230 People Dead in Clinton Cover-Up

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival


July 17 is the 20th anniversary of the crash of TWA 800. The cause of the crash was covered-up to assure President Clinton’s re-election.

Our own Navy shot it down. It was incompetence. It was a missile test that went awry. It’s time to demand accountability, don’t you think?

AIM held a fantastic news conference on Thursday about this subject. I have quickly produced two important but short videos:

The Clinton Cover-Up Over TWA 800 (features the eyewitness testimony of Mike Wire, who saw the missile and the explosion)

Bill Clinton’s Benghazi: TWA 800 (features Jack Cashill, author of a new book on the case).

Please take some time to review this evidence. We must hold the Clintons accountable for covering-up the cause of the crash that claimed 230 lives.

Do you agree?


One thought on “230 People Dead in Clinton Cover-Up

  1. I don’t even have to read any further… I know this to be true.

    I remember when the news broke on the television. My mother and I were watching whatever show was on, and they interrupted it for a “breaking news” live coverage event. There were several eye witnesses right at the beginning who said they saw something like a flare or rocket heading toward the plane. After about 20 minutes, no more eye witnesses who saw anything like that were put on the air, and the reporters stopped mentioning it. It was obvious that “spin control” was taking place in real time.

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