Why We Must Unite Behind Ted Cruz

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Guest post from Shlomo from NJ

Open letter to conservative talk show hosts

Ted Cruz

I’m disappointed with conservative talk radio. I really can’t understand why our media giants, such as Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, are not actively pushing for Ted Cruz….

Conservative pundits have attributed the 2012 debacle, to the inability for conservatives to unite behind one strong conservative. YET WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN!?!

While we’re window shopping, the other team lost no time with scorn, and vilification; ignoring and misrepresenting anything Cruz.

Coalescing behind one guy, won’t happen by itself. Nor will the liberal leaning media help us in this regard. Conservative talk show hosts-the “editorial board writers for working people”, MUST LEAD THE WAY.

So, why Cruz? Answer: Those that go to Washington can’t be trusted, except Cruz.

It’s true, Marco Rubio might have a slight edge in speeches, and Scott Walker can point to more impressive successes. Still we MUST unite behind Ted Cruz….

Many feel that, on balance, Cruz’s skill-set outweighs his opponents, but that can be debated. What’s not debatable is that every single candidate, (except Cruz) that has already arrived in DC, has changed their tunes. The other opponents have simply not yet come to Washington.

The atmosphere in our nation’s capital, is antithetical to conservative values. It’s so toxic, even lifelong conservatives feel compelled to accommodate the special interests and big donors. All, at the expense of the voters that sent them there in the first place. Except Cruz.

Just last week, Jodi Ernst and Perdue, voted against conservative values. Why should anyone assume that a Scott Walker won’t drink the same kool-aid Rubio has been sipping the past couple of years.

If anyone thinks moving away from Cruz will slow media’s criticisms, think again. They’ll vilify anyone. They even turned harmless, squishy, Romney into the devil incarnate.

No, Ted Cruz is not 100% perfect. Nobody is. All criticisms are, however, anecdotal at best.

Ted must be mentioned every single day, and constantly contrasted to his counterparts in the Republican party.

If a drum-roll is keeping Hillary alive, imagine what constant positive focus will do to one of our best.

One thought on “Why We Must Unite Behind Ted Cruz

  1. People know little about him. Heck,I lean to the right and know little about him. I have seen some stuff that points to him being a Christian.I would guess in our Godless society this would be a negative for him.
    I would offer the advice that he needs to do some interviews and make his thinking and ideas better known.
    So far i like Rand Paul.

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