A Black Patriot Honors His American Dad

By: Lloyd Marcus

American Dad

The Bible promises, “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest.” Folks, I don’t know about you, but I do grow weary. More pundits are acknowledging that Obama is the worst, evil and radial leftist president in U.S. History. My frustration is no one is stopping him from behaving like a lawless banana republic ruler, transforming our once great nation and corrupting the thinking of our youths. God’s promise of reaping a harvest keeps me strong in the battle for the heart and soul of my country.

Borrowing a line from the Dickens novel, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” In the midst of witnessing my America becoming Sodom and Gomorrah, I just completed a wonderful project honoring and preserving the legacy of my 87 year old black dad.

At 87, Dad is as mentally sharp as ever. It occurred to me the importance of preserving Dad on video for future generations. Mom passed 20 years ago. Unfortunately, many of Mom’s grand-kids never experienced her other than in pictures.

Dad sang in gospel quartets as far back as I can remember, but never recorded. So, I wanted to capture Dad singing on a recording. I approached music producer Earl (Luther B) Baker to arrange an upbeat version of the classic, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” for Dad to record along with his five kids (me and my four younger siblings).

Though, I never said it out loud, I was concerned. Was it too late in Dad’s life? At 87, could he still sing? Despite it being his first time recording and his age, Dad delivered a passionate soul-stirring performance in one take.

Dad named our singing group, “Daddy and the Marcus Five.” I proudly present this music video of us performing, “What A Friend We Have in Jesus.” http://bit.ly/1WKNxfZ

The second part of my project honoring Dad was a video taped exclusive interview with Dr Lloyd E. Marcus; capturing a bit of family history, Dad’s character and wisdom. http://bit.ly/1MaZpVp

In the interview, Dad gave the humiliating details of being among a handful of blacks who broke the color barrier in the 1950s to become Baltimore City firefighters. He explains how he won Firefighter of the Year two times. Dad later became Baltimore’s first black paramedic and first black fire department Chaplin.

Keep in mind folks, this was the 1950s in which racism against blacks truly was an issue. And yet, whenever a door opened for blacks, Dad prepared himself, applied and walked through it. This is how he achieved so many firsts; among the first black firefighters, first black paramedic and first black fire department Chaplin. He never sought special concessions or lowered standards due to his race. All Dad asked for was an opportunity to compete.

Dad chuckled while telling me this story. In the late 1950s, an exclusive white country club offered free memberships to Baltimore City firefighters. Dad read about it and showed up with his fire department credentials and two of my younger brothers. Taken aback that dad was black, the club had to admit him. Dad said all the white people got out of the swimming pool when he and my brothers got in. Still, Dad took my brothers to the club regularly. Eventually, whites started swimming with them in the pool. Joining the country club was another example of Dad walking through an opened door.

When Dad first became a Baltimore City firefighter, our family (my parents, four younger siblings and I) was still living on the sixth floor of an 11 store high-rise in the projects (government housing). I was around 9 or 10 years old.

Firefighters were required to wear their uniform to work. Watching Dad prepare to go to work taught me excellence without him saying a word; highly shined shoes, polished brass and a crisp starched shirt with a tie. I remember the pride I felt watching Dad walking through the neighborhood on his way to the firehouse (Engine 6). The image still bring a tear to my eye.

Both the music video and interview with my dad have gotten rave reviews from most of the millennials in my family. I pray that they absorb the valuable lesson of Dad’s remarkable life which is America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. Ignore Democrats and liberal’s lie that white America is out to destroy and murder blacks. Simply prepare yourself, make right decisions and go for your dreams.

Sadly, a handful of millennials in my family remain bewitched with idolatry for Obama. They perceive me as their traitorous Uncle Tom uncle.

Unquestionably, I know I was divinely inspired to produce the music video and interview honoring my dad and preserving his legacy. Thus, I place the impact of both in God’s hands.

God bless,

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American


Bergdahl case: U.S. Army as Obama’s political lapdog? Read more: Family Security Matters

Security Family Matters

Gen. Mark Milley and obama.jpg

On the night of June 30, 2009, then Army Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl went missing. On July 2, 2009, the Pentagon said that Bergdahl had walked off his base in eastern Afghanistan with three Afghan counterparts and was believed to have been taken prisoner. Bergdahl’s commanding officers said that a vigorous, but unsuccessful 45-day search for Bergdahl put soldiers in danger. During his nearly five years as a captive of the Taliban, the Army twice promoted Bergdahl, first to the rank of specialist in June 2010, then to the rank of sergeant in June 2011. On May 31, 2014, Bergdahl was released from captivity in exchange for five senior Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay in a controversial deal negotiated by the Obama Administration.

In June 2014, Major General Kenneth Dahl was assigned to lead the Army’s investigation into the 2009 disappearance and capture of Bergdahl. In August 2014, Dahl interviewed Bergdahl. In December 2014, after a comprehensive legal review, the Dahl investigation was forwarded to a General Courts Martial Convening Authority, Gen. Mark Milley, commanding general of Forces Command.

On March 25, 2015, the Army announced, based on Gen. Milley’s recommendation, that it was charging Bergdahl with misbehavior before the enemy and desertion, carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

On May 13, 2015, Gen. Mark Milley was nominated to be the next Army chief of staff.

In April 2015, an Article 32 hearing of the Bergdahl evidence was scheduled for July 8. 2015. An Article 32 hearing is similar to the civilian evidentiary or probable cause hearing to determine, after a criminal complaint has been filed, whether there is enough evidence to require a trial. In June 2015, at the request of the defense, the Article 32 hearing was postponed until September 17, 2015.

According to one report of the September 17th Article 32 hearing, Army prosecutors presented a very weak case in support of the charges against Bergdahl. They chose not to call any of Bergdahl’s enlisted comrades who had a very different impression of his behavior than the one Bergdahl gave to investigators. Prosecutors also did not call any witnesses to support the argument that the Army lost men trying to recover Bergdahl.

Remarkably, or perhaps not so, the Army has allegedly buried recordings of signals surveillance in Afghanistan from July 1-2, 2009, days after his disappearance, where Taliban are talking on Bergdahl’s own phone saying he wanted to join them and other recordings where the Taliban, on their phones, are talking about Bergdahl trying to join them.

dahl general.jpe

In an even more bizarre twist of events, the investigating officer, Major General Kenneth Dahl, appeared as a defense witness, where he provided exculpatory “psychological” evidence, describing Bergdahl as a confused, poorly adjusted idealist who doesn’t deserve further punishment.

Not surprisingly, the presiding officer of the Article 32 hearing, Lt. Col. Mark Visger has reportedly recommended a special court-martial for Bergdahl, rather than a general court-martial, the former being essentially a military version of a misdemeanor court. The special court martial carries with it a maximum penalty of 12 months of confinement, forfeiture of two-thirds of a service member’s pay for a year, reduction in rank to private and a bad-conduct discharge.

According to Bergdahl’s lawyer, Eugene Fidell, Lt. Col. Visger called for even lighter penalties than that, recommending against both a bad-conduct discharge and confinement, potentially allowing Bergdahl to receive some military benefits after he leaves the Army.

All of this raises some interesting questions.

If Maj. Gen. Dahl did not feel that Bergdahl deserved further punishment, why did Gen. Milley approve such serious charges as desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, instead of recommending leniency? Or, like Obama’s Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl’s parents, was that “bad optics” for Gen. Milley, who would soon appear before the Senate for Chief of Staff confirmation hearings? Did he go with the more serious charges deliberately, with the administration’s subtle blessing, confident that, in the end, the Article 32 would go nowhere?

Some final questions.

Will Bergdahl get less than a slap on the wrist? Will Maj. Gen. Dahl soon get his third star and will Lt. Col. Visger, as quickly, get promoted to full colonel?

Given the disturbing “optics” of the Bergdahl case and the allegations against CENTCOM concerning the manipulation of intelligence, should we now consider the military as nothing more than political operatives of the Obama Administration?

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution “. He receives email at [email protected].


Mounting Terror

Arlene from Israel

It’s not dissipating, folks, but rather getting worse. Not an enormous surprise.

Here, I hope simply to touch on a few points, starting with a correction: In yesterday’s post, where I intended my very first reference to Arafat, I wrote “Abbas” instead. Thanks to all who caught this.  I think everyone understood what I meant to say.


We’re looking at knife attacks. The most recent reported, in Gan Shmuel in the north near Hadera.  The attacker hit one person with his car, and then jumped out and knifed three others, including a 14 year old girl; a 19 year old woman who was stabbed is in critical condition.

And riots – pictured is a clash outside of Beit El two days ago.

A Palestinian protester hurls stones during clashes with Israeli forces outside Beit El, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on October 9, 2015. (Flash90)
Credit: Flash 90


And now a failed car bombing as well: This morning, on the road between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem, a bomb went off in a car driven by a Palestinian Arab woman with Jerusalem residency.  It was originally reported that the bomb went off by mistake.  Now I’m reading an update that says she was approached by police officers and cried “Allahu Akbar” and then detonated the bomb.  In any event, a search of the car revealed other bombs in addition to the one she deliberately detonated.  It is assumed that she was heading for a suicide bombing in central Jerusalem.  She did not die in the explosion but is in critical condition.


I’m seeing some official government attempts to be tougher, all of which are good, but none of which are enough. E.g.:

[] A four year minimum sentence will be imposed on those who throw rocks, fireworks or firebombs; fine may be imposed on minors and their parents.

[] A massive call-up of Border Police is taking place, with 1,300 – 2,000 extra police being deployed in sensitive areas.


The incitement continues, and I am very weary of reports on how Abbas is trying to calm matters down.

Yesterday, Fatah, Abbas’s party, issued flyers celebrating the “martyrs” who had died after attacking Jews.  Note the pictures of Abbas and Arafat.

The flier for terrorist Ishaq Badran.
Credit: YNet


And now Hamas has actively joined.  Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Friday called for “strengthening and increasing the intifada…it is the only path that will lead to liberation.”


Also on Friday, Sheikh Mohammad Abu Rajab, during a sermon in the Al Abrar Mosque in Rafah, Gaza, demonstrated the way to stab a Jew.

Sheikh Mohammad Abu Rajab ajak umat Islam perangi Israel
Credit; syamtodaynews


I am also weary of hearing about how we have to give the Arabs “hope,” which is what the push for negotiations is ostensibly all about.  The catch: every time there have been negotiations, terror has increased, with some of the worst attacks occurring during the Oslo years when (as I wrote yesterday) Israel was making major concessions, including on the division of Jerusalem.  Violence increases when Israel seems weak, and it is aimed at Israel’s destruction.


One of the more troubling and complex elements of this situation is the fact that Israeli Arabs are involved, both in the attacks and in the incitement.  I believe the attacker in Gan Shmuel is an Israeli citizen, for example.

Israeli Arabs – who live with more rights and freedom than any other Arabs in the Middle East – are not participating because they lack “hope.”  There is radicalism within this population, recruitment by Hamas, and more.  Prevalent among the radicals are those of the Islamic Movement of Israel.  This movement should have been declared illegal a long time ago, and Netanyahu is now looking towards taking this action.


Yesterday, there were major riots in the Israeli cities of Ramle and Nazareth.  In Nazareth, 1,500 Arabs took to the street to protest the “occupation.”  What occupation are they referring to?

There are two answers to this.  Either these Arabs identify with the Arabs of the PA. Or…they believe that ALL of Israel, even within the Green Line, is “occupied” because the Arabs should control everything and the Jews should be gone.

See this by Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch (with echoes of my report yesterday, emphasis here added):

”…Along with teaching that Jaffa is Palestine, the PA informs its people of the step-by-step strategy for liberating Jaffa and the rest of Israel from ‘occupation.’ For example, Fatah leader Abbas Zaki, a close associate of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, stated that ‘establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines is being negotiated by the PA because everyone knows that Israel cannot survive in the 1967 lines and will “come to an end.”

’Israel will come to an end. If I say that I want to remove it from existence, this will be great, great – it is hard. This is not a [stated] policy.

’You can’t say it to the world. You can say it to yourself.’ (Al Jazeera TV, September 23, 2011)

The Palestinian population has accepted the message that the leadership’s ultimate goal is to conquer Jaffa, Acre and all of Israel ‘in stages.’ A poll conducted by the Washington Institute last year found that 60 percent of Palestinians believe that the ‘five-year goal should be to work toward reclaiming all of historic Palestine, from the river to the sea.’



And, I ask, without a trace of irony: What do we do when part of the population of Israeli Arabs accepts the PA message and looks forward to the day when Israel will be destroyed?

Dry Bones cartoon: Kirschen, Abbas, terror, PLO,Palestinians,


Interior Minister Silvan Shalom says he will work to revoke the citizenship of Israeli Arabs who are involved in terror.

Interior Minister Silvan Shalom
Credit: Flash 90

It’s a very welcome start. The problem is that this is after the fact.


Nothing is more outrageous, more deeply offensive than those Israeli Arabs who are members of the Knesset, and continue to adhere to an anti-Israel line.  There are several of whom this is true, but the one that stands out is Hanin Zoabi, who has consistently embraced pro-Hamas and anti-Israel rhetoric.

Credit: aljazeera

The other day, Zoabi was cited by Hamas’s official journal as saying:

“Hundreds of thousands of worshipers should go up to Al-Aksa in order to face down an Israeli plot for the blood of the East Jerusalem residents. Today there are actions only by individuals and what is needed is popular support.  If only individual attacks continue without popular support, they will sputter out within a few days. Therefore the outpouring of thousands of our people will make these events a real intifada.”


An enraged Netanyahu ordered a criminal investigation of Zoabi.

The investigation had better lead to criminal charges. She should have been tossed out of the Knesset on her ear a long time ago.


Additionally, MK David Bitan (Likud) is introducing legislation that would levy fines of hundreds of thousands of shekels on MKs who incited to violence.


Two (unconnected) thoughts here, before closing:

The PA is notoriously corrupt. With all the radicalization of the Arab population of PA areas, I have no doubt that a good deal of the anger that is being vented has been generated by that PA corruption, with its failure to provide for the people.  Easier, is it not, to be furious at Israel.


Note that Zoabi was speaking of Al Aksa. At the core of the incitement there continue to be the fallacious charges of Israeli intentions of taking over the Temple Mount.  The goal here is to spark violence that drives the Jews off the Mount.

Note what Zaki, cited above, said about Israel not being able to survive within the ‘67 lines and thus coming to an end if pushed back to those lines. This is the reality behind the incitement regarding the Temple Mount.  They know that Israel would not survive without that ancient historical and religious site of the Jewish people.  Attempts to drive Israel from the Mount are intended as a step towards her destruction.


And tonight’s good news:

“European satellite operator Eutelsat Communications and social media giant Facebook said Monday they are working jointly to deliver satellite broadband Internet to connectivity-hungry sub-Saharan Africa using an Israeli satellite…

“The multi-million dollar AMOS-6 satellite, built by the Israel Aerospace Industries, will be ready for launch in 2016, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”


Credit: Mark Zuckerberg


Will America Welcome Refugee Invaders as Europeans Say NO WAY?

By: Merrill McCarthy


Europe is starting to wise up about the threat of Islam. Unfiltered reports show huge crowds taking to the streets to protest the refugees’ barbaric behavior. Thousands of young, fit, fighting-age men, wearing new athletic shoes, taking “selfies” with the latest mobile phones, still swarm through Europe looking for the best social services network.


Many unwilling hosts are fed-up and want the rape and plunder to stop. The invaders have worn out their welcome.

So, what about the U.S.? Why is it even an open question whether to take in additional Syrian refugees? We have been told our government has no way to vet them; we know that many of the refugees are not even Syrian; and that ISIS is deploying them as fighters who gain entry by blending in with the horde. They are predominantly Muslim men, not the persecuted Christians who are being crucified and beheaded in this cradle of Christianity. And the world stands by, just as they did 100 years ago during the Armenian Genocide, a slaughter that exterminated most of the Armenians living on the earth at that time, dispersing the remainder to anywhere in the world they could find shelter.


What happened to the Armenians and what is happening to Christians today is a product of the teachings of Islam. This is Hijra, a major tenet of Islamic Sharia Law, to go forth and conquer new territories. It is not missionary work. It is total conquest and it happens everywhere there are Muslims.

In places like the U.S. which is separated by oceans, the invaders arrive in the Trojan Horse of the Refugee Resettlement Program. Once here, they latch on to all the benefits of a free society and quickly begin angling and agitating for more. At first, it is just an accommodation for something like a place to pray, and then it becomes a takeover of the host’s place of worship. Look at all the mosques through history that were Christian churches before losing their Christian identity and becoming a place for only Muslim worshipers. It is conquest and takeover, choking out what was there before like an invasive weed smothers other plants in the garden.


Islam, the so called “religion of peace” does not respect the minority rights of others it demands for itself. No, once Muslims are in control they make life unpleasant for those who refuse to convert. They demand extra taxes (Jizyah) from the infidel. They can do this because the religion and state are one. If people don’t like it, they leave or are pushed out, often violently as evidenced by the current persecution of Christians, often leaving property behind to the benefit of those who were the persecutors.

A history refresher course would reveal that Muslims have been on their quest for world domination from their beginnings. They move until they meet push back as they did several times in Europe until the Crusades were finally successful, or even at the time of U.S. founding, when we needed to protect our interests as a sovereign nation. Our Marines were established to defeat the Muslim Barbary Pirates terrorizing the seas and interfering with our citizen’s commerce. If we do not learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it. And maybe that has been the problem in this era of political correctness that has made us willfully blind to the need for self-protection.

We must meet the challenges of Islam head on. We must see it for what it is, a geopolitical movement cloaked in the trappings of religion. We must understand history and refuse to be assuaged by gentle exhortations of peace. Islam uses deceit as a strategic tactic. There are almost as many words to describe categories of lying to gain advantage with infidels as Eskimos have to describe different types of snow. Do not be taken in by words of peace and goodwill. Do not be fooled by ecumenical outreach from the mosques. Muslims make an approach under the guise of religion, but the end-game is always total conquest. Recognize Islam for what it is – a long-range movement that will never rest until it achieves the final goal – complete world domination.