8 thoughts on ““SIR, I WILL NOT OBEY THAT ORDER.”

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  2. I would like to meet the major that you are talking about he is a soldiers soldier and I would fight under his command any day of the week. Our country is about to collapse and that is exactly what our president wants but our freedom will never be taken because we have good men that will fight to keep it.

  3. I see more talk about the country collapsing and the government preparing for riots and civil unrest.
    Some talk of fighting it out with the government and getting a CHANGE in who is running the country.
    I don’t see myself fighting our military, My hunting weapons could be used to only protect my family from anyone wishing us harm. I see our military being the protector of our country and upholding their oath. But lately i have seen much about people wondering if our military will defend civilians or rather obey orders that place them as enforcing the will of an oppressive government against civilians. I wonder if our government will keep crushing the constitution to the point where the military will need to step up and protect the country from tyranny.
    I see a government that is not representing the will of the people. More of an it’s them against us kind of a thing. Which leads me to wonder if it’s only a matter of time before the country falls/fails.

  4. We need to flush that turd, that is squatting in our White House…..

    Take our country back, right the wrongs, imprison the turd in a cell with his pet gorilla, moochelle, lock the door, and don’t open it for a couple of days…..

    When it is opened, he will only be a skeleton, with all the marrow sucked out of the bones…..

  5. All these men being driven out by the 100’s need to gather together, put it on the internet and spill their stories and NAME NAMES….I want to see a list of names and addresses of Officers who are issuing unlawful orders and have made the Obama pledge to fire on citizens.

  6. Guys – our Congressman and two Senators in D.C. need to know every one of their constituents by first name–meaning all Americans need to remind who their elected officials really work for–us, “We the People!” We need to demand they pass two bills in Congress now–the Fair Tax Act and Audit the Fed bill–really we just need to end the Fed and go back to printing money debt free ourselves per the Constitution.

    The problem is our elected officials only hear the corporations who constantly want laws to benefit them. Well, “We the People” want laws benefiting us too and we are not going to get them if we don’t “sound off.” So, encourage family and friends to contact your elected officials weekly about concerns! Make these elected officials earn that $175K/yr we are paying them!

  7. Sounds like GEN David Perkins and GEN Martin Dempsey .. .. compliant careerists who abandon their oaths.

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