Why Liberals are Dangerous and Must Never be in Charge

By: Lloyd Marcus

Sanctuary City

The Left (liberal mainstream media) practically had a ticker tape parade for Ohio Gov John Kasich for answers he gave on two issues during the GOP debate. http://bit.ly/1J4HrE9 Liberals’ praise of Kasich shows they have chosen emotion over logical reasoned thinking. This makes liberals irresponsible and dangerous. These people must never be in charge.

The Left praised Kasich for his entitlement program that is $1.4 billion in the red, thus far – in only 18 months. Kasich defended his program saying it was the Christian thing to do.

First of all, the Bible does not support stupid business practices and irresponsible spending of other people’s money. Proverbs 22:29 “Have you seen a man who is expert in his business? he will take his place before kings; his place will not be among low persons.”

In 1972 Hurricane Agnes flooded our small black Baltimore suburban community. Dad and my brother rescued residents from the roofs of their homes in a rowboat. As a community leader my dad, Rev. Marcus, assisted residents in acquiring relief checks from the Red Cross. My parents were among those who lost everything in the flood. What if Dad took his family’s relief check and distributed it among needy neighbors? Liberals would praise Dad for his compassion for the poor. The reality is Dad’s behavior, though well-intended, would be irresponsible to my mom and younger siblings living at home. Such common sense adult thinking seems to escape liberals.

Gov Kasich furthering an entitlement program that is void of economic sense is irresponsible to taxpayers, no matter how well-intended. Feelings trump common sense these days in America. Liberals will call me a mean Republican who does not care about people for suggesting that politicians spend responsibly. Most liberals are brain-dead emotion-driven fools.

Kasich’s answer regarding gay marriage was the second issue that won him great praise from liberals. Kasich said while he is a traditional guy, the courts made gay marriage law and he will comply. Kasich added that he attended a friend’s gay wedding because we must love people. I am sorry Gov Kasich and Leftists, but it is absurd to suggest that loving someone means embracing everything they do. Once again, more brain-dead emotion-driven liberal reasoning. Sometimes, love means rejecting a friend or family member’s behavior.

My daughter married a woman. I explained to my daughter why as a Christian, I could not support their union. She understood. We still have a great loving relationship, though we differ when the Patriots play the Broncos. Go Manning!

Here is an interesting observation. Like many youths, a handful of Dad’s adult grand-kids have gone through a rebellious stage; straying from their Christian upbringing like the prodigal son. Each of them hid their sinful behaviors from my dad. They hold Dad’s opinion in high regard with a desire to make him proud. Even my daughter seems to care more about my dad’s opinion of her than mine.

I asked myself, why? Dad is not a tyrant in any way. He is loving and easygoing. So why do the millennials in our family care so much about their granddad’s opinion of them.

The answer is all of their lives, they have witnessed the consistency in Dad’s Christian walk and his commitment to biblical standards. The grand-kids know Dad loves each of them dearly, but is faithful to his commitment to Christ. My daughter and the other grand-kids love Dad greatly and give him their utmost respect.

Perhaps, millennials are looking for trustworthy leaders/politicians who stand for something. GOP presidential contender Sen Ted Cruz comes to mind. http://bit.ly/1IyUfPF Too many wimpy baby-boomers embrace every Leftist anti-Christian and anti-American socialist/progressive agenda item; desiring to be thought of as modern and enlightened.

People in positions of power who place feelings above common sense, responsibility and reasoned thinking are dangerous. They (liberals) must never be in charge.

Take sanctuary cities. These are liberal governed US cities that have officially decided to disobey federal law by sheltering illegal aliens.

Liberalism has been described as a “mental disease.” For whatever reasons, liberals who run sanctuary cities feel it is unfair that we in America have so much. Consequently, they roll out the red carpet to illegals; gifting them welfare, college tuition and benefits unavailable to legal American citizens.

Years ago, a businessman friend moved to California. He made more money than ever. And yet, he had to move back to the east coast because the cost of living was too high. Amazingly, my friend said if he was an illegal alien, he and his family could have survived just fine in California. Does that make sense? Of course not. I wrote a satirical song about his experience titled, “Can’t Afford the Sunshine.” http://rvrb.fm/1DCMBoU

Talk about crazy brain-dead thinking – even with epidemic high numbers of murders, rapes and assaults on Americans by repeat criminal illegals, nothing seems to soften sanctuary cities’ commitment to welcome and protect illegals. http://bit.ly/1KXLNdC Wacko liberals in charge are dangerous, folks.

Liberals wrongfully get high marks for compassion. The truth is real compassionate leadership makes wise responsible decisions. Liberals define a compassionate nation as how long that line is of people showing up for their daily allotment of free fish. In America today, 94 million Americans are unemployed. And yet, they have all the necessities and many of the luxuries of working Americans. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. Millions of capable Americans are receiving disability. http://nws.mx/1WcDZek

Conservatives define compassion as liberating citizens from government. Government handouts are always accompanied with government dictates and controls. There “ain’t” no free lunch.

Conservative government says we will gladly give you fish for the short term. However, our greater goal is to help you experience the dignity, pride and independence of catching your own fish. We will get rid of the overreaching government controls on catching fish and help you acquire a fishing rod.

Who do you want running the show (your county) folks – brain-dead emotion-driven liberals or adult conservatives?

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


How About a little Compassion for We the People

By: Lloyd Marcus

Tea Party

Nothing ignited my late mom’s Baltimore living-in-the-hood anger more than someone “messing” with one of her “nine months” (her kids). I have a similar protective reaction to attacks on the Tea Party/We the People.

Not only have We the People had to endure mainstream media, Democrat and GOP establishment attacks, some on our side are attacking us for not being “smart enough” to reject Donald Trump. I say, have a little compassion for us. We are witnessing our beloved once great nation becoming a banana republic (dishonest and lawless government) right before our eyes. As patriots, we have faithfully done all the right things. And yet, the wrong things keep happening.

On Fox News Brit Hume called us (the Tea Party) the far right. Senator John McCain called patriots who attended an anti-illegal immigration rally “crazies.” http://bit.ly/1PjQhgf House Majority leader John Boehner called us the far right. Will somebody please tell me what is “crazy” and “far right” about expecting government to function according to our laws and the Constitution?

And then, these arrogant (language I will not use as a Christian) have the audacity to call us stupid for rallying behind Donald Trump.

Where is the compassion for We the people? Yes, my heart goes out for the people. Political Action Committees and GOP candidates raised funds, promising to git-r-done only to leave patriots suffering a string of broken promises. Adding insult to injury, betrayers in the GOP which we gave the House and the Senate call us names; even launching a war on conservatives and the Tea Party. http://bit.ly/1Em9reZ For crying out loud, how much more are We the People expected to take?

To date, my favorite presidential contender is Ted Cruz. Cruz gets it. He sympathizes with all We the People have gone through and vows to fight to make things right, when given the chance.

In essence, both parties said, screw you to We the People. Our Washington cartel is going to further its agenda and there “ain’t” nothing you Tea Party yahoos can do about it. The GOP took us (We the People) out to sea and threw us overboard. Trump threw us a lifeline. Do not attack us for accepting it.

Imagine a fire is raging out-of-control consuming my home. A gang of Hells Angels bikers approaches from over the horizon. They jump off their bikes and begin helping me extinguish the fire. Do I throw up my hands yelling, “Stop! I don’t approve of your lifestyle”? Or, do I simply say thank you?

Please do not conclude I am comparing Trump to the Hells Angels. I am simply saying while you may not agree or even like everything about Trump, the man has unquestionably positively impacted the political landscape. For one thing, illegal immigration would not be on the table if Trump had not made it an issue; standing firm, while bombarded by both parties and the MSM.

Also, the way Trump has dealt with the liberal bias mainstream media has influenced others not to be so easily pushed around by these bullies. With the Left obsessed with forcing conservatives/Republicans to apologize, Trump refuses to go there. It drives the Left crazy. I love it!

The Left regard apologies as blood in the water to totally destroy, devour and end the campaign of a conservative/Republican.

The Fox News strategy to “get Trump” during the GOP debate was extremely unfortunate. I agree with Mark Levin who said Fox blew a major opportunity. http://bit.ly/1WfFFUu Twenty-four million Americans tuned in to the debate greeted with soap opera questions rather than exposing the horrors Obama has released upon our country and how the GOP contenders plan to fix it.

For example: Seventy percent of the population is unaware of the butchery and black marketing of baby body parts happening behind the walls of Planned Parenthood which is still praised by the Democrats. http://bit.ly/1P9akhm Why on earth was the debate moderators focused on a feud between Trump and Rosie O’Donnell? Truly unfortunate.

By the way, Bill Clinton was surrounded by affairs and scandals including allegations of rape; none of which came up during past debates.

Ted Cruz understands Trump’s popularity and thinks it is unwise for the GOP to “smack Donald Trump with a stick.” http://bit.ly/1L4Tphu Rather than joining the chorus of those calling patriots idiots for liking Trump, Cruz understands and sympathizes with We the People. Cruz’s message is make me your president and I vow to champion your cause.

Cruz was short-changed during the GOP debate receiving very little time on camera. Still, Cruz’s closing comments caused him to soar in the polls; direct, strong and sincere. http://bit.ly/1MidI9T I am confident Cruz’s numbers will continue to grow.

I will not judge or be upset with my brother and sister patriots who are high on Trump. Any of our 17 contenders are far superior to a Democrat who will surely continue Obama’s evil transformation of America. My gut tells me Ted Cruz will break the tape finishing first.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


Join the #CruzCountry #CruzToVictory!

Ted Cruz

From Fox23.com:

Thousands pack in for Ted Cruz rally

By Morgan Downing

TULSA, Okla. —

Quick facts:

  • Ted Cruz arrived in Oklahoma Thursday for stops in Oklahoma City, Bartlesville and Tulsa.
  • Former Tulsa city councilor & ORU professor Rick Westcott hopes republicans take Oklahoma and voters seriously in the polls.
  • Westcott believes Oklahomans resonate with Senator Ted Cruz’s conservative values and Cruz’s appearance will signal other candidates to the Sooner State.

Thousands showed up Thursday night to see Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s rally.

Cruz brought his “Cruz Country” rally to the Union Performing Arts Center,and so many people showed up that the fire marshal had to turn hundreds more away.

Several attendees said that is proof that Oklahoma voters are ready for a change in Washington.

“It’s a fantastic demonstration of that kind of excitement we’re seeing. I tell you, it’s just breathtaking,” Cruz said.

FOX23 talked to area political pundits about the impact his visit could have.

Former Tulsa City Councilor and Oral Roberts University law professor Rick Westcott says Senator Cruz’s visit is a sign that others will have to court Oklahomans.

“I hope this means that Republicans take Oklahoma seriously,” said Westcott.

He said Cruz, a tea party conservative, has a message that resonates with many Oklahomans, that government overreach has become rampant. He said Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstein’s endorsement is a boost. Westcott believes Cruz’s presence in Oklahoma will draw other candidates to the state.

Jamie Ponds, of Tulsa, said she didn’t make it inside the rally but was one of several that Cruz greeted and took pictures with before going inside.

“I’m excited, because it shows that people are coming out, getting actively involved in a political process and getting informed,” Ponds said.

In his speech, Cruz listed off the many changes he would make on his first day in office if elected president.

First, he said he’ll repeal executive actions that he called unconstitutional. Secondly, he wants to come down hard on Planned Parenthood.

“I’ll instruct the United State Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood,” Cruz said.

He also plans dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

“I intend to make the 2016 referendum on repealing every word of Obamacare,” Cruz said.

Cruz said Oklahoma will be an extremely important state to win on Super Tuesday next year.


The Top 300 Conservative Websites, August 2015

Doug Ross @ Journal

Here are the latest standings of conservative news and opinion sites, which are ordered using theirAlexa traffic rankings. Yes, some of these are center-right, libertarian, or more middle-of-the-road sites, but they are included because they do publish center-right opinion pieces on a regular basis.

Rank Website Traffic Rank
1 foxnews.com 196
2 telegraph.co.uk 221
3 wsj.com 317
4 conservativetribune.com 336
5 ijreview.com 356
6 drudgereport.com 629
7 westernjournalism.com 724
8 nypost.com 844
9 theblaze.com 984
10 breitbart.com 1257
11 zerohedge.com 1886
12 wnd.com 2016
13 youngcons.com 2205
14 newsmax.com 2393
15 washingtontimes.com 2969
16 dailycaller.com 3268
17 thehill.com 3298
18 realclearpolitics.com 4561
19 nationalreview.com 4651
20 theweek.com 5088
21 townhall.com 5755
22 qpolitical.com 5796
23 allenbwest.com 5853
24 jpost.com 5896
25 timesofisrael.com 6146
26 pjmedia.com 6455
27 military.com 6468
28 investors.com 6768
29 hotair.com 7031
30 thefederalistpapers.org 7660
31 reason.com 8227
32 freebeacon.com 8265
33 rightwingnews.com 8825
34 washingtonexaminer.com 9144
35 thepoliticalinsider.com 10108
36 ocregister.com 10289
37 freerepublic.com 10439
38 nationalinterest.org 10675
39 twitchy.com 10855
40 weeklystandard.com 11308
41 thegatewaypundit.com 11772
42 dailysignal.com 11827
43 madworldnews.com 12000
44 cnsnews.com 12265
45 americanthinker.com 12550
46 thefederalist.com 12631
47 newsbusters.org 12663
48 rushlimbaugh.com 13843
49 buzzpo.com 14385
50 spectator.co.uk 16166
51 blog.heritage.org 16628
52 lifenews.com 18200
53 bizpacreview.com 18960
54 therightscoop.com 19370
55 powerlineblog.com 19946
56 shoebat.com 20391
57 debka.com 20618
58 lucianne.com 20831
59 joeforamerica.com 22252
60 redstate.com 22472
61 bearingarms.com 23140
62 clashdaily.com 24015
64 ace.mu.nu 24483
64 mypetjawa.mu 24483
64 rhymeswithright.mu.nu 24483
66 the-diplomat.com 25280
67 wattsupwiththat.com 25770
68 scotusblog.com 26169
69 truthrevolt.org 28330
70 jihadwatch.org 28352
71 theconservativetreehouse.com 30964
72 frontpagemag.com 31230
73 mrconservative.com 33127
74 weaselzippers.us 33322
75 firstthings.com 34028
76 fas.org 35270
77 personalliberty.com 35486
78 creators.com 35977
79 freedomoutpost.com 36792
80 universalfreepress.com 37616
81 takimag.com 37726
82 strategypage.com 39663
83 mises.org 41038
84 theamericanconservative.com 41506
85 downtrend.com 41655
86 steynonline.com 43206
87 spectator.org 43372
88 legalinsurrection.com 46953
89 eaglerising.com 49345
90 judicialwatch.org 49479
91 woundedamericanwarrior.com 49785
92 aei.org 51070
93 everyjoe.com 51955
94 commentarymagazine.com 54289
95 badblue.com 55008
96 eagnews.org 55084
97 gatestoneinstitute.org 58134
98 teaparty.org 59442
99 market-ticker.org 60324
100 thenewamerican.com 64015
101 patriotupdate.com 64097
102 dcgazette.com 65943
103 algemeiner.com 65993
104 humanevents.com 66942
105 onenewsnow.com 69428
106 watchdog.org 70196
107 anncoulter.com 72225
108 freedomworks.org 72514
109 city-journal.org 73038
110 libertynews.com 74602
111 michellemalkin.com 74777
112 defensetech.org 75443
113 canadafreepress.com 75841
114 rasmussenreports.com 76571
115 althouse.blogspot.com 76769
116 memeorandum.com 79629
117 amren.com 79978
118 ricochet.com 80324
119 numbersusa.com 82375
120 imprimis.hillsdale 82588
121 cagle.com 86691
122 liberallogic101.com 90807
123 marklevinshow.com 92026
124 daybydaycartoon.com 95519
125 clarionproject.org 96590
126 conservative-headlines.com 96925
127 vdare.com 97833
128 longwarjournal.org 104745
129 conservativereview.com 107046
130 the-american-interest.com 109906
131 foxnewsinsider.com 111900
132 thetrumpet.com 114907
133 linkiest.com 115866
134 publicintegrity.org 116952
135 libertyunyielding.com 118696
136 theothermccain.com 124981
137 iotwreport.com 128565
138 israelhayom.com 130393
139 cato-at-liberty.org 131626
140 moonbattery.com 133455
141 atr.org 138250
142 hoover.org 139813
143 borderlandbeat.com 143287
144 gotnews.com 144535
145 cis.org 146269
146 danielpipes.org 149085
147 worldaffairsjournal.org 155376
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150 cowboybyte.com 160008
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156 muckrock.com 178760
157 againstcronycapitalism.org 180681
158 interpretermag.com 189267
159 maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com 193223
160 smalldeadanimals.com 195982
161 memri.org 200252
162 soopermexican.com 204255
163 patterico.com 204600
164 thecommentator.com 206862
165 gatesofvienna.net 208366
166 jammiewf.com 214099
167 moelane.com 215279
168 independentsentinel.com 215482
169 jpupdates.com 221381
170 thetower.org 224500
171 reagancoalition.com 232301
172 westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com 237099
173 20committee.com 242301
174 dailysurge.com 259127
175 creepingsharia.wordpress.com 263045
176 aim.org 266472
177 mediaequalizer.com 266509
178 sultanknish.blogspot.com 267725
179 whitehousedossier.com 267821
180 conservatives4palin.com 275570
181 coyoteblog.com 276656
182 dennisprager.com 296143
183 directorblue.blogspot.com 297134
184 progressivestoday.com 299071
185 volokh.com 308358
186 winteryknight.wordpress 308733
187 shark-tank.net 326379
188 ihatethemedia.com 329597
189 wizbangblog.com 330820
190 sayanythingblog.com 331013
191 floppingaces.net 355665
192 politichicks.com 358601
193 centerforsecuritypolicy.org 361119
194 danaloeschradio.com 364226
195 theobjectivestandard.com 373112
196 thehayride.com 374355
197 blurbrain.com 377488
198 tammybruce.com 382671
199 poorrichardsnews.com 386145
200 proteinwisdom.com 399344
201 redstatements.co 417377
202 dcwhispers.com 418226
203 donsurber.blogspot.com 425369
204 justoneminute.typepad.com 427140
205 newenglishreview.org 430544
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208 investigativeproject.org 440698
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210 gaypatriot.net 442608
211 datechguyblog.com 454021
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218 angrywhitedude.com 469510
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221 collegeinsurrection.com 505431
222 bookwormroom.com 506905
223 thecampofthesaints.org 532840
224 blackfive.net 544621
225 capoliticalreview.com 553262
226 israelmatzav.blogspot.com 560814
227 atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com 572232
228 imao.us 572412
229 thepiratescove.us 576457
230 theminorityreportblog.com 577313
231 americanpowerblog.blogspot.com 584510
232 qando.net 584578
233 fireandreamitchell.com 592269
234 pointsandfigures.com 596921
235 gunwatch.blogspot.com 608690
236 conservativehq.com 647145
237 chicagoboyz.net 648241
238 vladtepesblog.com 648563
239 camera.org 654843
240 victorygirlsblog.com 662881
241 freeenterprise.com 681690
242 trevorloudon.com 703992
243 henrydampier.com 733690
244 zombietime.com 735780
245 michellesmirror.com 750130
246 noisyroom.net 756868
247 newsrealblog.com 789600
248 freedomslighthouse.net 802848
249 sondrakistan.com 813392
250 reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com 818482
251 sweetness-light.com 820976
252 nakeddc.com 824840
253 dailypundit.com 827452
254 americanglob.com 843389
255 ashbrook.org 856012
256 rightpundits.com 869749
257 lonelyconservative.com 871585
258 conservativedailynews.com 880366
259 peekinthewell.net 883899
260 intellectualconservative.com 889175
261 scaredmonkeys.com 890858
262 cfif.org 914315
263 publiusforum.com 934460
264 coldfury.com 942150
265 breitbart.tv 951551
266 carolineglick.com 953329
267 claremont.org 957693
268 thezman.com 968418
269 theblogmocracy.com 973171
270 babalublog.com 993784
271 nlpc.org 1086080
272 thepunditpress.com 1119771
273 thediplomad.blogspot.com 1135234
274 formerspook.blogspot.com 1143881
275 jenkuznicki.com 1151742
276 dougpowers.com 1158098
277 maggiesnotebook.com 1166978
278 curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.com 1167977
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282 iowahawk.typepad.com 1201130
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295 nicedeb.wordpress.com 1485650
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297 nicedoggie.net 1499978
298 conservativehideout.com 1509924
299 thehillarydaily.com 1527608
300 astuteblogger.blogspot.com 1664275

Update: As usual, I missed a few sites: JoeMiller.us should be around #147.


The American Report-Saturday August 15th 2015

The American Report

The American Report

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Our panel of expert insiders will discuss the week’s hottest topics, including:
The Iran Deal and Kerry’s threat to crash the dollar
ARMED MARCH of New Black Panthers in Texas
Obama’s dangerous and reckless closing of Gitmo
EPA intentionally pollutes a river?
U.S. Congressmen by harassed by Muslims in Jerusalem
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