It’s Not Just The Donald Talking about the Refugee Resettlement Scam

By: Dick Manasseri

 Donald Trump

The Donald has opened the floodgates for free speech among neighbors once again.

Free Speech

The local buzz includes “free-speechers” who are openly registering their support for local control over the expensive, secret and dangerous Refugee Resettlement Scam.

In less than 3 days, the Petition


has been signed more than 1,000 times; the comments there have become a virtual free speech public meeting, e.g.

… Our little group is working hard to help people understand what will happen to our little town … if it does not secure its own borders. … We are not a big city with the resources to provide dozens of interpreters and a large police force. … We are a generous people and we will find ways to help the world with our money and our prayers, but we should not provide a form of help that endangers our own children and neighbors who have prior claim on our assistance.

Politicians would be wise to monitor the interactive map showing wide-spread support for local control. The Petition speaks directly to Governors and State Legislators with a clear message:

I will not tolerate giving my tax dollars to secretly “planted”, unvetted refugees that would otherwise go to aid poor families in my community.

I demand you do your job by representing the Will of The People rather than the Resettlement industry that may be funding your campaigns.

As the interactive map demonstrates, average Americans are forming “pockets of resistance” once they learn that the Refugee Resettlement Program is truly a scam devilishly managed by the Global Left, Islam, Liberal Churches and the Cheap-Labor U.S Chamber of Commerce with the sinister goal of

Changing America by Changing Its People.

Donald Trump

Exercise your free speech – freely choose to sign the Petition.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Donald Talking about the Refugee Resettlement Scam


    All Federal, State and Local Officials, Senators and Congressmen,
    Elected and appointed bureaucrats,

    We are the Marshals, you are our deputies,
    We are the Sheriffs, you are our posse,
    You serve at our pleasure, our whim is your fancy,
    Or you serve not at all

    We are American Citizens, men and women of all races,
    colors, creeds and political persuasions

    We are standing together, shoulder to shoulder as one,
    join us now or leave us soon!

    There will never be anything like America again

  2. I come from Portland, Maine, and thousands of Somalis have been imported into our state for years via unaccountable resettlement agencies. It has inflicted severe economic harm on working class Americans; we were never given a right to approve or disapprove this massive relocation of refugees, and economic dislocation of poor American workers.

    I lead a group called the Maine Immigration Reform Initiative, and our goal is to drastically overhaul the taxpayer abusive resettlement scheme. Here is our proposal, concisely.

    1. All initial and subsequent costs of refugee resettlement shall be covered by private, non-government funds.

    2. All resettlement plans shall be presented to local voters of towns that are selected for refugee resettlement. Two-thirds of local voters must approve the plans. This notion is called Community Democracy.

    3. All refugees must have a financially stable sponsor who is a legal American citizen.

    4. Refugee resettlement shall not be considered a pathway to citizenship.

    The Left and Big Business have formed an unholy, unpatriotic alliance to flood our Republic with countless millions of illegal immigrants and refugees in order to form a majority voting bloc for decades to come. We HAVE to fight back, and one way to do that is to reclaim democracy in the refugee resettlement system.

  3. Stop illegal immigration and stop using tax payer dollars to “give it all” to those unwilling to follow the rules and immigrate legally. Tax payers should have the right to say “stop.”

  4. The immense frustration I feel about this whole process is that some or all that has already taken place to destroy our country must be reversed, undone, deported, corrected in place, etc., because the damage already done may be sufficient to complete the “transformation” Obama promised and hoped for. The ensuing turmoil produced by his lawlessness and dictatorial arrogance may produce the civil strife that he anticipated and desired, and justify the martial law that he could use to extend his presidency indefinitely or even permanently!

    Sound far-fetched? Check Ayers radical Weather Underground thought process in the sixties that planned racial strife so strident as to paralyze the government and then call in the military from China, Russia, Vietnam and Cuba in a pre-arranged plan to support the revolution and finalize the overthrow of the US Government!

    Check it out, that history is for real. Read Ayers/Dohrn book, “Sing A Battle Song”.

    Obama and Ayers have been BFF, and communist inspired radicals, for decades and even shared the meaningless distribution of one hundred million dollars in education grants for some of Ayers screwball plans to indoctrinate Chicago schools with his “no work, all play” learning schemes. A study, done two years later, found that Chicago schools had not been improved at all by the injection of that huge sum.

    The racial strife created by Obama policies, rooted in revenge motivation, has played a big part in the downward transformation of our society. Support from outside forces? Who knows for sure, but the makeup of the 250,000 security force secretly mandated as a part of Obamacare has never been identified. Treacherous minds of the sort that would hide the presence of a “personal army” in a medical care program!

    That same mentality might depend on the injection into our country of hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Africa and other Sharia friendly countries, (refugees and visa-overstayers alone could easily provide that number, and more), and the presence of Muslim Brotherhood members and advisors, (even Saudi Arabia considers them terrorists), located just down the hall from the Oval Office could play a big part in the directing and carrying out of the enforcement of these policies.

    Minds Versus Matters
    That scenerio was part of Ayers plan, to start a race war, and then, (in a pre-arranged arrangement), call in the Cubans, Vietnamese, Chinese and Russians to militarily restore order.

    Ayers and his evil wife, Bernadine Dohrn, even admired Charles Manson for his feeble attempt to start a black/white war by making the heinous Tate/LaBianca murders look as if blacks had committed the crimes.

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