Catholic Church Facilitates Muslim Invasion

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival

Conservative Catholic Vic Biorseth discusses how the Catholic Church has abandoned its traditional teachings and now gets paid by the Obama Administration to bring Muslims into the U.S. and water down America’s Christian heritage. Vic blogs at and has written the book, “Culture = Religion + Politics. Who Are We?”


One thought on “Catholic Church Facilitates Muslim Invasion

  1. HIAS is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and they are lobbying hard against the so-called “Safe Act” that may (or may not) be taken up by the Senate.
    And the zionist World Relief (National Association of Evangelicals) ,are in the top 10 that recieve almost $1,000,000.00 / YR. from the FEDS..Now go and write them a check you anti-Catholic zionists.

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