America Under Siege: Antifa [VIDEO]

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

It’s finally here. They wouldn’t let us launch this documentary at Berkeley, but you can see it right here for free, courtesy of the Capital Research Center.

As you may know, social media is not kind to conservatives. It would help us greatly if you could “upvote” the film on YouTube and also “upvote” comments that you like on the film. If you feel the movie is worthy, please also leave a comment.

Feedback much appreciated.

NoisyRoom Commentary: This documentary is simply the best I have seen out there that explains Antifa and its roots. Trevor Loudon has done a fantastic job uncovering the history and motives of this violent, radical movement. I highly recommend you watch it and pass it around everywhere you can. In this documentary, you will see that Antifa is in fact communist and they are now all over the planet. This is the true enemy within and we must not let them succeed.

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