Egyptian police become terrorists: Attack Christianity

By: Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

Sacred Utensils

Slogan found on the entrance to the building of the Egyptian police: “Police are at the service of the people”

Local police serving the Islamic deep state

At 2 am on Friday, June 16 — just 20 days after the Al Minya Coptic bus attack by terrorists from Libya – Christians of Bani Sweef province (Al Minya governorate) faced flagrant degradation of law and order when local police in the small town of Saft Al Kharsa broke into the Coptic Orthodox social services center and desecrated the building. The non-operational three-story center was already shut down by the government for no reason.

Sometime before the police struck, 50 Christian families still in mourning from the Libyan terror attack were granted by the state a special security clearance for bus “victims” to temporarily reopen the building and celebrate a mass there in memory of one child and six adults lost in the gun battle. Soon after, the building reverted to its forced obsolescence.

In the early morning hours of June 16, the Egyptian police forced down the door of the vacated Coptic Orthodox

Furnishings tossed in the middle of the road.

social services building and ransacked the interior. Grabbing up sacred utensils, pictures, holy books, and furnishings to toss in the middle of the road, police then re-padlocked the door and placed guards before the emptied building.

Police destroy church property — brazen departure from usual cover story

That police officers initiated the crime and worked alone makes this crime a worse-than-usual one in the annals of Egypt’s church desecrations. Usually the police answer a call for “safety and security” made by Muslim vigilantes and use it as a pretense to lock the doors and shut down the church building.

Severe discriminatory restrictions created by the state make this a simple process. Laws governing church-owned buildings serve to micro-manage minutia and are meant to entrap Christians. These laws are made because a paranoia state regards church structures in general as a threat to national security. Their mere existence incites Islamic terror.

“…The principles of Sharia are the primary sources of legislation” (Egyptian Constitution)

Meanwhile, office mosques and home mosques are legally built and occupied entirely without permits and opened without permits. Mosques built on purchased land require permits that are automatically issued upon request. Mosques formed in the middle of streets that block public usage for Friday noon prayers never require a permit.

According to Egypt’s constitution (Article 64, Freedom of Belief), “freedom of practicing religious ritual and establishing places of worship for the followers of revealed religions is a right organized by law.” Inequality under the law is guaranteed by Sharia.

Story of delays, denials, obstacles and closing of the Saft Al Kharsa Coptic center

The Saft Al Kharsa Coptic Orthodox social services center was constructed because a permit was granted. Church authorities first sought a permit to build a place of worship, but the permit request was subjected to prolonged delays – a good likelihood the permit would be denied as in so many other cases.

Brainwashed bureaucrats who execute permits shoved the Saft Al Kharsa church permit in a desk drawer. Promises from the town’s mayor and security director verbally granting immediate issuance of a church construction permit to church authorities became worthless. Fearing their land would remain idle and given their closest church ten miles away, church authorities decided to go ahead with constructing the social services facility.

Even so, in July of last year Muslims protested the completed construction and occupation of the Coptic Orthodox social services building once the cross was visible. As a result, it was officially closed by the state in the same month on July 22. Last week the local police favored their Muslim constituents by obstructing allowable Christian religious practice.

A new law based on an old decree

Under Kirby Terms of 1934 that still unofficially in use, hundreds of obstacles for Christian worship exist. As mosques sprout up like wild mushrooms in a dank forest, church construction is practically non-existent, and many in use are bolted shut by the state. About 20 percent remain in ruins.

The nearly one-year old parliamentary law, Regulation of Church Construction (80-2016), was intended to regulate religious worship of all faiths. For some time before its passage, news headlines broadcasted this intention. Then silence fell, and a new debate hit the newspapers – what about only regulating the Christians! The petty rulings guaranteed to issue from the new law regarding church permits and practices are a modern-day Omyani Decree.

Police violence is green light for more offences

The June 16 aggression by officers of the law models violence against Copts to be duplicated by other police and civilians. The police are excused and civilians are rarely arrested and tried for such crimes while the state substitutes Christian victims to pay the penalty.


Ripping off taxpayers to finance America’s destruction

By: James Simpson | BombThrowers

Trump ends payouts to radical leftist groups from Obama’s big bucks shakedown-supported DoJ slush fund

While being investigated for things that never happened and facing Antifa thugs and other lunatic leftists crawling out from under rocks nationwide while the true criminals in the Democratic Party get a free pass, the Trump administration has managed to accomplish, in these few short months, more than George W. Bush accomplished (i.e. things that actually helped America out) in his first term.

Trump is already rolling back big parts of Obama’s train wreck of an agenda and pulling our nation back from the brink and toward some semblance of sanity and the rule of law. One of the latest major changes, and one with significant potential impact on the Left’s ability to wage war against America, is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s recent announcement that the Department of Justice is ending payments to radical leftist organizations from the multi-billion dollar slush fund amassed by the Obama DoJ’s various industry shakedowns.

Peter Schweizer‘s Government Accountability Institute issued a report in October 2016, “Follow the Money: How the Department of Justice Funds Progressive Activists,” that detailed the stunning amount of money the DoJ has been awarding to left-wing groups. Under Eric Holder’s DoJ, financial institutions paid an unprecedented $110 billion in fines, much of which came in through out-of-court settlements.

Many of the cases were based on tenuous grounds, such as “disparate impact” which assumes racism based solely on the proportion of loans awarded to minorities. According to the report, “The DOJ used the threat of litigation—and the corresponding financial and reputational costs—to cause banks to take actions that a court would not have ordered them to do.”

We are still trying to figure out where it all went. But we do have some ideas. As with Obama’s corrupt green energy subsidies, it seems apparent that Holder’s DoJ extorted huge sums from banks specifically to funnel money to political allies. Schweizer documents how the DoJ flagrantly misused this money:

  • Provided funding for activist groups previously denied by Congress.
  • Incentivized banks to pay activist groups directly by counting each dollar donated this way as up to $10 against its actual fine.
  • Funneled $53 million to Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), led by a self-described “bank terrorist.”
  • Gave $4 million to Asian Americans for Equality, an organization with communist roots and close ties to a North Korean sympathizer.

Once the funds were distributed, Catalist and other Soros-funded left-wing voter mobilization operations encouraged recipients to get out the vote for those who were “reliably progressive.”

With the DoJ slush fund, President Obama upped federal financial support to left-wing partisans astronomically. But the federal government has been funding the Left’s extremist, anti-American agenda for decades. There are literally tens of thousands of tax-exempt organizations that provide healthy incomes for millions of leftists who seek to destroy our nation, many of which receive some or all of their revenues from government.

Schweizer’s report quotes Cornelia Mrose, who testified before Congress:

In 2012, federal state and local governments gave $137 billion to organizations in the form of grants and contracts. Of that amount, $81 billion went to social service groups including affordable housing groups, legal aid groups, civil rights groups, and ethnic groups…

The report goes on to say:

…while the ostensible purpose of these organizations was to provide help for vulnerable citizens, the “real purpose” was to augment the “power, control and reach of government via an army of community groups.”

Almost every one of this “army of community groups” is left-wing. One good example is an organization I am personally familiar with, Identity, Inc. of Gaithersburg, Maryland. Identity describes its mission and vision as “creat[ing] opportunities for Latino youth and their families to reach their highest potential,” and adds, “[w]e envision a just and equitable society that nurtures all youth and is enriched by their contributions.”

“All youth” refers to illegal alien youth, of course. In reality, Identity is an illegal alien advocacy group that uses militant tactics. In 2011, Maryland residents advanced a petition to place a referendum question on the 2012 ballot to defeat what was then the recently enacted state DREAM Act — which provided in-state college tuition for illegal aliens. Volunteers needed to obtain 55,736 petition signatures. They received double that amount. However, in its attempt to derail that effort, Identity joined another notorious government-funded illegal alien advocacy group, CASA de Maryland. These were the kinds of tactics they employed:

  • Screaming racist and obscene epithets in petition-bearers’ faces
  • Blocking interested citizens from approaching petition tables
  • Pleading with people not to sign
  • Passing out misleading “Think Before You Ink” flyers
  • Utilizing paid FieldWorks operatives who shadowed petition locations and coordinated by phone
  • Calling police to make bogus complaints
  • One petitioner even reported being spat at

Identity is almost entirely government-funded. Its most recent tax filing shows receipts of $5.2 million, of which $4.9 million — 94 percent — was government grants. Prior years show similar results. Your tax dollars at work! Similarly, CASA de Maryland, which has bragged about having such notables on its board of directors as DNC Chairman Thomas Perez and former Obama domestic policy director Cecilia Munoz, received $4.1 million in government funding in fiscal 2015, 47 percent of total revenues.

According to USASpending.gov, National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest illegal alien advocacy group in the U.S., has received $28.7 million from the federal government since 2008. NCLR also received $3.1 million from Bank of America’s $16.7 billion settlement. Was the $3.1 million counted among the receipts from government, or was it hidden in direct donations from Bank of America?

NCLR works through a network of 260 “affiliates” throughout the U.S., some of which also received settlement money. The National Mortgage Settlement Summary lists a total of over $2 million provided to four NCLR affiliates: El Centro de la Raza of Seattle, Washington, ($600,000); NeighborWorks, Orange County, California, ($345,000); Unity Council, Oakland, California, ($575,000); and Community Housing Works, San Diego, California, ($500,000). Were these part of La Raza’s $3.1 million, or other monies?

NeighborWorks America is a congressionally chartered organization created in 1978 as “Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation.” It changed its name in 2005. While it is supposed to provide housing counseling in low-income neighborhoods and other housing-related services, Schweizer reports that, in practice:

“housing needs” encompasses not only direct subsidies to purchase housing, but matters as diverse as the question of the minimum wage, whether and when felons ought to have their voting rights restored, voting rights, getting the vote out, and LGBT concerns.

NeighborWorks was a conduit of disbursements to many radical organizations, including the aforementioned “bank terrorist” group NACA, and the North Korea-linked Asian Americans for Equality. NeighborWorks receives almost all its funding from government: over $2 billion from the feds since 2007.

Everyone remembers ACORN, the criminal organization that hid its finances behind hundreds of shell companies until its game was finally exposed by Capital Research Center’s Matthew Vadum and others. Between 1994 and its bankruptcy filing in 2010, ACORN received at least $79 million from the federal government. ACORN reconstituted itself under different names but old ACORN affiliates continued to receive federal funds. For example, in 2011, ACORN affiliate  Affordable Housing Centers of America (originally called ACORN Housing), received a $300,000 HUD grant. In addition, the Mutual Housing Association of New York, which was also part of the old network of affiliated nonprofits, received $50,000 from the bank settlement, even though Congress banned federal funds from flowing to any member of the ACORN network.

But the American Civil Liberties Union is perhaps the most notorious example. A law enacted in 1976 – to be precise, Public Law 94-559, the Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Act (42 USC, Section 1988) – allows attorneys to recover fees in civil rights and constitutional lawsuits against the government. The purpose was to make it easier for people of limited means to recover costs of lawsuits when their rights had been violated. As the definition of “constitutional rights” has broadened over the years, the ACLU has turned this law into both a weapon and a profit center. Its war chest gets help from taxpayer dollars each time the group wins. Following are just a few egregious examples:

  • $106,000 for a lawsuit alleging a local library policy violates a child’s constitutional right to view porn
  • $108,000 from Portland, Oregon for allowing the Boy Scouts to recruit during school hours
  • $549,000 from the state of Alabama for a lawsuit to remove a Ten Commandments monument from a courthouse
  • $150,000 from Barrow County, Georgia to remove the Ten Commandments from a courthouse
  • $950,000 from San Diego for a lawsuit demanding that the city throw the Boy Scouts out of a city park where members of that group had been gathering at their own expense for decades
  • $1 million (negotiated down from $2 million) against a small Pennsylvania school district which offered “intelligent design” theory as an alternative to Darwin’s evolution

There are thousands more cases just like this that you have doubtless heard about: forcing removal of Christmas displays, taking prayer out of school, forcing the Boy Scouts to accept homosexual Scout leaders, attacking voter integrity laws, etc. The list is endless — all of the traditions and laws that protect and define our nation and culture ripped from us while we pay the bill. Other left-wing groups use this law, but none as effectively or successfully as the ACLU.

The ACLU pleads poverty, claiming that these kinds of awards don’t keep them going. But these are truly alligator tears. According to Guidestar, the hundreds of ACLU branch offices and ACLU foundations nationwide have together amassed a total of over $650 million in current net assets. Most of this comes from private donations; however, when the ACLU is not defending terrorists, it is also recovering the costs of its activities courtesy the American taxpayer.

And it is not only the attorney fees we pay. When the ACLU takes a case to court, we are paying all the court costs to indulge its rabid left-wing viciousness whether it wins or loses, and tying up courts that should be working on real cases. It still amazes me that the ACLU, a demonstrably subversive, partisan organization, continues to enjoy tax-exempt status as a result. And for those of you yet unaware, ACLU co-founder Roger Baldwin said in 1928:

I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of all property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

Baldwin left the ACLU in the 1950s, but ACLU’s extremist designs have never really changed. It is an agent of chaos, not civil rights.

Attorney General Sessions’s order to end the horrifying practice of sending billions of dollars to left-wing extremist organizations attacking our society is a great start. But that should never have happened in the first place.

Will congressional Republicans press for a review of all the thousands of radical left-wing groups receiving taxpayer support, both through their tax-exempt status, and the many cases where they are directly funded by government?

Don’t hold your breath.