How Frank Marshall Davis Transformed America

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

When Rudolph Giuliani mentioned that President Barack Obama, as a young man, was under the influence of Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, Giuliani struck a nerve. In contrast to his claim that Obama didn’t love America, his remarks about the Davis-Obama relationship were not opinion, but fact. That is why a Washington Post fact-checker has been assigned to investigate Giuliani’s claim. We shall see whether the Post, at this late date, covers a story that could have been Pulitzer Prize-winning material more than seven years ago.

As the former New York City mayor noted, Obama’s grandfather turned him over to Davis for mentoring. His black father had taken off and his mother was mostly spending her time elsewhere. But the question remains: what kind of influence are we talking about? Paul Kengor’s book, The Communist: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, explains Davis’s influence on Obama’s economic views. Rusty Weiss and I quoted Kengor in a piece we did on how Davis’s anti-white racism also influenced Obama.

Less well-known is how Obama adopted Davis’s outlook on sexual matters.

Davis, who died in 1987, was a heavy drinker and marijuana user who wrote a pornographic novel, Sex Rebel, disclosing that he had sex with children, including a 13-year-old girl.

The Davis view, according to his friend, Kathryn Waddell Takara, incorporated a “world of sexual pleasures, multiple partners, and erotica.” Takara writes about the Davis obsession with bizarre sexual practices and pornography in her book, Frank Marshall Davis: The Fire and the Phoenix.

Davis mentored Obama for as many as eight years of his young life, before Obama left Hawaii to attend college. Obama, however, only referred to Davis as “Frank” in his book, Dreams from My Father. Obama refers to “Frank” giving him advice on subjects such as race relations, but not sex.

However, Takara confirms that Davis wrote a pornographic novel, Sex Rebel, which was “largely autobiographical,” and that he became “anti-Christian,” even writing a poem speaking of Christ irreverently as a “nigger.” An atheist, Davis “exposed the irony and hypocrisy of Christianity,” she said.

Davis was a pornographer himself and specialized in photographs of nude women. Some of these are still on display in the Frank Marshall Davis Collection at Washington University in St. Louis.  Takara writes about Davis having “an ample supply of African American women models” for his work. However, the FBI took note of his habits when agents found him taking photographs of the Hawaii coastline, apparently for espionage purposes. This development is mentioned in Davis’s 600-page FBI file. Davis was on the FBI’s “security index” and was considered a potential national security threat.

Much controversy over the years concerned a poem Obama wrote about “Pop.” Sympathetic Obama biographer David Maraniss noted its strange lines about stains and smells on shorts, and confirmed that the subject was Davis. Writer Jack Cashill says the poem has definite “sexual overtones.”

Whatever the ultimate truth about Obama’s own sexual proclivities and inappropriate personal relationship with Davis, it cannot be denied that the President’s “fundamental transformation” of America has also occurred in the sexual realm. And even the Pentagon has not gone unscathed.

Defense Department officials have said that hormone treatment for gender reassignment has been approved for Bradley/Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst convicted of espionage for sending classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Almost three years ago, in our May 14, 2012 column, “How Our ‘Gay President’ Learned About Sex,” we noted that the media’s love affair with Obama had been heightened by his embrace of same-sex marriage. Rather than resist, important figures in the media, including the conservative media, have embraced the Obama/Davis revolution.

As traditional conservatives prepare to “March for Marriage” on April 25, within days of the Supreme Court debating cases that will decide the legal status of marriage, the news broke this week that billionaire David Koch, who pours millions of dollars into conservative and libertarian groups, is backing a legal challenge to state laws that protect traditional marriage.

Jennifer Rubin, who writes the Right Turn blog for The Washington Post, has already embraced the Obama position and hopes that the Supreme Court will “put the issue to rest as a legal matter.”

Joining Rubin in the surrender to the Obama/Davis cultural transformation of America is Ana Navarro, a CNN political commentator who says she is joining the brief before the court. Navarro was the National Hispanic Co-Chair for Senator John McCain’s Presidential Campaign in 2008.

Other signatories from the media world on the pro-homosexual brief include:

  • David Frum, a senior editor at The Atlantic
  • Richard Grenell, an openly homosexual Fox News contributor
  • Alex Castellanos, a Republican media advisor and CNN contributor
  • Margaret Hoover, a self-described gay rights activist and CNN contributor
  • Nicolle Wallace, the so-called “conservative” on ABC’s “The View”

he National Organization for Marriage disagrees, saying, “One thing the U.S. Supreme Court won’t be able to do is redefine marriage, because marriage was created by God himself as the union of one man and one woman, and no judge or politician has the power to change it.”

Concerned Women for America continues to affirm that “marriage consists of one man and one woman,” and that “We seek to protect and support the Biblical design of marriage and the gift of children.” The group objects to the “disrespect for family and for the unique contribution of fathers and mothers,” and the “attempt to eliminate natural distinctions between men and women.”

Conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly, the founder of Eagle Forum, told a Huffington Post writer during the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that the battle for the traditional family will continue. She said, “I’m extremely disappointed that the Republican Party, the conservative movement, even the Democratic Party and the churches, have been saying, ‘Well soon the court will decide, and that will be it.’ But a lot of people thought that about Roe v. Wade, and we’ve seen the whole abortion issue turned around in the last ten years.”

Schlafly’s latest book, Who Killed the American Family?, laments how advocates of traditional marriage “retreated into ominous silence” after the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act in the 2013 case of United States v. Windsor.

One possible factor in a coming backlash to the homosexual rights movement was highlighted in a CPAC speech by Phil Robertson of the “Duck Dynasty” television show. Describing the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, which affect homosexual men more than any other group, he said, “You want a godly, biblical, medically safe option? One man, one woman—married for life.”

Robertson was presented at CPAC with the Second Annual Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award by Citizens United and the Breitbart News Network. Homosexual militants and their “progressive” allies tried to force his “Duck Dynasty” show off the air after Robertson made comments affirming traditional values and describing homosexuality as unnatural.

Citizens United President David Bossie said, “Having Phil Robertson and his family as a part of American culture has changed this nation for the better. Week after week, millions of Americans see a family living out their faith and their values boldly and without reservation. Despite the best attempts of the mainstream media and Hollywood liberals, the Robertson patriarch and his family are still on television and they are as popular as ever.”

Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the main sponsor of CPAC, said, “Robertson personifies the importance of holding tight to that which gives our lives meaning. For Phil Robertson, that includes his family, the Lord above, and of course creating havoc in the Louisiana countryside. We are honored to have him at this year’s CPAC.”

It appears that there is resistance to the Frank Marshall Davis “vision” of America. But how long will CPAC and the traditional conservatives be able to resist?

One fact is certain: the major cable channels, including Fox News and CNN, are dominated by “conservatives” who embrace the Obama/Davis sexual revolution.


Most Transparent Administration Ever Suffers Curious Epidemic of Disappearing Email Systems, Crashed Hard Drives and Lost Backup Tapes

Doug Ross @ Journal

Remember when Barack Obama promised his would be the “most open and transparent administration ever“?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Good times, good times.

Disappearing email systems:

A week before becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up a private e-mail system that gave her a high level of control over communications, including the ability to erase messages completely, according to security experts who have examined Internet records.

Crashed Hard Drives:

In one of the new[ly recovered] emails, Lerner apparently wrote, “No one will ever believe that both your hard drive and mine crashed within a week of each other.”

Lost Backup Tapes:

…hundreds of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s previously “lost” backup tapes have been recovered, which could result in the recovery of a new trove of her emails. IRS Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Thursday that it took investigators just two weeks to recover 424 backup tapes that were previously said to be unretrievable.

And more!

In a Monday ruling, Judge Royce C. Lamberth, senior judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, accused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of lying to the court and displaying “apathy and carelessness” in carrying out the law… Judge Lamberth described the “absurdity” of the way the EPA handled a Freedom of Information Act request from the Landmark Legal Foundation and then the court case stemming from it — including late last week admitting it lied to the court about how it went about searching for documents.

Oh, wait–there’s more!:

Freedom of Information Act requests have been routinely ignored-from the very start of Obama’s reign . An Associated Press report found the Obama administration has grown more secretive over time.

Gee whillikers, I forgot about this one:

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog offered Congress fresh evidence Tuesday that the Obama administration is failing to meet its promises of transparency, accusing department officials of interfering with his independent investigations into employee wrongdoing.

But it’s not a pattern!. Oh, wait. My bad. It is.

Given the number of IG and investigator vacancies, a suspicious person might think that the Obama administration was trying to hide waste and fraud in the various departments.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

That is, unless you’re a progressive, in which case, you’ll shriek the words, “But—Bush!” at the top of your lungs while spittle flies out of your mouth.


The Lesson in MSM’s Response to Rudy

By: Lloyd Marcus

Rudy Giuliani

A week or so ago, the MSM wanted Rudy Giuliani boiled in oil for daring to question Obama’s love for America. They were shocked and outraged. How dare Rudy be so rude to Obama. They ran to Republicans for comments, hoping they would throw Rudy under the bus. As I watched the MSM go nuts over Rudy’s “rudeness”, I thought, give me a break.

This man (Obama) just unlawfully took over the internet. http://bit.ly/1vFrUEx Obama refuses to acknowledge the radical Islamic Holy War and slaughter of Christians. ISIS publicly raped a three year old girl. Women are forced to divorce their husbands to be sold as sex slaves. http://bit.ly/1arUnEk

And how does Obama suggest is the best way to deal with these evil monsters? Job programs. http://bit.ly/1Dnxewn

His bait and switch lie to pass Obamacare has cost millions healthcare plans they liked. Cancer patients are in fear for their lives because Obamacare caused them to lose their doctors. http://bit.ly/1vEaKH9

Obama’s illegal open border policy is exposing our kids to deadly diseases brought to school by illegals. http://bit.ly/1AymzyQ

Under Obama more folks are going out of business than starting businesses (oppressive regulations, anti-business climate and taxes). http://bit.ly/1FZUbck

Obama ignored the rule of law for his executive action on immigration. In essence, he unilaterally granted amnesty to over 5 million illegals. http://nws.mx/1Gyvhhr And guess what folks, Obama’s illegals will be eligible for Earned Income Tax credit possibly receiving up to $24,000. http://tws.io/1vGqklB Illegals!!!

Determined to cram his will down our throats, King Obama has decreed back door gun control with bans on bullets. http://exm.nr/1zkYkiV

A prolific liar, Obama’s long list of lies to the American people makes him peerless among U.S. presidents. http://bit.ly/1JJOD8Q Shamefully, our president even won PolitiFact’s 2013 “Lie of the Year” award. http://yhoo.it/184Qof4

Clearly over the next two years, Obama intends to unilaterally ram through into law every item on the socialist/progressive dream list via executive order, or should I say King Obama decree. Almost daily Obama usurps more unlawful power, taking illegal actions yielding devastating consequences on our country and the lives of Americans.

And what has the MSM foaming-at-the-mouth mad? Rudy’s rudeness to Obama. Are you freaking kidding me?

Folks, if this does not tell you where the MSM is coming from, nothing will. Any Republican thinking they will receive fair and balanced coverage from the MSM is an idiot. All the MSM cares about is assisting in the furtherance of Obama’s agenda and protecting his presidency/legacy. Period.

So all you guys in the GOP pandering to the MSM, stop it. They are going to trash you no matter what you do. Focus on pleasing your extremely frustrated base who recently gave you the Senate in a landslide victory. There’s an old saying, “Dance with the one who brought you.”

Love of country and my faith in God strengthens and keeps me hopeful and determined to continue fighting the out-of-control tyrannical megalomaniac in the Oval Office. I will not lie to you folks, the lack of “real” push back from the GOP is extremely frustrating. Even with control of the House and Senate, the GOP never seems to have enough power to stop Obama’s hostile revolution. They continue to concede battles while promising to stop Obama next time.

Rudy’s speech in which he boldly and passionately chronicled all the crap Obama has dumped on the American people over the pass six years had patriots across America standing up and cheering. http://bit.ly/1LPiA32 Yes, I chanted, “Rudy!” “Rudy!” “Rudy!”

Finally, someone had the courage to say it out loud without fear of Obama’s MSM. Frankly, I am seeing signs of others in the GOP feeling emboldened following Rudy’s lead; boldly telling the truth about Obama.

As for the power of Obama’s MSM and army of thuggish operatives, Scott Walker’s success proves that they can be beaten. Walker took all of their best punches, defeating them in three highly contested elections. Consistently, Scott Walker ignored media and Obama operative attacks and focused on serving his constituents.

Not saying that Walker is my guy for 2016, but this is the kind of conservative leadership, backbone and commitment to governing according to the best interest of We the People, so desperately needed in Washington.

The MSM’s outrage over Rudy’s “rudeness” has further exposed who they truly are; not reporters. They have laid their journalistic integrity on the alter, offered up in worship; cult followers of Obama – his minions. GOP, seeking praise, fairness or approval from the MSM is a fool’s mission. Stop it and do right by your people.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


Our Weasel Of The Week!! – 03/05/15

The Watcher’s Council

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the statuette of shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week’s nominees were all truly slime-worthy and disgusting, but in the end the winner was… the envelope please…

Scofflaw Racist ‘Attorney Generalissimo’ Eric Holder!!

The Independent Sentinel: Eric Holder wants to make it easier to get the white guys in civil rights cases. He is very concerned that he couldn’t get a case together against Officer Wilson and George Zimmerman and has called for Congress to lower the standard of proof.

That’s pretty alarming. The government is going to go after people whether they are guilty or not?

“There is a better way in which we could have federal involvement in these kinds of matters to allow the federal government to be a better backstop in examining these cases [civil rights cases],” Holder said in an NBC News interview Thursday.

“We do need to change the law. I do think the standard is too high,” Holder said in the interview. “There needs to be a change with regard to the standard of proof.”

The Right Planet:: Despite the fact multiple investigations and a grand jury have failed to produce any evidence “racism” played any part in the shooting of Michael Brown by the Ferguson Police Department, AG Eric Holder and his race-obsessed DOJ are hellbent in turning the whole incident into a race crime, i.e. “hate crime” (yeah, huh, imagine that). Now Holder’s DOJ is planning to release a report condemning the Ferguson Police of funding their department with “racist traffic stops.”


Well, Eric Holder has released that report, and aside from his contention that blacks are disproportionally stopped by traffic officers, he managed to find…wait for it…7, count ‘em 7 e-mails that contain admittedly tasteless ethnic jokes. One police officer has already been fired and another suspended without pay for this and the DOJ report essentially gave the city of Ferguson a choice – comply with a number of demands including a quota of minority hires and DOJ monitoring, or face a DOJ lawsuit and a consent degree that would mandate the DOJ’s ‘requests.’

Now perhaps I’m missing something, but the traffic stops and the admittedly declasse’ humor didn’t kill anybody. On the other hand, the death toll from Eric Holder’s Fast And Furious gunrunning caper has already claimed at least 750 lives and counting. So who really ought to be disciplined?

Not to mention his protecting Islamist terrorists, colluding to suppress the active duty military vote, his constant racialist tirades and his being in contempt of congress! It’s quite a record.

So step up for your statuette, Mr. Holder, If nothing else, you’ve proven we really are cowards when it comes to race in America…especially when it comes to literally getting away with murder.

Well, there it is!

Check back next Tuesday to see who next week’s nominees for Weasel of the Week are!

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Arlene from Israel

Credit: Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave the speech of his life today.  His speech was not merely good, it was, as one commentator here put it, perfect.

His pacing and his delivery were masterful; he managed to take the high road and deliver a powerful message at the same time.

But let me back up just a moment: before he spoke a word, he entered the chamber to a packed house and received a standing ovation that was overwhelming. It brought me and many others to tears, I will say.  Wow!

So much for the talk of boycotting the speech. Every seat was taken, and during that opening ovation, which went on and on, members of Congress cheered him, and reached out to shake his hand.  As I said (lacking a better term): Wow!


I will include below both a full text of his talk and a full video. (If you haven’t seen the speech, I encourage you to watch – even though the video begins after that first standing ovation).

And so here I will simply touch upon his major points.

First, as to that high road.  He began by assuring everyone that he had no partisan intentions in coming to speak and said he understood that both Democrats and Republicans stand with Israel (which brought great applause). He thanked President Obama for all of the ways in which he has helped Israel: and he enumerated several ways.  Very gracious and non-confrontational.

Then too he refrained from revealing any secrets.  This was one of the major “concerns” voiced by Obama prior to the speech: we fear he will ruin negotiations by speaking of matters that should not be public.  Actually, what Bibi said was that the information he was sharing is available to anyone who Googles the Internet.  Took the wind right out of Obama’s sail, there.


Bibi said he had a profound obligation to speak about Israel’s future, and Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. He referred to the Book of Esther, and the upcoming holiday of Purim – which refers to an ancient threat to the Jewish people by Haman, in Persia.  Today, he said, another potentate in Persia (Iran is ancient Persia) is threatening to destroy the Jewish people.

Iran, however, is not just a threat to Israel, but to the entire world, which point is of considerable significance. He then proceeded to describe the nature of the regime in Iran, the zealots who seek to fulfill an ideological mission of jihad, exporting revolution around the world. In the Middle East, states are collapsing and Iran is rushing in. In addition, Iran is promoting terrorism worldwide. We must stop this march of conquest, subjugation and terror.

These are exceedingly important points: It’s not “just” about Iran nuclear, Iran is a problem and source of unrest in the world now.  What is more, in spite of the sweet words of Iranian leaders two years ago, there has been no moderation of Iran –it is as radical as ever.

Then Bibi delivered a warning: Do not make the mistake of imagining that in the battle between Iran and ISIS, Iran can become a friend. (Obama has promoted this ludicrous scenario.) Iran and ISIS are simply competing for the crown of the militant Islamic empire.


The greatest danger to the world is Iran with nuclear weapons.  And, said Bibi, it could happen if the deal currently on the table is signed.

There are two major concessions that are of greatest concern:

1) Iran will be permitted to retain a vast nuclear infrastructure, which will allow a short breakout time.  Not a single facility would be demolished, and thousands of centrifuges would keep spinning.  The breakout time might be a year, but might be much less.

2) Apparently restrictions are to expire in about ten years.  The Iranians have declared intention to have 190,000 centrifuges – which would permit a whole arsenal to be put together in a matter of weeks.

The deal, as structured, paves the way for Iran to get the bomb.

As to inspections, the major problem is that inspectors inspect, but do not stop anything from happening. In 2005,  2006, and 2010, Iran defied inspectors, sending them packing.

Iran can also play “hide and cheat.”  Just yesterday, the IAEA said Iran won’t come clean.  They could get to a bomb by violating the deal.

The question of development of ballistic missiles is not even on the table; in time they will reach the US.


Bibi does not believe Iran will change, but will actually become more aggressive with a deal.  They will be aggressive abroad and have prosperity at home.  A nuclear tinderbox will be created, as Iran’s neighbors rush to get the bomb too.


But there is another way to handle the situation:

Restrictions on Iran must be kept in place as long as it continues its aggression in the region, fosters terrorism around the world, and threatens to annihilate Israel.

It is argued that the clock cannot be rolled back, as Iran has the know-how. But know-how without infrastructure goes nowhere. Roll back Iran’s infrastructure.

And keep the pressure on. (That is, sanctions.)  If Iran threatens to walk, call their bluff.

This is a very bad deal. No deal is better.

It is not true that the only alternative to this deal is war, the alternative is a better deal.

This is a fateful crossroad in history: Do not sacrifice the future for the present.


NEVER AGAIN.  This, said Bibi, is the first time in 100 generations that the Jewish people are not powerless. We can defend ourselves.  Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand. (The implication here is clear, and welcome on several levels.)

However, he knows that America stands with Israel. (This met with great applause.)

The story of Israel, he said, is the story of the human spirit that refuses to succumb to the world’s horrors.


Bibi ended by citing Moses: “Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them…”  This is Deuteronomy (D’varim) 31:6.  The completion of that phrase is, “for the Lord your God goes with you” – unspoken in Congress today, but, I am certain, clearly understood by our prime minister.


This is the third time that Prime Minster Netanyahu has spoken before the Congress of the United States.  The only head of state to be similarly honored was Winston Churchill.  During the speech, there were some 24 standing ovations.


Here you can find both video highlights of the speech, and, if you scroll down a bit more, the entire speech:


And here you have the complete transcript:



There has been enormous critical praise for this speech, beginning from the moment it was over.  Except on the left, of course.  Obama is perhaps the biggest clown with his comments on the speech which he only read in transcript form, he said, and which he referred to as “theater.”  (“theater”? and he wasn’t watching?) There was “nothing new,” he said, “no viable alternative” was offered.”


Barack Obama

Credit: Reuters

What nonsense.  Bibi was quite clear: do not allow the infrastructure for enriching uranium to stand, and keep the sanctions on in order to apply maximum pressure as long as Iran continues to display hegemonic intentions, export terrorism, and threaten Israel. (Because the price of oil is down, sanctions will do even more damage, and bring Iran to its knees if applied stringently.) Do not ally with Iran, reducing sanctions in the mistaken belief that a US-Iranian partnership against ISIS is possible.

I am certain that the Senators and Congresspersons present understood this quite well.  It now remains to be seen how much they will take this to heart.  There is betting that they will.


Some Democrats are saying that this speech was just for political purposes, which is also nonsense.  Iran is a topic that has been of deep concern to Binyamin Netanyahu for many years.


Of course, there are mindless comments coming from the left here in Israel as well. Take Zahava Gal-On, head of Meretz, for example. She called the speech “chutzpah” because Bibi told the US how to handle the negotiations with Iran. Oh, better he should have kept quiet and just watched Iran move towards the bomb?  This is called grasping at straws in an election season.


In the end, it is still possible that negotiations will fall apart on their own.  Just today, Iran declared that the US demand for a ten-year freeze on certain nuclear activities was “unacceptable.”  They smell weakness, and push back against all restrictions.  Precisely how many backward steps will Obama take, especially now, with Congress watching ever so carefully?


I would like to call your attention to a piece by Khaled abu Toameh – “Arab Joint Force”: A Vote of No Confidence in the West.”

Egyptian President al-Sisi has proposed a joint Arab force to confront Iran and radical Islam, and has gone to Saudi Arabia to discuss it.  This indicates a lack of faith in the West, and abu Toameh suggests that it may be the start of a move towards the Arab states taking the lead in fighting the radicals.


When Bibi spoke today about Iranian aggression in the area, it was against these states that he was referring.  There is reason to believe these states would likely provide backup for us, should it be necessary.


Tomorrow night is Purim (Thursday night in Jerusalem, which was a walled city and celebrates Shushan Purim).  It is a joyous time, and I, for one, am eager for the celebrations.  Time with grandchildren, a family dinner (seuda) and more. I even have my costume.

There will not be another posting, I suspect, until after Shabbat.  I will pick up then on responses from Congress and other pertinent issues.

Now I wish all who are celebrating a Purim Sameach!