#DisruptJ20: Anarchists Incite Riots During President-elect Trump’s Inauguration (Video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

via crimethinc.com

via crimethinc.com

The question is: What does it take to charge someone with inciting a riot?

Using the hashtags  and , a group of violence-inciting anarchists are using social media to promote riots during president-elect Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017. There is a list of groups who support the effort, as illustrated at itsgoingdown.org.

While these groups appear to be anarchists, other organizations and socialist groups such as the Party of Socialism and Liberation, a Stalinist Maoist group – are actively seeking to disrupt the inauguration. The Marxist Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative – a Trotskyist group – is openly encouraging citizens to “attend the inauguration and shut it down.”

The anarchists encourage people to “take to the streets” everywhere to protest president elect Trump:

If you can’t make it to Washington, DC on January 20, take to the streets wherever you are. We call on our comrades to organize demonstrations and other actions for the night of January 20. There is also a call for a general strike to take place. Organize a walkout at your school now. Workers: call out sick and take the day off. No work, no school, no shopping, no housework. #DisruptJ20

Watch their video, which is filled with propaganda:

Watch this video by InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson:

The communists “progressives” who have over-played their hand illustrate daily why Americans voted for Donald Trump.

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3 thoughts on “#DisruptJ20: Anarchists Incite Riots During President-elect Trump’s Inauguration (Video)

  1. Anarchy is not a goal or a movement or an ideology. It is a tactic used by totalitarian socialists to overthrow an existing order. All leftists, including those who use anarchy, have the same goal.

  2. Please sign our petition to have Ms. Kshama Sawant removed from Seattle City Council. Her anti-Trump outburst on national television, just hours before the protests began, is, I believe, a major contributing factor in the chaos we’re seeing everyday. She has called for a “complete shut down” of the United States on Inauguration Day. I can only assume this entails massive riots like we’ve never before seen.

    When being sworn in as a City Council Member, Ms Sawant vowed to protect and support the United States Constitution and the laws of this country. Her actions over the past few years violate that oath and the trust of her constituents. She is a disgrace to her office and should be removed. https://www.change.org/p/seattle-mayor-ed-murray-remove-kshama-sawant-from-the-seattle-city-council-for-inciting-violence

  3. Nothing in the propaganda or promotion of this protest can be considered an incitation of a riot. By default, this article is inciting a riot by erroneously claiming something to happen before it does, and makes it subject to legal action.

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