Restoring Something Beautiful

By: T.F. Stern | Self-Educated American

We’re in the process of going through items left after my parents died.  They had an old Steeple Clock on their mantle over a fireplace that at one time had been in my grandparent’s apartment.  It didn’t work; but was too beautiful to toss in the trash and so it remained on their mantle over a fireplace that also wasn’t used.

It sat in our U-haul storage unit until this past November when we cleaned everything out to avoid having to pay anymore rent.  The clock didn’t work; but just looking at it took me on a time traveler’s trip back to when I was a young boy visiting my grandparents.

I’d spend the night on a small sofa listening and observing from my vantage point.  They’d leave the window of their small apartment open as they had no air conditioning and a gentle breeze keep the apartment moderately comfortable.

On the half hour their clock would let go a single chimed note while on the hour that same note would repeat until the indicated hour was matched.  It wasn’t a fancy chime; yet eloquent in its somber trembling.  My memory was doing its best to recall the tone that had been silenced when the inner workings had become worn.

I took the clock in for repairs and asked what it would cost to have it brought back to life.  The repairman carefully examined the old clock, admiring the craftsmanship while at the same time pointing out parts which needed replacement.

“Leave it with me any you can have it back in a few weeks.”  He went on to explain how this particular clock might be worth something to a collector.   I agreed to have it repaired in spite of realizing how much the bill would be.

Yesterday we picked the clock up and drove back to our house in the country where it was placed on the hutch, the very same hutch that had once been in my grandparent’s apartment.  Some things are worth repairing; this clock was one of them.

But that’s not why I’m writing today, at least not the main reason.

I look around and see what has happened to my country.  The thought occurred to me that it’s much like that old Steeple Clock that seemed to have outlived its usefulness.  At one time it was a beautiful instrument admired and adored; but over time and through neglect had stopped providing what it was designed to do.

This past week someone left a comment on a public forum, a comment which bothered me then; and still does.  It indicated a cancer has metastasized within our society to the point of destroying the very foundations.  Quoted as written:

“There is no such thing as “god-given” rights. Rights are those aspects of mutual respect and cooperation that the collective agrees to confer on each other, as codified in the Constitution. As for “socialist sh**holes”, socialism is the natural end result of the ongoing evolutionary imperative for humans to thrive collectively rather than attempting to do so individually. It’s just how people work.”

The magnificent workings of our nation no longer shine as brightly as they once did: worn to the point of becoming inoperable, at least that’s what some would say.  Our constitutional republic isn’t ticking strongly, if at all.  There are far too many who would be satisfied to toss it away in favor of one more to their liking, one that didn’t require as much upkeep.

The upkeep I refer to can be identified as self discipline, obedience to eternal laws and principle which shaped our nation from its infancy and at the top of that list, faith in God.  Our founders were aware of the need to be ever mindful of our Creator, the Hand of the Lord or, as often was recorded, Divine Providence as they expressed gratitude for what was given.

You aren’t foolish enough to think this nation just happened out of the blue are you? Well, apparently many of my fellow citizens haven’t got a clue.

Let’s remember, let us all remember… this land we call America was held in reserve for those who would serve Him and individual rights come from God.  The alternative is that rights are no different than entitlements dispensed from government.  If the latter is true then rights can be taken away as easily as they were given depending on who is in power.

Our constitutional republic is the prize sought after by the entire world.  For some it’s a goal worthy of anything to become part of or to emulate; for others it’s an obstacle to be destroyed, dealt with in order to bring about a totalitarian socialist Utopian collective which would remove individual liberty.

It would be difficult, even foolhardy to ignore the similarities between what the scriptures have to say…

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”—Jesus, from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:14-16.

… and a quote by Ronald Reagan.

“America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”

America, the nation our founders helped bring about, that America will take quite a bit of effort to restore.  We’ve let it become run down, nearly silenced over the past several years.  But something that beautiful is worth restoring.


“Make Unborn Babies Great Again.” Scenes from the March for Life

By: Cliff Kincaid

March for Life
January 19, 2018
Photos © by Cliff Kincaid

America’s Survival, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
Owings, MD 20736

Cliff Kincaid

“Scenes you may have missed if you depended on the coverage from the fake news media.”

Pro-Marxist activist Medea Benjamin (second from left) carries a “My Body, My Choice” sign as she discsuses the humanity of the unborn with a pro-lifer.

Pro-lifers from Bolivia protest the communist rule of Evo Morales.

A pro-life contingent from Canada stood outside the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. to protest the imprisonment of pro-life activist Mary Wagner.

Abortion and America’s Future

Decades before the legalization of abortion in the U.S., ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers would explain how the abortion mentality was the communist mentality. “Abortion was a commonplace of party life,” he wrote in his classic 1952 work Witness. “There were Communist doctors who rendered that service for a small fee. Communists who were more choosy knew liberal doctors who would render the same service for a larger fee.

Abortion, which now fills me with physical horror, I then regarded, like all Communists, as a mere physical manipulation.”

It was all physical because, in the communist view, there was nothing spiritual. Chambers was better known as the former Communist who would expose top State Department official and United Nations founder Alger Hiss as a Communist agent. But Witness was about an even greater struggle between the forces of darkness and light, of which communism versus freedom was just one chapter.

In 1933, when his wife became pregnant, he said they immediately knew that, as faithful communists, their immediate option was abortion. But his wife came over, took his hands, and burst into tears, saying, “We couldn’t do that awful thing to a little baby, not to a little baby.” It was the natural instinct of a mother. Chambers wrote that this was a pivotal moment: “If the points on the long course of my break with Communism could be retraced, that is probably one of them―not at the level of the conscious mind, but at the level of unconscious life.”

Chambers didn’t have access to a sonogram of his wife’s unborn child. He didn’t know about unborn children feeling pain. But it just made common sense to conclude that the unborn child was a human being. This awareness and human emotion began the process of unraveling the communist philosophy of atheistic materialism.

So how is it that so many people today do not recognize the sheer physical horror of abortion? It is because they are not open to a philosophy of life that recognizes the inherent worth of every human being. The secular educational system is failing, and parents are not doing their jobs, either. Another factor, the liberal media keep repeating the lie that abortion is simply the “right to choose.”

– Cliff Kincaid, President, America’s Survival, Inc.


Dick Durbin’s Secret ‘Strategy Meeting’ On DACA With Radical Group Who Defended North Korea; Honors Palestinian Terrorist

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Senator Dick Durbin addresses the HANA Center September 2017

“Senator Durbin and several of his colleagues are in bed with NAKASEC, a well funded and very well organized radical group with a long history of Anti-American and pro-North Korea activism.” – Trevor Loudon

Cross-posted from WND.

On June 15, 2012, then-President Barack Obama delivered a speech in the Rose Garden announcing his intention to unilaterally grant “temporary relief from deportation proceedings” for young people who met certain criteria. The Executive Order, referred to as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, was “not amnesty,” according to Obama, “…this is not immunity.  This is not a path to citizenship.  It’s not a permanent fix.”

One month after the president’s speech, a young woman named Tereza Lee met with about 40 young illegal immigration organizers-in-training to tell them the story about how she was the inspiration for Dick Durbin’s original 2001 DREAM Act, which consistently failed to get the votes it needed to pass, even while Democrats had the majorities in the House and Senate.

Tereza’s presentation was a part of a three-day “Social Justice Camp,” which was organized by the HANA Center, an affiliate of the radical organization NAKASEC. Senator Dick Durbin has deep ties to the Chicago group formed by leaders of a nationwide North Korea support network. Senator Durbin has worked with the NAKASEC-affiliated HANA Center for several years, mainly to promote their pro-illegal alien amnesty/pro-DACA agenda.

Tereza Lee has been the poster child for DACA. Dick Durbin was near tears that could rival those of Cory Booker crying over the word “s***hole” on the Senate Floor advocating for amnesty for Tereza Lee’s family. What Durbin fails to mention during his propaganda speeches on Tereza Lee, however, is Lee’s ongoing, hard-core pro-illegal immigration activism.

Tereza Lee organizing activists to protest for DACA at Senator Chuck Schumer’s office on January 16 2018 via WBUR

Last July, Senator Durbin, the Democrats lead man on DACA talks with President Trump, invited HANA Center representatives into a “closed strategy (sic) meeting…about [the] Dream Act.” How do I know? Because the group boasted about it on their Facebook page on July 24 2017:

Just two months before Dick Durbin had his secret meeting with the HANA Center, the group hosted the literal terrorist murderer Rasmea Odeh of the Arab American Action Network as their “honoree” for a “gala event.” Odeh is infamous for her role in the murders of the young Jewish boys Edward Joffe and his best friend Leon Kanner in a Jerusalem supermarket on February 21st 1969.

The HANA Center is a merger of Korean American Community Services (KACS, founded 1972) and the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center (KRCC, founded 1995). The group is the Chicago affiliate of a nationwide federation, the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC), which also incorporates the Los Angeles based Korean Resource Center and a NAKASEC branch in Annandale Virginia.

The network was founded by South Korean political refugee Yoon Han Bong, a leading activist involved in the very bloody and allegedly North Korean-backed May 18 Gwang Ju People’s Uprising of 1981. Yoon Han Bong fled South Korean authorities by stowing away on a cargo ship to Seattle for 35 days. He “arrived in Seattle in 1981 and received political asylee status.” In 1983, he founded the Korean Resource Center and one year later, Young Koreans United. Chapters were eventually formed nationwide and later in Canada, Australia and Europe.

Dick Durbin, HANA Center, June 2017

Young Koreans United, NAKASEC and the Korean Resource Center were all militantly active in the North Korea-backed “Korean Re-Unification” movement, active from the 1980s to mid-2000s. They were also strongly opposed to the US military presence in South Korea. The group organised several “TROOPS OUT NOW” protests in the mid-1980s, including a 1986 rally outside the White House.

In 1985, Young Koreans United held a conference on “reunification and Third World solidarity.”  In 1987, Young Koreans United hosted an international conference on “democracy and reunification.”  In 1988, the group got 100,000 signatures on a petition for removal of U.S. nuclear weapons from South Korea. The same year they organized an international conference in New York to support the “North-South Korea Student Conference for Peace and Unification.”

In 1989, the Young Koreans participated in a “Korea and the U.S. Peace March” from New York to D.C. and a three-week hunger strike against proposed separate membership of the two Koreas into the U.N. The 1990’s hunger strike was only two weeks, but they did manage another conference for “Peace and Self Determined Unification.”

In 1993, Young Koreans United organized a telegram campaign for the withdrawal of U.S. Troops in Korea, participated in the left-wing love fests, “World Human Rights Caucus” in Vienna and the “March for Peace and Justice” in Washington, D.C.

In 1996, Young Koreans United and the Korean Alliance for Peace and Justice partnered with the World Food Programme of the United Nations to carry out two campaigns (North Korea Food Aid and Feed the Hungry Children) for flood victims in North Korea. Through a 4-year intensive street fundraising drive, Young Koreans United and the Korean Alliance for Peace and Justice “raised $300,000 for rice and nutrition bars for the people of North Korea.”

In 2003, they organized a campaign for a U.S. House resolution to “normalize relations between North Korea and the U.S. which included 45 legislative visits to members of Congress and 9,000 letters sent nationally.”

In 2004, Young Koreans United marked its 20th anniversary with a “Towards Peace in Korea and the Political Empowerment of Korean Americans” conference, a march in front of the Republican National Convention for “Peace from Korea to Iraq” and “Immigrant Rights are Human Rights.”


This period marked the beginning of a new focus. “Immigration reform” was the new cause. The young radicals put as much energy into promoting amnesty for illegal aliens as they had cheerleading for North Korea. What better way to destroy America’s anti-communists and conservatives than by swamping their voting base with millions of new foreign-born Democrats?

Young Koreans United dissolved in 2008, with many members taking up posts in NAKASEC.

For example, Dae Joong Yoon moved from the Korean American Cultural Center in Chicago to the national leadership of Young Koreans United, to running the Korean Resource Center in Los Angeles to the co-directorship of NAKASEC.

This post has taken Dae Joong Yoon from meeting President Obama in the White House in May 2013, to leading the hunger strike for illegal alien amnesty outside the White House in December that year.

President Obama meets with Dae Joong Yoon, executive director of NAKASEC to discuss “immigration reform”

Dae Joong Yoon, hunger-striking with Obama “immigration advisor” and leading amnesty advocate Eliseo Medina

The NAKASEC network has organized dozens of rallies, marches, Internet campaigns and Congressional and Senate delegations in support of amnesty and DACA over the last ten years. They work closely with several Senators, but none more closely than DACA Dick Durbin.

On April 27, 2010, Simon Cho, US Olympian for short track speed skating and the winner of a bronze medal for the 5000 meter men’s relay, spoke about his immigration experience. During a press conference organized by NAKASEC, in a packed room, Simon talked about his memories of crossing the border with his mother at the age of four as undocumented immigrants. Following the press conference, Simon and the staff of NAKASEC held face to face meetings with Senator Durbin.

May 11, 2011, Senator Durbin re-introduced the DREAM Act in the 112th Congress with the co-sponsorship of 32 members of the U.S. Senate, including California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, as well as Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), member of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus .

NAKASEC and its affiliates, the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center in Chicago and the Korean Resource Center in Los Angeles, thanked Senator Durbin for his “continued leadership on the DREAM Act and [for taking] this opportunity to continue to organize and strengthen our communities for reform while highlighting the need for immediate relief of immigrant youth.”

“The re-introduction of the DREAM Act will allow us to continue the conversation on the need for reform,” said Dae Joong Yoon, executive director of  the Korean Resource Center. “But we also know that while we recommit ourselves to this struggle, we need to ensure that our youth are safe and not feel the threat of deportation. We can do this with President Obama’s executive authority to grant deferred action”.

The first week of December 2016, Senator Durbin shared the story of Luke Hwang, a “gifted student and community leader who is currently a PhD candidate in chemistry at the University of Chicago,” on the floor of the US Senate.

Senator eulogizes Luke Hwang on the Senate floor.

Senator Durbin used Luke Hwang and several others like him for maximum propaganda advantage.

In Senator Durbin’s speech he explained that Luke Hwang  “…is currently a PhD candidate in chemistry at the University of Chicago. He also works as a researcher at the university. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Chicago Korean American Resource and Cultural Center, an organization that provides services to disadvantaged members of the community.

He failed to mention that the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center (now part of the HANA Center) is part of a radical network run by old pro-North Korean activists.

In August 2017, HANA Center “DACAmented” leader Luke Hwang spoke at a press conference with Senator Richard Durbin and business leaders. He said, “Thanks to DACA I felt a sense of hope and empowerment…it is a source of strength for the years ahead.”

In December 2017, NAKASEC and affiliates visited the offices of Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Senator Dick Durbin. According to the NAKASEC website, Senator Durbin was deeply affected by the visit.

Moved by the efforts of members of NAKASEC and HANA Center from Chicago, Senator Durbin confirmed publicly that he will vote “no” on the upcoming CR (Continuing Resolution) if the DREAM Act is not attached.

Let that sink in. Senator Durbin was so “moved” by his young NAKASEC friends, that he will be willing to shut down the Federal Government if they don’t get their way.

Senator Durbin and several of his colleagues are in bed with NAKASEC, a well funded and very well organized radical group with a long history of anti-American and pro-North Korean activism.

NAKASEC’s main immediate goal is to gain citizenship for potentially millions of DACA recipients and their families. Amnesty is important to NAKASEC for the same reason it is important to the Democrats.

It is about the vote.

Republican Mitt Romney lost his his presidential election by around 2.5 million votes. President Trump won by a couple of hundred thousand votes. It’s easy to see what DACA will do for the Democrats future electoral fortunes.

Is Dick Durbin so hungry for amnesty that he is willing to work with friends of a known terrorist murderer? Is Dick Durbin so hungry for amnesty that he is willing to work with friends of North Korea, a country currently threatening America with a nuclear attack?


The Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments and Joanna Martin’s Selective View of History

*** NoisyRoom.net is posting this to air both sides of the debate. It should be noted that we do not condone personal attacks while debating the relevant facts. We support vigorous free debate on constitutional issues. Both sides will be allowed to share their views and our readers can decide for themselves whose logic is more reasoned and based on fact concerning the subject matter. It is worthy of note that in debate, one attacks the argument not the arguer. Attacks on the arguer belong to a Logical Fallacy called “ad hominem.”

By: Gary Porter and David Dietrich

Joanna Martin, aka “Publius Huldah,” has a selective view of history. Once again, in her article, “COS Project’s ‘Simulated Convention’ Dog and Pony Show and What They Did There,” she attempts to use it to scare us with the “horrors” of Article V.

Martin writes: “…for the past 100 years, the federal and state governments and the American People have ignored our Constitution.”

In the face of such a broadly cast net, we agree, certainly as regards the American people, but to respond directly: so what? What does Ms. Martin intend to do about this? What is the constitutional remedy she offers? Moreover, how can We the People return our nation to “Original Intent”?[1] While we don’t doubt Martin’s patriotism, she has a jaundiced view of what is a clearly constitutional method of repairing a damaged document. The Declaration is very clear on this subject. So is Article V. Instead of helping to restore the Constitution’s “chains,” she is “chained” to the status quo.

Martin Writes: “…Delegates would have the right, as recognized in the 2nd paragraph of our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the Constitution we have and write a new Constitution which creates a new government.”

Really? Let’s review: “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”  As Jefferson implies, the Right of the People is in effect at ALL times.  But, this broader right has nothing to do with a Convention for proposing Amendments.  Convention delegates are most certainly NOT delegated the right to do anything they want, much less “write a new Constitution, which creates a new government.”   A plain reading of the Article V text makes this clear to any fourth grader.  Once again, only “the People” may delegate the right to transform their government.  Since an Article V Convention for proposing Amendments has only one delegated goal – to propose Amendments, any fear of something else emanating is misguided.

To be sure, anyone, any group, even Congress could draft a new Constitution and post it on the internet for all Americans to consider. Mr. Rexford G. Tugwell, a fellow at the Left-leaning “Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions,”[2] drafted a looney “Constitution for the New-States of America” in 1974, well before the internet was even a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. Mr. Tugwell died five years later and someone eventually posted his “masterpiece” on the internet. Read the document. Why Martin and Company believe Article V convention delegates, lacking any authority to do so, are going to feel empowered to take this or any other “constitution” and put it into effect “on behalf of the American people,” is simply beyond comprehension. Somehow she has convinced herself (if she is to be believed) that this is going to happen. And the American people are apparently going to sit back and let this happen? Astounding! If you believe that, we have a bridge we’d like you to look at. An Article V Convention attempting to impose a new Constitution on America is a flight of fantasy!

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