslims?”

Laura Rambeau LeeRight Reason: Regulation or controls will not solve the problem of radical Islam in America. We must rely on the Constitution and the First Amendment, which reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Everyone in this country must be able to freely exercise their religion. What Muslims need to understand is that their right to freely exercise does not allow them to impinge on others’ rights. The laws of the Constitution of the United States and state constitutions must always take precedence over foreign or religious laws. Individual rights must always be upheld.

What we are experiencing is civilization jihad, and Muslims and pro-Muslim groups have learned how to use our laws and the left’s political correctness against us. They have become bullies, and our leaders have been caving in to their tactics. United Voices for America celebrates Muslim Capitol Day in several states, and grooms promising Muslim high school students to attend universities and become involved in politics. They are growing their presence in local, state, and national politics in an attempt to subvert our laws to shari’ah.

At the local level, here in Tampa, we have experienced Florida CAIR director Hassan Shibley speaking to high school students in an AP History class without parents having been given prior knowledge or the option to opt out. I attended several school board meetings where concerned parents and grandparents expressed their objections. Most are associated with Tea Party groups and were of course labeled as racist, bigoted, and Islamophobic. The school board did nothing.

In 2009 we experienced the brutal beating and murder of Fatima Abdallah, an Israeli Palestinian woman, and whether it was an honor killing or domestic violence, the local police and medical examiner determined her death to be accidental; the result of a fall. One must ask oneself, if a woman can be beaten to death in America, in Tampa, Florida, and our police do not pursue justice, who among us is really safe?

Last year CAIR-Florida attempted to advertise on our county HART buses. Their “My Jihad” campaign wanted the buses to bear slogans such as:

“My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to build friendships across the aisle. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to not judge people by their cover. What’s yours?”

The attempt to insert the word “jihad” into everyday slogans was deceitful, and after public outcry they pulled the advertising for a more “acceptable” advertising slogan:

“Embracing Diversity at Work, Defending Civil Rights in the Community”

The “Embracing Diversity” advertisement was approved by the board after the board counsel advised if they did not approve the ads they would most certainly face a First Amendment lawsuit.

All of these incidents demonstrate a lack of courage on the part of our elected officials. We need people with courage to stand up to the bullying and who are not afraid to call violence committed in the name Islam “terrorism.” We need our government to have the courage to acknowledge that the violence at Ft. Hood; the shooting of Marine recruiter Private William Long in June 2009 in Little Rock, Arkansas by Carlos Bledsoe, a young man radicalized through Muslim student organizations at Tennessee State University; the 2013 Boston bombing; and the recent beheading of 54 year old Colleen Hufford at her Oklahoma workplace; were all terrorist attacks committed in the name of Islam.

Americans must realize that Islam is the second largest religion in twenty states in America, and that Muslims outnumber Jews in America today. We are seeing more women in hijabs and niqabs in our malls and shopping centers. Communities, schools, colleges and universities, police and government agencies at all levels, must understand the threat of civilization jihad. We have seen its consequences in Europe, and we are seeing its expansion in America.

We could and should expose those who preach extremist ideology and incite violence against America and Americans. Our government should be able to profile and root out those who seek to commit violence against Americans in the name of Islam or for any reason. The only thing that will stop radical Islam from growing in America is the courage of Americans to face these bullies and not bow down to their demands.

The Right Planet: Years ago I was in downtown Indianapolis with a friend of mine who was from Latvia. As we made our way toward the Circle, we were confronted with a huge police presence. There were cops everywhere. Rows of police cruisers lined each side of the street. I politely asked a police officer what was going on. He said there was a simultaneous KKK and Black Panther rally being held at the Circle that day. Obviously, the city thought it prudent to prepare for any mayhem that might ensue. Since my Latvian friend had not been in the States for very long, he was quite eager to see what all the fuss was about.

When we arrived at the Circle, there was a small group of around 30 blacks listening to the hate-filled rantings of Mmoja Ajabu, leader of the Indianapolis Black Panther Militia. On the other side of the Circle, I saw a man dressed in some sort of KKK garb spewing his hate-filled crap to a crowd of one. Obviously, there weren’t too many people in Indy interested in listening to either the Black Panthers or the Ku Klux Klan. Although I have no use for the Black Panthers or the KKK, I still support their First Amendment rights. We have the right in this country to express our beliefs, regardless of how loathsome or vile those beliefs may be. On the flipside, the First Amendment does not give anyone the right to engage in violence or usurp the law.

Muslims are free to peaceably assemble and worship as they see fit in this country. That being said, there is one regulation or control I would support regarding Islam in America–no Sharia Law in this country, period. Allowing any group to implement their own form of jurisprudence outside the legal system we already have is akin to opening up Pandora’s Box. If Muslims are allowed to practice their own set of laws, then why can’t Christians and Jews have their own legal system? And I’m sure the Satanists would want their own set of laws–and on and on and on. As long as you obey the law, you can be whatever you want to be in America, even if I hate it.

The Glittering Eye: No. My feelings about the question are actually stronger but I’ll leave it at that.

The five countries with the largest Muslim populations are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria. Together they account for about half of all of the Muslims in the world. To the extent that we have problems with the Muslims in any of those countries it is largely due to hatred-preaching imams who are funded by rich Saudis or even by the Saudi government. I think the reasonable conclusion to draw from that is that we don’t a have problem with Muslims but with a relatively small number of Saudis and we need to address that seriously.

Well there you have it.

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NATO: Dancing with the Soviets, Putin Style

By: Denise Simon
Gulag Bound

StoltenbergPutinThe North Atlantic Treaty Prologue:

The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments.

They are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law. They seek to promote stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area.

They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defence and for the preservation of peace and security. They therefore agree to this North Atlantic Treaty.

Vladimir Putin’s mission is to destroy NATO and he is about to get real help in doing so. Jens Stoltenberg is the new Secretary-General of NATO effective October 1 and that is going to be a problematic for NATO or will it? The Minsk Agreement defines the Putin mission.

Jens Stoltenberg

With Jens Stoltenberg in leadership at NATO, there are some very disturbing clues that Putin could be getting closer to his long term goals demonstrated by some historical facts and current approaches.

‘The former Norwegian prime minister — the first NATO secretary general from a country bordering Russia — is known for his good relations with President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

During his decade in power, the two countries signed milestone agreements on the delineation of their frontier in the Barents Sea and on visa exemptions for their border populations.

An economist by training, the former Labour Party head has never shown any particular fondness for defence or security matters.

But his experience has left him with a strong international network and honed his skills as a cross-border negotiator, both of which could prove essential.’

Here are some facts regarding Stoltenberg that collectively provide some insight to what may be ahead for NATO.

  1. Stoltenberg is a manipulator of politics as noted when he chose to be a taxi driver for a day to get a political pulse on the ground, but used paid actors.
  2. Stoltenberg has had previous dealings with Russia over border issues regarding the Barents Sea and he compromised.
  3. Not only is Stoltenberg an Atheist but he is an Anti-Semite as well.
  4. Jens Stoltenberg is inert and is passive when it comes to a drug narcotic policy for Norway, Europe and globally.
  5. He is in fact a globalist and did work while at the United Nations as a special envoy promoting ‘climate change missions and financing’, he is a robust supporter of a global tax to solve climate change along with the Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama. Jens also walks in lock-step with Greenpeace.
  6. Stoltenberg also endorses and has worked diligently for global vaccinations in cadence with the Gates Foundation. Vaccinations have not proven to be effective or administered as advertised.
  7. Perhaps the most disturbing and factual component of Stoltenberg is that he had his own KGB code name “Steklov” bestowed upon him by a close friend of many years as a KGB operative.

NATO Members

Stoltenberg is a member/leader of the Labour Party which is telegraphed as a social democracy but yet has deep ties to Communists International. Camilla, the sister of Jens was a member of the Red Youth, a group of loyal followers of Marxists/Leninists.

Stoltenberg protested against the United States during the Vietnam war and caused damage to the U.S. embassy during a demonstration for which he was jailed.

Then we cannot omit his mentor and friend Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. Merkel speaks fluent Russian and had a membership card in the Free German Youth movement which was managed by the Socialist Party out of East Germany.

European UnionAs the defacto leader of the European Union, Merkel worked to install a full immigrant acceptance policy in Germany for which other European nations would follow. Today that policy has failed with particular regard to Muslims.

Some time ago, it was determined that Merkels’ communications were being tracked by the NSA. Given her history, associations, education, friendships and objectives, it is no wonder that U.S. intelligence agencies want to know her real actions as part of the overall agendas, collusions, and relationships that must be assessed into U.S. domestic analysis and policy.

Countries within Europe will follow Merkel and now especially so with Stoltenberg at the head of NATO.

It was Merkel who supported, nominated and worked to install Jens Stoltenberg at the helm of NATO.

While Putin has used soft aggression on Crimea and then terror aggression on Ukraine in an effort to rebuild his version of the Soviet Empire, Ukraine is but one solution to put real pressure on Europe to dance the Waltz with Putin over nothing more than the threat of shuttering oil and gas resources NATO members and Europe requires.

The dance partners are many on the world stage.

For an audio version of the future of NATO and Russia being at the core of terrorism, click here.

Look out world this could be the very end of the joint military cooperative of NATO members, it is predicted that more countries will successfully fall under Russia annexation while sanctions against Russia will likely be lifted page by page by the West. Stay warm my friends.


Putin seems to be fond of Stoltenberg
Photo from a much related article:


Article also found at Denise Simon’s blog, Patriots’ Duty


Qatar Awareness Campaign – Georgetown School Of Foreign Service


President John J. DeGioia
Office of the President
204 Healy Hall
37th & “O” Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1789

Dear Dr. DeGioia:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of Qatar, the country whose capital hosts a campus of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Since 2005, the Qatar Foundation has borne all campus development costs associated with the School in Qatar. (Also see here.)

The question to keep in mind when reading this letter is: Would Roosevelt have trained his diplomatic corps in Berlin in 1940?

With an academic staff of sixty professors, the School educates students in international relations, diplomacy, history, and government. As the School of Foreign Service states on its website: “The University’s on-going academic discussions with policymakers, independent actors and decision makers, positioned in Washington, D.C. and in Doha, Qatar as the center of east-west relations has ensured the relevancy and vibrancy of Georgetown’s programs of study for the coming century.” Given the influence of Georgetown academics and graduates in this nation’s capital, it is imperative to question whether accepting money from Qatar, a haven for the Muslim Brotherhood, is in America’s best interests.

We urge to you read the information below, which includes evidence that Qatar is arguably the preeminent sponsor of terror in the world today. It is a benefactor of the genocidal armies of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Boko Haram; it is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell; and profits from operating a virtual slave state. Qatar has leveraged its relationships with violent jihadi groups to its own benefit, and to the detriment of the United States and her allies.

So the public understands why this letter is addressed to you:

  • In 2001, the Qatar Foundation funded an initiative in Doha, the Education City. It welcomed six American universities, Georgetown among them (in 2005), to build campuses in the complex. The Qatar Foundation, which has noted links to terrorism, pays all associated campus development costs.
  • In 2009, Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the sixth son of the then-Emir of Qatar, graduated with the School’s first class. He later obtained a Masters from Harvard, which also partners with the Qatar Foundation.
  • The Georgetown School of Foreign Service offers a scholarship program from Qatar University, an institution which includes the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. Sharia law is the basis for both Taliban and ISIS rule.

The QAC Coalition and petitioners ask that you consider the attached sourced report on Qatar’s activities. The links cited are vetted and credible sources. We hope you take the time to verify the truth of the statements for yourself.

After doing so, the Coalition of the Qatar Awareness Campaign calls on you to exert due influence on the Qatari government to cease any type of involvement in all forms of Islamic terrorism, slavery, and drug trafficking!


Lt. Col. Allen B. West (US Army, Ret)

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Center for Security Policy

Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

Walid Shoebat

Charles Ortel
Washington Times

Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman, Stand Up America

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
NoisyRoom.net **

& the entire Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition.

Qatar Research Report: http://www.stopqatarnow.com/p/research-report.html
Sign the Petition! Visit www.stopqatarnow.com
Facebook: Stop Qatar Now
Twitter: @stopqatarnow

** Select signatures as of 9/27. The Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition is comprised of more than 25 journalists, national security experts, publishers, and independent researchers. To view all Coalition participants, please visit the Campaign’s website.

CC: Gerd Nonneman, Dean, School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Rachel Pugh, Director of Media Relations.