Former Media Power Player Sounds Alarm Over Vaccines

By: Cliff Kincaid – Accuracy in Media

Conservatives are frequently accused of being beholden to big corporations. But on the matter of mandatory, and sometimes risky, vaccines, it’s the liberals and the left-wingers who come down on the side of the drug companies, known as Big Pharma. They want government to force parents to have their infants injected with potentially dangerous vaccines that may be linked to the developmental disorder known as autism.

Autism was once a rare disorder but is now so common that most people know someone with an affected child. Many parents with autistic children have concluded that government policy dictating that every child get 69 doses of 16 vaccines, some with controversial chemical ingredients, is a factor in the rise of autism.

One of the important voices in this controversy is Bob Wright, whose new book,The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks, is getting some important press attention. He ran NBC Universal for more than 20 years and started the organization Autism Speaks, after his first grandchild was diagnosed with autism back in 2004. In his book, he says that President Obama’s key adviser, Valerie Jarrett, killed a proposal to improve the safety of vaccines, so that parental fears about the link between vaccines and autism could be addressed.

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Calling Col. Rob Maness: America Desperately Needs You!

By: Lloyd Marcus

Rob Maness

With the extraordinary Cruz vs Trump battle for the GOP presidential nomination sucking up all of the political oxygen, it is easy to miss that awesome conservative retired Air Force Col Rob Maness is running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana.

Folks, please allow me to cut to the chase. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket fueled by GOP cowardice and an entire Democrat party hijacked by anti-American zealots. The only way we stop the horrific effects of Obama’s insanity and corruption in both parties is to send rock-solid conservatives we can trust to Washington; candidates with backbones-of-steel who refuse to go-a-long to get-a-long.

Speaking of backbone, Maness’s military awards and combat decorations include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and Air Medal. I am pretty sure Maness will not be intimidated by RINOs, metro-sexual democrats or Obama bureaucratic henchmen in DC. Maness is like an oak tree firmly and deeply rooted in the rich fertile soil of his Christian faith.

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2,000 ‘Ticking Time Bombs’ in U.S. – and Counting

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Wednesday April 6th 6 PM EASTERN

Leo Hohmann, WND News Editor


will be interviewed by John McCulloch on:



Hohmann’s article exposes that a new American mosque opens every week and many preach jihad.

Experts on Islamic terrorism are calling the estimated 2,500 to 3,100 mosques in America “ticking time bombs.”

Dr. Mark Christian, president and founder of the Global Faith Institute, which seeks to educate Americans about the true nature of mainstream Islam, says about 80 percent of the roughly 2,800 U.S. mosques are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose stated goal is to bring the nations into compliance with Shariah law.

Dr Christian: “The more they [those living lives of sin according to Shariah] go to mosque, the more they find out that salvation does not come except by spilling their own blood for the cause of Islam. The fact is we are in a religious war whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not.”

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FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz responds to ‘globalist’ smear (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Ted Cruz responds strongly to 'globalist' smear (screenshot)

Ted Cruz responds strongly to ‘globalist’ smear (screenshot)

“The candidate’s assertion that CFR is working to undermine U.S. sovereignty is factually wrong. The accusation is ludicrous…” – CFR Vice President Lisa Shields criticizing Ted Cruz in 2011

Before and after becoming Senator, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz repeatedly, unapologetically and aggressively defended the sovereignty of the United States. Whether he was loudly denouncing Agenda 21 or taking on Obamacare, Global Warming alarmism (also here), Operation Choke Point or the Gang of 8, Cruz’s defense of limited government and United States sovereignty has remained consistent and steady well before he was elected to the Senate.

Ted Cruz grills Justice Department for targeting gun owners with ‘Operation Choke Point’ via TruthandAction.org

Ted Cruz grills Justice Department for targeting gun owners with ‘Operation Choke Point’ via TruthandAction.org

Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court on nine different occasions. One case in particular, Medellín v. Texas, had Cruz battling directly with then-President George W. Bush, who believed that illegal immigrants who raped and murdered two young teenagers should have the chance to appeal their case in the world court. Cruz did not agree and he won the case, ensuring justice for the families of the victims and reaffirming U.S. sovereignty.

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