Oops: Donald Trump mistakenly touts poll showing that Cruz is gaining on him

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal


Image via Breitbart

On Saturday, Donald Trump re-tweeted Twitter user @AshleyEdam claiming that a CBS Poll showed Trump was starting to gain Cruz supporters. Of course, like our friend @umpire43 (see here, here, here), Ashley turns out to be spreading completely false information as the poll showed the exact opposite: Trump is LOSING support to Cruz.

As reported at CBS News on Thursday, Trump’s “margin over Cruz has decreased.” In one short month, “Trump’s lead over Cruz was 20 points, but now it’s dropped to 13 points…”

Here is the original Tweet:

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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Socialists and Muslims turn Paris into a war zone (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Paris Migrants

Migrant Battle at Stalingrad (YouTube Screenshot)

It all happened on April 14, just two days ago in Paris. Between the destructive force of socialists and migrants, the once-beautiful city appears to be doomed if nothing changes. A brutal battle among migrant groups was caught on film by terrified residents, while on the same day students and workers led by labor unions continued their ongoing battle against extremely limited labor reforms proposed by the socialist government, leading to violence and arrests (see below for video).

On the same day migrants war in Paris, violent socialists hurl chair at riot police. (YouTube screenshot)

On the same day migrants war in Paris, violent socialists hurl chair at riot police. (YouTube screenshot)


Afghan, Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese gangs of migrants went to war with one another, attacked the riot police who were called on the scene, terrified residents and additionally trashed the Stalingrad Metro in Paris on Thursday.

The “running battles were filmed by horrified locals,” as reported at the UK-based Sun.

A drunk man “who is thought to have thrown the first missile” was arrested, as reported at the UK-based Daily Mail, who further reported that “almost 1,000 migrants” have come to this area in the past several weeks. When police have cleared out their camps, evidently the invaders return.

Police were “pelted with bottles and debris when the arrived at the scene” when they arrived.

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Boris Johnson Addresses Vote Leave Campaign in Leeds

By: Chris Knowles

Boris Johnson addressing the Vote Leave campaign earlier today in Leeds.

Above: Boris Johnson addressing the Vote Leave campaign earlier today in Leeds.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds provided the bold back drop for Boris Johnson’s address to Yorkshire’s leave campaign. He addressed a packed audience of people from different political backgrounds but with one aim, to help ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union following the Referendum on 23 June. The speech was inspiring, it was witty, but it was on a very serious and important subject.

The speech had a significant focus on restoring something that Britain has lost since it has been a member of the EU – namely, democracy. He put forward an outward looking international vision for a Britain outside the confines of the EU.

I intended to broadcast his speech via Periscope but there were some technical problems. However I still managed to record the bulk of his speech and this can be seen below:

This 24 June we will celebrate our British Independence Day:

Bring an end to EU tyranny and antidemocratic vice – make sure you Vote Leave so you can celebrate your independence and freedom on 24 June and for every year thereafter!