Hillary Clinton: America’s Most Dangerous “Enemy Within”

By: Lloyd Marcus


From Florida, I flew out to Reno to entertain at the 2016 Nevada Women’s Expo. In between my shows, I made pit-stops in my hotel room. Folks, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Every news TV channel I turned to was beating the crap out of Trump trying to brand him an abuser of women. Leaked Hillary emails have revealed that the mainstream media gets its marching orders from the Clinton campaign. http://fxn.ws/2erLReT

Thus, the media fix is in; portray Trump in a red hoodie with a pitchfork; portray wicked-crooked Hillary as angelic, wearing a pure white flowing gown. Never have I seen such a shock-and-awe orchestrated media campaign to demonize a candidate.

On the issue of “abuse of women”, if we had a fair and balanced mainstream media rather than operatives of the Clinton campaign, Hillary’s advisers would have begged her, “Pleeeeease Ma’am, don’t go there!!!” Hillary and Bill’s records of abusing women is horrific (assault, rape, Hillary humiliating a 12 year old girl to get her rapist off and more) http://bit.ly/1MDvZug. And yet, the Clintons arrogantly know they can get away with attempting to brand Trump an abuser of women while they belong in the Infamous Abusers of Women Hall of Shame.

Folks, it is beyond repulsive and stomach turning watching our Leftist enemies deceptively promoting this evil woman as an angel of light.

During the extremely rough flight into Reno for the Women’s Expo (my wife Mary’s nails pressed firmly into my thigh), I watched a DVD of Trevor Loudon’s extremely scary, compelling and yet hopeful new movie, “Enemies Within.”

Trevor’s movie brings home the reality that Communism and Sharia Law could become the law of the land in America. I realize that sounds “far-out”, as we said in the 70s. However, Trevor gives documented evidence to prove his point.

Enemies Within” zooms in on the best-kept secret of modern politics. Almost no one is aware of the fact that fewer than 20,000 U.S. Communists, socialists and extreme “progressives” are able to influence the politicians and even write the laws that control the lives of over 300 million Americans.”

“Enemies Within” features shocking testimony from an awarded Homeland Security agent who was humiliated and punished by our government for doing his job, collecting data on Islamic terrorists operating in the United States. The agent’s data was removed from the system. The agent was investigated, deemed more of a threat to national security than the terrorists.

Trevor’s movie names numerous U.S. Congressmen who are colluding with foreign and domestic enemies.

As said in the Twilight Zone movie, “Wanna see something really scary?” Hillary Clinton could not pass an FBI security check because of her overt ties to organizations with known associations with terrorism. That should scare your socks off folks.

Trevor exposes a long list of high ranking democrats who are in bed with Communist Party USA working to elect as many far left democrats as possible. The movie documents Obama’s communist roots. I remember pundits in both parties having a cow over Victoria Jackson’s song, “There’s A Communist Living in the White House.” http://bit.ly/1C5Obta

Watching the movie, I was moved by comments from U.S. Navy Admiral, retired, James “Ace” Lyons. “Never in my lifetime did I believe I would witness this great country of ours being withdrawn from our world leadership role; and taken down by our own administration.”

Obama with Hillary’s blessing has decimated our military; the smallest army prior to WWII; smallest navy prior to WWI. The Chinese are building 60 ships a year. We are building 9-10 ships per year. We have 1700 nuclear weapons in the overall nuclear balance verses the Russians’ 4500. Our tactical nuclear weapons are obsolete. Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons are new.

“Enemies Within” caught Hillary on video vowing to go further than Obama’s implementation of illegal immigration. To gain a permanent progressive majority democrats need more voters. They need illegals. Our enemies within lie is there are 11 million illegals. The truth is there are 20 to 50 million. If the dems can legalize 10, 20, 30 million illegals and give them voting rights, the majority will vote democrat. It would mean game-over for our two party system, the end of America as founded.

Bottom line, we cannot allow our enemies within to succeed in putting Hillary Clinton in the White House. The Democrat party platform touts communism hidden under a shroud of more palatable names. Can America become, in essence, a communist nation under Sharia Law? Yes. Yes. Yes, we can!

The good news is Trevor’s movie, “Enemies Within” offers solutions. Folks, find out how you can stop our enemies evil takeover. Please visit EnemiesWithinMovie.com

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


Democracy is at the far end of the road.

By: Sridhar “Sri” Rangaswamy

As we are going through this election, we can see others are creating violence and blaming it all on Donald Trump. However, if we look at the Project Veritas videos going around, we can see who is actually behind all of this. The main stream media will usually show news stories for about 40 seconds, but when it comes to Trump’s scandals that happened 10 years ago – they show 40 minutes or more! This is not fair or ethical. This is not how journalism or the media should work!

Our country elected Bill Clinton, once again, even though he had numerous scandals. This has been proven by them compensating Paula Jones close to $850,000. With all of these facts, no one would like to discuss or bring these things into the limelight. Not CNN, MSNBC or any other media channels!

They also released the questions for the debate by mediator Donna Brazile, who was once a CNN reporter. These were provided to Clinton before the debate, which is not ethical. Here, you can see how they are connected – how NBC’s and CNN’s workings can be seen. Ask yourself, are they basing things on facts or trying to indirectly promote Clinton? That is the question.

WikiLeaks released information about how the White House works and supports Clinton. You can see this clearly since the Department of Justice does not take action for any of the leaked emails or about the damage to our democracy. You can also see all the New York Times and Washington Post positions that do not talk about WikiLeaks anywhere, the violence created or the video by Project Veritas.

You can also see Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell not taking any action or visiting the attorney general to stop Hillary Clinton. However, they support Washington corruption with the lobbyists. They would like to continue this path instead of creating a new world without corruption.

President John F. Kennedy had a lot of women friends and/or girlfriends. Did it become a big issue? Please see the history of this country and let us handle it fairly. This person was a total businessman, running a business. He was not running for any political position or involved in any kind of lobbying. Please also check with his wife Melania Trump, a legal immigrant and learn how she reached success and accomplished things through hard work. We cannot judge her because she was a model.

We also need to remember there was so much voter fraud in the years 2008 and 2012 by President Obama – this was researched and found true! Facts and truth are real in the court of God and justice will be served some day or other. Remember truth will always win!

* The author’s opinion is independent of NoisyRoom.net. We publish a variety of authors and each has their own slant on the election. While we do not support Donald Trump, we do support the rights of others in the conservative movement to support him.