WATCH: How many more red flags do you Trumpsters need? (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Breitbart Trump

Of front-runner Donald Trump, Breitbart said “of course” Trump is “not a conservative” and stated that unless conservatives “learn how to play the media,” America will end up voting for “a celebrity candidate.” Photo via YouTube Screenshot

After almost a century of consistent and ongoing attacks to limited government as envisioned by America’s founding fathers, perhaps it is no surprise that Americans no longer look to the Constitution for answers. Because if Americans did value separation of powers and self-governance, Donald Trump would not be the front-runner for the Republican party.

After toying with the idea for many years, Donald Trump finally jumped headfirst into the presidential race as a candidate for the Republican party. At first, this author wrote several articles defending the Donald from the usual mainstream media attacks (see here and here for just two examples) but as time went on, several things started to become clear.

As Conservative icon Andrew Breitbart – who endorsed Ted Cruz just weeks before he met his tragic and untimely death – observed, “a potential Donald Trump candidacy is a bad sign for America.”


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