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Please tune in: Global Freedom Radio TODAY, Saturday, 11/29 at 4 PM PST.


Magnified View Radio will interview CP-USA Chairman, H.M. Hervey on Saturday, 11/29/14 at 4 PM PST. This exclusive interview will explore how the Conservative Party was founded, why it’s needed to rectify the failures of the major two parties and its’ plans for 2015

The Magnified View and sister radio program Voices of Global Freedom are proud and privileged to join forces with the Conservative Party USA.

“The Conservative Party USA’s principles, standards and values to stop America’s graveyard spiral, precisely parallels our mission,” Janorama, Editor-In Chief of the Magnified View, told Fox News’ Susan Wilson, yesterday. “Our partnership will exceed the sum of our separate efforts to inform our citizens of what they can do to protect their freedoms.”

“We have interrupted our scheduled VIP guest lineup to bring you this important information in a timely fashion,” said Roy (“Backpack”) Baron, Founding host of this popular patriotic program. “This intelligence will not be found anywhere on the lame stream media.”

Please tune in: Global Freedom Radio on Saturday, 11/29 at 4 PM PST.

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P.S. President William Palumbo of coalition of American patriots will update his weekly news bulletin segment

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