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On #LoudonClear Tuesday evening, Trevor Loudon and his special guest James Simpson discussed the rampant deception of the “Communist Controlled and extraordinarily well-funded” Black Lives Matter movement.


A comprehensive look at the communist roots of the Black Lives Matter movement has been documented by James Simpson at Accuracy in Media (AIM):

“The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades.”

While the secretive Freedom Road Socialist Organization is the “guiding force” behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Communists everywhere have jumped on the anti-police movement (as previously documented at here and here) as well as by Lee Stranahan.


Revcom (Revolutionary Communist Party) is active in the anti-police movement.

Communists of all stripes love the Black Lives Matter movement, as it is a means to an end. Progressive Labor Party via YouTube

Communists in Ferguson1

Workers World Party

Strategic Movement Makers

The Black Lives Matter movement, like the Occupy Movement, is an example of a Communist movement that connected with well-meaning, but low information Americans, allowing it to have some impact. But the tactic is as old and tired as Marxism.

For example, those paying attention have noticed by now that Rose Hamid was not a Muslim who simply wanted to reach out to non-Muslims to prove that they are “not scary.”

Rose Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth

Rose Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth

In fact, Rose Hamid (and some of her co-conspirators Marty Rosenbluth, Jibril Hough, Lowell Fleming, and Edith Garwood) are strategic movement makers. The Trump disruption event was very “carefully orchestrated,” i.e. a deliberate and planned deception designed to create a movement.

Some of Rose’s friends below:

Edith Garwood creating Holocaust stars with her friends.

Edith Garwood (right) creating the offensive Holocaust appropriation stars with her friends.

Freedom Roads via Facebook

Lowell Fleming did not get the same attention as Rose Hamid, but he was there, with his Holocaust symbol

Lowell Fleming did not get the same attention as Rose Hamid, but he was there, with his Holocaust symbol

Rose Hamid's Friend Jibril Hough became a Muslim after listening to Rap Music

Rose Hamid’s Friend Jibril Hough became a Muslim after listening to Rap Music

Other “Grassroots” Movements (or wannabe movements)

#BlackLivesMatter founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal TometiNelini Stamp (Occupy Wall Street anarchist who popularized the phrase “Hands Up–Don’t Shoot!”), Shannon Watts (Gun Control “accidental activist”), Keely Mullen (who started the failed “Million Student March”), Bree Newsome (the woman who climbed up the pole to remove the Confederate flag in South Carolina), Jennicet Gutiérrez, an (“undocumented transwoman active in the immigration and LGBTQ movements” who challenged Obama at the White House), and many others present themselves as ordinary citizens taking a stand but are actually far-left activists working to destabilize America.

Consider Keely Mullen, who presented herself as a simple university student frustrated with the cost of College.

Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]

Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]

Keely Mullen, however, is a radical left-wing activist and member of the “Socialist Alternative,” a Trotskyist group.

Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]

Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]

Rosa ParksHeman Sweatt, and yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. also fall into this category.

Rose Hamid and Jibril Hough were both raised in America as Christians. Both are left-wing activists who converted to Islam as adults. ALL were trained by hard-core left-wing radicals to ultimately start a revolution.

“Exploiting blacks to promote Marxist revolution is an old tactic,” James Simpson writes.