Carly Fiorina – Rising To The Challenge – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I admire Carly Fiorina and she is a good, conservative candidate for the White House. She is principled and has a spine, which I really relish. She has not stumbled yet and her popularity among conservative voters is growing stronger daily. She also regularly trout slaps the Hildebeast, which is beyond entertaining and refreshing. She also takes it right to Obama with no mercy.

Here’s a taste:

Yes, Mr. President, ISIS, indeed, wants to drive the whole world back the Middle Ages, but the rest of us moved on about 800 years ago, and while you seek moral equivalence, the world waits for moral clarity and American leadership.

And here comes the Hillary smack down:

Mrs. Clinton, name an accomplishment. And in the meantime, please explain why we should accept that the millions and millions of dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Global Initiative from foreign governments doesn’t represent a conflict of interest.

Fiorina has never viewed herself as a victim, but as a winner. Rising from the ranks of secretary to CEO, she is a formidable force to deal with. Her new book: Rising To The Challenge gives you an inside look at her rise in business, life and politics.

Carly tells the story of California’s unemployment and liberal policies that have devastated that state. Fiorina is for giving the states more power and stripping the federal leviathan of its grip on our throats. She wants to vastly reduce taxes and regulations as well. She is pro-capitalism, pro-business, pro-ingenuity, pro-technology and pro-entrepreneurship. If we are ever to have a woman as president, she would have to be the kind of woman Fiorina is.

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From Amazon.com:

“There are all kinds of reasons why people fail to fulfill their potential. Perhaps they lack opportunity, perhaps they lack support, perhaps they lack tools or training or education. But everyone has potential. This I know. Our Founders knew it too. They had the radical insight that the right to fulfill your potential— to use your God-given gifts—is a right that comes from God and cannot be taken away by government.”

Since the 2006 publication of her New York Times bestseller, Tough Choices, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has faced a new round of challenges. She ran for the Senate as a Republican in deep-blue California but was unable to unseat the entrenched incumbent. She battled breast cancer, wondering if she’d even survive. Worst of all, she suffered the devastating loss of a beloved daughter. Yet despite these setbacks and tragedies, she remains undaunted: “I’ve come to see lessons and blessings in these passages. I know now that life is not measured in time. Life is measured in love and positive contributions and moments of grace.”

Now, Fiorina shares the lessons she’s learned from both her difficulties and triumphs. Drawing on her experience as a pioneering business and nonprofit leader, a politically active citizen, and a parent, she diagnoses the largest problem facing our country today: untapped potential. Too often, American men and women are held back by systems that prevent them from working and flourishing. Too many people lose hope for themselves. Too many lack the opportunity to use their gifts and live lives of meaning, dignity, and purpose.

In 2014, Fiorina launched the Unlocking Potential Project, a new grassroots organization, to share a message with those who worry about America’s future: we have all the resources we need to prosper, but we don’t tap into them. By ignoring conservative principles—or failing to articulate those principles in ways that connect with regular people—politicians have failed their constituents, abandoning them to the crushing burden of our bloated government.

Fiorina believes that politics, like business, is primarily about people. With warmth and compassion, she provides a vision that reaches across the usual barriers of gender, race, income, and party affiliation to craft a message that appeals to a wide range of Americans: a message of hope. As she learned facing life’s challenges, “Hope is a curiously strong thing.” Her story—and her ideas—will restore hope to those discouraged about the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed Carly Fiorina’s book: Rising To The Challenge. I already liked her and her book makes me like her even more. She is an exceptional woman… a true leader who has guts and the courage to get things done. What’s not to like? Sure, she’s had her ups and downs like all of us, but she’s something Hillary will never be – real. Not only that, she is brilliant and has a lifetime of tangible achievements. Hillary Clinton is a pale imitation of this woman. Her book is uplifting and if you want to find out where Carly stands on the issues in the 2016 race and just what kind of woman she is, I highly recommend it to you. It’s also a great read. Purchase a copy here.