The Real Russian Agent and His Tricks

By: Cliff Kincaid

As he opened his Obama summit with Prince Harry on Tuesday, the former president of the United States must have been laughing himself silly. The Obama name is being put on schools, streets, and highways across the United States, while President Trump and his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, are  fighting off charges from the left and right of being Russian agents. Barack Hussein Obama must think he’s looking quite good by comparison.

To keep the focus where it should be, America’s Survival, Inc. will be featuring an impressive line-up of speakers at our November 10 Russia-gate conference in Washington, D.C. One of them, Joel Gilbert, the director of “Dreams from My Real Father,” will compare the writings and views of Barack Hussein Obama and Communist Party USA operative and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor in Hawaii.

He explains, “In 1983, at the height of Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama was a senior at Columbia University. In his one and only editorial in The Sundial in March 1983 entitled ‘Breaking the War Mentality,’ Obama echoed Soviet anti-U.S. propaganda of the time, maintaining that the US ‘war mentality’ was the source of Cold War tensions. This propaganda, which was widely disseminated by the KGB, claimed that if only the United States would change its ‘war mentality.’ tensions would disappear, that the Soviet Union was in fact an innocent actor while the U.S. was belligerent. Obama’s article is an early indication of his pro-Soviet bias.”

Gilbert adds, “It’s no coincidence that Barack Obama’s ideological mentor Frank Marshall Davis, whom I maintain in my film ‘Dreams from My Real Father’ is in fact Obama’s biological father as well, spent the 1950’s doing the same as Obama did in 1983. In his columns in the Communist newspaper, The Honolulu Record, Davis flawlessly mirrored official Soviet propaganda. For example, he blamed American capitalism for starting World War II, denounced the Marshall Plan, and claimed Harry Truman was itching to start WWIII while bashing Wall Street. All evidence indicates Barack Obama was radicalized by Frank Marshall Davis during his formative years, and Obama’s pro-Russia policies in the White House were an outcome of Davis’ influence.”

Another fascinating tidbit about Davis is that he was not only a communist but a pedophile. The fact that Davis was “Obama’s sex teacher” while he was growing up in Hawaii helps explain Obama’s embrace of cultural Marxism and Hollywood as president. Also in Hawaii, as he was growing up under the direction of Davis, a young Obama became a member of the “Choom Gang,” a group of heavy marijuana users. In his new book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, author Ed Klein says Obama is still smoking pot.

How a Marxist pot-smoking admirer of Red Russia could become president of the United States is the real mystery. Who protected Obama and why? What U.S. “Deep State” agencies knew about his relationship with communist Frank Marshall Davis before he was elected president as a “committed Christian” in 2008? Had the Russians already compromised Obama by that point? Join us on November 10 to learn the hard truth.

Other speakers at our event include Dr. Tina Trent, who will explain where the George Soros-financed drug legalization movement is heading; anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon, on Marxist schemes to continue the fundamental transformation of America; and Constance Cumbey, an expert on the New Age and globalist movements for world government.

President Trump joked on Monday at a White House Halloween celebration that the spooks who came for treats were not Russian. The real joke is on him. He has been tricked into a sideshow battle with Hillary over Russia when the real Russian agent, his predecessor, is emerging as a lovable and much-admired ex-president.

A lot of tricks are being played. Join America’s Survival, Inc. on November 10 to sort out the tricksters.


Trevor Loudon in Louisiana November 14-16 2017

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Nov. 14, 2017

Kenner Pavilion, 3800 Loyola Dr., Kenner, LA | 6:30 pm

Nov. 15, 2017

Abita Quail Farm, 23185 LA 435, Abita Springs, LA | Reception 6:00 pm, Program begins 7:00 pm

Nov. 16, 2017

LAFAYETTE, Robichaux Recreation Center, 1919 Eraste Landry Rd, Lafayette, LA | 6:00 pm


90,000 Radicals Exposed: Please Help Keywiki Expand Our Database

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Our sister site KeyWiki just passed the 90,000 file mark.

KeyWiki’s database of leftists, Antifa, communists, security risk congressmen, Muslim Brotherhood fronters and other covert activists, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past eight years.

Since the communist-led Bernie Sanders movement hit the national stage and with the election of President Trump, the far left has expanded dramatically. For example, crypto-communist Democratic Socialists of America has grown from 8,000 to 30,000 members in a year – and we’re trying to identify every single one we can.

Yes, DSA is a Marxist organization.

These people are infiltrating the Democratic Party all over the country and electing Marxists to office like Dylan Parker, Alderman Rock Island Illinois, Carlos Rosa, Chicago’s 35th Ward Alderman, Mike Sylvester, of the Maine House of Representatives, Julie Ann Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustee in Texas and Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly.

Communist Party USA has also enjoyed substantial growth. Together with allies Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, they are set to complete their long term project of completely taking over the Democratic Party.

We need to make sure that the next government of the United States is not a communist one.

With growth comes new challenges.

How you can help

Our aim however is not just to cover running costs, but to build sufficient surpluses to hire interns. We have tens of thousands of pages of information gathered from the Internet and libraries all over the country, and we need help to process it.

If you are able to make a one off donation, or pledge a monthly amount you can use PayPal or your credit/debit card to make a one time or monthly gift by clicking here: http://keywiki.org/Donate

Please chip in to expose those who seek to destroy your Constitution.

KeyWiki is used by journalists, candidates, opposition researchers and concerned citizens to expose the covert side of US politics. Our information has been used in countless books, articles and video productions.

Please help us carry on this valuable work.

Trevor Loudon for Keywiki


More “Peace Solutions”: Egyptian Copts Pay The Price

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

Bedouin peace process

A few days prior to the stand-off on Friday, the streets leading to the village mosque were heavily posted with a threatening provocation ostensibly written by Coptic Church attendees that said, “We re-opened the church against your will.”

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah – Voice ofthe Copts

The Islamic Bedouin peace process, used for negotiating an agreement between two tribes, arrived in Egypt via Saudi Arabia with the Arab conquest. Today, the technique is utilized to settle issues between Muslims and the indigenous Copts. The Copts submit to prepared agreements that force them as innocent victims into statements of guilt along with penalties, by-passing the courts.

Last week on Friday, October 27, following an attack by jihadists against Copts gathering to pray in a newly renovated church a week earlier, the heads of 1,800 Copts from the village of Al Kashery (Abu Kurkas region of Al Minya) were coerced into a Bedouin Peace Reconciliation meeting after a throng of Muslims (a thousand or more) gathered for prayer outside the mosque and threatened the church across the road.

Expanded numbers of Islamic worshipers for the purpose of intimidating church-goers to the Saint George Church across the road from the mosque prompted police forces to protect Copts against possible violence but also to serve Copts with papers demanding attendance at a Bedouin peace meeting later that day. (Automatically, this means Copts relinquish their own defense and innocence in the matter). Police bolted shut the door of the church building along with the children’s nursery.

Throng of Islamic participants prone to attack church incited by false-flag suspicions 

A few days prior to the stand-off on Friday, the streets leading to the village mosque were heavily posted with a threatening provocation ostensibly written by Coptic Church attendees that said, “We re-opened the church against your will.” Local Copts claim that Muslim instigators are the ones responsible for the signage in order to incite malice against Copts from mosque-goers and give them justification to attack the church. This type of agitation has a viral affect, notifying jihadists from nearby villages to join with another.

Message of power

Rumors grew during Friday that police were prepared to arrest both Muslims and Copts on charges of sectarian strife. Because of this, Muslims made threats to Copts with warnings that Copts would be held accountable for any Muslims arrested or harmed. Meanwhile, Copts see themselves framed in the whole matter. One anonymous source directly involved said the following: “We found no support from the law, and we fear that our children will be hurt — overall, after seeing the mobilization of large numbers of jihadists in front of the mosque that faces toward our church, closing the street with prayer mats as a message of power.”

Problematic “solution”

The same source close to the matter had more on Friday to say, “Copts had to agree to the reconciliation that will be held this evening in the village hall. A written agreement was presented that indicated a framework of friendliness, love and brotherhood. A reconciliation and waiver of all records between the two sides must be signed, including a ‘non-provoke crisis’ clause.”

This final item for Copts could mean permanent closure of their church building. The simple act of attending church is a provocation for jihadists and a trigger for mosques — particularly so when a mosque is in direct proximity of a church, i.e., across the road. “Conciliators” made no mention of the bolted church doors during the meeting. Many times the excuse used to rid towns of churches is a “permit issue” problem that has little or no basis in fact, which could happen next in order to have the church remain closed. 

Jihadists have the final word 

Bishop MakariousBishop Makarius of Al Minya summed up the latest episode when he stated, “As we remained silent for two weeks after the closure of a church, hoping officials would stand up in the role entrusted them by the state, our silence led to a worse situation. After closing the first church, a second and third followed the same path, and a fourth one may follow soon — as if Coptic prayer is a crime and must be punished.”

Worse than ever under Al Sisi now

The Bishop’s statement continued, “What happened in two weeks didn’t occur in a year — bolted churches, people attacked and their property destroyed without deterrents by the authority.”

Coexistence comes with a price for Christians alone

The Bishop went on to say, “Copts always pay the price of this coexistence — always called for by the authorities when Copts (are attacked) pay always the price for that coexistence and not the Muslims (the attackers).”

Standard reaction by the state to aggression; Deprive Copts the right to church and prayer
Furthermore, Bishop Makarius added, “When there is any aggression, the first action taken is to close the church and pressure Copts alone without punishing the aggressors.” The Bishop concluded, “The most basic right of our rights is prayer, which is guaranteed by the constitution, and we will not stop demanding it until it is realized.” 

A law is now pending to regulate church construction and clarify Christian rights

Bishop Makarius stated, “Our fear is once the church construction law is passed along with the promises that Copts will be equally treated and are second-class citizens no more that jihadists will impose their will on the organs of the state, which we reject in total.” 

List of attacks in just the last 12 days, including the story above
October 15, 2017: The church of Virgin Mary was closed in 2015 after jihadists attacked it. On this date two years later it re-opened, and while in use on the same afternoon worshipers were harassed by outsiders and police arrived to bolt the church shut – parishioners not allowed to enter again. 

October 22, 2017: The church and children’s nursery of Bishop Moses in the Al Kashery village (Abu Korkas – Al Minya) where 950 Copts are parishioners was attacked by jihadists, and four Copts were injured. The church was bolted. No one was arrested but another Bedouin Reconciliation meeting was held, and the church remains closed.  

October 22, 2017: Within a few hours of the Al Kashery village incident, the church of Abi Sefin at Al Karm village was closed by police wrongly claiming that local Muslims were complaining. For the record, this is the village where the seventy-year old Christian woman was stripped naked and beaten in the street in a recent attack.  

October 27, 2017: Five days later, Saint George church was attacked. On the same evening jihadists attacked Coptic homes and businesses. (Story above)

Which Egypt is this — Al Sisi’s or Al Tayeb’s? Neither. 

Is this evidence of the secular democratic Egypt President Al Sisi praised last week in France? (In all fairness, he did mention chaos.) Is this the religion-of-peace Islam that the Grand Imam, Al Tayeb, portrayed in his speech this month at Cairo’s “Ifta conference?”


Why The Anti-Trump “Resistance” Is So Relentless

By: Lloyd Marcus

I revisited election night videos on youtube of Leftists’ tearful meltdowns in response to Trump defeating Hillary. http://bit.ly/2xo0l5f Their panic, outrage and hatred for Trump was over-the-top; truly amazing. I questioned, why was it so intense?

I am a black Christian conservative. Trump is not ideological. Still, I thought Trump leaned more in Leftists’ camp than in mine. I viewed Trump as a businessman, busy pursuing his American dream, not concerned with the war between liberals and conservatives. Trump simply saw Obama making bad deals for America and knew he could do better. Trump was not overly concerned with social issues, but knew it was weird that Americans were no longer permitted to say, “Merry Christmas!” http://bit.ly/2kMeuqT So Trump decided to get into the presidential race. Political elites and fake news media thought the idea of Donald J. Trump in the White House was the joke of the century.

And where on earth did Trump come up with his cornball, obviously un-poll tested, campaign phrase, “Make America great again”? Due to public schools teaching distortions and lies about American history, Leftists are obsessed with bringing down our country from her throne as the world power. http://bit.ly/1UnBVz3 This is why Trump proclaiming his desire to “make America great again” repulsed and enraged Leftists. Leftists have flooded fake news media with their absurd despicable lie that “make America great again” is code for white supremacy, social injustice, cops free to murder blacks, destroying the planet and so on.

Dethroning America is Leftists’ number one priority. The second most important thing in the world to Leftists appears to be sex and transforming America into a culture in which anything goes sexually. Leftists have been using government to force sexual deviancy down our throats. You cannot turn on TV without being slapped in the face with various forms of sexual deviancy. We have been trained not to complain about it if we know what is good for us.

Third on Leftists’ list of priorities is having as many Americans as possible kill their babies to save the planet. http://ind.pn/2sQCed0

Obama championed Leftists’ sexual transformation of America. Under Obama, some states made homosexual conversion therapy illegal. Pedophilia is deemed a sexual orientation, thereby making therapy to cure it illegal. Ponder that, folks. Leftists are making it illegal for a therapist to attempt to cure their patient of being sexually attracted to children. http://ind.pn/1MT1VC3

Guys who wake up feeling like a woman are legally permitted to use women restrooms. Anyone who objects to this insanity is gang assaulted by Leftists, branded a hater. Recently, a man dressed as a woman was sentenced to 70 years in jail for molesting a 10 year old girl in a restroom. http://fxn.ws/2yAlAUc During Obama’s reign, elementary public school teachers were ordered to no longer address students as boys and girls because gender distinctions are bigoted and insensitive to transgenders. http://fxn.ws/2aSCFyy

Obama lit the White House in rainbow colored lights in celebration of government forced dismantling of marriage. http://bit.ly/2gGUZLF This opened the flood gates for whatever conceivable arrangement to be legally deemed marriage. Fathers are marrying their daughters; people are marrying animals, marrying themselves http://bit.ly/2ySqlqO and marrying inanimate objects. Welcome to Leftists’ new politically protected wild wild west of American sexuality.

Celebrating in the streets, Leftists knew their sexual transformation of America was on a roll making tremendous headway. Polls said Hillary would win in a landslide. Leftists gleefully anticipated Hillary continuing to implement their no-sexual-holds-barred America.

To Leftists’ shock and horror, Trump won!

Upon Trump winning the election, Leftists immediately launched their narrative (lie) that Trump is Hitler reborn? Is Leftists’ insane rage over Americans awarding Trump the key to the Oval Office mostly about sex? Absolutely.

I believe at the core of Leftists’ sexual idolatry is a spirit of anti-Christ. In a nutshell, Leftists hate Jesus for proclaiming himself the only way to heaven. This is why Obama led Leftists’ war on Christianity. http://bit.ly/2plTsy0

Now before you call me paranoid for claiming Leftists have a gerbil up their derrieres against Christians, please answer this question. Leftists are obsessed with promoting homosexuality. So why are Leftists such passionate defenders of Islam which calls for executing homosexuals? Christians tell homosexuals that they love them, but cannot approve of their lifestyle. Isn’t it logical that Leftists would demonize Muslims rather than Christians?

Another thing that has me scratching my head is Leftist women like Kim Kardashian, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna who defend Islam while trashing Christianity. Muslims suppress women; rapes, beatings and executions for disobedience. http://nyp.st/2q3Dt7s

Leftist female celebs who praise Islam could not be who they are, flashing their derrieres all over the place, if Sharia became the law of the land in America. And yet, these Hollywood and media women love Islam and hate Christians.

Trump’s vow to restore religious liberty has Leftists petrified that he will put the brakes on and roll back their government forced sexual transformation of America. In essence, Leftists have put a political contract on Trump’s head. He must be stopped at any and all cost.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


Exposing Islam’s “Necromancy” Doctrine Risks Al-Azhar Scholar’s Professorship

By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah | Voice of the Copts

Al-Azhar Institute is scrambling to protect and defend the Islamic faith, its traditions and foundational beliefs – clamping down on Islamic scholars who reveal truths that will damage Islam’s position as a “heavenly” religion. By labeling them “incompetent,” the Institute muzzles religious researchers. Currently, the highest authorities of Al-Azhar are ignoring President Al Sisi’s requests for “renewal of Islamic discourse,” which aims for discussions to temper interpretations of the Hadiths and the Sera doctrinal books.

Islamic authorities stifle discourse in the media when scholars of their own as well as other independent researchers expose embarrassing doctrine or examine it. Al-Azhar rejects any formal attempts by the government to have an open discourse. Copts care about this issue because so much of the violence against them can be traced to Islamic verses containing hatred and violence, which back it up.

The Coptic community remains certain that Ah-Azhar Institute is an enormous obstacle to societal equality and progress for human rights in Egypt — the country is dysfunctional with oppressive norms, discriminatory regulations, lawlessness and violence against a prescribed underclass that includes all non-Muslims. This is all doctrinally sound.

Islamic doctrine is discussed in the media and Al-Azhar reacts

In the middle of last month, while Al-Azhar denounced a liberal law in Tunisia, the Institute created a national scandal within Egypt when it reacted to the pronouncements of two of its comparative-religion professors – Dr. Sabry Abd El Raauf and Dr. Suaad Saleh – both specialists in the field of religious doctrine. While appearing on an Egyptian TV talk show (ITC Satellite TV) by invitation, Professor Dr. Sabry Abd El Raauf answered a call-in question about the acceptable practice of necromancy. Necromancy – a solid component of Islamic religious doctrine – tends to be a subject of derision for Egyptian school children but nonetheless a gruesome reality.

Unseemly and demonic to those in the biblical tradition, for Muslims, communing with the dead as a practice was accurately explained by the expert-professor as permissible and allowed by Allah (“halal”). He further qualified that, “This practice is against human nature but cannot be considered sin [“haram”].” Dr. Raauf was using his knowledge of the Quran, Hadiths and Sera – the doctrinal books of the Islamic faith. He clarified that a man would not be punished for engaging in this.

According to Islamic practice, the doctor’s response to the caller automatically established an edict or “fatwa” (a religious decree) just by virtue of answering the question. Typically, when a religious decree is made in such a way it is recorded by number and entered into the edict registry and disseminated around the world. (The dos-and-don’ts edicts keep piling up to govern world-wide followers of Islam.) As a comparative-religion professor and expert on solid grounds, Dr. Raauf was shocked at what occurred next. He was called in by his employer, the Al-Azhar Institute’s Vice-President’s office, and threatened to be fired. What had he done wrong?

After all, as recent as May 2011, an Algerian Imam, in a fresh statement of endorsement and reinforcement of the truth just expressed by the professor confirmed it with the question, “Who am I to disagree?” Also in 2012, a member of Egypt’s majority-Muslim Brotherhood parliament submitted a bill to clarify that sexual intercourse with a dead wife must occur within six hours of her death. Furthermore, Egyptian children in the Al-Azhar curriculum learn this lesson in school from religious textbooks.

According to pre-eminent Islamic teaching texts, Islam’s adherence to necromancy stems from a “strong” classification based upon the Hadiths (the religious source) as opposed to a “weak” one. If “weak,” Professor Dr. Raauf would have stressed that no one need follow it, and his edict affirming the practice could never have been produced. According to a current statement on the Al Tahir website — Egypt’s electronic daily newspaper with a mission to bring truthful information to readers — intercourse with the dead is part of the Islamic heritage and is still rightly being taught.

Disturbingly as well, according to the website “the farewell intercourse” is “…fixed among the pages of books of Islamic heritage for decades without revision or modification.” The Al Tahir statement continued with, “…until many of them [pages] became a guide [for teachers] causing the escalation of attacks against them [teachers] instead of attacking the sources the fatwa was built on.” This last quote might as well be an indictment of the Al-Ahzar Institute’s reaction to the correct professor.

Dr. Suaad Saleh was reprimanded along with Dr. Ruaaf because she answered a caller in a second talk show to produce in the same way a “fatwa” (religious decree) about the existing practice of bestiality, confirming what every Muslim knows to be true by the content of their sacred books. Intercourse between humans and animals is “halal” (permitted) but does, however, carry various penalties or prescribed procedures unlike the topic addressed by Dr. Ruaaf. Both practices are not merely facts out of Islam’s history (meant for only a time and place in the past) but are relevant today and applicable to modern-day worshipers.

Copts live in a culture where the dominant values are set by a “foreign” doctrine and regulated by edicts accordingly. It goes without saying that Copts have never adopted the degrading practices of jihad, necromancy, bestiality and honor killings – just to name a few. Instead, Christians in Islam’s midst counter this by the life-affirming, life-giving ideals rooted in their religious doctrine and spiritual walk.

For Copts, manipulation by deception (“taqiyya”), adds psychological damage to their physical endangerment. Denial as an aspect of deception can be seen here with Al-Azhar leaders at Cairo’s October 17 conference entitled: International Conference of Ifta (Fatwas): The role of the fatwa in the stability of societies. During his opening speech, Mohammed Al Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Institute, shifted blame away from the evidence-linked facts of the Institute’s teachings leading to death and destruction onto the machinations of the international community. He said, “a link between terrorism and Islam is a falsification in the consciousness of Muslims, distracting them from the real cause behind terrorism, which in my view is the unjust international policies that know nothing about the human brotherhood in countries that manufacture weapons and export them to ignite strife in Muslim countries.”

Geo-political actors are guilty as the quote points out. However, Islamic doctrine and practice provides a culture groomed and ready for exploitation. Islam is weaponized and counterfeited in the Middle East precisely because the narrative is plausible and easily digested by the western world. Imagine for one moment that a world conference is hosted by the pre-eminent Al-Azhar Sunni-Muslim Institute of Cairo in which speeches are made denouncing unequivocally each crime committed in the name of jihad and every church and village bombing done in the name of Islamic supremacy.

Replacing the normal platitudes of “peace,” which signify nothing, with genuine apologies as a precursor to altering interpretations of texts would transform the world and form a natural resistance to war games that exploit the vile nature and unreformed character of Islam.


The McCain Mutiny

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

Captain McCain, steel balls in hand.

The classic 1954 movie “The Caine Mutiny” crescendos with a court martial. Charged were crewmembers that had relieved Captain Queeg of command during a storm, citing as their defense their fear that his mental state had impaired his decision-making, and they feared loss of the ship and, possibly, all hands on board. The court martial did not appear to be going well for our mutineers. But then, as the cross examination of Queeg proceeded in earnest, he began rolling steel balls in his hand, and increasingly displayed the subtle cues evidencing a serious mental health problem lying below. The mutineers were not convicted.

In 2008 John McCain sought command of the United States, and the electoral crew relieved him of command before he’d even assumed it. Mutinous were many Republicans of the base who stayed home rather than vote for “John McAmnesty.”

Fast forward to the 2016 election, and the voters, and particularly Republican base voters (many of whom had long-since registered as “Independents”) elected a man whose platform was a rousing repudiation of the results a President McCain would have intended – “build the wall” trumped the lead Gangster of Eight and his stillborn amnesty.

For one who may feel entitled to the office, and robbed of it, and to see his agenda so publicly repudiated, it must feel like … like … like a mutiny against the legitimate leadership. And how to handle the mutineers? Why, a mutiny against their leader to restore the rightful order. And how to do that? Well, how about the political equivalent of a court martial: an impeachment?

But first we must have evidence to bring charges and then obtain a conviction, though we need not be too picky about its sources or validity. This from The Daily Caller on April 25, 2017:

McCain has acknowledged that he provided a copy of the document to FBI Director James Comey in December. The Republican has said that he did not know whether the information in the dossier was accurate but that he wanted to turn it over to federal authorities in order to check out Steele’s claims.

After learning about the dossier at an event in Canada in November, McCain dispatched David Kramer, a former State Department official and senior director of the McCain Institute, to meet with Steele in England to obtain a copy of the document.

Kramer flew to London at the end of November to meet with Steele. He returned to the U.S. with a copy of the dossier and gave it to McCain. McCain then gave a copy to Comey during a meeting the next month.

Let us assume for the moment that the foregoing is completely accurate. At least to the extent that the truth can be determined at present, we now know that “Republican” donor Paul Singer initially funded the “opposition research” on Donald Trump – Breitbart reporting that the funding was laundered through The Washington Examiner – but that once Trump won the nomination that “Republican” funding stopped. Reports indicate that hedge fund operator Singer is a quintessential Establishment Republican, promoting Wall Street agendas, LGBT and open borders – which would explain why he was funding this “opposition research” – for during this period Singer was supporting McCain’s fellow Gang-of-Eighter Marco Rubio in the primaries.  As we now know,  once Singer dropped the funding baton it was picked-up and run with by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee.

Then this from that same Daily Caller story:

The FBI reportedly made an informal deal with Steele in October to pay the former spook $50,000 to continue his research. But The New York Times reported that the deal fell through, possibly because Steele was unable to corroborate his research. The FBI also cited the dossier in its application for a surveillance warrant to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

So the FBI intended to pick up the “opposition research” funding baton from the DNC, or supplement it, before the election? What’s wrong with this picture?

This leads to several questions for, and about, Senator McCain and his involvement:

Was McCain involved with, or at least aware of, Singer’s efforts from the beginning – to what extent was McCain coordinating with the Rubio campaign?

What was McCain doing in Canada at which place or event he supposedly “first learned” of the dossier?  With whom was he meeting, and who informed him about the dossier? Did this Canadian foray occur before or after the election, when was it first scheduled, and by whom?

If McCain first learned of the dossier in November, and then handed a copy over to the FBI in December – why did he risk a potentially critical delay by not just informing the FBI about what he learned in Canada, and then leave it to the FBI to apply its expertise after that?

Why the big rush to have an associate fly to London, ultimately to physically pick up a copy – e.g., to avoid leaving an electronic trail?

Why send an associate from the “McCain Institute?” So that the FBI’s or McCain’s Senate office fingerprints wouldn’t be on the effort? To avoid FOIA disclosures? For accounting and tax purposes, how did the “McCain Institute” categorize the travel expenses?

And since the author (Christopher Steele) was having everyone pay for his “research” – the “Republican donor,” the DNC and Clinton campaign (directly and/or through their proxies Attorney Marc Elias and Fusion GPS) – would he have given a free copy to some guy from the “McCain Institute,” or did it also have to “pay to peruse.” (And again, how were these sums treated for accounting and tax purposes by the McCain Institute?) Conversely, if Steele provided it for free, why this special treatment for the “McCain Institute?”

Was this retrieval of “opposition research” an “in kind” contribution to the DNC or Clinton campaign, in violation of campaign finance laws such as <ahem> McCain-Feingold?

If the reports are true that McCain informed FBI Director Comey about the dossier and shared a copy with him last December, yet the FBI in the previous October had sought to help fund Steele and his research – when did the FBI first learn of it, and who made the decision to (try to) open the FBI’s federal money spigot for Mr. Steele? And why? And what did Director Comey say to Senator McCain when offered the dossier in November-December?

As said, there is much to inquire about with Senator McCain – under oath. Then let’s see if the steel balls come out.

Mr. Wigand is the author of Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, which is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. Comments or questions for Mr. Wigand may be sent to: [email protected] – he will make every effort to personally respond to every email.


Weekly Featured Profile – Mark Maxey


Mark Maxey

Mark Maxey is an Oklahoma activist. He has been a long-time social activist, artist, poet, music columnist and radio air-personality. He is a member of the Muscogee Nation and identifies with his blood lineage as Yuchi Indian. He has coordinated the UN Dialogue Among Civilizations, Rally for a Just Legislation and OUTART in Oklahoma City, OK. He serves on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance. He served as the chair of Media and Film Committee for the Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission. He has helped organize several rallies for Indian militant Leonard Peltier in Oklahoma City. He has been a board member of the Poetry Committee for Individual Artists of Oklahoma. He has been the artistic director for the American Indian Theatre Company.

Mark Maxey spent 6 months as a National Data Team volunteer for the Bernie Sanders for President campaign.

On May 15th, 2016, five local citizens were recognized as the official Executive Committee in Oklahoma City for the national Democratic Socialists of America. Eric Crump, Leslie Driskill, Leo Loveless, Mark Maxey and Mabruka Yazidi, officially signed their By-Laws on May 15, 2016 at their second meeting.[1]

Mark Maxey has become a leader of Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists and managed the unsuccessful campaign of Democratic Socialists of America comrade Billy Hinton‘s run for Oklahoma state representative, as a Democrat.

Mark Maxey is also a regular contributor to the Communist Party USA‘s Peoples World.

(Mark Maxey|more…)


The “Alt Right” is Left, Wrong and Pro-Putin

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

An excellent video from Prager University on the “Alt Right.”  Far from being a mass movement aiming to replace traditional Constitutional Conservatism, the “Alt Right” is a tiny, but vocal, fringe left-wing movement, obsessed with race and collective destiny.

The “Alt Right” is not synonymous with the Trump movement. Some Alt Righters tried to infiltrate the Trump movement, but have thankfully been  marginalized.

The only important point missed here is the Alt Right’s fawning love for Russia’s neo-communist leader Vladimir Putin.

For proof of Putin’s recent support for communism go here and here.

The “Alt Right” think they are “right,” but in fact, are useful idiots for Russian neo-communism.

Bring on the Russian Trolls!!!!


The Denise Simon Experience – 10/26/17

The Denise Simon Experience

Hosted by DENISE SIMON, the Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.

THIS WEEK’S GUESTS:  Ed Haislmaier /  Rachel Glezsler /  LTC Buzz Patterson  /  PLF SCOTUS Sports Betting

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