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Bahman Azad

Bahman Azad is an Iranian-American peace and justice activist living in the United States. He has a Master’s Degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Sociology from American universities. He served in the Iranian Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant between 1971 and 1973.

He is a former acting director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University. He is currently a Professor of Economics and Sociology at Berkeley College in New Jersey.

Azad has been active in radical politics since his arrival in the United States in 1973, first as a student activist against the previous regime in Iran and then as a member of the National Board of the Communist Party USA front U.S. Peace Council. He joined communist dominated Veterans for Peace in the early 1990s at the invitation of his close friend and then VFP President, long time Maoist David Cline. He is currently serving as the Chair of VFP’s Iran Working Group, Organizational Secretary of the U.S. Peace Council, Co-Chair of the Iran Pledge of Resistance and an NGO representative of the formerly Soviet controlled World Peace Council at the United Nations.


In 2004 Roger Keeran, and Thomas Kenny published “Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union”

Special thanks went to Bahman Azad, Norman Markowitz, Michael Parenti, Anthony Coughlan and Betty Smith for reading the entire manuscript and suggesting editorial and substantive changes.

In December 2010, Alfred L. Marder, Catherine Goodman and Bahman Azad were listed as the originators of a U.S. Peace Council “Petition to President Barack Obama and Congress to end the Korean War and Normalize Relations,” a long time goal of communist North Korea.

We call on U.S. government to stop its repeated “war games” threatening North Korea, to stop demonizing but rather recognize North Korea as a sovereign nation, to engage the North Korean government in meaningful direct talks to end the Korean War, to sign a peace treaty, to remove all U.S. military bases and troops from South Korea, to negotiate with North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons as part of global nuclear abolition, and to normalize diplomatic and trade relations between the two nations.

Earlier this year Bahman Azad joined the Coordinating Committee of Hands Off Syria Coalition, a front group supporting the pro-Moscow regime in Syria.

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Jihadists strike again, 25 Copts die in Cairo church bombing: Voice of the Copts urges reforms

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

After math Botrossia attack 12-12-16

After math Botrossia attack 12-12-16

Members of the Voice of the Copts community offer sincere condolences to the Coptic families mourning today for the loss of loved ones as a result of Sunday’s (Dec 11) bombing of the Botrossia Church in Cairo that killed at least 25 people attending mass.

We grieve with our brothers and sisters and pray that those responsible for this heinous, cowardly crime will be arrested and made to stand trial. Once again, Christian Copts are made the scapegoat in an ongoing struggle between Egypt’s government and Islamic religious leaders.

A state funeral with three days of national mourning declared by the regime is appropriate. However, acts of terror and religious jihad continue to grow unchecked.

Our hearts grieve with you today as we pray for the end of your tribulations and the beginning of peace in our beloved homeland.

The presence of President Al Sisi in attendance of the victims’ funerals does not impress us anymore knowing that his compassion has not yet led him to implement the effective steps to remove Christian Copts from the crosshairs of Islamic supremacy.

We urge Egypt’s government to secure the Coptic community and every community of Egypt by ensuring that justice takes place through full investigations, arrests and trials in order to deter future acts of terror.

Botrossia 12-11-16

Botrossia 12-11-16

In addition to the current attack on the Botrossia Church days ago on December 11, we demand a full investigation into earlier terrorist crimes for which no suspects have yet been arrested:

– The burning and bombing destruction of 87 Coptic Christian churches in a 45-day rampage in June and July of 2013
– The murder of 23 peaceful Christian protesters demonstrating in Maspero (Cairo) against violence in October, 2011
– The Two Saints Church bombing and killing of 87 Christians on New Year’s Eve, 2010
– The forced displacement of innocent Copts due to local government use of the Bedouin tribal arbitration system applied to Copts after unprovoked attacks upon their homes and community

Moreover, no one truly believes that rhetoric will stop terror against Christians in Egypt. The following reforms must be made:

– Remove religious teachings and examples from public school course work and textbooks.
– Remove religion courses from public schools.
– Transfer all non-religious schools to the public domain and permanently remove them from the auspices of Al Azhar Institute.
– Stop public taxpayer money from financing and supporting religious institutions.
– Reinstate the Egyptian Constitution of 1923 in totality to replace the current constitution which allows Islamic Sharia religious law to dominate the nation.

In sympathy,

Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts
Founder and president


Time For Conservatives/Republicans To Unite Behind Trump

By: Lloyd Marcus

Some conservatives/Republicans are concerned about a lack of post-election unity on our side. Some are still Never Trump. Some hope Trump will betray us so they can say “I told you so”. Some are angry that Trump won without adhering to traditional political dos and don’ts. Some dislike that Trump is not ideological – not a pure conservative.

Some on our side have suggested that we may have been better off had Hillary won. They say it would have united conservatives/Republicans to defeat her. I disagree.

Trump defeating Hillary was a extraordinary Christmas gift from God; an opportunity to put the brakes on the Left’s mission to destroy every tradition and institution we hold dear that have made America great. Trump’s victory also exposed that we who love America are the majority. Folks, that is priceless. Knowing that we have not lost our country to Leftist indoctrination is far more empowering than unity gained fighting a Clinton Administration.

How many times have you felt dispirited over the past 8 years? You thought a majority of Americans hate their country. You thought a majority believed the Left’s lies. America was founded on bigotry and hate. The world has too little because America has too much. America deserves to be punished. Americans support Obama rolling out the red carpet for illegals. Remember your little Johnny coming home from elementary school crying his eyes out over our mean founding fathers and hating himself for being white?

The Left told us a majority are in favor of America’s decline called social justice. For crying out loud, schools taught our kids the song “Proud To Be an American” is racist and banned it. http://bit.ly/2hwK6tY The Left told us only a misguided ignorant minority feel good about our country. It appeared patriotism was outdated. The battle to save America as founded was lost. Candidly, only my trust in God and refusal to surrender my beloved country kept me fighting.

Then, this guy Trump came along and boldly proclaimed on national TV, “I want to make America great again!”

Elites in both parties laughed hysterically. But the American people (all races, genders and economic groups) connected with Trump. The Left instructs Americans to hate their homeland and white members of our American family. Americans instinctively know this is wrong. Trump’s words excited and energized Americans, reigniting a neglected flame of unity and patriotism. Trump possibly won the presidency that day. Despite the Left’s purposeful hate-generating spin, Americans instinctively know Trump wants to make us all great again.

Conservatives/Republicans who say Hillary winning would not have been so bad obviously do not grasp the catastrophic consequences of Hillary in power.

Leftist media’s tearful extreme hysteria post-election confirms that had Hillary won they would immediately build a 50ft wall of protection around her. Hillary would continue Obama’s decline of America with impunity; without fear of blame for the negative consequences.

Trump’s landslide victory confirmed that Americans know our country is declining. And yet, thanks to the mainstream media protecting him, Obama is not blamed for Americans’ sufferings despite being in power for the past 8 years. The Left will provide the same Teflon protective coating for their first leftist woman president.

Some say we could stop president Hillary because the GOP controls the House and Senate. The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. When did the GOP seriously oppose Obama? All I hear is crickets. The GOP will not oppose the first woman president. Even now, RINOs are singing backup as the Left sings, “Trump is the Worst Thing that Ever Happened to America.” http://bit.ly/2gOOV1R

Eight years of Hillary would equal game-over for the SCOTUS, for repealing Obamacare, for stopping LGBT aggression, for religious freedom, for the Constitution and game-over for free speech. Leftists are well on their way criminalizing free speech. http://bit.ly/1PAzsBy

Meanwhile, anti-Trump people on our side view Hillary in the WH as no big deal, politics as usual; an opportunity to unify conservatives/Republicans to defeat her.

The Left is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Trump to end his presidency before it begins, terrifying people with absurd lies. “Trump will send blacks back to Africa. Trump is advocating hate and violence. Trump hates women.” Tragically, a true believer Hillary supporter set himself on fire. http://bit.ly/2gv9naB

Trump’s cabinet selections have been excellent. http://bit.ly/2hBGFGE He has already begun making major positive changes. http://bit.ly/2hrNDxA

The more Trump succeeds the more insane the Left will behave trying to stop him. Democrats, mainstream media and Hollywood will insidiously triple down generating fear and hate. The left’s goal is to sell the lie that We the People did not give Trump a mandate to throw out the Democrats’ foul smelling bucket of crap.

Trump needs us to have his back folks. If Trump ever drinks the left’s Kool-Aid on an important issue, by all means loudly call him out on it. Otherwise, we must rally behind our president who has already begun pulling our country back from falling off the cliff into socialist/progressive hell.

C’mon anti-Trump conservatives/Republicans, join the celebration! Welcome aboard the Trump Train. http://bit.ly/2hhamcV

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee