Ebola Outrage – Gohmert Slams CDC Director In Radio Interview – Louie Gohmert

Hat Tip: BB

What an idiotic defense of Geraldo by Fox and Friends. Gohmert got it right – about all Geraldo is good for is nude selfies and moronic documentaries. Why don’t you earn your damn pay and tear the CDC Director apart the way real reporters should? You rank amateurs.

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Ebola Linkdump – 17 OCT

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Meet Ronald Klain, new Ebola Czar and Election Truther (No, really; Take a look)

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Rep. Peter King: ‘Serious Concerns’ About Nigerian Passenger Who Reportedly Vomited, Died on Flight to JFK

My 5-point plan to fight Ebola

*MAJOR UPDATES* Whoopsie – Dallas Blood Lab Tech Who Handled Patient Zero Lab Specimens Is On Carnival Caribbean Cruise – Belize Refuses To Allow Ship To Port, Armed Belizean Coast Guard Forces Ship To Quarantine…

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