Patriots, Meet Chris

By: Lloyd Marcus


Several young people were standing in line waiting to get into the Ted Cruz rally in Carson City, Nevada. I approached one of them. “Excuse me. Sanders attracts millennials. What made you choose Cruz?” Chris said he really likes Cruz’s respect for the Constitution. Chris went on to say he disagrees with Sanders’ free tuition proposal. Chris said he works and does not want government taking huge chunks of his money to pay for people who neither want or deserve to go to college. Chris has plans for college. He also said he is not looking for free stuff from the government.

Folks, talk about refreshing. My mind was filled with questions. How did Chris escape liberal indoctrination? Where was he educated? What does his parents do for a living? However, the line began moving as people filed into the hall.

Allowing liberal indoctrination to dominate public education and our culture has really infected the thinking of many Americans. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of Democrats think Socialism would be great for America. http://bit.ly/1UlOYlx Socialism is horse hockey folks; mediocrity spread equally. Real fairness, prosperity, individual liberty and true compassion resides in Capitalism. http://bit.ly/1oHgC0m

This is yet another reason why America desperately needs Ted Cruz; a bold true believer and outspoken advocate of Conservatism. http://bit.ly/1WIRell

Chris is a breath of fresh air; hope for our country’s future.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Birthday Edition

The Watcher’s Council


George Washington’s birthday was February 22nd, 1732. His birthday used to be celebrated as a special day, separate and unique to him, as befitted the man who was the Father of our country. Nowadays, he’s lumped in with all the others in something called ‘President’s Day’ while lesser men have special days of their own. I have never quite gotten used to that ingratitude.

Our Revolution was unique in that it was not class based, but anchored on the simple principle that Americans were entitled to G-d given rights and liberties as free men, not mere subjects of a foreign crown. Contrary to popular belief, there was not universal support in the American Colonies for that position.

George Washington was a man of wealth and property in what was then considered middle age. He could have chosen to sit things out, as many others in his position did. Instead, like the other Founders, he chose to risk his life, fortune and sacred honor to join in what then must have seemed a lost cause, sheer fantasy, the idea that a hastily mustered and ill-financed colonial army could win a war against a major world power.

Had the fortunes of war gone against him and the Rebellion put down, George Washington, along with the other Founders knew full well he would have been hung as a traitor to the British Crown. He didn’t hesitate to risk everything for what he thought was right.

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WATCH: Trump tells YUGE lie about position on federal land (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal


Donald Trump via National Review

“I happen to be one who cheers and supports the Sagebrush Rebellion. Count me in as a rebel.” – Ronald Reagan, 1980

The unconstitutional land grab predominantly in the west by the federal government goes against everything that the founding fathers wanted to achieve with the American experiment. An effort from the 1970’s and 80’s to return the land to the states called the Sagebrush Rebellion was very much justified and Ronald Reagan even claimed himself to be a rebel.

Last year, in an article titled “The Republican war on parks,” MSNBC slammed Ted Cruz for his amendment “that would cap federal land ownership, and transfer any excess land to state taxpayers.” Donald Trump, who has taken fire for his own abuse of land in the form of unconstitutional use of eminent domain, does not trust the states to be stewards of their own land, as revealed at The Right Scoop.

Here is the relevant portion of an interview from Field & Stream from just last month:

Anthony Licata: “I’d like to talk about public land. Seventy percent of hunters in the West hunt on public lands managed by the federal government. Right now, there’s a lot of discussion about the federal government transferring those lands to states and the divesting of that land. Is that something you would support as President?”

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