Fact Checking in Journalism

By: Sridhar “Sri” Rangaswamy

If anyone is going to do some fact checking – they need to check both ways.

Fact finding in journalism needs to be done for both candidates. You should not be able to be a moderator if you don’t – period.

In journalism, the ultimate goal is to follow the Constitution, as well as have high levels of ethics, honesty and integrity. They talk like they do so, but in reality they do not follow the Constitution. I hope you are aware of who I am talking about … This is about Lester Holt, who did not do a fair job last night. He did not follow the U.S. Constitution and laws … He did not do solid work.

He kept intervening every time Donald Trump would speak. It showed he had made up in his mind as to what team he represented. Instead of doing a fair, ethical job, he tried to upset Trump. He should not be working if he keeps doing this.

Why do we like to have a moderator in the first place? Because they stand by truth, honesty, integrity and have high ethics.

This country was founded by fathers who believed in high morals, to quote Abraham Lincoln and a few others in the past. It is built on conservative principles…

If I was Lester Holt, I would step down as moderator and apologize to GOP Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump. He did not ask Hillary anything about Clinton’s Foundation. He did not ask anything about the email leak, which is costing the entire country a great deal. He did not talk about the immoral values of Bill Clinton and how they manipulated things. He did not talk about the money squandered from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia does not even support women driving cars! How does this make her look? Let her practice what she preaches. She is not a great example of this.

He ignored all of these questions and keeps insisting on the Birther issue for Obama. President Obama’s middle name is Hussein … so there is little doubt about his origins and he has like-minded people surrounding him.

One thought on “Fact Checking in Journalism

  1. Yes and it’s interesting how quickly a story disappears once all the facts com out
    Charlotte, What We Now Know. There is a:
    Black Congressman
    Black Chief of Police
    Black District Attorney
    Black Prez Refuses to support police
    Black Mayor ’til 2014, jailed for bribery
    Black Police officer who pulled a trigger
    Black Man Dead of That Gunshot Wound
    Black Panderer HC claiming we’re all racist
    Black Ex-Con who’d fired upon police before
    Black People Funded by George Soros to riot
    Black Pandering MSM Will NOT report the truth
    Black Perp Once Again Disobeyed orders by POs
    Black Who’d earlier theatened his family with a gun
    Black Man who’d physically abused his 8 yr old child
    Black Man with a Stolen gun after breaking & entering
    Black Woman who’d Previously filed a Protective Order
    Black Man that is Very Angry on TV I Just Heard Saying:
    Black Future for Whites Coming because they’re all devils
    Black Man from the 1960’s who’d denounce all the violence

    70% arrested-out-of-staters.The ‘outrage’ was mostly
    manufactured. Ppl were bussed in to riot. Globalist
    GeorgeSoros is funding BLM to create havoc & disarm
    Americas. His birthname ‘Schwartz’ means ‘Black’ in
    German & was changed to Soros. Blacks are gettin’
    owned by this man. When Soros’ long vacation comes,
    people of all colors will stop going on theirs.

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