“Welcoming” the Third World to Your Neighborhood

By: Merrill McCarthy

Third World

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder has once again extended a warm welcome to newcomers by celebrating “Welcoming Week in Michigan”. He wants to fuel the Michigan economy with immigrant entrepreneurs. He wants to lure immigrants to Michigan, especially the City of Detroit. Rumors have been floating for months that 50,000 Syrians might be coming to revitalize Detroit. If there are Syrians in the pipeline that look anything like the hordes of vandals we see sweeping through Europe, it is likely many Michiganders will want the welcome mat pulled inside with the door locked and the lights out.

Consider the important Danish government research study:

“Syrians least likely to get a job, Muslim Refugees “most criminal””

Consider the thinking of Michigan’s at risk communities who have no local control over the global agenda to “welcome” the third world to be their new neighbors:

  • Medicaid recipients who will see funds diverted to refugees
  • Chaldean communities who will be forced to accept as neighbors people from whom they have escaped
  • Inner-city residents dependent on state welfare who will see these funds diverted to refugees
  • Law enforcement who will see an increase in crime and the potential for terror

All Michiganders are, in fact, at risk without local control of refugee resettlement.

But Snyder is so committed to his immigrant agenda, which also includes bringing more people in on work visas, that he has created a special initiative called The Michigan Office for New Americans to recruit immigrants and promote their entrepreneurial spirit. He has named Bing Goel, an Indonesian who settled in Grand Rapids in 1960 to head up the office. An important part of the agenda seems to be a push for more immigration or “newcomers” in Detroit.

There is a big difference in the immigrants who arrived before the RR Act of 1980. The earlier arrivals had more in common with the immigration we have known over the generations. Today’s refugees receive benefits and entitlements that are far richer than what our citizens might receive. And now it is all at taxpayer expense rather than family sponsors or the community pulling together to help the new arrivals learn the language, get a job, and become Americans. Today’s refugees have little in common with Mr. Bing Goel’s experience fifty-five years ago. Mr. Goel probably never knew an immigrant on welfare in his day. But now we know that after five years over 70 % of today’s immigrants are still receiving benefits.

The out of control immigration system is broken and it includes legal, as well as illegal immigration. The taxpayer is ultimately responsible for it all, but there is little opportunity for input. We are kept in the dark until they are on our doorstep. It is taxation without representation and we must get it under control.

One way we can have a voice is by pushing for laws that give us more local control. You can help by reviewing and signing the No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK petition after viewing a brief video. For those with “petition fatigue” this is a different kind of petition. Look at the interactive map and read the comments. Citizens do have a voice. Get everyone you know to sign it. Show it to your elected officials at all levels. With your help we can turn this around. We must.

2 thoughts on ““Welcoming” the Third World to Your Neighborhood

  1. Well, it might make Detroit a better place, or at least not make it worse.
    Note the rich suburbs like West Bloomfield wont be getting them, nor the diversity college towns like Ann Arbor and East Lansing.

  2. Those citizens in Michigan should complain to Congress, the governor and the white house. Protest in the streets.
    It is unfair to America citizens, refugees receive govt benefits day one. Ever notice how many have their own business? You help pay for it since they pay no or very little taxes, they pay their employees in cash, generating no tax. They receive govt grants they dont have to pay back for a business.
    Every immigrant owned restaurant that opens puts an American owned restaurant out of business due to unfair advantages.
    Time to stop the influx of muslims and many immigrants to America.
    You have health care that is free? Refugees do. American cannot afford this and our culture and way of life is forever changing for the worse.

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