WATCH: Mass shooting occurs during #TrumpRiot; Media ignores (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Seattle's Socialist Alternative organize anti-Trump rally. Note the manufactured signs and the hammer & sickle logo.

Seattle’s Socialist Alternative organize anti-Trump rally. Note the manufactured signs and the hammer & sickle logo.

“The five victims range in age from their 20s to 50s, and they have gunshot wounds to their legs, chest and neck.” – The Seattle Times, November 10, 2016

Seattle police are assuring citizens that a virtually unreported mass shooting has nothing to do with an anti-Trump rally incited by Seattle socialists, featuring Kshama Sawant, the Marxist Seattle city council member who is significant as being the only socialist to run openly as a member of Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist organization.

The shooting occurred “outside the 7-Eleven store on Third Avenue between Pike and Pine streets,” close to where protesters gathered, carrying their “Socialist Alternative” signs after being encouraged by Kshama Sawant to “attend the inauguration and shut it down.”


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Weekly Featured Profile – Shane Brinton


Shane Brinton

Shane Brinton is a Labor Representative at California Nurses Association, living in Sacramento, California.

He has been a grassroots community organizer ever since he was a teenager in Arcata, Northern California. He has been involved with The Placebo, Democracy Unlimited, the Tenants Union of Humboldt County, the Redwood Peace & Justice Center, Food Not Bombs and a number of other organizations and causes. He has also managed the campaigns of several local Progressive candidates.

In 2004, Shane Brinton, Arcata, served on the National Council of the Young Communist League USA.

A 2004 copy of the League’s Dynamic, carries a fiery anti-war speech he delivered at a peace demonstration in Eureka. In one paragraph he rails against corporate America, urging workers to rise up against their bosses saying, “It is [the CEO’s] employees, the rank and file workers, who actually produce the products and provide services that the CEO profits from.”

In 2005, Brinton was a US delegate to the communist World Festival of Youth and Studentsin Venezuela, with 15,000 other young people.

Later, Brinton became involved in Democratic Party politics and was elected to the state Central Committee as part of a “Progressive slate.”

In 2013, Shane Brinton was mayor of Arcata and on leaving that position worked for SEIU.

By 2016, Shane Brinton confirmed his Marxism by becoming active in SacramentoDemocratic Socialists of America.

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Understanding the Threat and 14 Recommendations for President Elect Trump to Secure America

Right Side News


John Guandolo | UTT


  1. Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization
  2. Indict unindicted co-conspirators in US v HLF beginning with ISNA, NAIT & CAIR
  3. Implement the UTT strategy to systematically dismantle the Islamic Movement in the United States and educate/train all federal, state, and local agencies on this threat whose duties include law enforcement, intelligence, or security
  4. Shut down the Refugee Resettlement program
  5. Freeze all immigration into the U.S. for at least 5 years, and secure U.S. borders
  6. Create a strategy to address and systematically dismantle the Marxist Movement in the United States beginning with colleges/universities, as well as barring any Federal agency from receiving training from Marxist groups (to include the Southern Poverty Law Center)
  7. Criminally charge U.S. leaders and organizations who aid and abet America’s enemies
  8. Rebuild U.S. Military forces, and eliminate all policies which put anything in front of the military’s primary duty to fight and win wars
  9. Dismantle U.S. tax code doing away with federal income tax over four years
  10. Shut down all federal programs/agencies not specifically provided for in the U.S.
  11. Institute Citizen Training Programs in elementary, junior high and high schools to teach and reaffirm America’s true history, founding principles, and Godly heritage
  12. Rebuild America’s broken Counterintelligence apparatus
  13. Repeal the 17th Amendment
  14. Outlaw foreign ownership of property inside the United StatesAbout UTT and Guandolo: (Read more on UTT website)


The Denise Simon Experience – 11/10/16

The Denise Simon Experience

Hosted by DENISE SIMON, the Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.

SEGMENT 1:  Tiffany Bates of the Meese Center for Legal Studies at the Heritage Foundation discusses the Supreme Court process and the importance of the election for President and potential nominees.

SEGMENT 2:  Rachel Bovard of the Heritage Foundation explained the danger of the lame duck session and the major funding of the government, the Pentagon, Planned Parenthood, TransPacific Partnership, nominees of judges and the Internet sales tax. A terrifying time.

SEGMENTS 3 & 4:  Barack Obama can pardon Hillary Clinton for Federal crimes, in this case the violations of IRS law with regard to the Clinton Foundation, but the president cannot issue a pardon for State law on the Foundation violations and there are many. Financial expert Charles Ortel explains in easy detail the public corruption of the Clintons and the Foundation.



The People Are Laughing at the Liberal Media

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


Members of the media continue to talk among themselves, as if they had not been repudiated by the people on November 8. Mass firings and new faces are needed if the media are going to have any hope of regaining any credibility with the public.

Some on the far-left are waking up. Anis Shivani of the AlterNet news service asked, “Is the liberal media dead?” She answered: “One of the positives of this campaign is that despite relentless 24/7 propaganda about Trump, exaggerating his personal foibles while painting anyone not supportive of Hillary as a closet misogynist, racist or even sexual predator, the message failed to get through. In the end, no one paid any attention. Those inside the elite bubble were persuaded that they were headed for victory, hearing nothing contrary in their own ecosphere, when they were in fact doomed. The people have shown that they can tune out this noise. The media has fragmented so much that only those who are already persuaded come within the ambit of any new message, so in essence they have pounded their way into their own irrelevance (emphasis added).”

Hillary Clinton had the endorsements of most major newspapers in the United States. Her own website declared, “By all accounts, this election is historic—and so is the list of newspapers from across the country endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. That list includes a number of papers that, for decades, have exclusively endorsed Republican presidential candidates—until now.”

Reid Wilson of The Hill newspaper calculated that Clinton got 57 newspaper endorsements and Trump got only 2.

In addition to The Washington Post and The New York Times, which both endorsed Hillary, some of the other notable losers included:

  • The Columbus Dispatch endorsed a Democrat (for the first time since Woodrow Wilson), and urged voters to elect Hillary. Ohio went for Trump anyway.
  • The Akron Beacon said that Hillary was the change this country needed.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer broke a century-old tradition to endorse Hillary.
  • The Sun Sentinel editorial board urged Floridians to vote for Hillary. Florida went for Trump.
  • The Arizona Republic broke a 120-year tradition to endorse Hillary. Arizona went for Trump.
  • The Dallas Morning News broke a 75-year tradition of supporting Republicans to endorse Hillary. Texas went for Trump anyway.
  • The Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas, usually backs Republicans but endorsed Hillary.

Among major voting blocs, one of the most amazing turnarounds can be found in the Catholic population.

On November 2, the Catholic Jesuit publication America was reporting that Clinton was leading Trump in the polls thanks to the Catholic vote. Citing a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America, Clinton was getting support from 51 percent of Catholics, compared to 40 percent for Donald Trump. This is what liberal Catholics wanted to believe and encourage. Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta was a liberal Catholic who got a job as professor at Catholic Jesuit Georgetown University. He had communicated with other campaign officials about a scheme to force the church even further to the left. Elizabeth Yore’s article at The Remnant explained the relationship between George Soros, the Clinton campaign and the Jesuit-led Vatican.

However, exit polls show that Trump won the Catholic vote by a margin of 52 to 45 percent. What happened?

One answer is that Catholics are bypassing the liberal media and turning to alternative sources of news and information, such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure up to and including the time of birth.

Another growing source of news and information for Catholics and non-Catholics is LifeSite. Its post-election stories include “Liberal media in meltdown over Trump election” and “America rejects Planned Parenthood and its party.”

Another important development was the airing of the film “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by the EWTN Catholic cable channel. As we noted in a previous column, the film examined how Marxists have subverted the church from within by recruiting clergy into revolutionary socialist activities that divide people and cause conflict. The film was described as “a lens into America’s cultural Marxism euphemistically called ‘progressivism.’”

As long as the members of the liberal media continue in their old and discredited ways, without major changes in the journalism business, the alternative sources of news and information will continue to grow in power and influence. The new conservative network CRTV has just announced that Steven Crowder, from the popular show “Louder with Crowder,” is joining the new media venture.

Even with major changes in the liberal media, such as the firing of liberal hacks and the hiring of solid conservatives, it is doubtful that viewership can be maintained. On outlets like CNN, they will continue to talk and act like they still have some credibility left. The public is laughing at them and declaring, “You’re fired.”

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


#TrumpProtest: Communists mobilize to disrupt president-elect Trump’s inauguration

Party for Socialism and Liberation, a “revolutionary Marxist organization” burns President-Elect Trump in effigy on November 9, 2016 outside L.A. City Hall.

“Progressive people from all over the country will be descending on Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2017 to stage a massive demonstration along Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day.”ANSWER Coalition

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, along with many other Marxist groups, is aggressively organizing to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration through mass mailings and social media.

The ANSWER Coalition is a front group for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a revolutionary Marxist organization in the United States that was formed in 2006 after splitting with the Workers World Party. The Party for Socialism and Liberation favors the revolutionary beliefs of Mao and Trotsky. They are Pro North Korea, pro-Cuba and pro-Iran.

This author is old enough to remember a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask getting nation-wide attention for being “racist” and being banned for life from the Missouri State Fair in 2012. Ponder that while considering the complete lack of mainstream media attention for this:

“There will be casualties on both sides. People have to die to make a change in this world.”

The poor girl has no idea that she is a pawn to be used by communist thugs.

Or this:


Party of Socialism and Liberation via Yahoo

In a mass mailing (also on their website), the Marxist group divulges their support for Communist Bernie Sanders and explains in part:

This country needs a real political revolution. Millions of people feel entirely disenfranchised by a political system that delivered the least favorable and trusted candidates in U.S. history. Many hoped that the Bernie Sanders campaign would represent a new direction and opportunity to take on entrenched power and extreme inequality, for a higher minimum wage, to defend Social Security, rebuild the labor movement, provide universal health care and free tuition.

That campaign was largely suppressed, but its end does not change the desires and aspirations of tens of millions of people, workers and youth in particular, who are demanding real change. On Inauguration Day, thousands will be in the streets to give voice to the millions of people in this country who are demanding systemic change.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation‘s propaganda rag, Liberation News, can be found here. Their Facebook page is here.

Their presidential candidate was Gloria Estela La Riva, wants to “build a movement against capitalism!”

Many other socialist organizations have been out protesting, such as the Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist group that claims Seattle council woman Kshama Sawant as a member.

Communists are not interested in civil debate. They are not interested in prosperity the free market or the Constitution. Communists and their sympathizers do outrageous, incomprehensible things for the purpose of breaking down society, so that they can build their own society from the ashes.

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