Xi Jinping Extends Power, Becomes The Next Mao And Braces For A New Cold War

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Just as predicted, President Xi Jinping is extending his power and abolishing term limits, become dictator for life. Mao’s official home is a museum. Well, it was until this week. Xi removed the sign and then moved right on in. He has officially become the next Mao Zedong. And although one fifth of the world’s population lives in communist China, no one can stop him. Massive censorship is taking place on the Internet by the Chinese now.

Next on the hit parade is China’s relationship with the U.S. We are about to enter very dangerous waters with the Chinese. A shifted Cold War is now shaping up with us on one side with Israel and China, Russia, Iran and North Korea on the other. There are other players who will choose sides as the geopolitical chessboard settles out. There will be few surprises and plenty of betrayals in the end. There always are just before a world war.

China will not sit still for President Trump trying to tame the dragon. They are beginning to make their move. A great deal of our manufacturing takes place in China, including power plant parts. Perhaps we should rectify that and soon as this heats up. Xi has ordered the Chinese military to counter the Pentagon with its own modernization in air, sea, space and cyber weapons, partly in response to Trump’s plans to revitalize American nuclear forces. That should not give us pause, it should push us to move faster.

Did anyone really and truly believe that communist China would be open to free elections? Silly people. Xi will govern with an iron fist and pursue his agenda of making China a global power even if it risks putting Beijing in conflict with Washington and triggering a new Cold War after 40 years of mutual engagement. If fact, it’s already begun. America was foolish enough to put Chinese nationals in key positions in our government and scientific installations such as NASA. Not to mention our universities. China does not suffer from such idiocy in regards to national security.

“In the Asia-Pacific, the dominant role of the United States in a political and military sense will have to be readjusted,” said Cui Liru, former president of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, a think tank under the Ministry of State Security that often reflects official thinking. “It doesn’t mean U.S. interests must be sacrificed. But if the U.S. insists on a dominant role forever, that’s a problem.” By problem, he means it militarily. Asked if conflict was likely in the region, Cui said: “I don’t exclude that possibility. In this transitional period, it depends on how the two sides handle it.” He added that it was “not normal for China to be under U.S. dominance forever. You can’t justify dominance forever.” China plans on being THE world super power and they have plans for America. On her knees and subjugated that is.

The Chinese view us as barbarians and we are tolerated as long as we benefit them. Xi appears to share the view of many Chinese analysts and military officials that the United States is a superpower in decline — and that China must step into the vacuum it leaves behind. Remember, they hold our debt and sooner than later, China will come to collect… violently. Xi has accelerated the military’s plans to build a blue-water navy, increased spending on weaponry in outer space and established China’s first military bases abroad. He has promoted a global infrastructure program to extend Beijing’s influence and ignored Western concerns about human rights, which have diminished under the Trump administration. They have massively expanded their nuclear arsenal as well and China is the premier threat in the world for cyber warfare.

Because of America’s blind push for unfettered trade with China, they have prospered at our expense. Xi’s emergence as a strongman has driven home the disappointment among American policymakers that China has not become more open and democratic as it has become more wealthy. At the same time, Beijing has rejected pleas for fairer terms of trade, angering both Democrats and Republicans. But I don’t see why they are surprised… any military or geopolitical analyst should have seen this coming long ago. I find it extremely disconcerting and troubling that President Trump congratulated Xi on his “extraordinary elevation” in October and likened him to a “king.” The man is a dynastic tyrant… a massive totalitarian, communist dictator. Either Trump is naive in the extreme or he’s playing it close to his vest.

Xi’s attitude toward China’s place in the world was echoed Tuesday in the state-run newspaper, Global Times, which proclaimed in an editorial that “the country must seize the day, must seize the hour. Our country must not be disturbed by the outside world or lose our confidence as the West grows increasingly vigilant toward China,” it said. That signals a frightening move by China to seize power across the globe.

Most worrying for the United States, analysts say, is the strategic competition emerging in Asia, where China is seeking to challenge American military dominance that has been the status quo since World War II. China’s military objective is to break through the first chain of islands according to analysts, referring to the waters beyond Japan and Taiwan where the Chinese military wants to establish a presence. Chinese military experts have also emphasized the importance of dominating nuclear, space and cyber technologies, said Phillip C. Saunders, a China expert at the National Defense University in Washington. They are now an existential threat not only to the U.S., but to the world. Frankly, China could take out our satellites at any given time or cripple us with an EMP attack and we just sit smiling stupidly and nodding as they prepare to conquer us.

The Trump administration announced this month a new nuclear policy calling for revitalization of the nation’s nuclear arsenal to counter Russia and to a lesser degree China — an approach that has upset Beijing. “Trump is obsessed with strategic forces,” Shi said. “He is determined to maintain American military predominance in face of China’s strategic buildup. That will make the relationship more profoundly confrontational.” It worries the Chinese a great deal, but thanks to Obama, we are far behind where we must be and soon militarily.

The United States has also tried to build a stronger “Indo-Pacific” coalition with Australia, India and Japan as a counterweight to China’s rise. The four democracies would increase military cooperation and invest in infrastructure to compete with Chinese projects in the region. But Chinese analysts said that Beijing did not believe the effort would amount to much because the United States was unwilling to spend money on the projects. “In the short term,” Shi said, “China does not care about it because the ability to form a real coalition is limited.” Let’s hope for all our sakes, he is wrong.


Terry McAuliffe Vows to Take on Trump in 2020

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard

Ah, check the pantry for popcorn, this will be good. There is a lot of material on this fella.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe said he would be the party’s best choice to “take on” President Donald Trump in 2020.

“Who better to take on Trump than me?” McAuliffe said when asked by the Washington Free Beacon about a potential 2020 run for president, strongly indicating he will indeed throw his hat in the ring.

McAuliffe said he knows he can stand up to Trump because he’s known him for a long time, a relationship that led to Trump cutting a $25,000 check for McAuliffe’s unsuccessful 2009 run for governor of Virginia.

McAuliffe said he’s “golfed with Trump five times.” He said Trump is a “scratch golfer” and said he never saw him cheat when they played together, casting doubt on accusations of cheating made by others.

Humm, okay then, let us go back into McAuliffe’s history shall we?

Politico tells us a group of 32 Chinese citizens filed the suit last week for an estimated $17 million in Fairfax County, Virginia court, claiming that they were swindled out of about $560,000 apiece as a result of misrepresentations made by McAuliffe and Rodham—two of the most prominent and politically connected proponents of the venture aimed at manufacturing electric cars in the U.S. McAuliffe confirmed last year that his business dealings with foreign nationals were under investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors. The Chinese investors plowed their money into Greentech with the promise of winning permanent residency in the U.S. under a program that awards green cards to foreign-funded ventures that generate U.S. jobs. However, the suit contends that the investors now face the threat of deportation from the U.S. because the Department of Homeland Security has determined that Greentech did not generate the number of jobs required to sustain the number of visas issued through the so-called EB-5 program.

Ah yes, pay for play, here meaning yet another foreign investment into a domestic corporation and get U.S. citizenship real fast. Wonder if Hillary’s brother ever discussed this with Hillary or any of her people at the State Department….or maybe the case is in one of those missing emails or something.

Hillary admitted that she and Bill were carrying a debt of $5 million due to legal fees from investigations and cases related to his presidency. But they wanted to buy a house in Chappaqua for $1.7 million. With a little help from a close friend named Terry McAuliffe, yeah that guy, Terry put up $1.35 million of his own money with Bankers Trust. To get his money back, the Clinton’s had to refinance the mortgage within 5 years.

It was in 2016 that the FBI and the Justice Department put McAuliffe under investigation for a highly questionable campaign contribution while he was also serving on the Board of the Clinton Global Initiative. A Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang donated $120,000 as part of a $2 million pledge to the Foundation. U.S. election law prohibits foreign nationals from donating to federal, state or local elections. Penalties for violations include fines and/or imprisonment.

But Wang holds U.S. permanent resident status, according to a spokeswoman, which would make him a U.S. person under election law and eligible to donate to McAuliffe’s campaign. In 2016, Wang Wenliang, billionaire and donor to the Clinton Foundation and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, was been expelled from China’s top legislature after being caught up in a widespread cash-for-votes scheme. Finding perhaps some kind of political cover and sanctuary in the United States mostly as a result of his wealth, he contributed big dollars to build the Chinese embassy in Washington DC.

McAuliffe first said he did not know Wang, then later said he was shocked to receive the generous campaign donation which was completely legitimate.

Last but not least, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wife’s Virginia senate campaign was backed heavily by a political action committee belonging to the Clintons’ close friend Terry McAuliffe. Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for the PAC, Common Good VA, a month before it started donating to the FBI official’s spouse.

The McAuliffe PAC gave Jill McCabe $467,000 for her losing bid. The Virginia Democratic Party donated another $207,788 to her. And you know where we are on this investigation or perhaps nowhere given the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton back-channel connections that always seem to make scandals and violations of the law go away.

So, it seems we need to keep a running list as McAuliffe decides to take on Trump in 2020.


The S & P 500 Mid-Cap Is At The Lowest Valuation In Two Years

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Bloomberg wrote yesterday the S & P 500 mid-cap index is the lowest valuation in two years and is below the five-year average on a forward 12-month PE basis. This should not be a surprise given the myopic recovery following perhaps the narrowest advance in history.

The SEC reported several weeks ago approximately 50% of volume is the result of algorithmic trading which is essentially the trading of derivatives and futures tied to equities. Another 40% is the result of indexing and ETFs, both of which are viewed as “kin” to algorithmic trading. Only 10% of the volume is the result of buying 100 shares of ABC company.

It is apparent from the data above that anyone who is utilizing traditional security and macroeconomic analysis, analysis of the typical stock is fighting a losing battle.

It is generally acknowledged that such strategies do not reflect any changes in the political or macroeconomic environment, changes which can potentially cause a shock. The selloff earlier in the month and the narrow based recovery is ample evidence of this view.

The only constant in life is change. Today’s environment will change, but the catalyst of this change will perhaps be the one that has not yet been discussed.

The marquee event of the week is today’s congressional testimony by FRB Chair Powell about the economy. Little new ground is expected to be broken with most believing he will reiterate many of his predecessor’s comments and outlook.

To write the obvious, if his comments are too economically bullish, equities could respond negatively given the potential impact on the bond market.

What will happen today?

Last night the foreign markets were down. London was down 0.04%, Paris was down 0.02% and Frankfurt was down 0.48%. China was down 0.34%, Japan was up 1.07% and Hang Sang was down 0.73%.

The Dow should open moderately lower ahead of Powell’s testimony. The 10-year is off 3/32 to yield 2.88%.


Gun Confiscation and Speedy Due Process

By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

There is a concerted effort pushing the gun grabbing agenda of late.  Each time a firearm has been used in a horrific crime the so-called grass roots movement surfaces, taking pot shots (forgive the term), pot shots at our individual inalienable God given right to own and bear arms.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how inalienable rights work, these rights existed prior to the formation of government and cannot be taken away except under very limited situations.  They have been identified and are protected FROM government which means that your neighbors cannot decide to vote them away since these rights didn’t come from government; these rights come from God.

Is it any wonder the left wants to get rid of any and all reference to God?  Without God there can be no God given rights.  Let that sink in and the larger picture becomes more defined.

Our Founders fought a war to establish and preserve inalienable rights risking their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Near the top of that list of God given rights that needed to be protected from government… the right of individuals to own and bear arms.  It didn’t specify hunting or sporting firearms; the use of these tools was left up to the discretion of the individual.

The hotly contested issue of firearm ownership was fresh on the Founders minds since King George had attempted to confiscate any and all firearms leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Subjects of the King couldn’t be trusted to submit to his will if they had the ability to object by force.

Jumping to our day, Becky Loggia writing for the Western Journal explains how Florida might have an answer to school violence and mass murders.  After reading it I had to wonder if  Governor Rick Scott of Florida might be a direct descendent of old King George as he seems to have doubts regarding the average citizen’s inalienable right to own and bear arms.

“We must take care of our kids,” Scott said, according to CNN. “Keeping guns away from dangerous people and people with mental issues is what we need to do.”

Who in their right mind would find fault with such a grand statement?  Certainly we must take care of our kids and keep guns away from dangerous people and people with mental issues; the trick is now, and always has been how to accomplish this in a constitutional republic.

There are already laws that cover protecting children and keeping guns out of the hands of specific dangerous individuals such as convicted felons and individuals found mentally incompetent.  Is this resourcefulness an extension of existing law or is this something else?

Governor Scott’s initiative is called the “Major Action Plan” and creates a “Violent Threat Restraining Order” which would speed up securing court orders so “firearms may be confiscated if a family member complains about the gun owner”.

Is this how the 2nd Amendment works or is this a way to ‘get around ’ equal protection of the law by denying rights selectively?

The article went on, “There would be speedy due process for the accused and any fraudulent or false statements would face criminal penalties,” the plan states.  That’s a catchy phrase, Speedy Due Process, modern and with a hint of legality; that might sell to the masses, let’s give it a go.

Would someone explain the difference between speedy due process and undue haste?  It seems the State of Florida has decided that Due Process is no longer fashionable and should be upgraded, or is this downgraded?

Undue : Excessive, disproportionate, exceeding propriety, ill-advised, improper, needless, objectionable…

Shall I continue?

Undeserved, unjustified, unmerited, unreasonable or unwarranted…

I could go on; however, Governor Scott and those who support such infringements on 2nd Amendment rights must be aware that what is being proposed stands in direct conflict with long established legal precedent.

There can be No Speedy Due Process; there is Due Process or there is usurpation of power that infringes on inalienable rights.

With emotions ruling the day rather than reasoned thought, this remains a golden opportunity in time for anti-2nd Amendment folks, those who can’t stand the idea that individuals control their own destiny rather than being subjects of government.  They are coming out of the shadows with eager anticipation, “Get those Guns!  Get those Guns!”.

I wonder how this will all play out.


Thinking About Billy Graham and My Dad

By: Lloyd Marcus

I feel compelled to pay my respect to preacher Billy Graham who went home to Jesus at 99 years old. My 89 year old black dad has been a preacher for over 50 years. Dad told me how much he enjoyed watching people coming down the isles at Billy Graham crusades to receive Jesus. Dad also enjoyed hearing George Beverly Shea singing, “How Great Thou Art”. http://bit.ly/2CFwGGe

I relate to Franklin Graham saying his dad was the same man at home that the world saw. So is my dad, Rev. Dr Lloyd E. Marcus.

The thing I remember most about Rev Graham is that, in essence, he preached the same sermon (Salvation) his entire ministry. Rev Graham preached God loves you, repent and surrender your life to him. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life” John3:16

While I am suppose to be talking about Rev Graham, these two incidents keep coming to me.

When I was kid, our neighbor, six foot something old man Charley was known as the meanest man in our small black suburban community. Mr Charley would never set foot into a church. And yet, he connected with my dad, young Rev Marcus. Our family was Mom, Dad, me and four younger siblings. Dad wanted to attend Baltimore Bible College, but could not afford the tuition, $110.

To pay Dad’s tuition, Mr Charley brought Dad a jar filled with dimes, more than enough to cover tuition.

Dad recently recounted this next story to me. After over 50 years, Dad still welled up while sharing it with me.

Dad was at a Christian book store to make a payment on a book Aunt Nee had on lay-away. While waiting to be served, Dad was intrigued by a thick book of Bible stories with beautiful colorful illustrations. A white woman approached Dad and began asking him questions about his life.

Dad decided to purchase the book of Bible stories. When the salesclerk told him it cost $5, Dad asked if he could put the book on lay-away. To Dad’s surprise, the white woman who chatted with him offered to pay for the book. Dad said up until then, he was not much of a reader; mostly comic books. Dad told the woman, “If you are kind enough to buy me this book, I promise to read it.”

I remember Dad reading us, his 5 kids, bedtime stories from that book.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with Billy Graham. Or, perhaps it does. Dad and Rev Graham; two humble great men of faith — God’s hand on their lives.

Outrageously, Leftists deem Billy Graham’s sermons hate crimes. http://bit.ly/2GGRujl A preacher was arrested for quoting the book of Genesis. http://bit.ly/2lbS8P8

Franklin Graham asked, “Daddy, what do you want on your tombstone?” Billy Graham replied, “Preacher.” I am confident my Dad wants to be remembered with that same word. Preacher.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


From Obama to Parkland: Remembering Eric Holder, Arne Duncan and the New Public School Policy?

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard

As new information surfaces daily on the broken-ness that led up to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, shock and disgust along with sadness continues to permeate across the nation.

Not only have we been told, as part of the ongoing investigation, that the school resource officer never entered the building while gunfire was blasting but there was massive communications failures within the school. The “communication failure” led police to believe they were tracking the shooter in real time, when in fact they were seeing footage from 20 minutes earlier, the chief said. Cruz had already killed 17 and fled.

There was an abject failure for months, perhaps years leading up to that devastating day at school at all levels of government, including the admission of the FBI. Tip line phone calls or emails to the FBI go to a single center located in West Virginia. From there, it is anyone’s guess where the tips or leads go for further review or investigation. In the matter of the Nicholas Cruz, the tip(s) did not go further.

So, why mention Eric Holder or Arne Duncan?

In an unprecedented, controversial manner, the Obama Administration took action to ensure that race was not a factor in school suspension decisions. Through the Supportive School Discipline Initiative and a “Dear Colleague memo,” the U.S. Justice Department and Education Department under the Obama Administration threatened public school districts with legal penalties in order to change their disciplinary policies. The letter told schools that unlawful discrimination can occur if it has a disproportionate effect on minority students and the school cannot justify the difference. None of these actions went through the traditional rulemaking, regulatory process – or were implemented into law though Congress.

School districts changed disciplinary policies to comply. Since 2011-2012, according to the Manhattan Institute, over 50 of the largest school districts and 27 states changed their laws or policies relating to school discipline.

Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan held a joint press conference to release a “Dear Colleague” letter to school districts issuing guidance on school discipline that will likely encourage districts to make race a significant factor in deciding how to administer punishment.

So, in 2014, the Department of Education in cadence with the Justice Department distributed the policy via the “Dear Colleague” letter.

Each year, significant numbers of students miss class due to suspensions and expulsions — even for minor infractions of school rules — and students of color and with disabilities are disproportionately impacted. The guidance package provides resources for creating safe and positive school climates, which are essential for boosting student academic success and closing achievement gaps.

“Effective teaching and learning cannot take place unless students feel safe at school, “U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “Positive discipline policies can help create safer learning environments without relying heavily on suspensions and expulsions. Schools also must understand their civil rights obligations and avoid unfair disciplinary practices. We need to keep students in class where they can learn. These resources are a step in the right direction.”

The resource package consists of four components:

  • The Dear Colleague guidance letter on civil rights and discipline, prepared in conjunction with the DOJ, describes how schools can meet their legal obligations under federal law to administer student discipline without discriminating against students on the basis of race, color or national origin;
  • The Guiding Principles document draws from emerging research and best practices to describe three key principles and related action steps that can help guide state and local efforts to improve school climate and school discipline;
  • The Directory of Federal School Climate and Discipline Resources indexes the extensive federal technical assistance and other resources related to school discipline and climate available to schools and districts; and
  • The Compendium of School Discipline Laws and Regulations, an online catalogue of the laws and regulations related to school discipline in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, compares laws across states and jurisdictions.

“A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal’s office, not in a police precinct,” Attorney General Eric Holder said. “This guidance will promote fair and effective disciplinary practices that will make schools safe, supportive and inclusive for all students. By ensuring federal civil rights protections, offering alternatives to exclusionary discipline and providing useful information to school resource officers, we can keep America’s young people safe and on the right path.”

Now the PC and protected class policy is in place, but what happens when a student is suspended or expelled? Calls are made, files are opened, actions are required for the sake of checkmarks to associated agencies like the Department of Family and Children Services or to probation officers or to alternative school systems, law enforcement or to the FBI.

To what effect?

None as is proven in the case of Nicholas Cruz or how many others. Were RSO’s, school resource officers and police asked to hide or alter evidence in criminal cases around the country? Seems the answer is ‘yes’ as proven in Broward County schools.

It is an abject failure of systems, but also of the broken family units. Government cannot handle these cases well at all, so more robust gun control measures are the solution we are told. Oh yeah…. a genderless bathroom policy will solve it all too…. bleh.

Wonder if CNN will invite Eric Holder and Arne Duncan to a townhall session?


Trapper’s Quote of the Week

By: Trapper Pettit

When law enforcement is used for political advantage, the term ‘Swamp’ takes on a new dynamic. Draining the quagmire will only change the landscape. If the creatures residing within are not purged, they will adapt. They always do. And the chain of intended consequences will recur.


Commie Revolutionary Student Front Is Recruiting And Radicalizing Students With Mental Health Issues

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

It was a very short hop from Austin, Texas being progressive, to becoming a communist hotbed of radicals and revolutionaries. There are many communist groups there now. One of the most active according to Far Left Watch is the communist militia group, Red Guards Austin. Evidently, this is a Maoist “anti-fascist” group. They are big into armed demonstrations and they routinely call for violent armed revolution. They are itching to kill capitalists. They also have a track record of attacking pro-lifers and Trump supporters.

And they are far from alone in Austin. Texas has a real problem it would seem. They are joined by and are affiliated with other radical groups such as Serve The People – Austin, Defend Our Hoods – Austin and the ever popular Revolutionary Student Front – Austin.

Picture from Red Guards Austin blog

The Revolutionary Student Front – Austin is a self-described “revolutionary anti-capitalist student movement” that organizes at the University of Texas – Austin. They are militant in nature and were just recently in the news for holding self-defense training on campus and tweeting about killing police officers. They also published a long document earlier this month that outlined their so-called “Revolutionary Mental Health Program (RMHP).” They describe how the group was formulated, their goals and even their successes and failures as a program. They also cover why they eventually decided to end the program.

The document is extreme and alarming. It would seem their goal was to address the mental health needs of students and to ultimately recruit and radicalize students with mental health issues in order to “make them into active fighters.” “The primary goal of this program was to address the mental health needs of students in a way that would primarily serve to politicize and strengthen them, to become more committed to revolution and more capable of carrying it out.”

This is not a new idea. It comes from the Socialist Patient’s Collective (SPK), a German neo-Marxist group that attempted to re-frame “mental illness” as a product of capitalist oppression. They believed that the sick formed a revolutionary class of people who could be radicalized to join their cause. “Over the winter of 2016 and in the early spring of 2017, the leadership of RSF spent a significant amount of time studying the work “Turn Illness into a Weapon,” which recounts the experiences of the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, in 1970.” Every project and program is designed to “recruit fighters.”

Picture from Revolutionary Student Front – Austin Facebook page

They even admit that some of their own organizers suffer from mental illness… as if we didn’t already know that. The document is full of pictures of armed communist militants, romanticizing them. There are quotes from communist revolutionaries and dictators, and repeated affirmations to their commitment to political violence and preparation for war: “Because our forces can only be built through the militant, violent struggle against the enemies of our class, we know that these fretful cowards will never reach that point. Making war will prepare us for the war to come, rally around us and bring into our ranks those who realize the necessity of violence to achieve a classless society free from exploitation, and unmask the real enemies of the people. We reaffirm our commitment to the principle of revolutionary violence that is necessary to confront the enemies of the people.”

And there is more radical rhetoric: “The knowledge that prison or death awaits us as revolutionaries aiming to destroy capitalism should be enough to encourage us to develop our organization in a thorough and well-rounded manner.” Right. The have a whopper of an ending for the document as well: “The actions to come in the following year will draw clear lines in the sand between revolutionaries and counterrevolutionaries. We will make no apologies for the necessary violence of our struggle and will spare no sacrifice for the battles to come because we are revolutionaries committed to the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of a classless society. We live for the people, we fight for the people, and we die for the people. This is what it means to be a revolutionary and this is what we uphold from this point until the final dying breath of capitalism.”

This group hearts a communist dictator that killed millions of people. They advocate targeted political violence against “capitalists.” They openly encourage armed insurrection against the US government and they openly recruit at the University of Texas at Austin. They are seeking out the mentally ill to recruit as resistance fighters. They openly admit some of their own organizers have mental issues. Why is this security threat not addressed? Oh, that’s right… we’re talking about the FBI. Perhaps someone should address this before people are killed. Just a thought. #InvestigateAntifa


Commie Van Jones: To Young People, ‘The NRA Is Like the KKK’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida high school massacre, it was only a matter of time and opportunity before the left was going to bring race into the issue. It’s one of the standard weapons used by Marxists. Lo and behold, enter commie Van Jones on CNN. He’s the perfect guy to do this. And bonus, he ties it to the National Rifle Association.

After the shooting, President Trump stated that his administration was seriously considering training and arming teachers to protect students. This caused the left to lose their ever-loving minds. The most outlandish of which was Van Jones stating that we can’t arm teachers… because they are inherently racist. Yesterday, Van Jones got together with Don Lemon and contributor Ken Cuccinelli to debate gun control and the prospect of arming willing educators in classrooms to defend America’s schoolchildren.

“No, you’ve spoken a long time.” Lemon said dismissively. “The SRO had a gun and didn’t use it. To add more guns to an environment — we keep saying the problem is mental issues, the problem is this, the problem is that. In every study, the only reason this happens is because we have so many guns in this country, too much access to guns.” Bull crap. That’s not the issue at all. If someone wants to kill, they are going to find a way. The solution is to have armed security guards and teachers in these schools. In essence, the answer is more guns, not less, to harden soft targets like schools. See Israel.

“Every single country, other than the United States, does not have this problem,” Lemon stated. That’s an absolute lie. He went on to say, “and the only reason, and we should be honest about it, is that we have too much access to guns. Not that guns need to be confiscated or we need to get rid of them, but it’s too much access to guns. If this person did not have an access to a gun, this would not have happened, bottom line.” Yes, it would have. He would have used bombs, knives or something else to kill with. And it doesn’t matter if he has access to guns or not… if he really wants one, he’ll get one.

“In Washington, D.C. you have some of the most restrictive gun laws in America,” Cuccinelli responded, attempting to inject reason into the conversation, “and it’s certainly a land of peace and harmony. All the people doing the killing are illegally obtaining the guns. The notion that’s going to happen isn’t the solution and you brush aside the idea that other responsible people who have shown a commitment to these children might be willing to undertake that responsibility.” Exactly. He also brushes aside constitutional rights and freedoms because it serves a political agenda. A communist one, I might add.

“Most of the people who have guns are responsible and use them responsibly,” Lemon said. “That is not the issue and you’re conflating two different issues. That’s not the issue. But, do you need a military grade weapon on the streets of the United States [note: an AR-15 is not], anyone who is not a police officer or who is trained or licensed to use it? No, we don’t need that. Why do we need to have that silly argument and pretend that it’s anything other than our access to guns?” Yes, and who defines ‘military grade’? They use hand guns in the military too. What Lemon and leftists want is all guns banned, period.

“If it’s a silly argument, then it’s not an argument at all,” Cuccinelli added. “Ken makes a good point in talking about, let’s have an open mind and let’s have a full conversation,” Van said. Which is not what he meant at all. “An open mind, though, Van, doesn’t mean being stupid. Let’s be honest,” Lemon added. “I’m trying to go somewhere with that,” Van Jones said. “Let me try to lay out what I think the concern is with the idea that we would be adding guns to that environment. Ken, you’re pointing out the positives. The positives are maybe someone would use that gun to stop an intruder.”

“There are some real negatives as well,” Jones went on. “African-American and Latino kids already get treated fairly badly in schools as it is. They’re more likely to see as a threat, more likely to be suspended for the exact same behavior. Videotape. Exact same thing. This kid is a threat, this kid is a class clown if he’s white. Now you have African-Americans coming out saying, ‘if you just start passing out guns in schools as they are given some of the bias that’s there, you might end up having those guns used against students in ways that are not good’,” Jones argued. In other words, the teachers are racists and would use the guns against their students of color. Just wow.

Jones said the NRA’s role in the debate over gun policy has been destructive overall, arguing that lawmakers are afraid to take steps to solve gun violence because the group may criticize them. Jones admitted, however, that he does not know what steps the government could take to make any progress. “We haven’t had the kind of innovation, experimentation, trying of things—I don’t know of any of the things being proposed would make any difference at all yet,” Jones said. “But we should know more than we know right now. We should have been able to try things and we haven’t been able to.” Oh, yes you have… every progressive move has made it worse. We need common sense, not more liberal solutions.

“You have a whole generation of young people who essentially see the NRA as their enemy,” Jones said. “To them the NRA is like the KKK; it’s just some hostile force that is against them, that’s risking their lives. These kids, they’re not fighting for their future—they’re fighting for their right to survive, to have a future,” he said. “They do not see the NRA as a friend in that fight.” And they see the NRA that way because leftists have brainwashed them into seeing them as the enemy. That certainly includes Van Jones.