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Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: What changes Would You Make To Our Electoral/Political Process?

Maggie’s Notebook: My opinions take the dim view that many voters do not know the issues and don’t want to take the time to learn. Not much to say about those who vote but haven’t the capacity to make a common sense decision.

Constitutional/Constitutional Issues:

1) Term Limits for House – 6 two-year terms (12 years total) and Senate 2 six-year terms (12 years total) – then bye bye.

2) President: One six year term.

3) Keep the Electoral College

The election process: Avoiding the issue of states’ rights. In theory, I believe the following will better our election process, and what afters after:

1) Photo voter I.D. with signature that is checked at the polls with a pollster placing his/her initials next to the voter’s signature.

2) Voter must sign an oath that he/she has not voted in another state for the same election

3) Voting is a privilege and a duty: No slackers registering same day for a 6-pack of beer or a pint, and a carton of cigarettes. At least 60 days registration, prior to election day, to vet the voter and add him/her to the polls. No votes cast or counted if not already on the official voter registration records. We are better off without an honest vote due to time restrictions, than with the fraudulent votes cast every election cycle. It should be our privilege and our duty to cooperate with a system that control fraud.

4) Only defined, controlled places to register. No more hippies, modern day hippies, those looking for drug money, or those on welfare, with a clipboard on a corner.

5) Complete transparency with absentee ballots. The ballots should be counted and recorded, with a great deal of security, as they come in. Every vote counts whether it changes anything or not.

6) Do away with “early” voting. We have absentee ballots. What’s the difference, other than making your Tuesday easier to manage?

7) Gerrymandering needs a common-sense overhaul, sometime to protect us from our own party. Example: Former Congressman Allan West.

8) Some “rules” made by the House and the Senate should be considered dishonorable, and abolished, and unchangeable. From session-to-session we need fairness and consistency –– not partisan privilege.

9) The Speaker of the House should be required to vote. To think the Speaker’s position is non-partisan is ludicrous.

10) The vote for Speaker of the House must be by secret ballot. There should be no threat of losing committee assignments because your loyalty is seen as questionable. If you lose your committee after the election, it can’t be blamed on the way you voted. What we have now is close to blackmail.

The Independent Sentinel: I’m not sure what should be done but it probably has to be done soon while Republicans still have some power. The assault on the Electoral College won’t be cured by the National Popular Vote but there must be something that can be done. We certainly need to look at the illegal immigration and refugee policies and the way we count for the census.

We are on a track to be a one-party system.

JoshuaPundit: I think we’ve got problems in two areas, foundation and process. Foundation issues include the Left’s control of public education (including the major journalism schools) and I see a direct correlation between this and the declining quality of many of our public office holders. Issues like racial gerrymandering,  the problem of people with no stake in the game voting taxpayer funded benefits for themselves at the expense of others and a general disrespect for what out Founders achieved by the educational establishment are among them.   These can be fixed but are a long term battle.

Process, I think, could be vastly improved much easier and would likely make the foundation issues easier to solve given time.

The first problem is our constant campaign season. The electorate’s limited attention span is challenged by the constant drumbeat of ads, media ‘analysis’ and talking points and the real issues get lost in the shuffle as many Americans simply turn off and vote by sheer instinct.

This leads to the second major problem, the sheer amount of money involved. Imagine hiring someone to paint your house who spent most of his time on the phone or knocking on doors to get more work rather than doing what you hired him for and you begin to see the problem we have. And that’s not  even mentioning the temptation of making an easy score by pushing legislation or special arrangement for corporations, unions and pressure groups with cash to dole out to hungry legislators.

We could solve this not by taking money out of politics but by making it of very limited use.

Our elections come  in November. Pass a law forbidding any political advertising for a candidate, any formation of ‘exploratory committees’ or any overt campaigning prior to February 1st of the election year for both incumbents and challengers.  Politicians always make speeches, but no fees, honorariums, donations or ‘expenses’ could be solicited or received, and doing so would be a felony.   Television advertising would be severely limited even after February, and largely limited to debates.

Such debates would be Lincoln-Douglas style only, presented only on radio, C-Span or PBS and would have no moderators, only a timekeeper.

Statutory legal limits would be set by individual state legislators and by a neutral national committee  on the maximum amount allowed to be spent for the presidential race and for state offices. No individual candidate would be allowed to fund raise for him or herself. Instead, any campaign donations would have to be donated to the FEC who would then forward it to the candidate’s party. For instance, if presidential campaign funding in a given year is limited to, say,  $5 million, it wouldn’t matter if a billion dollars poured in – only $5 million would be of any use. Violations of this would be class A felonies.

A two week moratorium on all ads, campaigning and electioneering prior to election day would be strictly enforced, And no media outlet would be allowed to run the usual election night shows – no ‘calling’ of elections, no nonsense exit polls, no weighty analysis by the usual talking heads trying to fill time. Nothinguntil all national polls had closed. Along these lines, a federal voter ID law and the elimination of electronic voting machines in favor of paper ballots would be positive changes.

What we’d have here is a much shorter, much more substantive  campaign season, far less attack ads, much more voter engagement, meaningful debate on the issues  and elected officials who could actually go to Washington to do the people’s business rather than working like rats in heat from the moment they’re elected to raise funds for another term.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason: One of the major changes I would make would be to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. Ratified on April 8, 1913, Senators began to be elected by the people. Prior to this amendment, as per Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution: “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six years…” The Seventeenth Amendment amassed more power to the federal government and away from the States. Senators no longer serve the people of the State they represent, and the federal grasp for power has continued to grow since this amendment was passed.

Term limits should be imposed, and no one serving should receive a pension of any kind after leaving office. All elected officials should return to private life and live under the laws they created. We need to end this class of political elites running our country.

As far as the presidential elections, it is difficult to say how the process could be improved. Ideally, there would be a shorter election season and televised debates between the candidates on the real issues hosted by unbiased moderators, so we would know each candidate’s position and how they would address the challenges facing our country.

In addition, every candidate for public office should be subject to an extensive background check. Anyone with affiliations to un-American organizations should be disqualified. It is incredible the people who serve on high level security committees who would not qualify to get security clearances for a job in the military or our intelligence agencies.

The Glittering Eye: Since I think that just about every change from the Founders’ original structure has been an error, it’s hard to know where to begin.  I’ll just hit a few high points.

I think the popular election of the Senate has upset the balance of our federal system–we should repeal the 17th amendment.  We should greatly increase the size of the House.  We should enact an anti-gerrymandering amendment.  I think there’s merit to limiting the census enumeration to citizens.  We should establish term limits.  We should have mandatory retirement ages for legislators.  No elected office should be eligible for a pension.  We should have the power of recall.  We should establish uniform residency requirements for legislators and they should be deemed to reside wherever they sleep most frequently in the course of a year.

That’s a start.


Cruz Stands Alone in the Senate – A Lone Voice for Americans… A True Conservative [Video]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Ted Cruz Rand Paul

Ted Cruz gave possibly the best speech I have ever heard on the Senate Floor. John Adams would have been proud of him. While on the Senate floor, Cruz beseeched his fellow Republicans to defend the most innocent among us… the unborn. He spoke fervently in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood and protecting the precious lives of millions of unborn babies. This is an issue that most conservatives are in favor of and support. It is at the very heart of being a conservative. The magnificent speech that Ted Cruz gave followed the GOP leadership’s blocking of his attempt to get them to vote on his amendment to strip the funding from the butchers of Planned Parenthood and the apocalyptic funding of the Iranian nuclear deal.

In a voice reminiscent of the Founding Fathers, Cruz flayed the Republican leadership in Congress for utterly failing to “lift a finger to defend life” by defunding Planned Parenthood. These so-called leaders that we have voted in and trusted with the leadership of our country, betrayed everything they stood for by voting 77 to 19 to advance a bill to authorize spending for Planned Parenthood and to fuel the publicly funded abortion mill. Ted Cruz is absolutely right when he points out that Planned Parenthood has committed multiple heinous crimes that they should be charged, prosecuted and convicted for. He asked why the DOJ and the FBI have failed to open any investigation into the death retailer. Then Cruz wondered aloud how it was possible that not one single Democrat has called for that investigation – not one.

How is it that these people that we have elected, many claiming to be Tea Party conservatives, seem determined to vote for everything we stand against? They support murderers of the unborn; they seem cool with Obamacare; they spend like drunken sailors and they let the immigration/refugee crisis here in the US spiral ever further out of control. All of them seem to back Barack Obama to one extent or another. They say one thing and do another. Obama and the Democrats would happily walk through glass or crawl through fire to see their objectives fulfilled. Republicans can’t even be bothered with a ‘nay’ vote. It’s pathetic. The GOP has failed the American people and it is no longer the party of conservatives. They are Democrat-lite. They are moderate Marxists. The Senate, the House, the Presidency and the Supreme Court all need a political enema.

Instead of standing against extortion by Obama, the Republicans fold like a cheap hand. Obama says if Planned Parenthood isn’t funded, then he will veto funding for the entire federal government and shut it down. The Republicans, except for Ted Cruz, proceed to roll over and wet on themselves. Then they crawl to Obama and offer up the unborn on a sacrificial bloody alter, so they can make nice with a demon. It’s abhorrent and evil. Every one of them should be voted out of office. The House and Senate are about to pass a “clean” spending bill, but Cruz said that bill is anything but clean and right he is. It’s really hard to wash all that blood off, isn’t it guys?

We don’t need people in Congress who are willing to play along, to get along. We need warriors who will fight for the American people and what is right. We need constitutionalists like Ted Cruz who will do the right thing no matter what… who don’t care if it costs them everything. For doing the right thing, the principled thing, Cruz has been ceaselessly derided, not just by those in Congress, but by the media, talking heads, pundits and frankly, by those who should know better.

While the Senate voted, Cruz offered up an amendment to stop Planned Parenthood’s funding. It would have also cut off funds for the monstrous Iranian nuclear deal. The next thing that happened was beyond the pale and signaled what I consider to be the end of the Republican Party. In a departure from Senate custom, a quartet of Republican leaders blocked the Texas senator from even getting a vote on his amendment. Only one senator, Mike Lee of Utah, stood with Cruz on the Senate floor. Only one ethical man who was determined to vote to save the unborn and the millions who could die in a nuclear holocaust stood with Ted Cruz. Only one.

Yes, Cruz is an outsider. He has no support in the Senate, because unlike the rest of the sycophants there, he believes in doing what he was sent there to do. Not make buddies and money… not garner power and influence. And instead of holding him up for the leader he is, all I hear are those that paint him as some kind of lunatic or egomaniac because he won’t play nice. It’s beyond infuriating and it explains why we are where we are. When good men like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are not only not allowed to do the right thing, they are excoriated for it, you have turned into Rome and the barbarians are at the gate. Literally.

Cruz’s hour-long speech goes over this and his disappointment in his fellow countrymen is apparent. When the ones who could actually save our country can longer even be heard because of gangs who run the Senate, then I fear for my government and I certainly fear for my country. But the betrayal goes deeper still. I give you Rand Paul who was a staunch supporter of Mitch McConnell and still is. He is now claiming that Cruz is done for because he called McConnell the liar that he is. I am truly sorry I ever supported Senator Paul. Never, ever again.

“Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence, he can’t get anything done legislatively,” Paul told Fox News Radio. “He is pretty much done for and stifled and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem”…

“I approach things a little different, I am still just as hardcore in saying what we are doing, I just chose not to call people liars on the Senate floor and it’s just a matter of different perspectives on how best to get to the end result,” Paul said in the interview.

The Tea Party helped propel Paul forward and what does he do? He sidles up to a corrupt bureaucrat and deftly crawls between the sheets with him. Paul has now chosen his side and it is McConnell’s. He says he’s staying in the presidential race… I don’t know why he should even bother. He has no chance of winning and he should just slink back to Kentucky where he can huddle with McConnell to dominate that state. Rand Paul has finally shown his true face. Compromise is just another word for surrender, Senator.

Cruz is cut from a different cloth than Paul. He will go down fighting. If working the system is in vain, why not? Better to lose a political battle than your soul. Cruz has principles and integrity – Paul, not so much evidently.

Ted Cruz’s campaign is slow and steady. His coffers are being filled by those that know he is a man that actually represents America, not the rotten Washington Cartel.

Supporters of Paul have been steadily joining the Cruz team. Evangelicals are solidly behind Ted Cruz because he is a man of faith, as is his father, Rafael Cruz. He is the very embodiment of an anti-establishment candidate and Cruz will go all the way in his bid to win the presidency. He believes the country is at stake, as do I. One of the reasons Paul has turned on Cruz, who was a friend and a solid one at that, is because of sheer jealousy in my opinion. He is losing support to the Texan and that just ticks him off. Cruz’s “Liberty Leaders for Cruz” coalition is made up of mostly former Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) supporters, a direct affront to Sen. Rand Paul.

I firmly support Ted Cruz for the nomination. The fact that he stands alone in the Senate only adds more to his credit. America is going to have to make a decision… do you want someone who tells the truth and will do the right thing no matter what, or do you want someone who is good at politics and being part of the good ole boy club? Are you willing to fight the dirty Washington Cartel or are you willing to let the Marxists on both sides of the aisle take over permanently? Because that is what we are talking about here. People have screamed for a leader who would rise up and speak and act like Reagan. Ted Cruz is that man and because of that he is feared and hated in the beltway. But every day he goes to do battle in the belly of the beast – that takes courage and fortitude. Isn’t that the leader we need? The one we have waited and cried for? Now is the time to rally behind Ted Cruz with thunderous support and save our nation. If you want to see and hear a modern day equivalent of the Founding Fathers, watch Cruz’s speech below. It says it far better than I can. Ted Cruz is a true constitutional conservative.

Maggie’s Notebook: Ted Cruz: Why Boehner Resigned, Why We Don’t Need Conservatives in Congress (a transcript of the above speech is available here)


Book Review: Death Of The Family

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Death of the Family
Purchase here…

Recently, I received a copy of Christopher J. Green’s Death Of The Family. I personally love the book. It goes into Marxism and the influence of Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci is a man everyone should study. His evil influence has been widespread and toxic. Marxism has been an exceedingly destructive force in our society and it has been a big factor in destroying the family unit, all by design.

The book is fair-sized, with easy to read print. I found that a big plus. It is a breeze to read and grasp. The book was obviously well researched and professionally written.

It starts off with a Hungarian communist by the name of Georg Lukacs. This guy was a piece of work. His communist plan aimed to do away with both the Christian faith and the family unit. He planned to do this through sex education in the public school system. This also accomplished the goal of doing away with morality and ethics. If you look at our schools and society today, you will see that under Barack Obama, these goals have pretty much been accomplished. The very fabric of our society, the family unit, has been corrupted thoroughly under Progressive leadership. Children are taught to do whatever they feel… that they should follow any desire they have. That morality is passe and their parents know nothing. This is classic Marxism and it is poison.

Religion has been successfully removed from our schools, institutions and daily life. Christians are now actively persecuted. They are harassed, hunted, prosecuted, degraded, imprisoned and murdered. All according to plan. Once you remove religion, ethics and morals from the equation, a populace can be thoroughly manipulated and controlled. The Frankfurt School of Marxist theory continued Lukacs theories and designs… they expanded on the original concepts and produced whole battle plans for subverting American society. It was and still is a brilliant maneuver.

Enter the envisioned destruction of Capitalism. Social diktats such as feminism have worked quite well to undermine male dominance on the economic battlefield. Women were convinced it set them free, when in fact, it enslaved them and emasculated men. It took mothers out of the home, destroying the family unit and leaving the young to the not-so-tender mercies of their Marxist instructors. Radicals stepped in and promoted thug life and criminal behavior. Children are taught that the strongest survive and mercy is for the weak.

Next on the hit parade is sexual confusion, where men and boys no longer have a stable role in society. They are encouraged to act like children and get gratification however they can. Men are women… women are men… and then there are the transgenders. Everyone is confused and nothing is sacred anymore. Once again, all by design. Americans are being reduced to slaves and told to follow whatever their selfish desires are at the moment. That it is natural to do so and there is not the black and white of good and evil. Only shades of gray.

As the butchery of abortion is promoted and protected by both sides of the political aisle and by faux Christians, a death cult rises within our society. It is a modern-day sacrificial barbarity that defies morality and logic, but nevertheless is safeguarded. Divorce has been normalized. The one-parent family is beyond common. In fact, we now have families with multiple dads and moms and very confused children. Hooking up is expected and the norm. Homosexual militants have taken over complete sections of society and government and are forcing perversion on the public at large, backed by the Supreme Court.

Those who still believe in doing the right thing are called racist, intolerant, hate mongers. The majority of America is strong and good, but the weave of our culture is being unraveled and frayed quickly. This is how empires fall and the communists know it. It is a coup from within and most don’t even realize we are being destroyed, so we can be reformed by global tyrants.

All Americans should read this book and take it to heart. Time is short and if we do not wish to fall as Rome did and see the finalization of a New World Order, we must act fast to cleanse our government, institutions, schools and daily life of these corrosive Marxists and their agendas. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and it has a cherished spot in my collection.

What You’ll Discover In Death of the Family…

  • In 1935, a genius fled Nazi tyranny for the USA and went on to serve in the OSS. Despite accepting the sanctuary of the USA, he became the most dangerous and influential anti-American, anti-West subvert ever. Discover how his pernicious theories continue to break down society to this day.
  • The “Big Lie” about the sexual revolution and the swinging sixties. See how a world-renowned expert’s “scientific research” fooled America and perverted the entire Western world.
  • Discover how a devastating social experiment conducted by the USSR during the 1920s is being implemented in Western nations today with the same catastrophic effects.
  • The critical major difference between pre-WWII America and post-WWII America and why this dramatic change is tearing families apart and causing malignant social decay.
  • Is this the end of Western civilization as we know it? How this attack on the family is now evolving and moving to the next toxic stage.

About the Author:

Christopher J. Green is an author and investigative journalist who has never been afraid to tell the story as it is. In his latest book: Death of the Family, he exposes how Americans were tricked by charlatans who claimed they were building a more enlightened, progressive society but whose concealed aim was to breakdown America from within.

After three years of research, he uncovers a series of appalling deceptions conducted by people whose duty was to serve and protect. People who ruthlessly undermined the trust of American citizens and stabbed them in the back.

He brings a fresh insight into post-war history in a step-by-step, compelling analysis revealing why America is drifting further away from the principles laid down by the founding fathers.

A story of deception. A story of betrayal. A story of treachery on a scale unprecedented in history. If you believe something is wrong with America and you’re looking for answers then you need to read this extraordinary book.

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