The Worst Cop

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Video Shows Dozens Of Cops And Firefighters Saluting Bodies Of Murdered Cops

Sharpton Whines About Threats After Stirring Racial Pot For The Last 50yrs

Obama Finally Releases Statement 22 Hours After NYC Police Officers Are Murdered – Golfs Instead

Florida police officer fatally shot was NYPD veteran

‘Economic justice’ group justifies execution of NYC cops

Student Leader Resigns After Stating She Has ‘No Sympathy’ for Murdered Cops

NAACP: Don’t Blame Dems for NYPD Police Shootings

‘Really remarkable’: Charles Rangel schooled after insisting ‘dead cops’ chants never happened

Greg Gutfeld’s conversation with NYPD officers reveals ‘demoralized’ department

New York City slides toward chaos after police officers assassinated

NY Police Officers’ Fierce Reactions to Shooting Reveal Exactly Who They Feel Is to Blame

Don’t Worry About The Two Dead Cops’ Families, Al Sharpton Says HE Is The Victim

NYPD Officers Warned Not To Arrest Anyone “Unless Absolutely Necessary”

Time: Right-Wing Militias Are The Real Threat To Cops

‘NYC COP KILLER WAS A MUSLIM JIHADIST’: Shoebat, ‘Be Prepared For More Violence’

RUDY RULES: Giuliani Blisters Race-Whores Who Set the Stage for Police Shooting

Blood on liberals’ hands

Giuliani rips de Blasio : This ‘would never, EVER have happened while I was mayor of NYC!’

Will Obama’s New Police Strategy Lead To A Nationalized Police Force?

Police supporters storm New York City in ‘I CAN breathe’ shirts; clash with protesters

How New York Football Greats Salute Fallen NYPD Officers

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