NAFTA Renegotiation – Why We Must Withdraw!

By: Armando Escalante | New Zeal

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The Globalists are currently active in efforts to conquer the United States. They are operating on three primary fronts. One front is by revolutionaries using violent means on the streets. Another is by revolutionaries in office at all levels using policy to change the laws to surrender national sovereignty to a World State. The third is by revolutionaries using media and the education system to sell the idea of a 21st Century Global America to the People and the youth.

The American People are about to be broad-sided by the NAFTA renegotiation. It is important for Americans to recognize that these negotiations are not meant to fix the problems that arose from NAFTA originally, but instead to further expand and strengthen NAFTA. The new NAFTA envisioned and the objectives proposed by Robert Lighthizer will ultimately supersede Constitutional authority and commit the United States’ economic, social and political mechanisms to International interests hostile to those of the United States.

It is a surrender of power, authority and sovereignty to the United Nations since the governing authority of the mentioned mechanisms will be International Law. It also sets up the framework for a global currency, the silencing of free speech at many levels including avenues for persecution, the strengthening of sustainable development, compulsory family planning and population control, cross-border election fraud, unrestricted smuggling, loss of American jobs, mechanisms that would create bias against American-made products, destroy America’s energy sector, ban automobile driving, and more … all these governed strictly by international authority known to be hostile to American interests, with non-existent legal recourse under U.S. law. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. It is nothing more that a bone-fide North American Union, mirroring the European Union.

The following is an analysis of the Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation (July 17, 2017)” published by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), headed by Robert Lighthizer, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation” details in summary form the objectives sought in the renegotiations. The obscure components in the proposed objectives are revealed in the following analysis.

This examination is comprised of two parts. The first part are definitions. The second are a few excerpts of key agenda items from the Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation” with a brief analysis accompanying each of the mentioned! Not all objectives are analyzed even though a threat exists with all.

To begin, it is important to note that one of the main strategies of global social planners is to mask malevolent “intent” in all calls for solutions to world social, economic and political ills. They understand that “intent” is difficult to prove, and they hide behind the “prove it” argument which essentially becomes a weapon to silence anyone who dares point it out. One of the ways they hide it is through double-speak in the redefining of commonly understood terms. The good news is that these social planners have always, decades in advance, declared their intent in all of their social schemes in their own journals, writings and essays. These sources are valid, reliable and objective sources to use for the exposure of intent. The examination of the USTR publicationrests on those declarations and the jargon that accompany them in masking the true agenda. For the sake of summary, only a fraction of these are mentioned. This analysis would become a volume if many were included.Many of the definitions are not masked, becoming a solid tool forvalidation.

As the social planners’ declarations and the social theory they stand on are compared to the list of objectives proposed by the Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation”, it becomes evident that there is no benevolent motive in favor of American interests but rather the undermining of those interests and continued erosion of America. In the USTR report’s cry, for the proposed NAFTA objectives to be implemented, international governance is required and called for!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (left), President Donald Trump (center) and President Enrique Peña Nieto (right) Photo via CNN

It is also important to note that the stated goal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the common thread in all the digital and hard-copy documentation of all International Affairs organizations in the World, are to usher in Global Governance, with the United Nations as the political and legal authority (Global Government) for the enforcement of this Global Governance system. In the vast majority of the CFR’s writings, publications, essays and case studies, what is found is subversive thought embedded in ideology, policy proposals and analysis. In other words, subversion through the promotion of so-called cutting edge ideas like soft power, strategic patience, multi-culturalism, sustainability and the such – whether overt or covert – designed for the destruction of western culture and Americanism. That same strategy is used for the amalgamation of nations, hence the obsolescence of nation states. The ideas and methods they propose for accomplishing their goal are mostly esoteric, which are inevitably not easily understood by ordinary men or women, whether educated, or of limited education, whether of strong or depraved moral character. This has given social planner heads power and cover to further their agenda in the shadows and under the concealment of deception.

Furthermore, one of the key structures in Global Government is the regionalization of world territory into parts, such as the North American Union, the Pacific Union and others. NAFTA is the building block for the formal framework of the North American Union as envisioned by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in their 2005 report Building A North American Community, which blueprints the amalgamation of the three North American states. As former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger put it in an article he wrote back in July 20, 1993, NAFTA “…is not a conventional trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system.” He also wrote in that same article regarding NAFTA that “It will represent the most creative step toward a new world order taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War, and the first step toward the even larger vision of a free trade zone for the entire Western Hemisphere.” [11]

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Seeing Is Believing

By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

This morning while catching up on the latest news items via the internet my vision began playing tricks with me.  I found it difficult to focus on the printed words and recognized the onset of a migraine headache, more specifically, an ocular migraine manifestation.  The first time this happened several years ago it scared the bejebbers out of me, thinking it was some kind of stroke and that I’d wreck my truck before I could get off the freeway.

There are many variations in the way ocular migraines present themselves.  Each individual seems to have a different yet similar way of expressing what happens; but it only lasts a few minutes before normal vision returns, at least that’s been my experience.  It did give me a tremendous headache that took most of the morning to get rid of.

Then this afternoon while enjoying the Oldies internet radio station via the magic of a Smart TV and DVD player…I’m rambling, aren’t I?   Where was I…  sitting on the sofa with Leslie Gore singing in the background, I happened to look at the cabinet door which is part of the entertainment center.

Was it part of the original ocular migraine or were my eyes playing tricks and my imagination had kicked into another gear?   I thought I saw the image of Lord Voldemort, or as any true Harry Potter fan would remind me, “He who must not be named”.

The nice part of living in the digital age is that there’s always a camera within arm’s reach, it being part of the magic included in your cell phone.  I snapped a picture of what was embedded within the natural pattern of wood; no doubt about it, that’s Voldemort.

You can laugh all you want; but it looks as much like Harry Potter’s arch enemy as any image of Christ ever spotted on a piece of toast that’s made tabloid history.  This isn’t the first time I’ve captured an incredible or unbelievable image either; there’s the Tomato Fairy that got caught tending to my garden several years ago, that’s proof of sorts.

Having a headache and a great imagination made for an interesting day.  Now if only I could get rid of that tapping, as of some one gently rapping…   Gonna’ have to lay off reading Edgar Allan Poe until this headache goes away completely.

“…While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door—

“ ’Tis some visiter,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—

Only this and nothing more.”


Weekly Featured Profile – Qasima Wideman


Qasima Wideman

Durham, North Carolina member of the pro-North Korea, Iran, Russia, Workers World Party.

In February 2016, a workshop titled: “Disrupting Islamophobia” was presented to the members of Showing Up for Racial Justice in Durham. This workshop was facilitated by Qasima Wideman and Eva Panjwani of the Workers World Party and Manzoor Cheema of Muslims for Social Justice – a Muslim Liberation Theology organization.

In May 2016, Eva Panjwani and Qasima Wideman accepted an award on behalf of Muslims for Social Justice from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization front group Black Workers for Justice.

In 2016, Qasima Wideman also addressed a Left Forum in New York at a panel entitled, On the Frontlines: Queer People of Color Fighting for Socialism in the US South.

In the US South, a growing movement of queer people of color have been rising up against the reactionary, oppressive status quo. The recent struggles against North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws, as well as the struggle against racist police terror and the movement against Donald Trump’s racist Presidential campaign, have all been flashpoints in the effort to shut down bigotry and oppression in the South. These activists have been on the frontline in the movements to fight back against oppression and to fight for a revolutionary solution, socialism.

Qasima Wideman spoke alongside Loan Tran, Workers World Party and Eva Panjwani, Queer Trans People of Color Coalition, Durham, NC.

From a Workers World Party Durham Branch, August 15, 2017 statement on arrest of our comrades: on the eve of the arrest of Takiyah Thompson.

From Qasima Wideman, one of several members of Workers World Party who were involved in the tear down of a Confederate statue in Durham on August 14:

“Confederate statues aren’t just hunks of metal and concrete. They represent the roots and history of a system of white supremacy that disenfranchises, murders, displaces and harms Black and Brown people up through today. If the people decide they want to remove such a statue, that should be their right. Love does not trump hate. It hasn’t taken down any Confederate statues or stopped any of the racist and fascist violence that people in Charlottesville, Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore and every where face every day. Only organized people’s power will take down white supremacy. Through racist drug laws and the prison industrial complex, cops do the paid work of white supremacy. The Trump regime has emboldened these racists.”

Takiyah Thompson, member of Workers World Party and student at N.C. Central University, who climbed to the top of the statue to tie a rope around its neck before the crowd tore it down:

“The people decided to take matters into our own hands and remove the statue. We are tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago, but they failed to act. So we acted.”

(Qasima Wideman|more…)


Two Coptic churches re-open; two meetings held: Are they related?

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

On Sunday, September 10, two Coptic churches were re-opened by an executive order made by President Al-Sisi. One of them was the St. Mary Church of Al-Furn village in Al Minya diocese, which was illegally shut down by Egyptian police recently in the final days of the Virgin Mary fast.

Bishop Makariuos of Al Minya diocese issued a statement to announce this good news. He indicated that Al-Sisi issued an executive order to local law enforcement to re-open the two churches on the eve of the new Coptic year.

The bishop further added that Copts of Al Minya and Abu Kurkas are thankful to the Egyptian president for his response and the attention given to their petition concerning the shutting down of their churches.

Their gratitude goes to the Interior Minister, the Governor of Al Minya and the head of Al Minya security as well as the National Security Service.

Muslim neighbors are congratulatory

The bishop’s statement did not ignore that Muslim residents of the town seemed grateful for the re-openings. Muslim villagers had been used as scapegoats by police authorities for the closings. Concerning the latter, a Voice of the Copts’ member emphasized that many Muslims came to the church to congratulate the priest and congregation. A celebration entailed almost three hundred Christians in the first mass and took place with great joy and tears of happiness.

Two high level meetings took place

The Al Ahzar Grand Imam visited Germany, and Al-Sisi met in Cairo with the United States delegation of Anglican Churches – two events that took place within hours of the order given to re-open the churches. The re-openings could be seen as timed to serve the purpose of “substantiating” messaging.

In the same time frame, the executive level meetings immediately followed the order to re-open the churches. Therefore, the matter is subject to speculation. The future will tell. If this proves to be the beginning of more re-openings to come then we know this gesture by the Al-Sisi government is meant to be consistent with Article 46 of the Egyptian Constitution, which permits freedom of worship.

Why now and why only two churches when so many need to re-open?

Grand Imam 

Al Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Institute, was invited to participate in the Roads of Peace International Conference where he delivered a speech on Sunday, September 10. In his speech, the Imam condemned the recent aggression against Muslims in Myanmar ignoring the “plank in his own eye” regarding the plight of Coptic Christians his own country. Perhaps he thought he had a right to do so because of the church re-openings in Egypt preempting his critics.

President Al-Sisi

At the same time in Cairo, President Al-Sisi met with a delegation from the National Council of American Churches. The meeting’s agenda was about how to confront extremist thinking and terrorism. During that meeting, Al-Sisi confirmed that Egypt will uphold the concept of citizenship and consolidate the culture of pluralism (the acceptance of others). He further confirmed the absence of discrimination in Egypt on the basis of religion and that all citizens enjoy the same rights and all the same duties to the homeland – after all, “Egypt’s churches were now being re-opened.”

Voice of the Copts joins in the celebration with gratitude

Christian Copts are truly grateful for the return of two church properties no matter what the motive. It is not new that Coptic issues are exploited for political purposes.

If the Egyptian president is sincere in his talk to the American delegation, then we should expect to see an effort to restore more churches in the near future. This would include re-opening and returning all the remaining closed churches and reconstructing churches destroyed by terror attacks. The latter would benefit by a new law for the construction of all worship buildings with equality in mind.

The right to practice your faith is granted by the Egyptian constitution, and we at VOTC join Bishop Makarious and the Copts of Al Minya and Abu Kurkas in their joy and happiness!

We thank the Egyptian authorities for re-opening churches that were illegally closed down. We hope that more executive orders to restore remaining churches will be made sooner than later.