Wait for the Meaningless Platitudes in the Aftermath of the Latest Terrorist Attack

By: Chris Knowles

Belgian Tower 640

Above: Solutions to terror? Eiffel Tower to be lit up in colours of Belgian Flag. What a relief!

Some people will say this latest attack is unbelievable, and will be asking questions such as why us? The usual platitudes and meaningless twaddle will be doing the rounds. Once the dust has settled the usual media talking heads will be wheeled out, disseminating disinformation and blaming the West.

The reality is that this latest attack is not unbelievable. This despicable act of terror is believable, inevitable and predictable. Western leaders just don’t get it! The way things are going there will end up being a Europe-wide intifada and the foolish and inept political leaders will still be scratching their stupid heads.

In his latest platitude, France’s fool in charge Francois Hollande has declared: ‘The fight against terror will be long’. Platitude aside, he’s got that completely wrong. Even if we accept that we are at war with terror, a tactic, the war we’re in will not be long. Thanks to the policies of people like Hollande and his ilk, and his EU, the war will be short and it unfortunately will bring down the Western World just as its perpetrators and enablers intend!

The best situation would be for the entire political class to step down and shut up – they are the problem and not the solution. Their policies have been tried and they have failed in spctacular fashion. Unfortunately, in their arrogance they will blame others for their failure to protect their citizens. Then they’ll get back to business as usual and continue their efforts to dismantle our remaining defences.

But don’t get too unsettled there is still cause for optimism and hope (not!) – at least the Eiffel Tower is going to get decked out in the Belgian Flag! Of course such a token gesture will be about as effective as the “Je Suis Charlie” nonsense that followed the Paris attacks. I suppose such “solutions” are what comes with having PR men like Cameron at the helm in places like the UK. Perhaps he is already advising the Belgian leadership on its response. Spin always trumps substance in politics and the media these days!

It seems that we now live in the age of avoidable tragedy!

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