Provoke, Provocative: ISIS’ Beheadings Biz: Why Don’t Media Use the Words?

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound


We know that ISIS devotes world class talent in public relations to its overall efforts. PR is very important to them. The media made a point, at first, of demonstrating this by exhibiting their “annual report” style manifesto, or perhaps a better phrase would be propaganda portfolio.

(ISIS then proceeded to change their name to ISIL, to include “the Levant,” very much signaling Israel as central to their territories and the UN, USA, and UK speedily lapped it up right down to David Cameron, like Pavlov’s dogs hungry and thirsty at the bell.)

And since then, they have alternated American, British, American, British beheadings and promise to keep up the pace like a metronome. They have also made a point of the hard core persecution of Christians, with their brutal rapes, torturing, mass murdering, pillaging, within an overall blanket of extortion with insults, in high Mohammedan fashion. (Saddam Hussein, where have you gone?)

The classic beheading images and videos are done with the intentional expertise of Bernays-Goebbels and Madison Avenue, to embed imagery in people’s psyches and stir our souls. And of course they realize their limits to military power, versus America and the West, but they go on, even to calling for beheading in America (a call to action fulfilled so far in Oklahoma) and for various atrocities done specifically to the families of American military personnel.

Clearly, they are selling an impression, but they, being public relations experts, do not presume they are intimidating America the superpower, albeit the parasitically ravaged and administratively sabotaged superpower we are. Clearly they are acting as professional provocateurs.

And why is the same hive-minded media which lockstep ignores Barack Obama’s set of deep-background problems and readily apparent document forgeries, and which ridicules the true reporters of such factual analysis where they can not ignore, not using the obvious words for the ISIS atrocities?

If one does Web searches on “Putin” and “provocative” or “provoke,” one finds numerous instances of various charges and attributions, from one side or another. But, try the same search on “ISIS” or “ISIL” and those small case p-words. What do you find, by comparison? Do you recall anyone in broadcast media speaking of ISIS “provocation?”

Rather, by avoiding that telegraphed behavior and instead carrying with an air of reluctant breathlessness, ISIS’ own media messages, our press is joining them by default, in selling their provocation.


A picture has become clear, of what intervention in the Muslim lands has brought the West and what it has done to the people of those nations, but oh-oh, to begin to answer that question is liable to make the intellectually honest pursuer of truth vulnerable to a label of, wait for it…

…”conspiracy theorist,” as if it were a yellow insignia to be worn on our sleeves.

Why, it’s almost as if we were suffering a controlled media, as we are connected within the grand Matrix of cable, broadband, and while the withholding siphons of our redistribution taxes (plus the media ad revenues built into our commodity prices) is steadily tapped.

We need to get a good head on our shoulders and become circumspect about what we see before our very eyes.


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