Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Stopping President Obama’s Illegal Amnesty on the Kelly File

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On November 20, 2011 Mexico celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of its Revolution. On this date, in the year 1910 the revolutionary war to overthrow the dictator Porfirio Díaz, began.


AFL-CIO forwards e-mail about Obama immigration plans to reporters by mistake

Schlafly: Obama could launch another Civil War

Sen. Coburn Fears ‘Anarchy’ & ‘Violence’ After Obama Exec Amnesty

Sheriffs against amnesty to march on Washington

Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Really Will Be Unprecedented – and Unconstitutional

That’s an Order: Obama Announces Action on Immigration…

Obama destroys America

Playing with constitutional fire

Mark Levin: Democrats are legalizing illegals not to help America, but to help themselves and their own damn party

NEWT: This is the most dangerous thing I’ve seen an American president do since Buchanan failed to defend Constitution

Family Fight: White House Whines About Networks Skipping Immigration Speech

HOW CONVENIENT: Obama to Grant Amnesty on Mexican Revolution Day

Coincidence? Obama to Announce Executive Amnesty on National Revolution Day in Mexico

Obama Doesn’t Bother to Solicit English-Speaking Networks for Coverage

Caught on Camera: Obama Called Exec Immigration Action Illegal… 25 Times!

Cruz: ‘Presidential Temper Tantrum Is Not a Rational Response’

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