Bernie Cozies Up to Pooty’s Mouthpiece

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his supporters have been attacking the “corporate media” for not paying enough favorable attention to his “democratic socialist” campaign. But Sanders has his own “alternative media” outlets prepared to give him serious time and attention. They are led by Russia Today (RT), the anti-American propaganda channel funded by Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Just before the Iowa vote, Sanders appeared on air with new RT hire, Ed Schultz, formerly of MSNBC. On his MSNBC show, Schultz had attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin as “Pooty” and said he was violating human rights and arms control treaties. At RT, Schultz ultimately reports back to “Pooty.”

Schultz must have thought he was getting a great exclusive interview for his new Kremlin bosses. But the interview didn’t go quite as Schultz expected because a person suddenly came up to them as they were walking down the street talking for the RT cameras. Schultz didn’t seem upset, but Sanders got noticeably angry that an ordinary citizen would disrupt his interview with Russia Today’s new “progressive” TV personality Ed Schultz. It’s worth watching but here’s the partial transcript:

Schultz: I know you don’t care about the ‘damn emails,’ but the FBI does.

Sanders: (laughing) All right.

(A man interrupts to ask Sanders a question).

Sanders: Excuse me. Excuse me! I’m talking to him. You know, that’s not very nice.

It clearly wasn’t the best way to conduct an interview with the candidate who achieved a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. But at least Sanders was able to fit Schultz into his busy schedule.

Schultz had hosted “The Ed Show” on MSNBC until it was cancelled last year. Bernie Sanders had blasted the cancellation, issuing a statement declaring:

We live in a time when much of the corporate media regards politics as a baseball game or a soap opera. Ed Schultz has treated the American people with respect by focusing on the most important issues impacting their lives. He has talked about income and wealth inequality, high unemployment, low wages, our disastrous trade policies and racism in America.

I am very disappointed that Comcast chose to remove Ed Schultz from its lineup. We need more people who talk about the real issues facing our country, not fewer.

At a time when a handful of large, multi-national corporations own our major media outlets, I hope they will allow voices to be heard from those who dissent from the corporate agenda.

Some in his “progressive” audience had said the cancellation was because Schultz “stood up” to Obama and opposed his trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. MSNBC gave Schultz’s time slot to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.

Whatever the reason for the cancellation, it was somewhat surprising that Schultz ended up on Russia Today. David Rutz of The Washington Free Beacon noted that Schultz did a segment on his show in 2014 blasting Russian President Vladimir Putin as “Pooty,” and saying Putin had a “nasty human rights record” and had “violated a weapons treaty.” He then accused conservatives of excusing or justifying Putin’s bad behavior.

Now, apparently, Schultz wants to put all of this behind him. Forget about the violations of human rights and arms control treaties. For the love of money, in this case Russian rubles, it’s now appropriate to go on Putin’s channel to promote a “progressive” message.

RT is doing all it can to exploit Schultz’s willingness to bow at the altar of Putin. Buzzfeed’s Miriam Elder pointed out that an English translation of the Russian announcement of the hiring called Schultz “one of the most famous journalists of the USA.”

The practice of inflating the image and reputation of an American in this way is standard fare for Soviet/Russian propaganda broadcasts. Prominent Americans appearing on the channel are exploited to give the impression that RT is a legitimate news outlet that attracts top journalistic talent.

Schultz had said, “I am very excited to be joining RT,” adding, “The network is firmly established outside of U.S. corporate media and is not afraid to give a platform to diverse voices, stories and perspectives to its viewers, even if it ruffles some mainstream feathers. I can’t think of a better fit than a news broadcaster that bullishly pursues issues that matter to hardworking Americans.”

Of course, the network is “outside of U.S. corporate media” because it is a state-funded, owned and controlled media organization. Putin is the ultimate boss, as demonstrated by his speech at the RT 10th anniversary gala in Moscow. He took complete credit for RT’s launch.

Attacks on “corporate media” are standard for Sanders as well.

Reviewing a 1997 book by Sanders, Alex Seitz-Wald of MSNBC concluded that Sanders “hates the media,” and that he “reserves almost as much fury for mainstream media as he does for the 1%.” He says Sanders attacks the “big money interests” which “own the media.”

Seitz-Wald added, “In an era before the Internet sparked the proliferation of dozens of new political news outlets, Sanders worried about the consolidation of the press and called on Congress to ‘pass media antitrust legislation today.’” Sanders said that media conglomerates are “one of the greatest crises in American society” and “clearly a serious danger to our fragile democracy.”

But that phrase, “in an era before the Internet sparked the proliferation of dozens of new political news outlets,” demonstrates that Sanders’ claims about “corporate media” are propagandistic and hollow. He has plenty of liberal or progressive media outlets on his side.

How can Sanders continue to bash “corporate media” when there are so many different sources of news and information? It appears that Sanders and Ed Schultz are just looking for an excuse to cozy up to government-funded propaganda channels like RT.

Another staple of the typical Bernie Sanders stump speech is the attack on the “billionaire class.” The attack apparently doesn’t include the top Russian billionaire responsible for RT. A recent BBC show on “Putin’s Secret Riches” estimated the Russian president’s fortune at $40 billion.


Voter Fraud: We See Dead People

By: Lloyd Marcus

It’s true folks. Patriot sister Sharron “Braveheart” Angle has taken on battling voter fraud; sounding the alarm that it is running rampant in America. What good is winning the hearts and minds of voters if we allow Democrats to steal elections?

Sharron suffered the devastation of election corruption when she almost defeated Harry Reid in 2010. Illegals voted for Harry Reid. http://bit.ly/20gXEOX There is evidence that Reid possibly stole the election from Sharron Angle using dead voters, people in prison and illegals. http://bit.ly/1JT2jiM

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” I suspect Sharron’s painful loss has made her a passionate crusader; committed to cleaning up the electoral process.

Remember the Black Panther Party thugs who stood outside the polls armed with clubs? Though charged with voter intimidation, Obama’s DOJ arrogantly and without apology outrageously dropped the charges because the perpetrators were black. Can you believe that folks? Meanwhile, Obama looks down his morally superior nose at us, proclaiming himself a defender of equal justice.

South Carolina’s attorney general found evidence that at least 900 dead people voted in an election. Philadelphia flagged 50,000 duplicate registrations. Voting machines are changing peoples’ votes. A voter was caught registering six times. Meanwhile, Democrats act outraged and seek to shackle and flog Republicans in the public square for suggesting that all Americans must show a photo ID to vote; claiming it is an evil racist Republican plot to disenfranchise black voters. Fearlessly, along with fighting voter fraud, Sharron has a Voter ID initiative. www.sharronangle.com

As an American who happens to be black, I am highly insulted. In essence, Democrats are saying it is too challenging for us poor inferior simpleminded blacks to find our way to the DMV or other places to acquire a photo ID. It frustrates me that fellow black Americans remain blind to the truth that Democrats consistently talk down to them. Presented as compassion and fairness, Democrats always seek to lower expectations and standards for blacks; inferring that we are inferior. But, I digress.

Sharron Angle is leading the charge to stop voter fraud, producing “Not On My Watch”, a 90 minute documentary scheduled for nationwide release in theaters June 2016. http://www.electioncorruption.com/ The documentary will show undeniable evidence of voter fraud and smart ways to stop it. I’m excited folks.

Angle believes her documentary will be an integral part of a win for Constitutional Conservatism in 2016. She believes it will inspire voters to go to the polls and vote and volunteer to be eyes on the process.

True-the-Vote plans to have 1,000,000 trained citizens as poll watchers in place across America on Election Day 2016.

Sharron’s documentary is a grassroots, We the People project folks. She needs your help to git-r-done. Please go to the website and do whatever you can. http://www.electioncorruption.com/

Sharron has an LLC to take big donations that will fund the completion of the documentary with returns on those investments of $20,000 or more.

2 out of 3 American voters are wisely concerned about the serious problem of voter fraud; Democrats stealing the 2016 presidential election. We simply cannot allow that to happen folks. Every America loving voter must proclaim, “Not on my watch!”

Freedom and the integrity of our electoral process are under siege, hanging in the balance. All-hands-on-deck folks. Please, please, please rally behind our brave sister Sharron Angle; leading an army of patriots on her white horse, her sword-of-faith held high in the air while yelling, “Freedom-m-m-m!!!”

This presidential election is about changing the ungodly course that our country is on; crucial to the survival of our founding father’s vision of America. We must not tolerant honest election vote counters saying, “We see dead people.” www.sharronangle.com

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


Resisting blasphemy laws in Egypt: Islam against Islam

By: Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

Islam Buhiery

Islam Buhiery

Egypt’s deep state is a bureaucratic theocracy. This network forms the infrastructure of the official government. It is accountable to the doctrines put forth by the powerful Islamic clerics of Al-Ahzar Institute. The religion of Islam, when merged with the state, can better exert Allah’s powerful hold over the individual. Only then can it fulfill its destiny. While controlling Egypt, Islam’s elite, in turn, have control over its whole world of believers. Their race for world domination begins in Egypt.

Brave Egyptians resisting the system and exposing ideological underpinnings will eventually erode Islam’s backward concepts and entwinement with the state. It can rob power from religionists and lead to the release of followers around the world. Believers can then be inspired to replace blind obedience and fear with individual thinking, free will and assimilation into Western societies – a hopeful scenario.

Dr. Islam Buheiry is one example of only a handful like him around the world. An iconoclast, Dr. Islam Buheiry, evolved out of the climate of dissent that delivered Al-Sisi, the military general, to lead Egyptians out of the Arab Spring. He is an Egyptian intellectual living in Cairo specializing in the study and renewal of Islam for modern times. He spoke out against the religious establishment’s exploitation of ancient texts. He analyzed interpretations by Islam’s top historians and teachers past and present. For this he risked his life. Last month he began a one year prison sentence (often a penalty worse than death) for his offensive opinions. Dr. Islam Buheiry – speaking about Islam in the Egyptian state-sponsored media – is a hero at a time when the West is afraid to even name or discuss Islamic terrorism.

Educated in Britian, Buheiry headed the Islamic Studies Center Foundation at Cairo’s Al Youm Al Sabeh newspaper, a position created just for him, but he went far beyond his role. His research led the way for Islam’s religious enlightenment, which entailed new explanations and revision of sanctified Islamic texts. He was careful to focus on sacred writings (Seerah and Hadethes) outside the Koran or Koranic verses believed to be sealed in heaven. Despite his politically correct approach, he dared to contradict Al-Ahzar Sunni doctrine – interpreted Islamic texts used to manage Muslim followers around the world.

It all started a few years back when Buheiry began a national television program called “With Islam” to examine Muslim Brotherhood (MB) ideology, the strictest version of Islamic Sunni theology. As the Arab Spring Egyptians fought against tyranny, Buheiry questioned bizarre and dangerous “fatwas” — edicts issued by imams justifying MB takeover and Sharia law. None of Buheiry’s religious opponents could find arguments to silence him. In general, religious legalists refuse to engage in open and honest debate where violence has been the acceptable answer. Buheiry rose up in the face of what he knew about the fate of Dr. Faraj Fuda before him, a freethinker who spoke publicly about Islam and was assassinated through edict during the Mubarak regime. In fact, Dr. Islam Buheiry considered Dr. Fuda his teacher.

When Buheiry exposed the religion for its inherent radicalism, he entered into a collision course with the deep state — a stronghold of backward, intolerant state officials, prosecutors and judiciary allying with Al-Azhar religious dictates. Egypt’s legal system dating from the 19th century French occupation has been under siege by Islamic clerics since 1971. The Second Amendment of Egypt’s constitution subjugates all matters to a final ruling by religious scholars and contradicts the remainder of the constitution’s text, which is steeped in the language of freedom and human rights.

The crime of blasphemy, now gaining influence in the West (U.S. H. Res. 569,https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-resolution/569/text), pertains broadly to mentioning, questioning, analyzing, or criticizing the religion of Islam. Egyptians now have a leader and an advocate for the cause to rid Egypt and the world of archaic, draconian laws and severe, inhumane punishments. In only two years’ time, Egypt’s “reformist” president has not only accomplished much to end terrorism but has begun to chip away at the foundations and the system that produces it worldwide.

He did the obvious first. He banned the Muslim Brotherhood organization, removed its members from key government positions, and sent the military to the Gaza border as well as Libya to fight terror. Meanwhile, he addressed the deeper layer; the machine that continues to generate the ideological basis for terror. Like fellow dissidents, Buheiry and Fuda before him, the President puts his life in jeopardy.

When Al-Sisi requested a referendum back in 2013 from the people to fight terrorism, more than 10 million citizens gathered in Tahrir Square to answer yes. Today with this mandate, Al-Sisi has approached Islam’s “doctrinal command center” (Al-Ahzar Institute) to encourage an enlightened transformation of the Islamic message. He has given speeches to Al-Ahzar scholars for the explicit purpose of inviting peace and equality with other faiths in the country. His reasoning has extended to the immense Islamic propaganda network within Egypt spreading through early education textbooks, and he set out to rewrite and eradicate religious brainwashing.

During his tenure, Al-Sisi has made two unprecedented visits to the Orthodox Church during the holiest of times, which Coptic Christians take as genuine outreaches for the promise of equality and religious freedom. With this, he committed the state to rebuild 87 destroyed churches resulting from the most recent Islamic attacks. Importantly, he opened up parliamentary elections to Christian candidates for the first time ever in Egypt, which have only ever been token appointments in the past selected from this minority. All of this makes him dangerous to the establishment.
Al-Sisi’s industriousness is historic. This is anti-Islamic and, in itself, represents a culture clash. It took his government just six months to complete a Suez Canal expansion project, which has proven to Egyptians he means to do what he promises. Like Dr. Buheiry and Dr. Fuda, Al-Sisi, the president, is a true hero and role model. If he were to publicly pardon Dr. Buheiry and memorialize Dr. Fuda for their brave work in this common cause, it would strengthen and build momentum for the progress forged so far in Egypt.


#LoudonClear: Special Guest Manny Roman on Iowa Caucus and Ted Cruz

By: Renee Nal
New Zeal

MannyRoman 2-2-2016-2


On this week’s episode of LoudonClear, Trevor, Sparky and special guest Manny Roman discuss Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s historic win in Iowa. Ted Cruz, who captured the most-ever-recorded votes for any one caucus in the state, was victorious despite a daily pounding from the GOP establishment and the mainstream media.

Roman defied the GOP establishment in December by endorsing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a letter to the Editor published in the Miami Herald.

As reported previously at TrevorLoudon.com,

Roman’s act of defiance led party chief Nelson Diaz, who has worked with Marco Rubio (and even donated to Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz) to call for Roman’s resignation, saying the endorsement “violated a Republican Party of Florida rule that prohibits GOP officers from endorsing one Republican over another.”

Manny Roman wrote an editorial published at Fox News Latino on Monday titled “Ted Cruz will dominate the Hispanic vote.” Roman writes in part:

Ted Cruz has consistently stood with the millions of conservatives who passionately defend the rule of law and understand that a weak immigration system that rewards rule-breakers, does not only threaten our national security, but runs counter to American values. His principled position AGAINST amnesty, unlike that of my home-town senator – Rubio, has not only earned Cruz the respect of millions of Americans, but will also lead to him dominating the Hispanic vote in 2016.

Trevor and Sparky also discussed the “Haka.” Trevor and Sparky promised to do the Haka – in traditional clothes – if Ted Cruz wins the presidency, right at the White House!

Listen to LoudonClear this week and tell your friends!


CNN, NOT Cruz staff, responsible for Ben Carson campaign suspension ‘rumor’

By: Renee Nal
New Zeal


Republican Presidential Candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz


Evidently, a damaging “rumor” that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign started during a Monday broadcast on CNN at around 7:43 pm est, while the Iowa caucus was in full swing. The “rumor” led to Cruz campaign staffers informing their precinct captains that they should urge caucus-goers to vote for Ted Cruz.

The Cruz camp, along with many other media sources had the same impression.

Consider this article at Business Insider, which still has the original link:

Ben Carson suspension1

The article, written by Pamela Engel, explains in an updated version:

Ben Carson’s campaign on Monday night released a statement denying that the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to Carson’s communication director, Larry Ross, the statement cited “false media reports,” not overly ambitious Cruz campaign workers:

Contrary to false media reports, Dr. Ben Carson is not suspending his presidential campaign, which is stronger than ever. After spending 18 consecutive days on the campaign trail, Dr. Carson needs to go home and get a fresh set of clothes. He will be departing Des Moines later tonight to avoid the snow storm and will be back on the trail Wednesday…

Some media sources and others clearly had the impression that Carson was suspending his campaign:

Which led to:

Note the times on the above tweets.

Assuming that Carson was indeed suspending his campaign, Rep. Steve King clearly meant no malice when he tweeted:

Ted Cruz said in a statement that “when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina,” his campaign “updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story.” He conceded, however, that what the Cruz team “then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.”

Basically, the Cruz team should have known better than to trust the media.

On Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Steve King tweeted:

The following tweet pointed out by Rep. Steve King illustrates that CNN was giving a very real impression to viewers that Carson was on shaky grounds.

and there was also this:

CNN completely denied that they had anything to do with what appears to be their own massive gaffe:

Cruz said in a statement Tuesday that his campaign staff saw a CNN report that Carson was dropping out, although CNN had not characterized Carson’s actions that way.

The link in the above quote returns the reader to the same article in which they were reading, which is either an error or a deliberate deception.

Astoundingly but not surprisingly, CNN and many others have poured fuel on the fire by instigating Dr. Carson into placing blame on Cruz. In a segment with Jake Tapper titled “Carson demands Cruz fire staffers involved in ‘dirty trick,'” a caption that seems to have been penned by a fourth grader laments:

“Dr. Ben Carson demands Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign take responsibility and fire tstaffers [sic] who told Iowa voters Carson was dropping out of the race.”

It appears that it was actually CNN that “told Iowa voters Carson was dropping out of the race.”

UPDATE: Several readers/tweeters have pointed out this excellent article at Politistick, which makes the case that the Rubio campaign was not only aware of the “rumor,” but “pushing the narrative hard.” If this is true, Marco Rubio’s outrage aimed at Cruz is wholly disingenuous.

Conrad Close Tweet 1

UPDATE II: An adult in the room (thanks to ):

Update III: Steve Berman at The Resurgent digs a bit deeper and makes an observation:

“Had Cruz dodged the issue, become defensive, or attempted a cover-up, I’d be upset with him. But he didn’t do any of that. It was a straightforward apology for mishandling a communication issue. There’s no evidence that the Cruz campaign planted the story about Carson’s break.”

Update IV: SooperMexican points out at therightscoop that Bill O’Reilly “asked [Ben Carson] some really good questions” about the rumor, which seems to have started with CNN. Carson “didn’t really answer the question.”


Updated V: Shocker, Donald Trump is unhinged. He would make a great president, right?

Trump Twitter1


From Buzzfeed on Monday night in an article titled “Ben Carson Isn’t Quitting His Campaign — He’s Just Going To Florida To Do Laundry,” – references to “conflicting reports” about the status of Carson’s campaign from interview with Carson’s “business manager and adviser Armstrong Williams” (who is one of the tweets from above) and a reference to “supporters of rival candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul:”

“There have been conflicting reports over past hours about why Carson — whose stock has plummeted in recent months as a candidate, and whose campaign has burned through millions of dollars as top officials have quit — was leaving Iowa.

Some reported that Carson was going home to rest and would not travel to New Hampshire and South Carolina, while others suggested he was going home to beat a storm and would maintain his campaign schedule.


Williams told BuzzFeed News that Carson’s schedule will not change, and claimed that the trip home was always planned. He emphasized that Carson was “absolutely not” dropping out of the presidential race. “Are you kidding me?” he said to the question.

Williams further argued that reports and rumors that Carson had changed his schedule or was behaving unusually were being fueled by supporters of rival candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.”


Conservative Review points out that Rush Limbaugh said that the “rumors of Ben Carson dropping out on Monday were actively encouraged by the Rubio campaign.”



UPDATE IX: According to this CONFIRMED Carson promotional email, Carson states that CNN “led people to believe I was leaving the race…” No mention of Ted Cruz.

Alleged Carson Mailer