Electronic Election Fraud Apparent in Brazil; Done in America Today?

Gulag Bound

Allegations abound and evidence mounts, of highly sophisticated and pervasive election fraud in Brazil’s re-election of their neo-Marxist president on October 26th. (Ms. Dilma Rousseff may be thought of as Barack Obama with more latitude.)

Will any of America’s general elections today suffer from the same kind of electronic fraud? Or in 2016? Or until electronic voting is eliminated and physical ballots are mandated, with voter ID, strictly overt procedures, audit trail, archival, and end-to-end oversight of vote tallying, nationwide? See what to look for in state of the art election fraud, not that what is related is visible. – AW
By “Marcos”


Dilma Rousseff at 2014 World Cup futbol games

Dilma Rousseff at 2014 World Cup futbol games

It would be a sure bet to think that a presidential candidate who bankrupted a country, brought growth to a standstill and inflation back to 6,5% would be summarily defeated in the coming elections. That was the situation of the Marxist President of Brazil, the former terrorist Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party, the woman booed by 60,000 fans in the last World Cup games.

Add to that sad situation a scandal that broke just a week ahead of the voting. The financial associate of her party, Alberto Youseff, a frontman responsible for sending money to offshore secret accounts and for paying bribes in the name of the party, revealed to the police that Dilma’s Party was ransacking Petrobras, the largest Brazilian company (half owned and totally controlled by the government) in the amount of 3% of every purchase made. Part of the money would go to funding campaigns, some to the pockets of Party members and the rest to bribe Congressmen from other parties in order to vote for whatever Dilma wanted, at the price of US$ 60K a month each. The whole scheme amounted to US$ 10 Billion, and almost broke the company.

A pathetic performance on television debates and a good looking and popular opponent didn’t help either. Some voting polls showed her losing the mandate by 9,2% of votes. 1

However, she won. How can that be? The leader of the Party, former president Lula, said they would do “the devil’s work” in order to win. The answer is worrisome and may be the greatest example of a perfect crime.


This carefully orchestrated coup to the Brazilian democracy was probably done in steps:


Brazillian Workers’ Party logo, classic communist symbolism

1) Dias Toffoli, a mediocre and obscure lawyer whose only claim to fame was to have been in service for the Workers’ Party, is appointed to the Supreme Court and in May 2014 is taken to the presidency of the Supreme Voting Court, which coordinates and judges all matters regarding the elections.2 Yes, a former party lawyer is the chief of the elections.

2) The Smartmatic company is chosen in order to take care of all electronic systems and voting machines in the country.3 Smartmatic started as a small software company in Venezuela, and received funds from the dictator Chavez. It is, as we shall see, accused of participation in fraud.

3) In the evening of the elections, October 26, the whole country waits in expectation. Most of the country finishes voting at 5:00 PM, but voting continues in the state of Acre until 8:00 PM. Therefore, a decision is made for the first time in recent history not to release partial results, but only the final numbers. The easy solution of advancing the election in one hour in Acre was not considered. It was like the US had to wait for Hawaii to vote to know what was happening.

4) The main election poll company, Ibope, which receives millions in contracts with the government and is known to favor the Party in every poll they make, decides not to conduct out-of-the-booth polls.

Rumors in the internet tell of a intranet structure that was developed to intercept voting subtotals before they reached the terminals of the analysts. An anonymous insider claims that Dilma was losing by much, until right at the end, when the numbers were adjusted. We’ll never know what really happened because the addition of the subtotals will be shown to be legit.


Motto for the Jimmy Carter recommended transnational corporation: “We’re not an elections company. We’re the elections company.”


The Smartmatic company did not even work with voting systems when it was chosen by Dictator Chavez of Venezuela in 2004 to take care of the referendum that kept him in power forever (or until his death by cancer). Chavez then paid the company US$ 120 MM, and subsequently, they were able to acquire in 2005 the American firm Sequoia Voting Systems, which had contracts in 17 US states. 4

Venezuelan General Julio Peñaloza has accused Cuba and Smartmatic of participating in fraud in all subsequent elections in his country.5 According to him, Cuba’s G2 secret service carries since 1999 a plan named PROCER (Revolutionary Voting Control Plan), in order to control the elections in the countries dominated by the Marxist organization Forum of Sao Paulo, which aims to impose a South American Marxist Union in the region.

The idea is to intercept voting subtotals transmissions from districts before they reach the central, so they can change results. An engineer who worked in the elections called Christopher Bello Ruiz fled to America and confirmed the story, he says. That’s why Henrique Capriles, a wildly popular candidate, was beaten by a mediocre agent of Fidel Castro trained in Cuba, Nicolas Maduro, by a narrow margin of 1,4% votes in April 2013.


Dominion Voting Imagecast Evolution terminal

Dominion Voting Imagecast Evolution terminal

In 2006, American politicians started to investigate the whole deal but the threat to American democracy, albeit extremely important, has fallen into obscurity.6 In 2007, Smartmatic sold its interest in Sequoia [Ed.: which is now owned by Dominion Voting Systems, “What is in a name?”] but the whole ensuing story, full of offshore companies and complicated transactions, is so convoluted (perhaps on purpose) that only full time specialized researchers can dig into the mess.7 It is understandable that, if there is any intention of voting manipulation, the scheme would use now a different and complex system of companies in order to make ownership and control.

The lesson that Brazil and Venezuela leave to America, on the verge of its Congressional elections, is that no electronic voting is secure. As Julio Cesar used to say, Cesar’s wife must not only be above suspicion, she must look above suspicion. What to say of a voting system? Unfortunately, in this perspective, the elections in Brazil, rigged or not, look like an adulterous prostitute.


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