Trump: America First, Foreign Policy Presentation

By: Denise Simon | FoundersCode.com


Good for Donald Trump, America should be first when it comes to policy and diplomacy. Applause to the Donald for that standard. Well said.

Tell us again how to pronounce Tanzania or San Bernardino.

What was not said however is disturbing for those who have a keen interest in foreign policy. Of particular note, the Ambassador of Russia was sitting on the front row. Perhaps this is but one reason, Trump never mentioned Russia or Vladimir Putin.

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Trevor Loudon heartily endorses Brooke McGowan for Oklahoma Senate District 17

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Brooke McGowan

Brooke McGowan

Dedicated constitutional conservative Brooke McGowan is known to the gang at TrevorLoudon.com for, among her many good works in the fight for liberty, her vocal opposition the inexplicable Freedom Caucus support of Paul Ryan for Speaker. McGowan was on the right side of history then, and as a principled conservative, she will fight tooth and nail for the restoration of the Constitution as intended by America’s founding fathers.

Trevor Loudon is “thrilled” to hear that such a dedicated conservative is throwing her hat in the ring to represent Oklahoma Senate District 17!

Spread the word and support Brooke in any way you can!!

Here is Brooke’s press release:

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Welcome to the Triggering! Steven Crowder Spanks ‘Social Justice Warriors’ in 5-Minute Reality Check [VIDEO]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Have I said lately how much I adore Steven Crowder? The guy rocks… and he did not disappoint at the University of Massachusetts. He had just gotten up on stage when some social justice warrior started flipping him off and hurling obscenities at him. That led to a five-minute rant that trout smacked the heck out these offended idiots.

Crowder just wanted to tell some jokes… he’s a comedian and he’s actually funny. But unfortunately for the moron who attacked him, he also has a wicked wit. He was appearing with Milo Yiannopoulos who was also on the receiving end of protesting feminists later on in the event. Also on stage was professor Christina Marie Hoff Sommers. The jokes went out the window when Crowder was interrupted and his rant was flaming spectacular! Talk about a reality check and a humdinger of a one at that.

Steven Crowder

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