By: CairoGrady


Many of us have seen a video of the man, albeit a candidate for the Brevard School Board, use the words “erect penis” in a Brevard school board meeting about LGBT issues and what is occurring inside the Brevard County School System. Considering the subject matter, it would seem that an appropriate medical term would be the least of issues causing a disturbance, … that is unless they have reason to be ultra-sensitive and defensive.

The media has since, in many cases, made Dean Paterakis seem “inappropriate” and categorically overlooked the actual issues he was bringing to the surface and the shock value of his language, (which should be protected by free speech), has indeed now drawn attention to the systemic issues afflicting the Brevard Public School system. Public support seems to exist, as well, as it was seen and emphasized by the chant of the crowd telling the school board to, “let him speak”. Mr. Paterakis seems to have hit the nail on the head, to the displeasure of the school board, and his viral arrest video has begun to now unravel and expose the systemic issues plaguing the Brevard Public School system, which are numerous and appalling.

In the past year, teacher morale in Brevard has dropped to a dark low. A FLORIDA TODAY article published August 10th, 2015, for example, is titled, Brevard teachers leave in droves for other jobs. Teachers cited low morale as their main concern about teaching there. It goes on to state that four pages worth of resignations, consisting of 73 teacher resignations and 80 retirements, was on just one school board agenda. 368 other teachers voluntarily resigned that year and 365 resigned or retired in the 2014-2015 school year at the time of the article. Furthermore, the article exposes that 1,196 teachers have resigned over the past six years and 839 more retired. That is approximately 42% of the entire Brevard Public School system teacher population total number that has turned over in the past six years. What is even more appalling is what is occurring within the school system. Prepare yourself.

Teacher abuse and sex issues have run rampant in the system and in ways that are deeply disturbing. There is a dangerous situation occurring and the Air Force veteran and school board candidate is simply advocating for the protection, well-being and safety of the children within the Brevard School System. His arrest, when examined, brings great credit upon his service and the arrest should be investigated as it seems to have violated his free speech and where law enforcement is now seen as bullying the population at the direction of the School Board, since Mr. Paterakis was bringing up legitimate issues. This seems to confirm Denise Coye’s statement when running for office where she stated, “There seems to be a bully mentality that also exist when we as a community bring our concerns to the district level and even the school level. This has to stop. We have to work as a community and for the best interest of all. We can’t keep on this destructive path and continue to lose some of our most valuable dedicated teachers. I will make it my mission to work on this the first day – I want every parent – teacher and student to have a voice; but not just a voice I want them to be heard and listened to. I want their concerns addressed without the fear of retaliation or the like.”

While those outside of the Brevard Public School system know little about Dean Paterakis, the candidate that is gaining national spotlight, in the minds of many, his actions, in light of the circumstances can be seen as heroic, a sort-of modern day MLK, who was arrested for standing up against injustice; just in this case, not for racism, but for the safety of all children in the Brevard Public School system, which would seem to align with the Superintendent’s presentation concerning ensuring the success of all students.

In the viral video, for example, he exposes that a teacher exposed his “erect penis” to students in the classroom via a picture from his phone that was plastered momentarily on the wall. Reportedly, this teacher, who was “horrified” from the accidental incident was placed on administrative leave, but not fired. This seems to fly in the face of Title IX rules that restrict those who commit potential sexual crimes in public education from being in the vicinity of those students affected, but maybe this is all part of the Superintendent’s agenda of social justice and advancing “equity”, as he has openly stated the following:

“We have a social, emotional, cultural, equity agenda for this system called Brevard Public Schools,” Blackburn said regarding the diversity challenges facing BPS.”

The question that arises is what about the equity of the children being put in compromised positions?

Evidently, in this backwards world in which we live, in Brevard Public Schools you can be arrested for saying, “erect penis” in a school board meeting, but if you plaster your erect “male genitalia” using the overhead projector onto the classroom wall in a class full of young students, you only have to have a voluntary 10-day suspension without pay and have your salary frozen from a pay raise that year, only to return to work as a permanent substitute teacher for the remainder of the year. This is in spite of the written rebuke citing the “egregious and repetitious nature of this issue”… but what made it “repetitious”? Was it just the number of students present in the classroom or have there been past issues? (See link for the rebuke: The legal penalty, however, could have been up to a year for each count (one per student present and exposed), if he had been charged and convicted, and a potential Title IX liability issue for the school if the school failed to meet its requirements under the law as 1997 Title IX guidance from the U.S. Department of Education specifically states that nudity on walls and indecent exposure can merit valid sexual harassment claims when examining the legal references included on the guidance, so Title IX should have been potentially at play in the case that was brought up to the school board only for the one bringing it up to be hauled off in an attempt to silence him.


It has been stated that the exposure was accidental, but the penalty issued, when compared to what happened to a candidate for school board who was advocating for the protection of children in the Brevard system, as compared to someone who endangered the minds of children versus those seeking to protect them, seems to give credence to the school board candidate while putting the Brevard school system on the defense, which, considering potential free speech violations, may have exposed the school system to a potential lawsuit, backed by a mountain of evidence.

When you look at other cases in Brevard, though, you will soon find that there is an even wider and more systemic problem, to include a laundry list of past cases. These include:

Teacher/Coach Jason John Birchfield, 45, arrested for Child Abuse: In this case, a female child aged 13 was made to drink vodka and undress for multiple individuals on three occasions. He watched as the girl was forced to drink alcohol and stand around naked for hours while subsequently failing to report it to authorities. Video was recovered of the girl, as well. &

Attorney Friend of John Birchfield: Joseph Pallante, III and his wife, Teya, arrested in connection with the Birchfield incident. The attorney in Brevard County was also a little league coach and past sheriff’s deputy, also in Brevard County. There were 62 counts against him. Police records indicate the abuse started at age 10 and that he would throw the child around the room if the child refused. Police Records also state that the 14 year-old and a 7 year-old consumed beer, wine and schnapps. &

Assistant Football Coach Kevin Verpaele was charged with soliciting a minor for sex and computer pornography: In this case, he was asking for a sexual act and making arrangements to meet with the minor. He was busted in a sting.

Alysia Flynn (“Football Mom”) was arrested, charged and convicted after a judge overheard a teenage conversation at a football game. She was a former cop in charge of booking in Cocoa Beach and was arrested on 97 counts with one student and an additional 3 counts from two other students in Brevard County. &

Brevard County Youth Basketball Coach David Wayne Wright: Arrested in Texas while trying to flee to Mexico and was awaiting extradition back to Brevard County. He frequently hosted sleepovers for his team and friends of his children. He was arrested on a warrant for lewd and lascivious molestation.

Previously arrested in Brevard County: East Ridge High School (Lake County) History & Cross Country Teacher Marshall Zev Jungreis – Marshall had four previous arrests in Brevard County and had an incident in 2010 where he was fired from a track coaching job. In Brevard County he was arrested for unlawful possession of alcohol by a minor and marijuana possession, which seems to be a theme in these arrests. &

Tampa Cross Country & Track coach arrested for having sex in a Brevard County hotel: Dwight Lamont Smith – Multiple sexual events occurred that involved a hotel during a track & cross country meet in Brevard County.

Former Northern Virginia Teacher and School Board Member arrested in Brevard County, FL: Thomas Villacres – Assaulted 4 girls in the 1990’s, aged 6 to 10 at the time; arrested on a routine background check.

Drama Teacher Dennis Turner, sexual relations with an underage student, sentenced to 20 years: In this case, he had sexual relations on a daily basis during school hours with a student who had turned 15. He had been warned in 2004 not to be alone with a female student or to allow female students to sleep at his home, but remained employed until his arrest in July of 2012. He had carried on the relationship between 2003 and 2006 and it took over a decade to finally prosecute him. Facing 60 counts, he plead guilty in a plea deal to 10. He ended up having a total of 126 charges against him. &

Contract Worker with Bayside High School Band: Nicholas Fatta: In this case, a female aged 14 was hit by a car, forced into the vehicle and driven to a remote location where she was sexually battered.

Band Director Fired in 1996 for event that happened in the late 1970s: Ron Youmans, his firing exposes a potential lengthy history regarding these issues and the band department in Brevard County.

Band director fired, then rehired, in spite of Title IX issues: James Wilkin was fired for alleged inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to students, another Title IX issue. &,%20January%2021,%202014/6AB9068C-C763-4C4C-B690-B36B64847AE0-E02F0B40-EF70-43B2-9A2E-E8CE131610FF.HTM

Of interest, here, though, is that this isn’t all of the story…



Denise Coyle’s youngest son stood up for a female band student, who was being sexually harassed by the band director, and when questioned he told the truth. The injuries from the incident were so severe they had to take him to Shands in Gainesville, FL for surgery. The school, though, in the end did nothing – the band director was originally fired, he appealed and got his job back – due to the school investigating themselves. They let the band director go and come back, but there was an understanding at the time that he had reportedly hazed her son and several others. Her son never saw the arbitrator. In addition, Denise Coyle states that the administration continued to harass her son daily. In his senior year, he got out of band and ran for Senior Class President. He was loved by his teachers and classmates, and won Senior Class President. On the night that he found out he won, Denise’s oldest son called and he went home to celebrate. Sean had about 30 or more Seniors celebrating. Her other son was killed that night in front of the house on a motorcycle. All the kids watched in horror and witnessed her family begging God not to take him – he died in her arms.

She begged the school to give them a break, to stop harassing her son and to allow time needed to grieve. The coldness and animosity of the school can also be seen when they reportedly told her that her son, Sean, could not come back to school unless he had a note from the funeral home. In addition, it has been reported that the school system’s Debra Pace threatened Denise, and went so far as sending Pace’s security “pitbull”, Andrea Alford, who was the Head of District Security, to Denise’s home a week after her son was killed with a letter in hand that if she didn’t meet with her then she would be trespassing at the school, along with other threats. Debra Pace is no longer with the district.

Debra Pace came from Osceola to Brevard, who at the time had some serious infighting on their board. Debra thought she could run for superintendent, but she was not well liked. She actually was not meant to be Head of Human Resources either and was reportedly supposed to be Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum. There was an employee who had worked at the district for 19 years who stood up for Denise’s son and the others, and Denise warned him not to because that they would fire him. Debra and Andrea called him down and asked about his post on Facebook, to which he reportedly told them that was his personal time and he did not have to discuss it. As a result, he was fired for insubordination, which, in the light of everything is now a possible wrongful termination case.

Brevard seems to hire people who come in and cover everything up. It is suspected that the ONLY reason many are all gone now is because of the $8 million software lie, which gets into an entirely different area of corruption.

In regards to Denise Coyle, the school refused to relent, so 5 days later, Denise signed up to run for the school board. She lost to Andy Zeigler by a very small margin – mostly because he had more campaign funding available. In addition, the band director that was hired back received full pay for the 1.5 years he was out and is now driving around in a new Mercedes!

All in all, it seems that the band program has continuously been plagued with problems, off and on now for the past 40 years.

And the issues continue…

Social Studies Teacher: Damien Wilson, subject of the Brevard viral arrest video, showed a picture of his erect penis for 3 seconds through the overhead projector and it may not have been the only incident as the letter of rebuke mentioned “repetitious” behavior. He was placed on leave, moved around and suffered 10 days unpaid leave. He was also appointed by Andy Zeigler as the school board representative to the City of Palm Bay during this time and evidently not asked to resign from the appointment. &

Assistant Superintendent Stephen Muzzy: The district provided a cell phone used for sex calls. After he tried to get another employee to destroy the record of phone calls to sex lines, he was afforded the opportunity to resign before being fired so he wouldn’t lose the retirement he accrued after 12 years. This in spite of him admitting to felony misconduct.

An 18 yr-old Brevard County high school senior was paid to perform on a gay porn site and was suspended from high school, and was then reinstated. There were also allegations of threats of bringing a weapon to school. Marucci stated he did it to help his mother pay the bills. The mother responded by saying, “He stepped up when I couldn’t,” essentially condoning the pimping out of her son. &

(See comment from Pegon Zellschmidt – pictures being distributed around school concerning his lifestyle being present at school created a Title IX issue because it exposed underage students to pornography on a mass scale. He should not have been allowed to return according to Title IX rules, which the school had a responsibility to enforce.)

Brevard Public Schools have about 2000 homeless children in the system in an area plagued with human trafficking: &

Science Teacher Irene Isabel Khan: A student left his number on the board. She called and texted him. Then, she began a relationship with the student consisting of sex in hotels, motels, her apartment and her car. Original reports stated the student was 14, recent reports state she was arrested for a relationship with a student who was 15. & &

60 yr-old veteran Science Teacher Threeway: Adrienne Laflamme was arrested on 15 counts pertaining to sex with a 17 and a 14 yr-old. She told her 17 yr-old student to conceal their relationship, so that she didn’t get into trouble.

Elementary School Teacher Andrew Bayard: He was busted in a sting operation after texting a girl and trying to arrange a meeting. Employed at multiple schools in Brevard County to include: Kennedy Middle, Suntree Elementary, Viera High School. An attorney’s website says that if the school system had any knowledge, any inkling of knowing, or any reason why they should have known, then the school can be held liable for anything that happened to these kids. He also had 13 counts of lewd or lascivious battery on a victim 12 to 16 years of age. &–sex-wminor/71330832/

The Coalition for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support website also lists these three incidents:

#18. Endeavor Elementary, Brevard County, Orlando, FL: Daniel Travis Cliatt – Sexual Misconduct, 2007, received Surrender/Permanent Revocation of certificate in 2007; convicted of molesting a former student.

#44. Madison Middle School, Brevard County, FL: Benjamin Leon Gary – Sexual Misconduct, received 5-year revocation of certificate in 2006; accused of touching at least two girls under their shirts and on their thighs, telling a student she was pretty and had sexy lips and searching students’ pockets with his hands, making them feel uncomfortable.

#51. North Area Abeyance Center School, Brevard County, Mims, FL: Jennifer A. Collins – Sexual Misconduct: Jennifer A. Collins received permanent revocation of certificate in 2006; was found guilty in a criminal court of lewd battery against a 14 year-old male student.

And now, even at the time of putting all of this together…


Brevard County Elementary School Principal Ricky Sheppard: Arrested as recently as June 3rd, 2016 on child pornography charges. He had previous problems dating back to 1999 regarding inappropriate gifts and comments to a 1st grader. The sheriff states, “I look at this case and I find it hard to believe that anyone could be this demented.” They are currently looking to ensure there were no other victims.

However, it has been reported that there were over 11,000 images on his computer. There were also 14 movies depicting young boys, ages 8 to 12. A young girl was also shown bound by yellow tape. All of these children were engaged in sexual acts.

It is truly sickening to know that this individual was entrusted with children in his care as the principal of an elementary school!!! &

This issue now envelopes seemingly all areas of Brevard County. Academics (History & Science Teachers), Baseball, Basketball, Drama, Band, Football, Track, Cross Country, Assistant Superintendent, Brevard Attorney, Past Brevard Deputy, Little League, a mother being supported by her high school senior son doing gay porn, a mother having sex with football players, an Elementary School Principle caught with child pornography and the school board arrests the person bringing attention to it. It is literally in all areas, elementary, middle and high school, and seemingly every extracurricular area is or has been at risk. It is no wonder that teachers are leaving in droves. And the incumbent is caught stealing campaign signs when a mother challenges him and tries to bring change to the system. It is also interesting that Florida Today endorsed Andrew Ziegler,, as he was caught stealing campaign signs when there have been several controversial incidents under his leadership. Florida Today seems to report only what it is forced to report and that the school system’s communication director continuously tries to keep things under wraps.

However, things are now getting more and more exposed due to the vast level that the corruption and endangerment reaches in Brevard County. There are now reports of millions being spent or bound by contract for vaporware and reports of kickbacks that are “impossible to trace” and that the school system has become more of a social network that directs monetary contracts to their cronies. There are also concerns that have been expressed about the possibility that school data may have been compromised and that the data has now fallen into the hands of potential sex traffickers. For example, the website listed below has images of the correspondence to the Brevard School System that states the following:

“Recent revelations of misconduct by your assistant superintendent of educational technology for Brevard Public Schools have served to heighten my concerns over potential misuse of personal information contained in the Brevard Public Schools database. My concern also applies to certain related Florida Profit Corporation databases you have endorsed. A year ago, on August 31, 2009, I wrote you expressing those concerns and asking why you as the Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools were making an endorsement on behalf of a Florida Profit Corporation for the solicitation of my personal family information that, once obtained, may fall within the public domain. I am now compelled to sharpen my previous question: As the Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools, what have you done to ensure that the Brevard Public Schools database you manage as well as the Florida Profit Corporation databases you have endorsed have not fallen into the hands of predators such as organized child pedophilia and child prostitution enterprises?”

Still, recently, Brevard County has begun looking into a policy for LGBT protections in spite of the numerous sex scandals exposed in a letter from Liberty Counsel to the Brevard School System (

But it seems that it’s all about money and not about child safety, as it should be (

In light of this, the following correspondence has been sent to Brevard County:

“IF YOU TRY TO PURSUE THE LGBT POLICY, AS A SCHOOL SYSTEM, YOU MAY BE IN VIOLATION OF FLORIDA STATUTES BY CONDONING SEXUAL DEVIANCES AND FURTHERING MENTAL HEALTH DYSFUNCTION: SECTION 800.02, 877.03, 800.03, 798.02, 796.07, 384.24 & DSM Codes: 302.6 and 302.85 I am pretty confident that when looked at through these lens and the fact that it involves parental concern for their children and the fact the school system is legally responsible for the welfare of the children, that there are violations that exists. It is possibly foreseeable, even, that mechanisms may exist that could have an impact on funding for the school system, so in the course of pursuing this policy further, the school system may actually be endangering the financial support for all students in the school system by bullying support for this policy. This is represented by the number of law enforcement at school board meetings and the arrest of Dean Paterakis. This could potentially even subject the school system to a class action lawsuit with all students in the system as part of the class, resulting in further detriment to the system with Florida Statute and the official DSM manual as the basis for such a class action, which would be difficult, if not impossible, to defend against. I look forward to your response before notifying those over the school system to investigate if violations would in fact be occurring should this policy be pushed further. This is seen as an attempt to further indoctrinate our society into the acceptance of sexual deviances and the erosion of social morality. It is a political movement in nature and one that endangers the mental and social development of the children within your school system as you attempt to silence those that are standing up for decency and the protection of the children within your system.” (Even as the system is plagued with sex abuse scandals.)

The response was seen as deflecting and asking for a phone call to be made so that a written response could not be used as evidence.

“We appreciate your concern. Please contact our Public Information Officer, Michelle Irwin, if you would like to discuss this issue further. She can be reached at 321-633-100 x796.”

Dean Paterakis stated on his facebook page, “I brought up one case in which we still have a teacher who showed a picture of his erect penis in class. But our schools are full of perverts and I believe they are being protected by our school leaders, Sheriff Wayne Ivey and State Attorney, Phil Archer. The evidence I have against the local soccer coach, Tim Michaud is enough to show that the Sheriff and State Attorney are conspiring against Dana Loyd to keep her silent. If anyone wants me to forward those emails just email me at: [email protected].”

“Remember there are pedophiles that want to be protected and the only way they can do it, is by discrediting or making up stories about me.”

In the Dean Paterakis case, Damian Wilson is not the first guy or the last guy that will do inappropriate things in a school and the school board, sheriff and state attorney have been accused of dragging their feet to hold him and others accountable. This is evidenced by how long (15 years) it took to convict the teacher out of Edgewood.

This report gives an indication of the dire situation that Brevard County Schools are in. Many people have left Brevard after the software scandal, but it’s yet another lengthy story.

In summary, as this chapter goes though, Brevard had a contract with a company called Crosspointe. Crosspointe was being sued by multiple schools districts and investigated by the FBI. In 2012, the district decided to close 3 schools to save 3 million dollars. Parents, teachers and the community were outraged. Everyone was so mad at the school closures they were not looking at what was going on with the taxpayers’ money. In 2006, the school system borrowed $800 million to repair all the schools, creating a huge debt payment of $39 million. Questions have been raised as to why it was necessary to ask the tax payers to approve a 1/2 cent sales tax to fix broken down schools when the county just spent $800 million 7 years ago, which if followed, would fall into yet another chapter of this plagued school system. But, in bringing things back to the story at hand, the county has now closed the 3 schools and enraged the public. Only 3 weeks later, Andy Ziegler went behind closed doors with senior staff and told them that they had to have the software, now seen as vaporware, and the cost was “peanuts”. Crosspointe, who changed their name to EDR, due to the controversy with the law suits and FBI, was sold to the public as a separate company by BPS. Denise Coyle told BPS from day one that it was the same company. BPS went so far as to have the software EDR lawyers send letters threatening anyone that spoke about them. The result was this software was something that BPS “had to have for human resources”, but was never up and working, in spite of being paid to include the $550,000 annual maintenance fee. The software, reportedly, is still not working. Denise Coyle, reportedly, actually spoke to the whistleblower – who worked for EDR – and he shared with her that Joan Keebler owned EDR who was the owner of Crosspointe. When she asked him if it was Vaporware – he laughed and said, “NO! This is BS Ware. There is NO software – it was all a scam”. He went further to share with her that EDR also purchased a list of student data and sold it to Chile. Denise Coyle turned over all the documents she had and the whistleblower to the Brevard County Sheriff Special Task Force. Later, Florida Today started to write about it. Amy Kneessy called for an investigation, knowing there was already an ongoing one that was started by Denise Coyle. No one knows though where the money went, or whether BPS has the software after the new Canadian company allegedly bought it out and were supposed to get it up and running – no more news or word on it, but this is also when Judy Preston, Debra Pace (now at Oceoloa), Bingelli (who is now in Plano, TX) and others fled BPS.

This isn’t all that is plaguing the system. Fights are happening multiple times a day with the most recent one involving someone getting airlifted from Heritage High School. A wide, broad and full investigation is needed to restore the public trust in the Brevard County School System. It is appalling that this school system has not done more to protect these children as it seems the entire system has lost its focus.