Book Review: Some Dark Holler

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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I have a fantastic new book that I’m recommending: “Some Dark Holler.” Here is the summary:


When his mother forces him to kill an innocent man, Ephraim Cutler’s quiet life in the Appalachian Mountains is thrown into turmoil. With a bounty on his head, Ephraim flees to the hills and hollers where he discovers that his crime has drawn more than the law’s attention—the Devil’s in town with his eye on Ephraim’s soul. Desperate to escape, Ephraim is torn between two clashing figures: an outcast granny doctor rumored to be a witch—and the local preacher. As the line between grim reality and the supernatural disappears, Death rides the ridgetops on a pale horse, and the Devil’s hound haunts the backwoods. Ephraim must decide who to trust, evade the hangman’s noose, and find redemption.

It’s definitely a different kind of read for me, but it is well done. The book is written by Luke Bauserman and he has more books on the way. I am not from the Appalachians, but Bauserman catches the heart and soul of the country there and the people. This is his debut novel, but I see a long and very exciting writing career ahead for this author. His writing makes you feel like you know the place and the people involved. It brings it to life.

His writing hits just the right note for horror and he is great at weaving a story and fleshing out characters. What I look for in a book is the quality of losing myself and I did with this book. My hubby is reading it now and it will be passed around. Anyone who can bring the devil to life and tempt evil from the shadows is an author well worth your time. He’s on his way to becoming a legend of the genre.

I’m a sucker for folklore, myth and legend. I got my start with Greek mythology and then Dean Koontz became my favorite. Now I have another author to add to my list and that makes my day. Heck, it’s worth a second and third reading. You can get a copy here on Amazon and I highly recommend it. I love this guy’s style. Mixing down to earth people and witches, the devil and death – if you like horror, you’ll love this book.