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Palin: ‘Good God, Mr. President’

‘It doesn’t matter what you’re willing to WALK for, but what you’re willing TO FIGHT FOR’ – Col. Peters

As y’ll know, I don’t have a problem calling out CAIR.

You MuhamMAD, bro?

Multicultural Suicide

Emerson with Judge Pirro: No-Go Islamic Zones and Western Self-Denial

NY Daily News To Obama Regime On Missing #Paris March: “You Let The World Down!”

Our flag was not there: Obama and America shamefully skip Paris march against terror

State Dept. Spox lashes out at reporters over questions about France march

Ed Henry GRILLS White House on why Netanyahu could go to ‘Unity March’ but Obama couldn’t

Why didn’t President Obama unite with other world leaders in France?

Walid Phares: Obama didn’t go to France because the rally was AGAINST radical Islam

No Longer the Leader of the Free World

DRAWING DEFIANCE: Charlie Hebdo’s next issue WILL mock the Prophet Mohammed again

White House Faces Backlash for Absence at Anti-Terrorism Rally

Thousands March In Washington, Millions In France To Support Charlie Hebdo Victims; U.S. Officials Absent

Barry Shaw: “Kristallnacht for French Jews”

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands FOX News fire its ‘Islamophobic’ commentators

“Should the U.S. rethink its policies on immigration from Muslim nations?”

Pope Denounces Jihad as ‘Deviant Forms of Religion’

‘ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs’: @CENTCOM apparently hacked during Obama cybersecurity speech

‘Too damn late’: John Kerry announces Paris visit to ‘pay respects to French people’

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran says: “Stop appeasing Muslims and exterminate this scum that is plaguing the planet”

Oliver North on Why Obama was not at the Paris March: “Because it was Only for World LEADERS” – Video 1/11/15

“We don’t want Muslims in Germany,” say tens of thousands of anti-Islamization protestors in tonight’s weekly PEGIDA rally in Dresden

Erdogan attacks Netanyahu: How does head of terror state dare attend Paris march?

Minnesota Muslim: ‘Be Assured We (Muslims) Believe in Freedom of Beheading’

Obama and the vacuum of power

France Declares War on Radical Islam, Eric Holder Refuses

‘We are Charlie’: Across France, nearly 4 million march to honor victims of terrorist attacks

Is the Obama White House Crazy or Cowardly?

WHUP ASS: Watch Trump Destroy Obama For Snubbing Paris Anti-Terror March

French Prime Minister: If Jews Flee, the Republic Will Be a Failure

Stop Pretending Terrorism Has Nothing To Do With Islam

Stop Lying: Media Are Censoring Charlie Hebdo Out Of Fear Of Islam

Watch VIDEO: French Muslim Children Cheer/Mock Gun-Firing Gestures/Thumbs up Outside Kosher Supermarket During Jihad Siege

Record ‘anti-Islamisation’ march expected in Germany in wake of Paris attacks

John Bolton: U.S. ground forces to stop ISIS ‘inevitable’

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