2 thoughts on “RUSH: THE BIG LIE! Unemployment Is At 12%

  1. How did you arrive at the number of 30% unemployed?
    I know 5.6 is a lie. 12 per cent is to low also.
    I figure it is around 25 per cent almost the same as the Great Depression.
    Course we don’t know how the gooberment came to that figure either back then.

  2. My guess is between 20 to 25%. Few believe anything our government says, both political parties have lied to voters and it appears a good percentage of Americans don’t care. When the checks are no longer mailed and government has caused an economic crash we are going to see times that will make the Great Depression rather mild. When the USA crashes we take the world with us, this will be worse than the fall of Rome. Enjoy what’s left of our once great nation, it’s almost over.

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