Dirty Dealing for Bowe Bergdahl: Hillary Clinton, Haqqani & Taliban

By: Denise Simon
Gulag Bound

Founders’ Code

The dealing with Haqqani/Taliban goes back to 2009 and had underlying objectives such that many players worked the deal(s) extending sweet honey to Haqqani/Taliban masked in a trade for Bergdahl.

Bowe Bergdahl was a proven risk in Afghanistan going back as far as 2009, when more than once he left his post telling some in his unit he no longer believed in the American mission and wanted to do something else. A full (AR-15-6) investigation began then and remains classified. Bergdahl has a charge sheet and there is indisputable evidence that he willingly and with purpose left his base. It must be noted and remembered that at least 6 fellow soldiers died looking for Bergdahl and an unknown number to date were injured due to IED’s.

So, it is important to put some historical facts in this summary that may put some other perspective into the discussion.

Richard Holbrooke, a longtime diplomat, died in 2010. During his career, Holbrooke had many foreign policy roles and could have eventually been Secretary of State, given his work for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Prior to Holbrooke’s death, he was the special envoy to AFPAK (Afganistan/Pakistan), which was closely guarded and managed by the White House. Holbrooke was assigned negotiate with the Taliban and Haqqani but the White House devised the mission and (June 2011) announced the withdraw of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and this changed the trump cards Holbrooke had previously established. Negotiations were later turned over t0 Marc Grossman for his resumption of talks with the enemy. The best deals with the Taliban/Haqqani were when America and ISAF had the most forces in country.

In the quest for a deal with the Taliban, they were removed from the list and given amnesty for war crimes. It should be noted that in 2001 directly after the U.S. defeated in a matter of a few months, the Taliban tried to deal with the Bush Administration and was profoundly rejected.

Early in the Obama administration, the White House staff and the State Department under Hillary Clinton sought a pragmatic approach with enemies of America such that ‘isolating’ them was the sole objective, same as it is today with Putin, Bashir al Assad and ISIS in Iraq. Barack Obama’s team approached the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, collaborating on the concept of negotiating with the Taliban. Mechanisms for these talks and use of sanctions included such times as:

  • Easing U.S., European and United Nations sanctions
  • Removing the Taliban from any black listings
  • Establishing a political mainstream headquarter location in Doha, Qatar
  • Installing the Taliban into the power structure of the whole governmental process in Afghanistan
  • To work with financial powerbrokers globally to establish an economic platform for the Taliban
  • Continued and scheduled release of Taliban prisoners in worldwide locations beginning in Bagram and later Guantanamo. Specifically, the Taliban wanted Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a direct lieutenant of Mullah Omar. Baradar ran the Taliban operations and is/was the leader of the Quetta Shura based in Pakistan.

In several versions of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between the United States and Afghanistan, text remained on negotiations and conditions for inclusion of the Taliban. As the BSA process continued to be delayed over many disagreements and secret machinations, the United States chose another course for Taliban talks and that included the use of Qatar. Particular sticking points of the Taliban were their demands of releasing of guerilla commanders, including 5 located in Guantanamo and Helman Abdul Bari, Nuruddin Turabi, Allah Daad Tabib, Duad Jan and Mir Ahmed Gul all from detention facilities held by the United States.

Marc Grossman has moved on from the assignment of AfPak and is now at The Cohen Group, a strategic foreign investment think tank with interesting connections to central Asia, south Asia that includes Afghanistan Pakistan, India, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. This is important and worth a mention for several reasons, most of which, nothing needs to impede private equity and investment when it comes to the region being a transit state for a pipeline connecting central Asia to south Asia which has the Asian Development Bank as the financial advisor. The pipeline includes all transit routes for oil, natural gas and power grids.

As the Brits and the United States took down the flag the last time today in Helmand Province of Camp Bastion and Camp Leatherneck, no future conflicts can be tolerated by al Qaeda and the Taliban. As the West leaves Afghanistan, so goes the money as well which will not only impact economics in Afghanistan but in Pakistan as well. There will be likely a rise in drug productions, kidnapping, transit taxes and ransoms on businesses. These are all factored into the negotiations with Haqqani, Taliban and global business interests.

So today, the Taliban 5 (having their passports terminated and provided provisional citizenship of Qatar) released from Guantanamo are enjoying life in Doha only being under house arrest, due to the secretive deal between the White House, Taliban and Qatar that included Bowe Bergdahl. The Taliban are receiving guests and old friends at their Qatari funded safehouse. One set of visitors included 2 senior members of Haqqani named Qari Abdul Rasheed Omari and Anas Haqqani. When the headquarters office for the Taliban closed after a short term, many of the Taliban leadership stayed in Doha under the protections of Qatari security that also includes protections for Muslim Brotherhood leadership, Hamas and top players of the Shiite regime of Iran.

In summary, the dealing with Haqqani/Taliban goes back to 2009 and had underlying objectives such that many players worked the deal(s) extending sweet honey to Haqqani/Taliban masked in a trade for Bergdahl. Those involved are located globally and there is still the unknown of the Bergdahl investigation the AR 15-6.

Nothing is ever as it seems, there is always much more, a multi-track agenda where money and fame are all realized. Hillary knows, Grossman knows, Kerry knows, Susan Rice knows, and the list goes on, but we will not know more about Bergdahl… you can bet he gets a pass and he deserted.


Black Democratic Politics Under Attack, by Blacks, for Preying on Them

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

The Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam)

Paul McKinley, Chicago

Paul McKinley, Chicago

Black Chicago activists who have escaped and risen above the prison cycle are drawing lines on the pavement and pointing at the chief oppressors in their neighborhoods, the progressive plantation masters of the Democratic Party. Good. Damn the neo-Marxist “political correctness.” It’s time to get real. Let’s get real.

The democracy of the Democratic Party and the falsely labeled “welfare state” were never meant to be a part of America. Emergency help at the discretion local private and public bodies, sure. Legal assurance that the economy is not controlled by the powerful to make healthy participation unavailable by some, yes. But redistributionism is un-American. It is parasitic. It saps our energy for the use of power mongers and mammon lords. It always results in the virtual plantation slave lifestyle, ethical people kept by our “keepers” brothers, to use murderous Barack Obama’s application of the passive-aggressive mocking of God by the first murderer, Cain.

Cajoled and coerced redistributionism, sapping self empowerment and family accountability, is what was practiced in Jesus of Nazareth’s time by Israel’s oppressors (and Judas Iscariot). This may seem odd, but today as before, it goes along with extra-marital sex, “eugenic” abortion/infanticide, plus bowing to an idolatry superimposed upon nature and our climatic conditions.

Those themes are closely related to orgiastic worship, including child sacrifice to fertility gods suffered during the heathen encroachments into our Creator’s own nation, in Bible times. Now, we have the breakdown of the family, rampant sexual perversity, Planned Parenthood’s focus on blacks and the poor (and increasingly, Hispanics) for its abortion consumption, while even needy people are told to sacrifice for the sake of overcoming fictitious man-made global warming. With healthy families gone and oppression felt, we also have rampant violence.

Who causes all these things to happen? Twisted people do, people who are led along by demons in their thinking and motives.

However, the United States of America is a nation founded upon each citizen’s personal sovereignty under God, with government our servants charged to protect the power of that status in life. That is why the documents of our founders call upon us to restrict our government to protecting and not violating our natural, unalienable rights, to life, to liberty, and to property ownership. That way of living has built the most successfully developed nation in the history of the world (technology included). It was done not by government staying out of the way, but by government, which inevitably attempts to master and despoil, being forced into its perpetually pruned and subservient place, instead.

This is how men who have seen which end is up tell it, in inner Chicago. Rebelpundit put this video out, October 27.

Because the post that goes with the video is excerpt-length, we’ll repost it all with our thanks and their link.

Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

That message shed’s light on who they say are the “real oppressors” of their community–Black-liberal democrats.

Although these men are recognized as leaders among the local community, local mainstream media refuses to give them a platform.

McKinley explains that black americans are in an “abusive relationship with black leadership…There not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda.”

They always talk about black on black crime, and when you here the words black on black crime, the first thing you think of is a black man is a black man robbing you or breaking in your house, and that is a black on black crime. But lets take it one step further. There’s a black on black crime down in city hall, there’s a black on black crime down in all the state capitols in America, where all the black folks are voting against our interests.”

“We’re always talking about what the Republican’s ain’t done for us, but my life has been hurt by democrats,” Watkins says, “this lot where I stand right now, Ida B. Wells, where public housing residents used to live at, most of the people are homeless living in the street, it’s because of you Mr. President.

“They (black leaders) forced us into a life of welfare, we don’t welfare,” Carter explains, “we want opportunities to go to work, we want opportunities to own businesses.”

Carter says the strategy behind the president’s focus on raising minimum wage is because, “he (the president) knows this is a way to get a lot of the poor peoples attention, but, to hell with your minimum raise wage, we don’t have any jobs, minimum wage raise for what?”

“Everywhere you go, there is poverty in black areas.” Ward says, “It’s the same way in every black community across the country….How can the same process happen over and over again, and can’t nobody do nothing about it?”

Editorial Note: McKinley, Watson, Carter and Ward have all served time in prison in the past, and have since taken to the streets of Chicago to fight against the injustices in their community, making this story all the more interesting.


Standing Tall

Arlene from Israel

The media here in recent days has been full of observations about the growing rift between Israel and the US, or, more accurately, between the Netanyahu and Obama administrations.

There have been, incredibly, some Israeli politicians and commentators centrist-left who point a finger at Netanyahu, saying that he is provoking Obama and that Israel-US tensions are his fault.  They point out that we need America and cannot afford to alienate its chief executive.

Me?  I say, Right on, Bibi!  And I am hardly alone in this response.

Time to cut the umbilical cord with the US – which makes some afraid to alienate a source of “nurturing” – and to do what is best for Israel, unapologetically.


There are several points to be made with regard to the perceived need for Israel to behave in a conciliatory fashion towards the US.

[] We can begin with the fact that some of these attitudes smack of a sort of diplomatic appeasement, a galut mentality that makes certain Jews think it is always important to do everything possible  to keep “others” happy.

[] If we were to continue to diminish ourselves to please others, we would end up…diminished. Weak. We would be serving ourselves and our own national interests and rights poorly.  Because our own national interests and rights, and what others want of us frequently do not coincide.

[] Where Obama is concerned, in any event, there is no way to make him “happy.”  He and his flunkies are not with us, and it is foolish indeed to assume they are – that they can be “mollified.”  I have reported over time on a whole series of actions that makes it clear he supports our enemies more than he does us – there is everything from his growing relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood supporter Qatar to his blocking of weaponry to be shipped to us during our recent war with Hamas. There are even the State Department press statements of the last few days that showed greater concern for the Palestinian Arab boy who was shot when about to throw a Molotov cocktail than for the baby killed by the terrorist who ran a car into her stroller.

[] At the very same time, we must keep in mind that America is with us.  That means the American people, the Congress and the Pentagon.  Military people in the US tend to “get it.”

[] We must respect ourselves enough to know our own value.  It is not just that we “need” America, it is that America needs us.  We sell ourselves short when we imagine otherwise. We are a bulwark of freedom in a part of the world that is over-run by tyranny and chaos. We provide valuable intelligence information, cutting edge research, a model for battling radical Islam, and a whole lot more.

Credit: FreeRepublic


I would say that at present there are two main sources to the tension.

The first has to do with an announcement from the government on Monday that development will be advanced for over 1,000 new apartments in two solidly Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem past the Green Line. There will be 660 new housing units in Ramat Shlomo and 400 in Har Homa.

Shock!  Horrors! This destroys all chances for a “two-state solution,” right?  It must be the case, if we choose to believe the response of the US government. Jen Psaki, State Department spokeswoman, for example, delivered this statement:

“If Israel wants to live in a peaceful society, they need to take steps that will reduce tensions. Moving forward with this sort of action would be incompatible with the pursuit of peace.” (Emphasis added)

“This sort of action” means providing homes for Jews in Jewish neighborhoods that are never going to be relinquished.

Please note, there has been no parallel statement from the State Department or the White House regarding recent blatant incitement by Mahmoud Abbas regarding the need for Muslims to block “settlers” from going on the Temple Mount. This, you see, is perfectly compatible with the pursuit of peace.


It was a ludicrous state of affairs.  And Bibi Netanyahu was not backing down one iota. Speaking at the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, also on Monday, he said  (emphasis added):

“…in defending Israel, there is no replacement for the soldiers of the IDF. This is a simple fact and it is joined by another fact: Over the past 20 years, since the rise of radical Islam, any territory we vacated was seized by these forces who attack us from the territories we left. Therefore, when faced with radical Islamist forces that repeatedly knock on our door from all sides, when faced with Abu Mazen’s [Abbas’s] incitement and his cooperation with Hamas, there is no alternative to taking a strong stand in our demands…

“…A peace agreement is possible when the following formula is present – a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state. To that end, the Palestinians must recognize our basic need for a nation-state of our own. They need to accept mutual recognition and genuine security…

“…What I just said is not popular in several world capitals, but we must stand up for the truth because peace cannot be built on a foundation of lies and illusion. The truth is that the root of this conflict was and remains the refusal to recognize a Jewish state in any borders

“We are maintaining the status quo and allowing everyone access to the holy places, and we will continue to do so. There is broad consensus in the public that Israel has the full right to build in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and the settlement blocs…

The French build in Paris; the English build in London; the Israelis build in Jerusalem. To say to the Jews not to live in Jerusalem – Why? Because it will ignite the situation? For some people there is no convenient time to build houses for Jews in Jerusalem or in other part of our country, and if it were up to them we would not have built a single house over the past 65 years because it was never the right time.

”Let me tell you something: In the eyes of certain parties in the area, our existence is what is igniting the situation. So do we stop existing? For thousands of years, the Jews have been praying ‘Next year in Jerusalem.’ And you are telling us not to build? Not now? If not now, then when? And the answer will be ‘never.’ Well, we are building as we have built from the very establishment of the state and even before then – as we built Har Homa, as we build today, and we are building today as governments of Israel have built before and there should be broad consensus about this.

There is one misconception that must be uprooted: Violence is not the result of building in Jerusalem. The cruel terror that struck at a three-month-old baby for whom her parents had waited for so long, a baby in her stroller on the way back from the Western Wall with her parents who wanted to pray and thank God that she was born – this terror is not the result of building in this or that section of Jerusalem. It is the result of our enemy’s desire that we not be here at all – nowhere, in no part of Jerusalem and not in Tel Aviv either, not in Haifa, not in Beer Sheba, nowhere.

For this reason, since the birth of Zionism, building has been the natural and decisive answer to those who plot against our existence and want to uproot us from our land. They seek death while we build lives here. There must be a desire for peace on the Palestinian side as well. Unfortunately, at this time I do not see this desire and I also do not see any pressure on the Palestinian side. On the contrary. I only see pressure on Israel to make more and more concessions without receiving anything in return and without any assurances. Let me be clear: No pressure from without or from within will do any good…”



I will resist the impulse to quibble.  I will not focus on the fact that I wish he would stop talking about a Palestinian state – for says he knows it’s not possible now.  And I will not belabor my fervent desire for him to speak about our rights in the land, and not just about our security. Hopefully the time for this will come.

What I will do is say BRAVO!  Because he didn’t back down and told it true.

And you are telling us not to build? Not now? If not now, then when? And the answer will be ‘never.’…I only see pressure on Israel to make more and more concessions without receiving anything in return and without any assurances. Let me be clear: No pressure from without or from within will do any good…”

Our prime minister’s strong answer to Obama.


Then there is another issue of dissension between Netanyahu and Obama: Iran.

Netanyahu has been making his position very clear:

Beating ISIS and leaving Iran as a threshold state is winning the battle and losing the war. I hope that the international community will not make a historic mistake by easing the sanctions imposed on Iran and leaving it with the ability to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb in a short period of time.”

But this is exactly the approach that Obama is taking.   He seems determined to strike a deal with Iran, even at great risk to the world because he would leave Iran as a threshold nuclear state.  Netanyahu is the most prominent, if not the sole, voice casting aspersions on the coming deal.


See this, from Israel Hayom today (emphasis added):

The U.S. and Iran have ‘moved into an effective state of detente over the past year,’ The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

“The report, citing senior U.S. and Arab officials, said: ‘Recent months have ushered in a change as the two countries have grown into alignment on a spectrum of causes, chief among them promoting peaceful political transitions in Baghdad and Kabul and pursuing military operations against Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.’

“The report noted that the change ‘could drastically alter the balance of power in the region, and risks alienating key U.S. allies,’ such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Israel.

“According to the report, the Obama administration has also ‘markedly softened its confrontational stance toward Iran’s most important non-state allies’ — the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups…”


This, my friends, is the stuff of nightmares and trumps all other concerns.

Netanyahu has spoken out forcefully on this issue. It remains to be seen whether he will take the appropriate action (presumably after the US and Iran are done dealing).


Now, with the publication of an article in the Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg – who frequently presents positions of the Obama administration – matters have fallen to a new low, unexpected even in terms of what has transpired until now.

According to the Goldberg article, the Obama administration has a “red-hot anger” at Netanyahu for his construction policies in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem. The administration believes these policies “fatally undermined Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace process.”


If true, this is astonishing in what it reveals  about the failure of the Obama administration to grasp what is going on here.

Goldberg cites a “senior US official,” who said, “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit.”


Officials here in Israel are now demanding an apology.


Said Minister Naftali Bennett (emphasis added):

“Israel is stronger than all of its defamers. The prime minister of Israel is not a private person. He is the leader of the Jewish state and the entire Jewish people. Cursing the prime minister and calling him names is an insult not just to him but to the millions of Israeli citizens and Jews across the globe.

“The leader of Syria who slaughtered 150,000 people was not awarded the name ‘chickenshit.’ Neither was the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals or the leader of Iran who murders freedom protesters.

“If what appears in the press is true, then it seems that the current U.S. administration is throwing Israel under the bus.

Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East and has been fighting 66 years to survive. Israel is at the forefront of the free world’s fight against the Islamic terror of ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. Instead of attacking Israel and putting it at risk, the world should be strengthening and supporting it.”


Netanyahu’s response: “I am attacked just because I defend the State of Israel…”  From  his office came the statement: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will continue to stand for the security interests of the citizens of Israel and the historic rights of the Jewish people in Jerusalem, and no pressure will change that.”

I end for today with this observation from a highly reliable source: A close contact of mine was present at a meeting with the prime minister today, and shared with me his surprise at how cool the prime minster’s demeanor was, how devoid of inner tensions, in the face of the Goldberg article.  It is as if, concluded this source, Netanyahu has now made his peace with the reality of who Obama is, and is prepared to respond accordingly.

Time will tell.  Midterm elections will be held next week, and we can only expect worse from the president thereafter.


You might like to contact Prime Minister Netanyahu with words of support. Please! no long messages and no preaching or history lessons.  Tell him simply that you support his strong stance and are with him.

E-mail: [email protected] and also [email protected] (underscore after pm) use both addresses


Hezbollah Expanding Its Network in Latin America — Terrorist Captured with Explosives in Peru

By: Brent Parrish
The Right Planet

Back in 2011, Patrick Meehan, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and chairman of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, warned that the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah was expanding its influence in South America, stating Hezbollah “has a vast network in the region.”

In 2012, former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, stated Hezbollah had a base in Latin America. On November 22nd, 2011, at a Republican debate in Washington, Romney warned:

“We have, right now, Hezbollah, which is working throughout Latin America, in Venezuela, in Mexico, throughout Latin America, which poses a very significant and imminent threat to the United States of America.”

At the time, the “fact-checking” website PolitiFact.com was quick to downplay the threat posed by terrorist groups like Hezbollah operating in Latin America, claiming Romney’s allegations were “mostly false.”

In 2012, Glenn Greenwald posted at the lefty rag Salon:

“For quite some time, right-wing dogma has warned that Iranian Terror is taking hold and expanding in Central and South America thanks to improving relations between Iran and several Latin American governments, as well as due to growing Hezbollah cells. In fact, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum all warned of these menaces at various points during the GOP debate, prompting a rating of ‘Mostly False’ from PolitiFact after a detailed analysis of those claims. Like so much inane right-wing dogma, this has now been formally embraced by top-level Obama officials.”

The 2011, the PoliFact article also cited so-called terrorism experts from the Brookings Institute who insinuated the growing threat of Islamic terrorism in Latin America is overblown:

Vanda Felbab-Brown of the Brookings Institution, who testified in 2009 for the House subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs on illicit economies, organized crime, and their impact on U.S. and global security, said, “Allegations of al-Qaida, Hamas, and Hezbollah contacts with the FARC or these groups’ penetration of the Latin American drug trade have not proven robust.”

Another Brookings scholar, senior fellow on foreign policy Kevin Casas-Zamora, told PolitiFact, “Hezbollah roaming free in Latin America — that’s a gross exaggeration.”

Interestingly, the Brookings Institute has accepted large donations from the gulf state of Qatar, whose involvement in financing Islamic terrorists has increasingly faced greater scrutiny.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported:

A September New York Times exposé revealed Qatar’s status as the single largest foreign donor to the Brookings Institution. Qatar gave Brookings $14.8 million in 2013, $100,000 in 2012 and $2.9 million in 2011. In 2002, Qatar started subsidizing the Brookings outreach program to the Muslim World which has continues today. Between 2002 and 2010, Brookings never disclosed the annual amount of funds provided by the Government of Qatar.

The area related to the Lebanese terrorist network Romney and others were referring to is located in the tri-border region between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, where a significant Arab community exists.

According to the South American website InfoBAE.com, Hezbollah has been expanding its influence in the region. On Monday, Peruvian police arrested a man, Muamad Amadar, who is allegedly connected with Hezbollah:

In recent years, the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah expanded its network in Latin America. On Monday, a member of the extremist organization [Hezbollah] was arrested in Surquillo district of Lima, capital of Peru, after handling explosives in the house where he was staying.

Following the raid at the house where Amadar was staying, Peruvian police discovered the remains of detonators, TNT and gunpowder in the trash.

Muamad Amadar is married to an “American nationalized Peruvian.”

Peruvian authorities are attempting to confirm their identity and nationality, and the reason for their presence in the country—in addition to investigating any possible illegal activity the couple might have been engaged in during their stay in Peru.

The arrest of Muamad Amadar was ordered by Peru’s Third National Criminal Court for Organized Crime, according to the local newspaper La Republica.

According to InfoBAE.com, Iran is one of the major financiers of terrorist groups operating in South America.

On July 18th, 1994, a terrorist crashed a van carrying 400 kilos of explosives into the Mutual Israeli Argentina Association (AMIA) building in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The attack left 85 dead and over 300 injured. The van was driven by Mohsen Ibrahim Hussein Berro, whose family still lives in the Bekaa Valley—the heart of Hezbollah.

On October 25, 2006, a team of Argentinian prosecutors led by Alberto Nisman formally accused Iran of having conceived and organized the AMIA attack in Buenos Aries.

Iranian President Hasan Rohani threw himself into the controversy, defending Hezbollah, despite overwhelming evidence the Shiite terrorist group executed the AMIA bombing. Rohani wrote on his Twitter account that he “does not understand” why the Argentinians would implicate the Lebanese terrorist militia in the AMIA attack.

“I’m surprised you call [Hezbollah] terrorists, when they are voted in by the Lebanese people. They are part of the government,” Rohani wrote on his twitter account.

While the American left bends over backwards and goes out of their way to minimize and downplay the terrorist threat in Latin America, there is increasing concern in the region, and in the U.S., about the presence of Islamic terrorists and the growing relationship between Venezuela and Iran.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is pursuing a friendlier relationship with the Iranian regime, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration also has markedly softened its confrontational stance toward Iran’s most important nonstate allies, the Palestinian militant group Hamas and the Lebanese militant and political organization, Hezbollah. American diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, negotiated with Hamas leaders through Turkish and Qatari intermediaries during cease-fire talks in July that were aimed at ending the Palestinian group’s rocket attacks on Israel, according to senior U.S. officials.

Only in Obama’s America does a senior Obama official refer to the leader of Israel as “chickenshit,” while the administration simultaneously pursues “best buds” status with Iran.

h/t: George C.



Qatar Awareness Campaign – Michael Bloomberg @StopQatarNow


Michael Bloomberg
Bloomberg L.P.
731 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Bloomberg:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of the State of Qatar, whose government you and your philanthropies are connected to and work with. Qatar is a state sponsor of terror, providing funds to Fatah and Hamas, and the host country of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The crisis with Israel is a direct result of Qatar’s/the Muslim Brotherhood’s relationship with the Obama administration and, in general, Washington D.C. Just yesterday, it was reported that a senior Obama official called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickenshit.” In August, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry attempted to force Israel to accept Qatari-negotiated “peace” terms with Hamas. What loaded dice.

You and Bloomberg Philanthropies have donated millions to Qatar-connected education and financial endeavors. These include Common Core, Connect All Schools, banking interests in Qatar and other Islamic countries that actively finance global terror, think tanks and social referendums having to do with anti-smoking, as well as global warming initiatives that adhere to Qatar’s own stated development goals.

The 3rd annual Bloomberg Doha Conference, to be held this year, will expressly go into the ties between the Bloomberg empire of press and financial companies and Qatar. The conference will cover topics such as: setting the agenda; the global perspective; regional landscape; transition of power; the new Qatari leadership; a conversation with Sir Michael Hintze; Islamic finance; real estate; Saudi energy markets and geopolitics; Iran, Syria and regional political stability; asset allocation; where are the opportunities in the region; traditional versus alternative, wealth preservation for the new generation; World Cup spending and development; regulation and the role this plays for managers looking at the region; investment destinations outside the Middle East and following the money.

All of this indicates a strong, intrinsic financial and strategic relationship between Bloomberg LP and Qatar. All this can be used as leverage against Qatar, which is right now threatening Israel vis-à-vis Washington D.C., Hamas and Fatah.

In light of these connections that entwine the Bloomberg enterprises with the terrorist state of Qatar, we urge you to read the information below. Qatar is involved in Taliban narcotics trafficking through a relationship with the Pakistani National Logistics Cell and profits from operating a virtual slave state.

So the public has a fuller context of Qatar’s role in supporting and financing terrorist activities worldwide and their connection to Bloomberg:

  • Bloomberg has partnered with Qatar on Common Core and the Connect All Schools Project. This project is bringing Arabic as a primary language into New York’s schools. Teaching the Arabic language is based on the grammar in the Quran. Therefore, by default, Islamic education is being forced on grade school children in the United States. Over 100 schools across the country are now implementing this curriculum, which is financed and promoted by Qatar.
  • The Ground Zero Mosque – now Park51 – was promoted by you (as mayor) and Qatar as well as individuals with radical Islamist ties and terrorism links. Out of a sense of political correctness and the desire to not offend Muslims, this mosque was proposed 600 feet from where the Twin Towers stood on 9/11/2001. As mayor, you banned clergy and first responders from 9/11 ceremonies. The names of those lost that fateful day were also requested by you not to be read, so it would not upset the Islamic community.
  • During your tenure as Mayor of New York City, Sharia law has been implemented in various forms throughout the city: such as, allowing exceptions for prayer times regardless of job affiliation. The Call to Prayer rings out in Manhattan these days as well and the number of mosques in NYC has exploded over the last few years. Many of these mosques receive funds from Qatar.
  • Bloomberg and the Qatar Central Bank launched an Interbank Rate in 2012. Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and Bloomberg LP partnered to launch the first ever Qatar Interbank Offer Rate (QIBOR) fixings in a move aimed at encouraging a more active interbank market in Qatar. Interbank rate fixings are used around the world to provide a daily reference point for banks borrowing unsecured funds from other banks in the local wholesale banking market and this announcement brought Qatar into that market for the first time.
  • Bloomberg LP has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2011, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal announced plans to partner with the Bloomberg news service to establish a new Arabic language news channel. Prince Talal’s donations to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), both part of the US Muslim Brotherhood, as well as his support of the Georgetown University Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CCMU), run by long-time Muslim Brotherhood supporter Dr. John Esposito, are well documented. In 2008, an Arab business publication reported that Prince Talal had also made numerous financial contributions to a pan-Islamic interfaith dialog organization that is closely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood and which has an anti-Semitic statement posted on its website. In March of 2008, the Kingdom Foundation established by Prince Talal was one of the sponsors of a conference held by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP), a new international Islamic philanthropic organization with strong Muslim Brotherhood representation. To be clear, to partner with Talal is to partner with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The banning of smoking indoors fits Islamic Sharia law, as the use of tobacco is haram (i.e., forbidden). For instance, the Nigerian Islamist group – Boko Haram, established by a Qatari proxy who now resides in Doha – recently executed two people for smoking. A Bloomberg anti-tobacco initiative partnered with the Turkish AKP, an Islamist party hostile to Israel and secular Turks, to seriously curtail smoking in that country, just as you did in New York City.

The QAC Coalition and petitioners ask that you consider the attached sourced report on Qatar’s activities. The links cited are vetted and credible sources. We hope you take the time to verify the truth of the statements for yourself.

After doing so, the Coalition of the Qatar Awareness Campaign calls on you to exert due influence on the Qatar for the security of Israel in these extremely perilous times!


Lt. Col. Allen B. West (US Army, Ret)

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Center for Security Policy

Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

Walid Shoebat

Charles Ortel
Washington Times

Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret)
Chairman, Stand Up America

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal **

& the entire Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition.

Qatar Research Report: http://www.stopqatarnow.com/p/research-report.html
Sign the Petition! Visit www.stopqatarnow.com
Facebook: Stop Qatar Now
Twitter: @stopqatarnow

** Select signatures as of 9/27. The Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition is comprised of more than 25 journalists, national security experts, publishers, and independent researchers. To view all Coalition participants, please visit the Campaign’s website.


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