James Simpson on Manchester: Beyond fed up! Time for talk is OVER!

By: James Simpson | BombThrowers

Goddammit! Beyond fed up! Time for talk is OVER!

God forgive me. I was enjoying a rare respite from my work yesterday, when my senses were suddenly assaulted with the news of yet another terrorist slaughter — this time of at least 22, mostly young people and little children, at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Here we go again!

How many families, how many children, how many brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers need to die in senseless mass murders before the political class will see the light? How much horrible loss will we as a people tolerate before we scream “Enough!” and pick up torches and pitchforks and literally drag them out of their homes? Are we ever going to reach the breaking point where the deadly consequences of their policies that we have to face every day will finally percolate into their incomprehensibly dense psyches? Will they ever be compelled to do what is right?

When, oh when, is enough, enough?

I traveled to Los Angeles, California this weekend to attend American Freedom Alliance’s Heroes of Conscience awards dinner for two American heroes: David Horowitz and Philip Haney. Horowitz, a former leftist, heads the David Horowitz Freedom Center, battles for free speech on college campuses and has been a stalwart defender of conservatives and conservative causes for decades. For his efforts, he is routinely threatened, sued, and demonized nationwide by our sick media and political class (including more than a few “conservatives”). Haney is the Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, who was targeted and investigated by the Obama administration for his work as a DHS intelligence analyst exposing Islamic terrorists in the U.S. For his efforts, he was punished by his employer, threatened by nameless others, and vilified in the sick media. He wrote a best-selling book about it, See Something, Say Nothing.

The keynote speaker at this event was Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, or PVV) in the States-General, which is the Dutch parliament. Wilders has spoken out forcefully against the incremental Islamization of Europe and the West. For his troubles he was convicted of “hate speech” in his native Netherlands, has had his life repeatedly threatened, and must travel with a small army of security professionals forever at his side. He’s been shunned by the Dutch political class, despite a strong showing in recent elections that made his party the second-largest in the House of Representatives and is smeared as an “Islamophobe” by the sick Western press everywhere.

Is there an echo in here?

Wilders’s speech carried a powerful message: we must stop bowing to political correctness. We must name the enemy for what it is: Islam. And Wilders emphasizes, it is not “radical Islam,” but plain old Islam. He says that while there are plenty of moderate Muslims, Islam is not moderate. It is not, he notes, merely another religion. It is not even primarily a religion. It is a totalitarian political-military doctrine of conquest. And we ignore this distinction at our mortal peril.

The next day, Muslim terrorists struck again. Following the horrific attack in Manchester, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated:

The images we hold in our minds should not be those of senseless slaughter, but of ordinary men and women who put concerns about their own safety to one side and rushed to help.

But all I could think about was the impossible suffering of those parents who will now have to bury their children.

Reciting what sounded like tedious left-wing pap, the prime minister said there were: “messages of solidarity and hope of all those who opened their homes to the victims.”

Messages of solidarity and hope? Solidarity with or for what? Cleaning up yet another mess? Hope for what? Good weather?

She solemnly predicted:

There will be difficult days ahead. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of those affected. We offer our full support to the authorities, the emergency and the security services, as they go about their work, and we all, every single one of us, stand with the people of Manchester at this terrible time.

That is so reassuring! And I am sure the good people of Manchester are bubbling over with gratitude to the PM for such nice sentiments.

And today, let us remember those who died, and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win, and our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail.

Wait… what? “Safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win”?

Safe in the knowledge? Never win? On March 22, five others were killed and 50 wounded when a Muslim terrorist plowed into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge in sight of Parliament. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Great Britain going back years.

What, pray tell, is the body count that defines the prime minister’s definition of “winning”?

“Our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail”?

When? When is this going to happen? When will our values prevail?

We are surrendering them every day. When will our country prevail, when it is increasingly not our country at all, but a destination for welfare-sucking communities from hundreds of nations, speaking hundreds of languages turning it into a Tower of Babel?

When are we going to see one single action taken to halt this lunacy? Because for my money, these elitist politicians have been surrendering the entire store to our enemies for decades! And now the chickens really are coming home to roost.

Prime Minister May spoke platitudes, nothing but platitudes! And promised nothing but more of the same!

All I could think was:  this is your fault. Yes, you. You, the political class. You, the spineless, politically correct elitists. You the debauched, treasonous media. You the treacherous, hypocritical and destructive Left — who out of countless self-serving motives or simply abject cowardice, have allowed ceaseless immigration of openly hostile, arrogant people, who don’t assimilate, don’t intend to assimilate, and tell us every day, what they intend to do — and then, surprise of all surprises, they do it!

When are you going to face the consequences of your actions? When will you acknowledge your bottomless stupidity? What will it take for the truth to percolate into your empty, pretentious heads?

And I would ask of us, when are we going to force you to do so? Do we literally have to pick up the torches and pitchforks? Be forewarned: there is a tipping point beyond which we will no longer tolerate the intolerable, we will no longer accept being endlessly taxed to support a nation of ungrateful aliens who attempt to murder us in the streets then join the media echo chamber calling us “bigots” and “Islamophobes” when we object.

American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel Jay Sekulow posted a very good piece earlier today titled, “Anyone Want to Argue Against Trump Travel Ban After UK Attack?”

Do they? Let’s ask them.

Donald Trump needs to right now, today, issue another executive order against travel to the United States from those same terrorist-plagued countries that were included in the earlier orders (EO 13769 and EO 13780). Dare the judges to defy him yet again. He also needs to demand an emergency appeal of the prior EOs to the Supreme Court. If newly minted Justice Neil Gorsuch is truly the genuine conservative constitutionalist everyone is claiming, that should settle the issue once and for all rather quickly.

The time for talk is over. The time for mindless platitudes is over! The time for action is way past due. So let’s not waste another second.

The time is NOW.


Protecting and Serving Those Who Protect and Serve

Special to The Noisy Room | CopsDirect.org

In 2010, Aaron Negherbon was contacted by a college buddy who was serving as a Marine Corps Captain in Afghanistan. He was told his friend’s unit had been overrun the night before and they were desperately in need of some basic supplies. Negherbon was asked if he could help.  He pulled together the requested supplies, and shipped them out.  Soon, another request came in. And then another. Negherbon also fulfilled these requests and came to learn something few American’s are aware of.

“I always thought our forward-deployed troops had access to all the supplies they could possibly need to do their jobs and stay safe,” he said from his East Bay, California office. “I was shocked, and a little angry, to realize they didn’t. When I heard that bottle caps were being used to mark IED’s I knew something was seriously wrong.”

With a lifelong respect for our troops and first responders Negherbon decided to act. He quit his lucrative real estate career to launch a first-of-its-kind military charity intended to fill the gap between immediate troop supply needs and an often long and complicated requisition process sometimes dictated by spending priorities. The result was TroopsDirect (www.troopsdirect.org), a donor-driven, 501(c)(3), in which forward-deployed troops make supply requests which are then fulfilled by TroopsDirect.  From request to delivery, anywhere in the world, is typically seven days or less. This stands in contrast to the typical supply chain time frame which can take weeks, months or sometimes, never.

Most shocking to Negherbon was the types of supplies being requested. “I anticipated troops needing items like socks and protein powder. I wasn’t anticipating what makes up the bulk of our shipments which are items such as tourniquets, ballistic helmets, rifle slings, communication equipment and special chalk for marking IED’s.”

Since its inception, TroopsDirect has shipped more than 3 million pounds of requested supplies in to the hands of our troops, frequently Special Forces units, and has done so with an extraordinary administrative budget of just 4%. “I didn’t launch TroopsDirect to get rich,” said the married father of two. “The idea of an American donating in support of our troops not having as much of that donation go directly to our mission as possible was a non-starter. I had a job. This is a calling.”

Over the years Negherbon has developed close working relationships with many of the top military suppliers in the nation and began to see the crossover between many of the items used by troops and those by police and first responders. He started calling local police departments and quickly learned that local law enforcement departments throughout the nation were facing similar challenges as our troops. Budget cuts and funding priorities have left many departments, particularly those in smaller towns and rural areas, forced to do more with less. The result is that both officers and citizens are less safe.

“I was surprised to learn that our first responders are often in the same boat as our forward-deployed troops when it comes to supply access,” said Negherbon. “The reality is that we’re facing new threats today and that requires additional training and equipment. Hard spending decisions need to be made. But I don’t think an officer or citizen’s safety should be compromised in the process.” And with that, Negherbon brought his overseas efforts stateside to help serve those who serve us.

CopsDirect (www.copsdirect.org) follows the same successful model as TroopsDirect. Departments make supply requests and CopsDirect delivers.  Also funded by concerned citizen donations, with the same program fulfillment percentage, the recently launched organization is focusing its initial efforts towards the supplies that keep officers and citizens safe such as DOK’s (Downed Officer Kits), body cams, K-9 supplies and protective head gear. The organization hopes to soon include Naloxone, beneficial to those suffering opioid overdose, in to their supply chain.

Despite the current climate and politicization of our law enforcement agencies, Negherbon is quick to point out that CopsDirect is a non-political effort. “Cops don’t ask if someone is a conservative or liberal prior to laying their lives on the line to protect and serve. Just like a victim doesn’t ask a cop when they’re in need. Ours is an American effort that transcends political ideologies. It’s not an “Us vs. Them” situation. It’s about “We.”

Despite just recently launching, CopsDirect has already delivered ballistic helmets and roughly 1,500 Downed Officer Kits to more than 20 Police and Sheriff Departments throughout the nation. As more learn about the organization the requests and donations are rapidly increasing.

While Negherbon wishes there wasn’t a need for CopsDirect or TroopsDirect, and hopes for the day he will be able shutter both organizations because our troops and first-responder needs are being met, until that day comes he’s committed to doing what he feels is his role as an American.

“The sacrifices our soldiers and law enforcement officers make every day demanded that I step up to do my part. Thankfully, I’m not alone. Countless concerned citizens have stepped up in support of what we’re doing knowing that what they donate will go directly to helping to ensure the safety of those we rely on both here and abroad. And because of them, American lives are saved.”


Is Trump The Real Hope And Change Administration?

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Confidence is building the global economies are accelerating. Data from both France and Germany was greater than expected. Statistics at home are also stronger than projected. Oil rose again as OPEC all but approved an extension of production cuts for another nine months.

I ask what happens to oil prices if the global economies continue to accelerate at current levels and oil production declines as thought? Many believe OPEC will cheat on production quotas. Thirty-five years ago, everyone believed OPEC would continue to curtail production for political purposes.

Wow, how the psychology has changed.

There are a growing number of analysts suggesting the reason why OPEC is reducing production is because this group lacks funds for infrastructure investment. Transfer payments and military budgets are straining budgets. Sunni banks are around 110% loan to deposit ratios, thus suggesting there are liquidity issues. Many theocracies have entered the international debt market for the first time.

I believe today is analogous to 1998-2001. The final leg of that cycle was oil prices again doubled because of stronger than expected growth and reduced production.

Commenting about other markets, equities and Treasuries were quiet. The political headlines were non-sensational with all wondering what to believe.

Speaking of headlines, according to Bloomberg and based upon the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey, in a series that tracks responses on news heard about government economic policy, since December, an average of 23% of respondents have a “favorable light” about NEWS of government economic policy. This is up from an average of just 2% between January 1978 and November 2016. Prior to this period, the highest level recorded was 9% in February and March 1981.

Conversely, the unfavorable comments about government economic policies are 18%, rising from an average of 15% in the months immediately after the election. This is considerably lower than the record high level of 40% reached in October 2013. It averaged about 25% during the last four years of the previous administration

Wow! Talk about Hope and Change!!

What will happen today?

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was up 0.26%, Paris was down .12% and Frankfurt was down 0.19%. China was up 0.07%, Japan was up 0.66% and Hang Sang was up 0.10%.

The Dow should open flat. The 10-year is unchanged at a 2.28% yield.


The Montana Kid

By: Lloyd Marcus

Mary and I are in Montana with the Conservative Campaign Committee working to defeat Pelosi’s latest impeach Trump minion, Rob Quist who is running for congress.

A small incident brought a smile to my face and my spirit. At the breakfast buffet in the hotel, a kid around 7 years old asked me. “Excuse me sir, is this stuff free?” I replied, “Yes it is.” His mom saw him, smiled at me and herded him over to her other two children.

Folks, there was so much good news about that child’s parenting in his behavior. He was polite, beginning with, “Excuse me…” Today, rudeness in children appears to becoming the norm.

The lad was respectful, calling me sir. Obviously, he was taught the old-school biblical principle of respecting ones elders. My brother has coached kids football for 30 years. He said a striking disturbing change he has noticed is kids no longer fear or respect adult authority.

I had a relative whose mom treated him like her little prince, refusing to allow anyone, including his step-dad, to discipline him. He had problems his entire life; refusing to respect anyone including his school teachers, girlfriends and employers. As you would expect, he could not keep a job, fired numerous times. He died young. Parents do a great disservice to their children when they withhold discipline.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Another thing really neat about the little boy is he knew not to touch things that did not belong to him. Watching him stare at the selection of fruity yogurts told me he really wanted one. But, he was not going to take one without permission.

Parents who allow their kids to run around a store opening and eating sweets; touching, playing with and breaking things drives my wife nuts. She wants to reign in the unruly children. I tell her to chill out, mind her own business and let the store’s employees handle it.

I saw my little friend enjoying his breakfast with his mom, dad, younger brother and toddler sister. I pray that he will grow up to become a prosperous and responsible adult. His parents have given him a good foundation.

We need a solid win in Montana to embolden Senate Republicans to come up with a strong Repeal Obamacare bill. If extreme liberal democrat Rob Quist wins here in Montana, fake news media and democrats will use it to stall momentum for the repeal of Obamacare. http://bit.ly/2ra1myk

I hope my Montana kid’s parents are Republicans who will vote for Greg Gianforte, Thursday, May 25th.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


Trump Presidency Takedown Effort is Underway

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media

Following President Donald Trump’s generally well-received speech in Saudi Arabia to an audience that included the heads of 55 Muslim-majority countries, the concern on the part of many in the media was whether or not this would relieve some of the pressure he is under back home. Bob Schieffer of CBS News acknowledged on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that Trump sounded “presidential” during his speech. But even that was challenged by substitute host John Berman, who questioned whether Schieffer might somehow be “normalizing” President Trump.

Schieffer responded that that wasn’t his intention, but that he was just doing what a reporter does: “I’m not trying to normalize him in any way. I’m trying to do what reporters do…report and try to emphasize what I think was important here.”

But the specter of scandal was also present. Schieffer argued that Trump’s situation back home shared striking parallels with Watergate, during which then-President Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office. Part of that parallel was last week’s appointment of a special counsel, former FBI director Robert Mueller, to oversee the investigation within the Justice Department, coupled with the fact that Trump had recently fired FBI Director James Comey. The latter invited the comparison to Nixon’s firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

Charles Blow of The New York Times senses “blood in the water,” and writes about what he sees as Trump’s “authoritarian desire for absolute control.”

The irony of the appointment of the special counsel is that the last time one was appointed, it was by then-deputy attorney general James Comey, the recently fired director of the FBI. He appointed his pal, Patrick Fitzgerald, who already knew the answer to the underlying impetus for the investigation. In that case, Fitzgerald knew that the person who leaked the name of Valerie Plame to Robert Novak was Richard Armitage. But Armitage was never prosecuted. Instead, they went after Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby for trumped up perjury charges. That, I believe, was a travesty of justice. Libby should never have been prosecuted, nor found guilty.

Mueller already knows that, after nearly a year of investigations, no evidence has emerged of collusion between Trump, or his associates, and people connected to the Russian government. Were there meetings and conversations? Yes. But collusion to influence the outcome of the presidential election? Not according to former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who has stated publicly that he has seen no such evidence. That is the same James Clapper who said he was speaking for the entire intelligence community when he concluded in a report released in January that the Russians had meddled in the election with the express purpose of helping to elect Trump as president.

Did Russia meddle in our election? Perhaps. But what exactly does that mean? They’ve been doing it for decades. Did President Obama meddle in Britain’s election on Brexit? Did he intervene in Israel’s election against the sitting prime minister? Yes, absolutely. So where was the special counsel for that?

As in the Libby case, we now move on to trying to catch someone in a perjury trap, or obstruction of justice. But having a special counsel appointed is the scalp that the left was looking for. This can keep a cloud over the Trump administration for its entire run. It certainly fuels the left’s obsession to continue to bring up impeachment and Watergate on a constant basis. In contrast, some argue that this is the best thing that could have happened to Trump, since it takes the investigation out of the headlines—but it is already being treated as a full-fledged scandal.

Back in January, after it was revealed that the FBI had picked up intercepts of conversations between the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then-national security adviser to then-President-elect Trump, The Washington Post reported that the FBI had “not found any evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government.”

Why not look into Hillary Clinton’s substantial business and financial ties to the Russians? We’ve done that, with the heavy lifting performed by Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash. The Clintons profited through high-price speeches and donations, as even The New York Times acknowledged, that came from the principals of the Canadian company Uranium One to the tune of more than $100 million dollars to their foundations, while Hillary’s State Department office was signing off on effectively giving Russia 20 percent of American uranium reserves. Clinton campaign manager John Podesta sat on the board of Joule Unlimited, which received $35 million in investments from Russia. And then there’s Skolkovo, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley. Again, money to the Clinton foundations from both Russian and American companies favored for the project. And the payoff? Hillary received nearly three million more votes than Trump. But she fell short on the votes that counted—the electoral votes.

And why wouldn’t the Russians want Hillary as president? The Obama/Hillary administration brought Russia back to power in the Middle East, handed Iraq to Iran, and freed a hundred plus billion dollars to Russian ally Iran in an unsigned disaster of a non-deal. Plus, all of her emails for four years as secretary of state sat unprotected on an unsecured, home-brew server, for anyone to hack. So where is the special counsel to look into that? When is a Republican-led Senate or House committee going to look into that collusion?

Following his firing by Trump, Comey had notes emerge in the pages of The New York Times claiming that Trump said something to him that the media have interpreted as obstruction of justice, based on the words Comey reportedly wrote down: “I hope you can let this go. He’s a good guy.” As recently as early this month, Comey said under oath before a Senate committee that he’d never been told to stop an investigation for a political reason, saying it “would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.” That was before he was fired.

Besides, as former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy points out, based on the Obama precedent, in which he weighed in on an active FBI investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified material, Trump would certainly be off the hook.

Initially, Rod Rosenstein composed a memo which justified Comey’s firing based, in part, on his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton investigation into her use of a private email server. But Trump fueled the outrage towards him when he told NBC that he had decided to fire Comey anyway. “What I did is, I was going to fire Comey, my decision,” Trump told NBC News’ Lester Holt. I was going to fire regardless of recommendation. He made a recommendation. He’s highly respected…But regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.”

The injustice here, and the double standard, is that there was never a media frenzy like this during the Obama years, nor a special counsel appointed or even contemplated. Republicans wither and crumble in the face of media pressure, and the indignation of leftist Democrats and media types who were unconcerned about Obama’s scandals and abuses of executive power.

Many people think that Trump will be gone soon, somehow, whether through impeachment or resignation. HBO’s Bill Maher made a bet last week on his show that Trump will be out of office by the end of the year. The climate of hate created by the left, including the media, clearly exceeds anything we’ve seen before towards any other president, and that is saying a lot.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi. He can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Roger Aronoff.