See Gary Kubiak’s Presentation with Audio Here…

WHEN: Monday, June 15, 2015 @ 7 pm
WHERE: The Palazzo Grande Banquet Hall
54660 Van Dyke (South of 25 Mile Road)
Shelby Township, Michigan 48316

The Benghazi Brief: Operation Zero Footprint

What Washington D.C. Doesn’t Want You to Know!

The Benghazi Brief will give you an understanding of how and why, in the post 9-11-12 era, terrorists attacked our U.S. embassy in Benghazi. Gary Kubiak, leader of the SE Michigan 9.12 Tea Party, will deliver a fascinating presentation revealing the White House’s underlining mission in both Libya and Syria. Learn why Hillary is not the only one who never wants the American public to know the truth about the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

Discover why both Democrats and Republicans want to keep the real story hidden from the light of day. Each time Gary’s video is posted on Facebook, it mysteriously disappears from the page! The brave men who died in the Benghazi attack deserve to have the truth be known!

Gary Kubiak

Gary worked 38 years in the printing paper industry. 30 of those years as a salesmen in the metro Detroit area, selling to commercial print shops.

He has been retired now for over 4 years. He is currently the president of the SE Michigan 9.12 Tea Party. “While serving in the 912 TP, I’ve gotten to know great patriotic people who want to make a difference in preserving our freedoms of this great country.”