‘Interrupting Whiteness’: National Education Conference to Blame White Teachers and Students for School Woes

Zombie has a new post out that is awesome as always. Here’s a taste:

A major national conference for teachers and school administrators starting on Saturday, October 10, in Baltimore will focus exclusively on race and racism, featuring workshops on “interrupting whiteness” in American schools, the “dominance of White supremacy” in society, “White privilege” enjoyed by Caucasian students, “white domination of thought,” and how to “decenter whiteness.”

The conference, officially titled The National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015, is organized by thePacific Educational Group (PEG), a large and influential consulting firm hired by hundreds of school districts nationwide — often under pressure from the federal government — to address “racial gaps” in scholastic performance and behavior problems in the classroom.

But don’t take my word for it.

Below are excerpts taken from the official program of the upcoming National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015, as well as examples taken from earlier Summits in 2014 and 2011, accompanied by direct screenshots of the text as it appears in the programs. You can confirm this by viewing the official 2015 program itself as uploaded by Pacific Educational Group, as well as pdfs of the 2014 Summit program and the 2011 program still archived at the Summit’s own Web site.

This first example is a prototypical workshop at the National Summit for Courageous Conversation; is this the kind of race-obsessed confrontational philosophy that should be guiding instruction and curricula in the nation’s public schools?

White Privilege, White Responsibility: Deepening Our Commitment as White Allies in the Struggle for Racial Equity in Schools
To achieve racial equity in schools, all educators must be able to identify and communicate where their own personal whiteness plays out in classroom, school, and community systems. Deepen your ability to focus a critical lens on your own whiteness and privilege and see how they impact your life. Through the tenets of Critical Race Theory, analyze how society constructs whiteness as the dominant norm in the U.S. Explore what it means to be a white educator leading for racial equity without perpetuating a system of white dominance.

(Screenshot here.)

Read more here from Zombie… one of the best writers on the web…

13 thoughts on “‘Interrupting Whiteness’: National Education Conference to Blame White Teachers and Students for School Woes

  1. Just like Asians are smarted and outperform whites…same goes for why whites out perform blacks.. Some breeds are smarter then others..just like every other mammal has breeds smarter then others…

  2. Meanwhile while all this is taking place, here in the US, we already pump out the most dumbest graduates out of HS. I received a reply to a suggestion I sent to the Post Office, on their webpage for such things, and I was surprised at the lack of basic grammar contained within the reply from a Government employee. Full of incorrect spellings, and a snarky attitude. So YES, let’s continue to substitute race baiting for a proper grammar school; education.

  3. If you have worked inside the post office system you will find that you don’t even need a high school diploma to be a postmaster. Why are we surprised anymore, stupid people blame others for their stupidity to bring the smart ones down to their level. Using emotional crises….dammnable drama queens is what they are…and we’ve been falling for it…not anymore…

  4. In a garden, there are “weeds” and there are fruit plants…in the U.S. and Europe, the “weeds” are being “fertilized” by the governments.

  5. Do youall ever think the basic problem is that teachers get bored teaching the same old basics every year, so they want to play with every new fad anybody can think of? And kids miss out on math, reading, and history as a result? Maybe if teachers rotated from grade to grade each year they’d be less distractible by this kind of silliness.

  6. In other words, lets blame whitey because the blacks are
    an inferior specie with a low IQ and a propensity for violence..

  7. I am so sick of this right/left paradigm where we are supposed to finding fault with everything. Whiteness is not the problem you racist morons.

    Hey, sorry you Reverse Racist, Democracy is the “Rule By The Majority”, and for now White is the dominant and cultural majority. You People of “color” who are the “Minority” need to get over yourselves. You cannot build yourselves up by cutting the white majority down because you believe that majority is being unresponsive to your needs.

    We have had enough of your whining about what you are not being afforded. You people of color came here to assimilate into OUR CULTURE. If you do not like it then you need to go back to where you came from. AND NO, we don’t have to give in to your whining and sniveling. Being too politically correct would and will make us out to be weak and ineffectual, which of course you would use against us in your striving to be the top dog.

    THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION TO ASSERT ONE RACIAL DESIGNATION OVER ANOTHER. If you are in the minority then accept that. It is not a degradation in being from a smaller economic or racial grouping.

    IE: If you want to be an American, then I suggest that you act like an American and that means supporting all the things Americans hold dear. You came here because of all the things America has to offer, but if you want to change us to resemble your home country, then you will be essentially trying to destroy the very thing you wanted to escape from. While I do not include African Americans in this rant, they also are using their color to try and push their cultural objectives by blaming everything white as the reason that they are still down on the farm or living off government largess.

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  9. Here’s an idea they will approve of if they have not already thought of it. Schools such as those in Baltimore that are blaming white teachers should hire all black teachers. Regardless if the students never attend class, never pass a test (if there are any) simply hand them a HS diploma and send them on their way into a top rated liberal college . They can’t read ? No problem, it’s not their fault, they are victims, pass them anyway, we would not want to offend anyone and be called racist.

  10. Wow, we have to blame the teachers for failing to remember that some breeds cant perform as well as others and then train them how to teach, basically, special needs kids, it would appear.

  11. When you remove Christianity anything goes. And I mean anything. Pretty soon porn will be a requirement for graduation.

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