Why #NeverTrump must stand strong! It’s all about the leverage Mr. Trump

PoliticsTwo urgent tasks loom for patriots. Stop communist Hillary Clinton (or the more likely and equally dangerous Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket) and save the US Constitution. How can #NeverTrump help achieve those goals.

First we must stand strong and support each other in our support for the Constitution, and our opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

If we cave now, we give up the one thing we still have left – LEVERAGE.

Donald Trump needs to know that at least 20% of the GOP base is militantly opposed to his candidacy. He needs to know that a big chunk of his potential vote is going to write-in Ted Cruz, vote Libertarian, stay home or work on saving the GOP Senate majority which many of us fear Mr. Trump will destroy. He needs to fear in his bones that if we stand firm it will likely cost him the Presidency.

If Donald Trump knows one thing – it’s making deals. If we all pile in behind Trump now, he doesn’t have to give us a damn thing. We’ve surrendered our leverage. He can take us for granted.

If we hold strong and Election Day is getting closer and the polls are tight, he will make an offer… or several offers.

So far, Trump has shown he knows he needs us. He gave us a very good slate of possible Supreme Court nominees. Full credit for that Mr. Trump. That was a good first step.

The problem Mr. Trump has, especially with Ted Cruz supporters, is CREDIBILITY. We like some of what he says. We just just don’t believe for a moment he’ll do the good stuff, (like seal the borders) and we are terrified he’ll do heaps of dumb, even dangerous stuff.

So, the next step Mr. Trump, is to name your VP pick ASAP and make sure he or she has waaaaaay better conservative credentials than you have. A Supreme Court nominee list can be thrown in the trash can; a good VP pick is much more confidence inspiring.

Then you’d be smart to name your Cabinet and campaign across this country as a team. This would make the MSM totally meltdown. Imagine the enthusiasm you could generate Mr. Trump.

Name Rand Paul as your preferred Secretary of the Treasury. Let him do what ever he damn well likes to the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy – abolish the Department. “Drill baby drill.” Drill in your backyard if you want to. Senator Mike Lee, Secretary of the Interior – return the unconstitutional “Federal Lands” back to the states, so they can mine them and farm them for the benefit of their people. Senator Sessions – Homeland Security. Seal that border once and for all Senator. Tighten up immigration and visa abuse. Stop Obama’s enabling program for ISIS and al Qaeda. Ben Carson, Health and Human Services. End the welfare culture Mr. Carson. Restore dignity to America’s communities. We need to end Common Core. Abolish the department of Education. Restore control of education to the states and counties, to the school boards, churches and the homeschoolers –  Governor Bobby Jindal for Secretary of Education. John Bolton, Secretary of State. Your job, Ambassador Bolton, is to “flip the bird” to “there is no such thing as a former KGB man” Putin and the Ayotollahs, and to rebuild the Western Alliance. Then, of extreme importance, Ambassador to the United Nations….no one, EVER.

You do do that Mr. Trump and you’ll win over a big chunk of the waverers. I believe that even many of the #NeverTrumpers will come to your aid. IF YOU GIVE US WHAT WE KNOW THIS COUNTRY NEEDS.

Many of us have lost our enthusiasm for this election after Ted Cruz dropped out. If you want our support, you need to give us lots of RED MEAT.

This standoff could develop into a very dangerous game of chicken Mr. Trump. One that could destroy this country by giving the Democrats the White House forever. Mitt Romney lost in 2012 by 2,500,000 votes. How will there ever be another Republican President if Hillary or Uncle Joe is allowed to “amnesty” eight to 20 million “undocumented Democrats”?

So, do the right thing Mr. Trump. Give the conservative base everything it wants. It’s your only chance of victory and it could be America’s ONLY chance for survival.

3 thoughts on “Why #NeverTrump must stand strong! It’s all about the leverage Mr. Trump

  1. Where was all your anger towards the incumbent politicians who never did squat for the conservatives of this country? What good did a majority do for the last few years? They squandered it. And now you have the unmitigated gall to try to negotiate with Trump? You’ll really be in a great place if Hillary wins. Bunch of idiots!

  2. As hard as I try, and I HAVE and KEEP trying, I can’t find a meaningful reason to distrust Trump. Because he is crass? Because he speaks his mind against liberals and conservatives (especially wannabe conservatives) alike? We are voting on a President, and not a Sunday school teacher. Personally, I like he is tough and speaks his mind. We haven’t seen anyone do that since Reagan. His ego, crassness, etc., are no worse than the sins of the politicians (virtually all of them) that stand up and lie to our faces, including Ted Cruz who lied so much during the campaign it sickened me and he was my original choice going into the campaign season.
    This doesn’t mean don’t be skeptical. Of course we should…of every and all candidates. But please, be real. It is always a good sign when the communists are protesting you, when the RINO’s don’t want you, when the liberal media laughs and scorns you….then you probably are going to shake up their neat and tidy Progressive world.
    But to expect Cruz to name Sarah Palin ANYTHING before the election, or show who he wants in his cabinet is full hardy if he wants to bring in some of the Bernie supporters and reach other democrats who are on the fence. Same thing with no going fully against Planned Parenthood. Don’t totally alienate those people. This is called being shrewd. He shouldn’t have to pander to conservatives. His list of Supreme Court Justices he would consider should be enough.

  3. One more thing…LOL…to respond to the articles final sentence: “So, do the right thing Mr. Trump. Give the conservative base everything it wants. It’s your only chance of victory and it could be America’s ONLY chance for survival.” Therein lies the a big problem with the #NeverTrump crowd. Giving the conservative base everything they want is no guarantee of victory. Conservatives that have been paying attention ought to know that the DEM’s organize better that the GOP and cheat and steal much better. We need a landslide to take the executive branch back, because then it is much harder for them to cheat at the ballot box as they did in 2012 and 2008.
    Conservatives got behind Romney….and look where that got us.

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